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Blizzard Are Looking To Nerf Mage Boosting In WoW Classic: Season of Mastery

Mage boosting has been an issue in many aspects of World of Warcraft Classic over the past 3 years, causing degenerate gameplay and having an effect on the Classic economy.

After announcing the development of WoW Classic: Season of Mastery, Blizzard quickly followed up with comments regarding their plans to reduce the effectiveness of mage power leveling and get players to level their characters in the open world.

Blizzard also announced that they will be implementing the leveling nerfs that were introduced with The Burning Crusade, which makes it faster to level via quest completion.

With the 12-month cycle planned to release all 6 phases of content, this means players interested in the end game will want to level in a timely manner so these changes will fit in with the few changes that have been announced already.

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Blizzard Are Looking To Nerf Mage Boosting In WoW Classic: Season of Mastery

Community Manager Kaivax said on the forums "we’re planning to take a look at mage boosting in the Beta for this release. We have some ideas for adjustments we can make to reduce its impact, especially in current hot-spots like Maraudon."

It sounds like there will be certain restrictions put in place throughout the popular dungeons instead of targeting the mage abilities themself.

There are currently no plans to increase sources of experience from other types of leveling methods, as it sounds like the team wants to bring more players back into the open world.

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Brawlhalla Codes (October 2021), Free Coins and Free Skin in Brawlhall

Brawlhalla Codes can help you to give you a great boost on the game and our codes are the most updated codes, whenever a new code got released we update the code here which you can redeem for a bunch of different unlocks and rewards. These codes will unlock you skins so that you can fight in style!

Brawlhalla Codes

And you make sure to redeem the codes as soon as possible as they can expire anytime and if any of our active codes is expired please do let us know we will update the data quickly so that our user do not face any problems.

Brawlhalla Codes (Active)

  • There are 3 active codes, but all  of them are random for each user, this is what you have to do to get the Raven’s Talon Scythe, the Sword of Raven, and also the Katars of Raven

Twitter Code – Free Raven’s Talon Scythe Skin

To get the Free Raven’s Talon Scythe Skin:

1- Go to

2- Click on the link

3- Click on Follow (Twitter)

4- Enter your user name into the box, then click on Continue

5- You will get an exclusive code (only for you) and now you can claim Raven’s Talon Scythe Skin

6- Open the game, go to the shop, scroll down, the last tab is Redeem Code, go there an redeem the code

Brawlhalla Free Coins

Twitter Code – Free Sword of Raven Skin

To get the Free Sword of Raven Skin:

1- Go to

2- Click on the link

3- Click on Follow (Twitter)

4- Enter your user name into the box, then click on Continue

5- You will get an exclusive code (only for you) and now you can claim Sword of Raven Skin

6- Open the game, go to the shop, scroll down, the last tab is Redeem Code, go there an redeem the code

Twitch Code – Free Katars of Raven Skin

To get the Free Katars of Raven Skin:

1- Go to

2- Click on the link

3- Login with TwitchTV and follow Brawlhalla on Twitch

4- Enter your user name into the box, then click on Continue

5- You will get an exclusive code (only for you) and now you can claim Katars of Raven Skin

6- Open the game, go to the shop, scroll down, the last tab is Redeem Code, go there an redeem the code

Brawlhalla Codes (Expired)

Brawlhalla Skins

Is it possible to get free Mammoth coins in Brawlhalla?

Mammoth Coin cannot be earned in-game and are equivalent to real-world currency. They can be used to purchase legends, cosmetic items, and crossover characters. They can also be acquired through the buyable gold track of each battle-pass.

How do you get coins in Brawlhalla?

Unlocking characters in Brawlhalla can be done by earning coins in the game and buying them through the store. You earn coins by completing challenges and even get some by simply logging in every day. If you’d rather have all of the characters right now, you can actually buy the All Legends Pack, from the Steam store.

Which is the best legend in Brawlhalla?

* Tier 1
Asuri: Katar – Sword | Barraza: Axe – Blaster | Caspian: Gauntlet – Katar | Cross: Blaster – Gauntlet | Fait: Scythe – Orb | Mirage: Scythe – Spear | Mordex: Scythe – Gauntlet | Onyx: Gauntlet – Cannon | Ragnir: Katar – Axe | Sentinel: Hammer – Katar | Volkov: Axe – Scythe | Xull: Cannon – Axe
* Tier 2
Ember: Bow – Katar | Isaiah: Cannon – Blaster | Jhala: Axe – Sword | Jiro: Scythe – Sword | Koji: Bow – Sword | Magyar: Hammer – Greatsword | Nix: Scythe – Blaster | Petra: Gauntlet – Orb | Queen Nai: Spear – Katar | Rayman: Gauntlet – Axe | Sidra: Cannon – Sword | Teros: Hammer – Axe
Note: almost all the legends in tier 1 and 2 achieved a win rate above 50%. From tier 3 downwards there are mixed results.
* Tier 3 
Ada: Blaster – Spear | Artemis: Lance – Scythe | Diana: Bow – Blaster | Dusk: Spear – Orb | Lucien: Katar – Blaster | Orion: Lance – Spear | Sir Roland: Lance – Sword | Val: Gauntlet – Sword | Zariel: Gauntlet – Bow
* Tier 4 
Brynn: Axe – Spear | Gnash: Hammer – Spear | Hattori: Sword – Spear | Jaeyun: Sword – Greatsword | Kaya: Spear – Bow | Lin Fei: Katar – Cannon | Mako: Katars – Greatsword | Scarlet: Hammer – Lance | Thatch: Sword – Blaster | Thor: Hammer – Orb
* Tier 5
Azoth: Bow – Axe | Bödvar: Hammer – Sword | Cassidy: Blaster – Hammer | Kor: Gauntlet – Hammer | Lord Vraxx: Blaster – Lance | Ulgrim: Axe – Lance | Vector: Lance – Bow | Wu Shang: Gauntlet – Spear | Yumiko: Bow – Hammer

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The BEST PRO SETTINGS in Brawlhalla (2021) - Blurred Maps, Controls, Reduce Lag and Win More!
Battlepass BP4 Logo.gif

The Battle Pass is a feature in Brawlhalla that allows for exclusive cosmetics to be unlocked by completing missions. Originally announced on May 12, 2020, the Battle Pass rewards players for progressing through the 85 tiers of the Battle Pass to earn items. The first season was released in patch 4.00.

The Battle Pass comes in two types - a "Free Pass," which can be played by all, and a "Gold Pass," which can be purchased for $9.99 USD. The Free Pass is available to everyone, including those who purchased the Gold Pass. Purchasing the Gold Pass will automatically unlock all the previous cosmetics from earlier tiers.


Battle Gems[]

Battle Gem

The Battle Pass is separated into tiers, each tier offering a reward to the player. To progress through the Battle Pass tiers, the player must earn Battle Gems. Each tier takes 12 Battle Gems to complete.

There are currently three ways of obtaining Battle Gems:

Daily Missions[]

A new daily mission that is given each day, rewarding Battle Gems. Each day one mission can be swapped for a different, random mission.

Weekly Missions[]

Each week for the duration of a Battle Pass, 7 new missions are released. These missions can only be completed once and will award varying amounts of Battle Gems depending on the mission.

Battle Pass XP Mission[]

Added in Season One, this is a General mission that persists throughout the season, rewarding Battle Gems. This mission is completed by earning "Battle Pass XP," which are simply earned by playing matchmaking games. This mission can be completed multiple times, and each time it will require more Battle Pass XP to complete. The rewarded Battle Pass XP is dependent on the player's matchmaking placement and if they have Battle Pass XP Multipliers. The mission is always available until it has been completed 100 times.

Progression Cosmetics[]

In addition to Battle Pass progression, the Battle Pass feature has introduced progression-based cosmetics. These are cosmetics with levels that can be upgraded by completing specific missions, such as getting KOs or wins. After completing the mission, the cosmetic with level up and take on a new appearance. These missions can also be completed after a Battle Pass is over, so long as the player purchased the Battle Pass while it was available.

Currently, progression cosmetics only exist in the form of Podiums and Skins, each cosmetic with 3 levels of progression. Previous levels of the cosmetic can be selected with an option enabled in settings.

Latest Season: Season Four[]

Brawlhalla's fourth Battle Pass is themed around the Order of the Exalted Lion, a group in the Brawlhalla universe that is dedicated to defending society from the supernatural. The Battle Pass started on August 11, 2021, and will end on November 3, 2021.



Main article: Missions

The Battle Pass offers rewarding challenges to complete in the form of General and Weekly Missions.

General Missions are completed in order to unlock new cosmetics or, in the case of the Battle Pass XP Mission, earn Battle Gems. Weekly Missions are completed mainly to earn Battle Gems.

General Missions[]

Weekly Missions[]

Win matches as members of the Valhallan Ladies Book Club3Battle Gems 4
Hammer KOs15Battle Gems 8
Orb Light Attack Damage1500Battle Gems 8
Greatsword Heavy Attack Damage1500

Boosting brawlhalla

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