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Deck Rail Brackets Convert Window Boxes into Railing Planters

Convert any flower box into a railing planter. This collection of deck plant hangers makes it easy to support your flower boxes for railings whether on front stoops, porches or wooden patios. Our products can accommodate a range of different materials and sizes to work with any project.

Whether your mounting surface is made from vinyl, wood, iron or aluminum, we offer hardware that will latch on tight. Each pair is designed for a sturdy display of full flower boxes - soil, plants and flowers included. The items offered here are a collection of heavy-duty, outdoor-rated products that help you transform beautiful container gardens into a mid-air oasis for your daily enjoyment. DIY balcony gardens start with the right holders and hooks. In-house representatives on on-staff to take your questions weekdays, 7am-5pm PT.

Create Balcony Privacy with Plants

Reveal a whole new range of possibilities for a creative floral display. Placing pots or planters along the top of slim foundations can create a precarious situation if it shifts or high winds blow through, sending containers plummeting, putting anything below it in harm's way. Secure hanging window boxes and planters while saving them from ruin, and passersby from harm. Create an eco-chic privacy screen by planting with taller plants or cascading vines and suspended along a deck rail to shade nearby neighbors from view.

For gardeners who are purchasing containers from Windowbox, we offer accessories to suit any product in our collection. Some are better suited to particular designs, and we make our recommendations in each product description. By clicking on products above, more information is available based on fit and planter box compatibility.

Deck Rail Bracket Pairs for Every Rail Type

We offer several styles that are decorative or invisible designs that disappear once the window box is applied. Railing adapters and heavy-duty cable ties are also offered in this category for further support. And be sure not to count yourself out if you have old metal railings or oddly-shaped vinyl ones - just give us a call and we'll locate the planter that will work for you 888-427-3362.

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Brackets for Deck Railings

Use RailLok® - The Deck Railing Bracket System for Deck Railings, Fence Sections and Rail Sections

Half the size of DeckLok®, but just as tough! RailLok provides a strong, reliable railing to post connection. RailLok Railing Brackets are stocked in 316 Stainless Steel, and Black or White powder coat finish. Custom colors are available on request.

raillok deck railing bracketsBecause of the terrific acceptance of the DeckLok Bracket System, we've introduced RailLok, a mini deck railing bracket version of the original DeckLok. RailLok is used to connect railing sections to the rail post. Attach the brackets to the rail post using screws and then slip pre-assembled railing sections into the brackets and screw them in place. The RailLok brackets provide a strong, reliable railing to post connection. The brackets are built to outlast the service life of the railing. RailLok is available in 316 Stainless Steel and in white or black powder coat finish and includes 5 Star Drive mounting screws.

Order Online or call Screw Products, Inc. at 1.877.844.8880

RailLok - The Deck Railing Bracket System Benefits:

  • Available in 316 Stainless Steel and Powdercoat White and black finish
  • Raillok deck railing bracket with fasteners, is engineered to provide "shear strength"
  • Engineered with oversize gussets to hold rail sections securely
  • Countersunk holes provide a clean, low profile connection
  • Pressure Treated Compatible
  • Includes mounting screws
raillok deck railing brackets

raillok benefits

Easy Installation Video

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How to Brace a Railing

By Shala Munroe

People often lean on deck railings, causing the wood to sag.

Loose and sagging railings create a serious safety hazard. Deck railings must hold the weight of those leaning against them, and stair railings must be strong enough to support several people at once as they climb the stairs. Over time, wood can sag and weaken or screws can come loose, weakening the structural integrity of the rails. To fix these problems, brace the railings to keep them strong and secure.

Deck Railings

Measure the distance between the bottom railing and the top of the deck floor beside a railing support post.

Transfer that measurement to a piece of hardwood that's as wide as the bottom rail. Draw a square so that all sides match the measurement.

Cut the square out of the hardwood plank, using a table saw.

Measure the deck railing to find the center point between two posts. This is probably where the railing is sagging the most.

Push up near the center of the railing by placing the end of a 2-by-4 piece of lumber under the rail. Have a helper stand off the deck, holding the other end of the lumber. When he pushes down, the end under the rail lifts up.

Tap the wooden block support you made under the rail center point with a rubber mallet until it is fully under the rail. Ask your helper to release the lumber lever.

Nail the block in place through the railing and from below the deck. Paint or stain the block to match your railing. Use as many of these supports as you need for the length of the railing.

Indoor Hand Rail

Slide a stud finder along the wall above your hand rail to locate the studs. Mark them with a pencil or painter's tape.

Place a metal rail bracket under the railing so that it touches the bottom of the rail. Position it over a stud.

Screw the bracket into place using 2-inch drywall screws.

Secure the bracket to the handrail using wood screws. Start from under the bracket and drive the screws straight upward into the bottom of the handrail.

Wiggle the handrail vigorously to determine if other loose spots exist. Brace them with railing brackets following the same process as the first bracket.


  • Drive screws straight into the handrails from the bottom to prevent them from poking out one of the sides and creating a sharp edge.

Writer Bio

Based outside Atlanta, Ga., Shala Munroe has been writing and copy editing since 1995. Beginning her career at newspapers such as the "Marietta Daily Journal" and the "Atlanta Business Chronicle," she most recently worked in communications and management for several nonprofit organizations before purchasing a flower shop in 2006. She earned a BA in communications from Jacksonville State University.

Options for Fastening Deck Guardrails

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Brace deck railing

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How To Build Deck Railings

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