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Any magick can be done under a full moon with extra potency, but it's also a time in which psychic abilities are heightened. Trust your instincts under a full moon, even if emotions are running high. One of the simplest and best uses of full moon energy is to meditate in its light for clarity on a situation.

Full moon spell idea:

Sex magick means using the power of an orgasm to manifest your desires. Open a window so the light of the full moon shines through, and masturbate. When you come, imagine your intention, be it the partner of your dreams, a raise, or self-love. An orgasm powered by the full moon? Yeah, that spell's going to work.

Phase 4: Waning Moon

The waning moon is the time period in which the moon is getting darker again, moving from a full moon back to new. Remembering sympathetic magick, the waning moon is great for banishing work, or cutting cords with a past lover. However, you don't always need to banish a person from your life entirely — some of the most powerful banishing work you can do is spells to rid yourself of feelings for someone you know is bad for you, insecurity or self-doubt. I've always found that empowering myself works better (and some would argue more ethical) than trying to change the will of another. But banish that fuck boy. Banish those thoughts that say you deserve to date fuck boys. Banish unfair treatment at work, banish your imposter syndrome. Remove unwanted negativities that are keeping you from living the life you deserve.

Waning moon spell idea:

Write a list of all your fears and insecurities. Many witches would tell you to get rid of it at a crossroads, but I live in New York City and don't want to get hit by a car, so I use other methods. You could also burn it, but please be careful and don't hurt yourself. We want to get rid of those nasty thoughts, not rid you of your apartment via fire. And the moon doesn't want that for you either, she wants you to know how loved and powerful you are, so always practice fire safety.

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UCLA research discovers that full moon may not be protected by Earth’s magnetic field after all

Everyone revels in the full moon, but there is far more going on there than meets the eye. Even at night, solar wind from the sun’s atmosphere throughout the solar system, streaming energetic particles like protons and electrons in all directions.

Earth’s moon has no atmosphere or magnetic field of its own to stop high-energy gusts of solar wind from slamming into the lunar surface for 75% of its orbit around our planet. The remaining 25% of the moon’s orbit encompasses the full moon phase. During this time, the moon crosses behind Earth’s magnetic umbrella, the magnetosphere, which acts as a protective shield from solar wind radiation.

Top down view from above Earth’s north pole, showing moon phases and the magnetosphere configuration in normal solar wind vs. angled deflection. Credit: Q.Q. Shi, Shandong University.

Previous simulations suggested that lunar satellites and astronauts on the surface could be considered safe during a full moon while it resides within the magnetosphere. Now, a study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics using the UCLA-led THEMIS-ARTEMIS lunar probes shows that the magnetosphere can flap across the moon much like a windsock, exposing it to hazardous solar wind particles.

One side of the moon always faces Earth due to synchronization with ocean tides, so understanding the effects of the solar wind at the full moon’s surface is critical for manned activity.

“Before we send astronauts back for longer periods, it is crucial that we understand the dynamics of space weather around our moon. There are still many science and safety questions to address,” said Prof. Vassilis Angelopoulos, who oversees the THEMIS-ARTEMIS missions at UCLA.

Potential hazards to lunar missions include increased static charging of surface dust which can cling to space suits and damage equipment, and solar panel degradation over time. Solar wind exposure can also influence placement of long-term lunar bases and mining operations. Since water is spontaneously formed when solar wind protons impact the lunar soil, this behavior can influence where water is deposited on the Moon’s surface that could be used for human consumption and fuel.

Intense blasts of solar wind particles from a solar storm could cause sensors and other spacecraft electronics to malfunction. Even worse, solar wind radiation might lead astronauts to develop cancer.

Earth’s magnetic shield is indeed shaped like the cone of a windsock tail and was assumed to be stable near the full moon. The study found that when the solar wind gusts at an angle, the magnetosphere tail flaps sideways away from the moon, leaving it without protection. Think of it this way: during a windy rainstorm, rain can blow sideways and get you wet, even though you’re standing underneath the umbrella. And when there’s even more wind and rain, there’s a greater chance of hail – in this case, energetic particles from a solar storm eruption.

This behavior was first predicted in 1972, but assumed to only occur at great distances from Earth, where the magnitude of flapping was sufficiently large. This was finally confirmed by NASA spacecraft some 30 years later at over 800,000 miles away, three times farther than the full Moon.

However, ARTEMIS data now show that significant magnetosphere flapping can happen unexpectedly close, within lunar orbit. This leaves the moon exposed not only to the solar wind but also to heated and compressed energetic particles within the magnetosheath, which is a turbulent boundary layer between the solar wind and Earth’s magnetic umbrella.

“This surprise deflection and exposure during a full moon demonstrates that lunar astronauts and infrastructure aren’t reliably protected by Earth’s magnetic shield,” said Dr. Jiang Liu, one of the study authors at UCLA. “We hope this discovery will lead to an updated model of the dynamic lunar environment, which could offer a safety buffer to warn lunar crews before the impact of dangerous solar particles.”

Computer simulation with same top down view, showing the magnetosphere (green-blue) and solar wind (orange) approaching from the right. Color bar indicates particle density. Compression and deflection of the magnetosphere exposes the moon (black dot) to energetic particles. Credit: Q.Q. Shi, Shandong University.

This recent study also outlines the types of gusty solar wind conditions under which magnetosphere flapping can happen, meaning the frequency of this occurrence may be underestimated. ARTEMIS observations will be used to improve predictive models by incorporating the effects of solar wind from multiple angles. This data can be factored into future mission planning and developing an early warning system beyond the current 30 minute safety margin for such events.

ARTEMIS will continue to play an important role in profiling the electromagnetic properties of the Moon, having been repurposed from its parent five-satellite mission THEMIS, launched in 2007 to study Earth’s magnetosphere and the aurora. THEMIS and ARTEMIS are jointly managed by UCLA and UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory.

Story by Emmanuel Masongsong




Sours: https://www.physicalsciences.ucla.edu/ucla-research-discovers-that-full-moon-may-not-be-protected-by-earths-magnetic-field-after-all/
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How I Finally Nailed Mindfulness, Thanks to the Moon

My obsession with the moon is just one of the side effects I’ve had after coming out of the spiritual closet last year. All this mystical stuff is like opening one new tab online—before you know it, your entire browser is full. Blending therapeutic essential oils led me to tarot, reiki, chakra clearing, crystal healing, and casting spells. I mean, I just bought a pendulum instead of the Maria Tash earrings I wanted. And now it’s the moon I’m getting myself acquainted with.

And I’m not alone: There’s now an ever-increasing number of people who are connecting with the moon as part of their spiritual practice. Working with the phases of the moon and moon rituals is a great way to delve deeper into astrology, emotions, and intuition. For some people, it’s even a useful tool for syncing and better understanding their menstrual cycle.

Learn how to work with the moon in your mindfulness or self-care routine with advice from experts, ahead.

It might be gaining in popularity, but using the moon to guide your spirituality can sometimes be a lonely path, especially if the people around you in the physical world are the human embodiment of the eye-rolling emoji. That’s why Warrington launched Moon Club with her cofounder, Alexandra Roxo, after recognizing this need for having a buddy.

“By creating a space online for this exploration, we wanted to make moon magic, astrology, and ritual easily accessible for people who may have been feeling isolated on their journey. The constant feedback we get is that Moon Club has helped them feel supported on their path, more confident in themselves, and has connected them to a community they feel safe to express their mystical side with,” says Warrington.

If you’ve spent numerous hours on NASA’s educational moon page (okay, maybe just me) or you’ve wanted to start working with the moon in your mindfulness or self-care routine, here are four ways to get started.

What Are Moon Rituals?

Moon rituals are an ancient practice that is still done today. They originated in places like Egypt and Babylonia in cultures that worshipped the moon. Today, moon rituals create a sacred space for you to focus inward, set intentions, spread love, and feel empowered. They are a rich source of self-care because you take the time to ask yourself what your needs are, your goals, and how you want to spend your time on earth.

There are eight phases of the moon, but the ones commonly used for moon rituals revolve around the full moon and the new moon. The sun and moon come into alignment during the new moon, joining the sun and moon's masculine and feminine energy. This time is associated with positive change.

During the full moon, the mood is fully feminine and is associated with nourishment and intuition. It is also a magical time for creativity and personal insight.

Benteau practices moon rituals from her home in Newfoundland. "For me, my moon rituals are all about giving attention to the subtle voices in my head that need an extra little 'atta girl' boost," she says. For this, Benteau uses empowerment spells on the full moon or banishing spells on the new moon.

However, there's no "bad time" to do a moon ritual, according to Benteau: "All aspects of the moon have their magical meanings and intention. We are made mostly of water, and we understand that the tides are affected by moon cycles, so using a little science can also play a role in your budding spiritual growth," she says.

In the end, moon rituals are what you need at the time and should be performed based on your situation. "Sometimes you need some extra reinforcement that the negative feelings or people around you are not as powerful in your life as you're allowing them to be. It's all about what you as a person need at that time," she explains.

How to Manifest With the Moon

Manifesting with the moon is gaining steam as people yearn for ways to connect with themselves on a deeper level. "There seems to be a new wave of moon babies. People who understand that being mindful of moon cycles is helping them to manage the stress of day-to-day life better," Benteau explains. The routine of moon cycles and moon rituals helps deal with life when life feels out of control, she tells me.

Setting intentions or manifesting helps to call in different situations, circumstances, or goals into your life. They can be used to find personal empowerment or finding time to commit to a meditation or journaling practice. When I started tuning in to the moon’s cycles, I was able to gain clarity on what I wanted and chart the progress over the 29.5 days of the cycle. The new moon is associated with beginnings, starting projects, and defining what you want to attract, so this is a good day to set intentions. The full moon, on the other hand, celebrates what you’ve manifested and completed—a time for reflection.

A good way to start is to dust off your journal and write a list of what you want to bring into your life. In the beginning, I found it easier to focus on one intention at a time. I then turned it into a ceremony of sorts by lighting a candle, having a corresponding crystal or herbs on hand, and just taking the time to think about what I wanted. Every modern mystic/witch/spiritual gangster/astrology buff has a moon app on their phone, which lets you know what stage of the cycle the moon is in. I use one aptly called The Moon. That way, you can schedule your moon manifestation in advance if you find it hard to take time out.

New Moon Ritual Bath

There’s something incredibly soothing about having a moon-themed ritual bath. I’ve found that a bath on the night of the new moon acts as a first course for the rest of my moon practices. You can begin by dimming the lights, burning your favorite candles, and running a bath.

Think about the intentions you’d like to set for this ritual. If you’re focused on your finances and bringing in more money, tailor the ingredients you drop into the water for this. So you can add in a money-boosting crystal-like citrine followed by an abundance-boosting essential oil blend of bergamot, cinnamon, and patchouli. I dilute these in Neal’s Yard Remedies Create Your Own Bath Oil Base, as undiluted essential oils can irritate the skin.

To help alleviate anxiety and for deep relaxation, you can use neroli, marjoram, and clary sage essential oils with black tourmaline, lepidolite, and blue lace agate crystals. My go-to self-love/romantic love recipe includes heart chakra–balancing essential oils of rose otto, ylang-ylang, and patchouli with a big chunk of rose quartz. If you’re about to delve into some magical work and want to boost your intuition or psychic prowess, combine frankincense, sandalwood, and myrrh oils with amethyst and labradorite crystals. I usually do this one before meditating, casting spells, or working with tarot cards.

You can add some dried flowers for the last touches, such as lavender and hibiscus, followed by a glug of whole-fat milk for added skin-smoothing benefits. Finish up by clearing any negative energies by smudging yourself and the bathroom with the smoke of palo santo or sage before stepping into the bath. Then all you have to do is unplug and relax.

Benteau has these tips for beginners wanting to learn more about moon rituals:

  • Research the meaning of various herbs and use those to begin to set your intentions for your ritual.
  • Take a moon bath every full and new moon. Bathing with intention is a great way to do a simple moon ritual.
  • Visit your local metaphysical store for advice, tips, and goodies for your rituals.
  • Always check for allergies before using any plants or oils.

Benteau also recommends this simple moon ritual bath: "Banish the old and make new intentions. Using a candle, set the intention on the candle that its fire is pure, you mean no harm, and you wish to banish that which does not healthily serve you. Be open to life lessons; this helps you deal intimately with the things or people you feel are holding you back. Be grateful for the candle, the flame, the wax. Use a paper and pen to write out the things that no longer serve your best self. I choose to do it "with love," as taught by my Reiki master. Acknowledge the old feelings, negative things, and people and choose to forgive or "banish" them (setting boundaries). Add gratitude to your spell, if you wish. Add essential oils, herbs, flowers—get creative! You can now (safely) burn the paper while repeating a mantra such as "I take back my power" or take the paper into the tub and allow the words to be washed away, rip it up and reaffirm your intentions."

Meditation Moon Ritual

We’re all guilty of constantly replaying the everyday stresses we face. I found it surprisingly reassuring when I wanted to take some time away from my busy mind to just be able to look up at the moon and realize that those small thoughts suddenly don’t feel so big in comparison to what’s out there in the universe.

Warrington echoes this. “In astrology, the moon represents our emotional body and inner world, and being aware of where I’m at in the cycle helps create a framework and a language for how I may be feeling at any given time,” she explains. “The tools we talk about in Moon Club [help you feel] more connected to your true/whole self. This often means getting comfortable and confident about owning and honoring your different emotional states, as represented by the [phases of the] moon.”

I usually honor these emotions by doing a mini-meditation just before bed during the waning phase, as the moon transitions from full to new. Find a quiet space where you can sit or lie down and start focusing on your breath, and pay attention to the rising and falling of your abdomen as you inhale and exhale. Visualize all the finer details of the moon—how bright it is, the craters, its position in the sky—and feel its calming energy wash over your body and release any tension.

How to Find Your Moon Tribe

Our interest in astrology has evolved past a quick check of our horoscopes in the paper. Now mercury in retrograde has somehow become the latest scapegoat for most of our problems, and more and more of us are becoming fascinated by the moon. So much so that there are now moon workshops, events, and circles popping up in cities like L.A., NYC, and London every day. They provide an opportunity for people to gather, share space, set intentions, and celebrate the moon’s cycles as a group. I have regular meetups with my fellow beauty industry friend/mystic maven, and we do everything from meditating to reading tarot cards and just talking about life. Having that connection and time to share with someone else is so rewarding.

You can get involved digitally by joining Moon Club, searching for the new moon and full moon events in your area, or if there’s not one nearby, just start your own. Sign up for Yasmin Boland’s Moonology newsletter in which she gives a daily rundown of what sign the moon is in so you can theme your moon club and invite some friends over.

The Final Takeaway

Moon rituals are centering and confirming forms of self-care that can create a space in your life to focus inward and examine your needs, goals, and intentions. The learning journey is part of the beauty of moon rituals where you find what works best for you and what brings you peace. Even the act of choosing each herb, berry, and flower holds power. "It's like an acknowledgment with nature's nod at being mindful of what you intend to "offer" to the universe as a thank you to the moon," says Benteau.

Sours: https://www.byrdie.com/moon-rituals
Gaby de la Rosa, Full Moon \u0026 New Moon Ceremony

Astrologers, witches, and mystics alike can all agree on the power of the Moon. It’s one of the two luminaries in our sky (alongside the Sun) and an incredibly potent tool for manifestation and magic.

The Moon rules over the subtle, subconscious, and intuitive aspects of the self, and its wax and wane reflect our own. When we align ourselves with the Moon, we’re tapping into an ancient energy current. One simple way to do this is by making Moon water.

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What Is Moon Water?

You can create Moon water by leaving water outdoors to charge under the moonlight. Because the Moon affects the ocean’s tides, there’s already an energetic connection between the element of water and the Moon. When you add intention (and maybe a crystal or two), you can create a tool that can be used for everything from watering your plants to adding to your bath to cleansing your home.

How to Make Moon Water

To create Moon water, you’ll need:

  • A jar or container (I recommend a mason jar or other clear jar, but any jar, glass, or even Tupperware will do).
  • Water (from a tap, from a bottle, from a river…just make sure it’s safe to drink if you plan on doing so).
  • A label to date your Moon water and note which sign and phase the Moon is in (like “Full Moon in Pisces, September 20, 2021”).
  • Water-safe crystals, like rose quartz, clear quartz, or amethyst (optional).
  • Cleansing herbs, like mugwort (ruled by the Moon), lavender (for relaxation and healing), rosemary (for protection), or sweetgrass (for positive energy) (optional).
  • A lighter and bowl to burn the herbs (optional).
  • An intention to focus on, such as peace, love, or acceptance (optional).

Moon water is traditionally charged at night under the light of the Full Moon, when lunar energy is at its most potent and we’re easily able to connect to our intuition. You can also make Moon water during a Gibbous Moon, when the Moon is almost full. Never make Moon water during an eclipse—eclipse energy overpowers lunar energy, so it’s not a good time to do this kind of work.

Whichever phase you choose, check which zodiac sign the Moon is in, because this will affect the energy of the water. For example, Moon water charged under a Full Moon in Taurus, ruled by Venus, will encourage love and pleasure, and Moon water charged under a Full Moon in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, can help you claim your voice.

If you’re using any of the following, begin by cleansing your jar or container with smoke from your herbs, sticking on your label, and adding crystals to your jar. Then add water. Place your jar somewhere outside so it can absorb the Moon’s energy—even if you can’t see the Full Moon, the water will still charge.

If you’d like, you can take a moment to meditate: Hold your palms over the water and picture the lunar energy moving through the crown of your head, down your spine and arms, through your body, and out of your palms into the water. As you do so, focus on the intention you’re setting, then thank the universe for letting you connect with the cosmos. Finally, leave the water to charge overnight. In the morning, you’ll have Moon water!

How Does Moon Water Work?

Moon water works for a couple of reasons—the first is because of the nature of the element of water. Energetically, water is receptive. It holds the energy or intention of whatever it’s imbued with. And in the case of Moon water, the water acts as a psychic sponge, holding on to the energy the Moon is disseminating from the cosmos into our world. In this way, the water becomes a sort of talisman, holding on to the planetary energy of the Moon for use in future spells or rituals.

The vibration or energy of the Moon water you charge will be dependent on the sign the Moon is in as well as the phase. Because the Moon is at its strongest, most vibrant and potent manifestation during the Full Moon, this is the time that Moon water is usually created.


While it’s never a bad idea to make Moon water for a general purpose (like for tapping into lunar energy), it can also be used more specifically to align with a specific intention. Before you choose your intention, look up whatever sign the Moon is in during the time when you want to charge it. Read about this energy of this zodiac sign. So the Full Moon in Libra would be great for an intention about love magick because Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love. On the other hand, a Full Moon in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn, planet of structure and restrictions) would be better for an intention around helping you assert your boundaries.

Once you’ve figured out what sort of intention aligns with the lunar phase you’re working with, get clear on said intention, writing it down in the present tense (since this tells the universe this intention is already yours and not something that’s going to happen in the future). I always add “This or something better, for the highest good of all involved” at the end of my intentions, just to make sure I’m still open to the possibilities of the universe.

Once you’ve made your Moon water, read your intention out loud and then hold your palms over the water once again. Charge your Moon water by visualizing silver lunar energy moving through the crown of your head, down your spine, through your body, down your arms, out your palms into the water. Continue to visualize this energy pouring into the water, until you feel the water is charged and glowing silver with your intention. Then voilà, you have charged Moon water!

How to Use Moon Water

Okay, so you made your Moon water. Now what do you do with it? Lucky you, there are many options:

  • Use it to clean your altar, sacred space, crystals, or any ritual tools.
  • Add it to a ritual bath.
  • Use it to cleanse your floor (yep, you can just add it to your PineSol!).
  • Dip your brushes in it when you paint.
  • Use it to water your plants.
  • Create a fragrant room spray by adding essential oils and alcohol.
  • Use it in your essential oil diffuser.
  • Drink it so you can absorb it into your body.
  • Use it to anoint your body, as a way of energetically cleansing yourself.

And if you think of another use, go for it. Get creative and let the magick of the Moon and your heart guide you. As witches say, and so it is!

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Sours: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/lifestyle/a34415032/full-moon-water/

Moon protection full

As the full moon takes place tonight, Danielle Copperman, author of the book “Well Being” and founder of the healthy food brand Qnola, reminds us that… "The Moon and its various phases influence so many things - from animals and humans, to tides and climate. The new moon and the full moon are known as the most powerful times, energetically speaking, and both stages of the moon’s cycle can make you feel incredibly high or on the contrary, uncharacteristically low and drained.

The different phases of the moon

The moon holds a different energy at different times of the month. The moon’s cycle is around 28 days, and during this timeframe, it goes from new moon to waxing moon to full moon and then waning moon. When the moon is waxing, it is essentially growing, and as it grows, it brings an energy of abundance, meaning this time of the month is an ideal time for you to manifest what you want. When the moon is waning, it is essentially shrinking, and that is why this time of the month is an ideal time for letting go and cleansing; be this physically (like tidying and decluttering) or emotionally (like letting go of negative thought patterns or challenges in career or relationships, etc etc). And that’s why the full moon and the new moon are seen as such transformational times. They are the pinnacles of the moon's cycle and are therefore seen to be the most powerful. In this article I’m going to talk about rituals you can do during the full moon and how you can use this time of the month to turn inward and to take inspiration from the energy of the full moon to gain clarity in all areas of your life.

The effects of the full moon on our well-being

“The full moon is a time of illumination and can be very high energy, both when the moon is 100% full but also in the few days leading up to it. It theoretically shines light on things you may not always notice or acknowledge, so it is a good time to evaluate things in your life and get focused and clear on what you want, and what maybe perhaps be holding you back. The full moon can affect people differently, and you might feel extremely tired or incredibly energised. You might find it impossible to focus or you may feel super inspired but not exactly settled or focused. However you might feel, try the following rituals which are intended to help you feel more grounded and to help you cleanse and filter things in your life to find clarity, acceptance and inspiration for change and transformation. It can generate change into all area of your life, by simply working your subconscious mind. You can do rituals like this anytime, a few times a month is advised, but the reason people do them around the full moon is just that spiritual and universal energies are more active and alive, so it is a way to connect with them, take inspiration from them and then use this powerful time to let go of things and to set intentions that may be more effective when energies are higher. Enjoy! And don’t take things too seriously - just use this as a way to get clear in yourself, and don’t have too many high or specific expectations. Just plant the seeds and know that whatever is meant to be will come.”

Sours: https://www.vogue.fr/beauty-tips/article/5-wellness-rituals-you-can-do-during-the-full-moon
Full Moon Ritual spell for Change, Justice, Protection, \u0026 Courage

Moon Water: Add This Lunar Infusion to Your Spiritual Toolkit

Some people don’t pay much attention to the moon. Others live their lives by its phases.

Many spiritual traditions throughout history have given special importance to the moon, believing its various cycles affect our moods and physical well-being.

Rituals for harnessing the moon’s energy have existed for centuries. One of these is collecting moon water.

Some believe this water is charged with lunar energy, which can then be used to cleanse negative emotions or aid in spiritual transformation.

Can moon water really enhance your life? Read on to get the details.

What is moon water?

You won’t find it at the supermarket. Moon water is created at home during a chosen moon phase.

It’s typically collected during the full moon when the moon’s energy is said to be at its fullest. Then it’s sipped, applied topically, or sprayed in the home.

“Usually people charge their water under a full moon or new moon or another significant lunar event, but you can make moon water at any time of the month,” explains crystal therapist and spiritual wellness coach Emma Halley.

Halley believes that water can hold energy, although there’s no scientific evidence to support this.

“Water is a supremely programmable substance, which means it takes on the energetic properties of things around it quite easily,” she says. “Since we are 60 percent water, [moon water] can help us integrate, connect with, and manifest the intentions we have via the water.”

Though the science is lacking, there’s no harm in giving moon water a try.

The science of the moon

While research on the benefits of moon water is lacking, there are plenty of studies on how the moon affects our physical and emotional well being.

A 2014 study concluded that the full moon was associated with lower sleep efficiency, or percentage of time spent asleep while in bed.

A small 2012 study with males found that the gravitational pull of the moon may affect the cardiovascular functions of the human body, making people more physically efficient during full and new moons.

A found that individuals with bipolar disorder were affected by lunar patterns, and a larger 2017 study found that of mental health professionals offered anecdotal evidence of a relationship between full moons and human illness.

While the scientific evidence is spotty and inconclusive, the moon still figures prominently in many traditions and spiritual practices.

What is moon water used for?

Some believe you can harness the moon’s power to promote cleansing, renewal, and intention-setting.

“Generally, moon water is used to supercharge intentions,” explains Halley. “For example, the new moon is a time to manifest and call in opportunities and ambitions… You can then use that water in a multitude of ways to enhance your manifestations.”

Moon water can be used in:

  • spiritual rituals
  • healing rituals
  • manifestation
  • your beauty routine


Lunar symbolism is present in nearly every religious tradition across the globe, and is especially prominent in astrology.

“Spiritually, the moon is a hugely influential entity that guides us enormously, energetically speaking,” says Halley. “Moon water is a way of really bringing that energy into ourselves and carrying it with us.”

Halley says that a moon water ritual can help you to feel in “flow” with the universe.

“It benefits spiritual practice in many ways by allowing us to energetically supercharge our life source, water, with an energy source, the moon, that’s so powerful it pushes and pulls the oceans,” she says.


Sipping on moon water has grown in popularity as a wellness elixir in recent years, thanks in part to Victoria Beckham, who shared it on her Instagram account in 2019.

Before that, the energy of the moon has been said to be particularly beneficial for mental and emotional healing.

In many traditions, the moon is believed to possess feminine or yin energy that enhances qualities like acceptance, surrender, and equanimity.

Still, there isn’t any scientific evidence to suggest that the moon has healing power.


Proponents also claim moon water can aid the manifestation process and help you make your desires a reality.

Some believe the moon amplifies the power of your intentions, allowing your desires to manifest with greater ease.

Halley says moon water is typically charged both with the energy of the moon and an intention, like:

  • “I release all that no longer serves me.”
  • “This water cleanses all that it touches.”
  • “May I be healed by the power of the moon.”

Others claim it can enhance visualization practices, remove negative energy, and boost positivity, though the evidence is anecdotal.


Some, including Halley, believe that moon water can give the skin an extra glow, clear impurities, and enhance youthfulness.

“Moon water can be used in a few ways as part of your beauty routine,” Halley says.

Despite moon water’s historical and spiritual uses, there isn’t any science to back it up for beauty or healing. Still, there’s no harm in giving it a try.

How to collect moon water

Collecting moon water is a fairly simple process.

  1. First, find a glass bottle or jar.
  2. Fill it with water, preferably spring or distilled.
  3. Set your intentions.
  4. Set the bottle out overnight during your chosen moon phase.
  5. Seal the bottle and sip, spritz, or use in a ritual.

“Set your intentions for the water by either writing them down and placing them under the jar, or whispering them to the water,” says Halley.

When you choose to collect moon water depends on the intentions you’re setting. Each phase is believed to have subtle energetic differences.

The best times to collect moon water

Practitioners believe that different times of the lunar cycle can produce different energetic effects.

Full moon

Best for: releasing what no longer serves you and removing negative energy

“The full moon Is considered the most powerful since the moon is at its fullest and strongest,” says Halley.

It’s a time to:

  • reap rewards
  • offer gratitude
  • harvest intentions
  • release old baggage
  • clear energy

New moon

Best for: intention-setting, reflection, and personal growth

“The new moon is the dark moon. It invites us to go inward and set our intentions, to start new chapters, and release cycles,” says Halley.

It’s a time to:

  • focus on intentions and manifestation
  • aid inner work and shadow work
  • enhance personal growth and development
  • begin new ventures, relationships, or projects

Other moon phases

  • Waxing moon: best for creative work, inspiration, and intention-setting
  • Waning moon: best for forgiveness, letting go, giving thanks, releasing, and grounding
  • Blue moon: best for goals, ambitions, aspirations, and celebrations

Moon water ritual

There are many ways to use moon water. One way is to create a moon water ritual. Halley shares one option below.


  • jar or bottle
  • crystals and other sacred items
  • pen and paper
  • incense or smudge stick
  • singing bowl or bell (optional)


  1. Gather supplies, like your jar, crystals, sacred items, and pen and paper.
  2. Cleanse the space with incense, sage, singing bowls, or a bell.
  3. Fill your jar with water, preferably distilled or spring.
  4. Place your jar in a safe location where it will get direct moonlight.
  5. Arrange crystals and sacred items around your jar.
  6. Speak your intention for your water out loud.
  7. Write down your intention for your water and place it under the jar.
  8. Cover the jar and leave overnight.

Cleansing the space before you begin will clear unwanted energies from your surroundings and prevent your water from absorbing them, says Halley.

Placing crystals and sacred objects can help you tune into spiritual energies.

“If you aren’t intending on drinking the water, you can place the crystals in the jug,” says Halley.

Some crystals are highly toxic when immersed in water. Never drink crystal-infused water without doing your research first to ensure the crystals you’re using are safe to drink.

Then, set your intention.

“It can be as simple as “This water cleanses and purifies all it touches” or it can be as complicated as you wish, but it’s important to set an intention here for the water you are creating,” Halley explains.

After speaking and writing down your intention, place the paper under the jar. Cover it with a cloth and leave it for the night.

In the morning, your moon water is ready to use.

Halley suggests using it straight from the jar or pouring it into smaller bottles for later use. You can use spray bottles, roller bottles, or small jars.

Keep in mind

Always be safe when making moon water. Make sure your jars are clean and you’re using potable water if you intend to drink it.

“Label and date your bottles and keep them in the fridge,” says Halley, “Use it up within 1 month. Water can grow bacteria and stagnate, and you don’t want that.”

And if you’re putting crystals in your water, make sure they’re safe to ingest.


People have long believed in the moon’s power to influence us at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Some say we can harness that power by sipping, spritzing, or bathing in moon water.

While there isn’t research that supports the benefits or moon water, it’s still used for healing and spirituality today.

If you want to give moon water a try, use clean water and containers, and don’t immerse crystals in your water unless you know they’re safe to drink.

Victoria Stokes is a writer from the United Kingdom. When she’s not writing about her favorite topics, personal development, and well-being, she usually has her nose stuck in a good book. Victoria lists coffee, cocktails, and the color pink among some of her favorite things. Find her on Instagram.

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