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My Hero Academia has a myriad of quirks created by the most fascinating minds of Japanese manga. Among the most popular among fans are:

  • One For All
  • Creation
  • Explosion
  • Half-Cold Half-Hot
  • Dark Shadow
  • Copy
  • Warp Gate
  • Brainwashing
  • Disintegration
  • Manifest

These are the Quirks that are valued highly in the series and are regarded as the ones with high potential. The audience agrees about the coolness of the mentioned quirks, partially because of their interesting careers, partially because of their strength. If you had a chance to be born with a power of your own, in a society similar to the MHA one, what would you choose? Something offensive or defensive? I hope that this My Hero Academia quirk generator will give you something to your liking! I’ve tried hard to select some exciting powers and features for you. Of course, the created BNHA world has lots and lots of powers introduced. If you notice that you have an ability already depicted in manga or anime, let me know! I’d like to learn the characters.
Overall, there are three types of Quirks in this world.


mha quirk generator

One of the types is closely connected to the animal kingdom. You can easily see a monkey-shaped person walking the streets. Just remember the favorite Froogie of 1-A. The user often gets the ability corresponding to the regular features of that animal.

Another part of the spectrum is a mutant not connected to animals. An example is Mezo Shoji with his Dupli-Arms.

This type can be passed through generations, sometimes with changing powers, though. This is the only type of Quirks that cannot be turned off. It became a part of your physique and cannot be erased by other Quirks.


mha quirks

This type of Quirk allows the carrier to alternate a part of their body for some time. They can also remove and add certain features.

One of the brightest examples of this type is Tamaki Amaiki with his Manifest Quirk. He has the ability to transform his body based on the things he’s recently eaten. Tetsutetsu also admits that his Steel quirk would become softer if he had iron deficiency! This is actually the least common type of ability!!! Would you like to possess his kind of Quirk? I have an interesting one for you in this quirk generator.


mha quirks

This is the most common type of Quirks! They can both generate and control things around them and within. The spectrum is wide and covers many sub-types. You have the highest chance to receive one of these Quirks - both in manga and in this My Hero Academia quirk quiz.


This is actually a sub-type of Quirks. It covers all Quirks that require some type of accumulation in order to work. Here are a few examples: Fat Absorption, One for All, and Rewind.

Which of the types seems the most interesting to you? Personally, I’m debating between emitter and transformation.

If you are a fan of My Hero Academia, I'm sure you'll like to know what MHA character you'd be!



My Hero Academia Quirk Generator

quirk generator

In My Hero Academia, becoming a hero requires strength - a special power that will set you apart from the crowd. The main character, Izuku Midoriya, is constantly tested by a fatal flaw - he is devoid of a quirk, has no special power. However, with time, everything changes thanks to his idol - All Might. Quirk is not the only way to success because muscle strength also counts, and tactics play the most important role. So let's move to the world of superheroes for a moment and check what superpower you could have through a quirk generator.

As you may have learned from our My Hero Academia trivia quiz, the first person in the world to have a gift was a newborn baby in Qing Qing city. This child had the ability to emit light from his body. Soon after this incident, many people around the world began to manifest all sorts of supernatural abilities. And while the cause of these powers is as yet unknown, various theories have been put forward, including that the appearance of quirks is related to a virus transmitted by mice.

My Hero Academia Quirks

In MHA, quirks are the next step in the evolution of the human race. It is estimated that about 80% of the entire population has some sort of gift. These superpowers are physical abilities, and like muscles and physical strength, they can be properly trained.

Take a bit of your imagination and think about what quirk you would like to have? Would it be a powerful One For All? Or maybe the possibility of disappearing through Invisibility? How about Black Hole? Whatever it is, check out some of the heroes' most interesting abilities, then start our quirk generator quiz.

One For All

One For All allows its owner to access the accumulated power, which provides the user with temporary superhuman strength, increased agility, increased hearing, and superhuman speed. This quirk is distinguished by the fact that it can be "inherited" by others. It can be passed on from one holder to another.


This quirk allows the owner to control the mind of the person who responded to him. As a result, a person with this power can order another person to do anything, and he or she will do so without hesitation. Interestingly, the holder can control more than one person at a time.


This quirk gives its user the ability to generate blue flames from his body. It allows him to freely generate flames from any place on his body with minimal effort. It is a powerful quirk that can burn anything it touches almost instantly. These flames are believed to have a higher temperature than normal fire.


Overhaul is another incredibly powerful quirk thanks to which its user is able to tear his target to shreds. Just one finger touch is enough to destroy the enemy. The downside of this superpower is that you need both operable arms to use it. Without them, the holder is unable to activate his power.


Explosion is a power that allows the owner to release sweat with a composition similar to nitroglycerin on their hands and set it on fire to trigger an explosion. The user-generated fire shockwaves of this quirk are very powerful and devastating; they literally destroy anything in their way.

MHA Quirk Generator - How to Play?

The path to becoming a superhero isn't easy, unlike our quiz! To find out what kind of quirk you would have in the world of My Hero Academia, just answer a few simple and fun questions, and we'll match you a power. Quirk generator will perfectly match a superpower to your personality and other characteristics that set you apart. Ready? Let's get started!

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My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match

Quirk Generator

This MHA Quirk Generator finds your superpower based on your personality. Just answer 20 simple questions and let this quiz generate your quirk accurately.

Quirk Generator Explained

The My Hero Academia Quirk Generator is a personality test that creates a unique Kosei for you. It consists of 20 MHA-related questions that analyze you and suggest a superpower according to your character.

Note: You can take our MHA Character Quiz for a personality-match test.

How Does It Generate MHA Quirks?

We have created a list of random Quirk ideas that suit different personalities. They are, obviously, not as good as Kōhei Horikoshi‘s designs. But they are fun—100% guaranteed. Here is how the Quirk Generator decides which special power matches your anime persona.

· Personality

The source of the Quirks is unknown. However, we know that they pass on through gens. However, since the Kosei Generator cannot examine your genes, we consider your character as a sample. Your traits, thoughts, and decisions clarify what your ‘My Hero Academia Quirk’ is.

· Plus Alpha

According to the official MHA fandom website, “Plus Alpha refers to the collective physical and genetic traits that compose a person’s Quirk.” And it is also known as Quirk Factor. The Generator analyzes your physical attributes and features to find out which superpower matches your appearance.

· Potential (AP)

Attack Potency is another factor in the Quirk Generator Quiz. Your responses indicate how effective your powers would be.

Yes, It Is a Random Quirk Generator

Boku no Hīrō Akademia fans have been looking for a Kosei creator that can randomly suggest Meta Abilities based on their personality. And guess what? You are staring at the very first Quirk Generator with such capabilities. The Koseis are fresh and unique ideas and differ from the superpowers you see in anime or manga.

Everything to Know About Your Quirk Type

As you already know, Individuality or Meta Ability is unique to each user. So, it is safe to say Quirks are similar to fingerprints. And it is almost impossible to categorize all of them properly. However, there is a thing called Quirk Type. It is an umbrella term to group all the Individualities by their function and appearance. The three main types are listed below.


An Emitter My Hero Academia character is the one that has undergone no physical abnormality because of their Meta Ability. Such persons are also called Operative. And their superpower is creating or controlling things.

The Quirk Generator usually matches creative and artistic personalities with Emitter abilities.


A Transformer hero or Quirk user is the one who is capable of temporarily change, enhance, or alter their body. Such individuals are also known as Composites. The said Meta Ability is the most common type you would come across in the My Hero Academia world. If you end up getting a Transformative Meta Ability as the test results, it means that you are an easygoing and reliable person.


A Mutant or Heteromorphic has experienced permanent abnormality because of their superpower or inherited genes. The Quirk Generator Quiz matches determined and ambitious people with such abilities.

My Hero Academia Characters’ Quirks

80% of the world’s population in the MHA universe are Kosei users. That means there are thousands (if not millions) of Meta abilities all over the world. And it is nearly impossible to list all of them. However, here is a list of the most popular Pro Heroes and their Quirks.

Katsuki BakugoKacchan – Explosion
Shoto TodorokiHalf Cold, Half Hot
Izuku MidoriyaDeku – One for All
Ochako UrarakaUravity – Zero Gravity
Fumikage TokoyamiTsukuyomi – Dark Shadow
Tsuyu AsuiFroppy – Frog Form
Masahirao OjiroTailman
Mezo ShojiTentacole
Hanta SeroCellophane
Mina AshidoPinky – Acid
Tenya IidaIngenium – Engine


Hey, Why Don’t You Generate Your Own Quirk?

Taking the MHA Meta Ability Generator Test is a fun way to find out what your Quirk is. But you can always go creative and create your own superpowers—or even OCs. It should be as simple as the following steps. So, this is how to create your own Kosei.

  • Choose an object or substance.
  • Choose a specific part of the body.
  • Combine the object/substance with the body part.
  • Define the weaknesses and strengths.

For example, you choose a rocket launcher as the object and the shoulder as the body parts. Now your character would be someone who has a rocket launcher on their shoulders. The strength is that the character is a Mutant. So, they can shoot rockets whenever they need. But the weakness is that they can only shoot two rockets per hour.

Are You a Quirkless Person? Let’s Find Out

The My Hero Academia Kosei Generator can detect the Quirkless people, too! So, you might end up getting no Meta Ability by the end of the test—no hard feelings. But we cannot get an X-ray image of your pinky toe to see how many joints you have. That is why you should complete the questionnaire and answer all the questions to provide you with an accurate analysis.


QuizExpo does not own any of the images used in the My Hero Academia Quirk Generator Quiz. Funimation Entertainment owns the rights to all the said images.


Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    Which part of your body do you believe to be the strongest?

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 1
  • Question 2

    What part of your body would you like to control your Quirk with?

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 2
    • Hands or Arms

    • Mind or Eyes

    • Legs or Torso

    • None

  • Question 3

    Would you like your Quirk to be deadly?

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 3
  • Question 4

    Would you use your Quirk to kill people?

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 4
  • Question 5

    Would you like others to find out you are a Quirk user when they see you?

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 5
  • Question 6

    If you were a Quirk User, would you ever want to get a Kosei License?

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 6
  • Question 7

    Do you think there should be legal boundaries or Quirk Laws to control Kosei Users?

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 7
  • Question 8

    Should there be an organization to track down and eliminate wicked Quirk Users internationally?

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 8
  • Question 9

    Which one would you like to use to refill your Quirk energy?

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 9
    • Eating

    • Meditating

    • Drinking

    • None

  • Question 10

    Would you ever give up on your Quirk and become a Quirkless person to save someone’s life?

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 10
  • Question 11

    What type of Hero would you want to be in the My Hero Academia universe?

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 11
    • Respected

    • Famous

    • Powerful

    • None

  • Question 12

    Which of the following words describes your personality better?

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 12
    • Calm

    • Unpredictable

    • Ambitious

    • None

  • Question 13

    Fill in the blank. I would like my Quirk to __________.

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 13
    • Never fade away

    • Level up

    • Blend in with other Quirks

    • (Skip)

  • Question 14

    Would you ever try to acquire more than one Quirk despite the threat?

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 14
  • Question 15

    Would you like to become a trainer or teacher and teach the new Quirk users?

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 15
  • Question 16

    What is the most exciting part of having a Quirk?

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 16
    • Adventures

    • Challenges

    • Power

    • None

  • Question 17

    What is the most difficult thing about having a Quirk?

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 17
    • Responsibilities

    • Threats

    • Leveling up

    • None

  • Question 18

    Which of the following Quirk types sounds more interesting to you?

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 18
    • A combination of your mother’s and father’s Quirk

    • An earned Quirk (NOT inherited)

    • An extraordinary Quirk (Never seen before)

    • None

  • Question 19

    Choose an object/material that you think would make an excellent Quirk.

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 19
  • Question 20

    Would you ever kill an innocent person if it granted you three additional Quirks?

    My Hero Academia Quirk Generator. 2021 Accurate Match 20
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