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Welcome To Brunswick Dental Family Practice

We Are Open!

Please review the changes we have made to protect you,
our team and our community

To our Valued Patients,

We hope this letter finds you and your family in good health. Our communities have been through a lot over the last few months, and all of us are looking forward to resuming our normal habits and routines. While many things have changed, one thing has remained the same, our office’s commitment to your safety.

As COVID-19 continues to influence our daily lives and operations, we believe it is our utmost responsibility to heighten health and safety procedures in our office. Infection control has always been a top priority in our practice. We ask that you please be patient and understand that we will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs, as we know many of you are anxious to get back into our office.

Please take time to read and digest these actions we are taking to protect our patients, team and community. These additional measures are to ensure the safety and peace of mind for everyone who walks through our doors, and to reduce any possible risk of exposure.

Upon scheduling an appointment, a COVID-19 questionnaire will be emailed to you. This questionnaire must be completed before you arrive at the office. We will postpone treatment for any patient who has experienced or been in contact with someone who has experienced the following symptoms within 14 days of the scheduled appointment date: fever, cough, loss of taste and/or smell, flu-like symptoms, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, and fatigue.

We will be scheduling appointments in a manner that promotes social distancing and allows for adequate time for us to disinfect all areas of use in between patient appointments.Upon arrival at our office, call us before entering the office to let us know you have arrived. We will call you once the office is ready for you to enter.

We ask that patients enter the office unaccompanied. For those patients who need a guardian to accompany them, we ask that this be limited to a single family member. Please refrain from bringing extra baggage, such as handbags, shopping bags or coats.

Every person entering the office is expected to wear a face covering and will be asked to sanitize their hands immediately upon entry.

We will confirm no fever with a contactless thermometer upon your arrival.

We have invested in 6 medical-grade high efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) air purifiers by Surgically Clear Air and additional high volume bio aerosols reducing equipment to help clear and improve the air quality for all patients, family members, and staff.

Surgically Clean Air technology uses a six-stage air filtration system to clean and sterilize indoor air.

These stages include:

  1. Pre-filter stage – catches large particles as room air is drawn through the intake chamber; comprised of an anti-biotic pre-filter which inhibits most bacterial growth.
  2. Dual-stage electronic precipitator stage – filters out particulates, and contain these particles.
  3. Activated carbon filter and molecular sieve stage – absorbs odors, chemicals, and gases
  4. Photo-catalytic stage – captures remaining residue from VOCs, bacteria, and viruses that have been destroyed.
  5. Dual high-intensity ultraviolet chamber – obliterates viruses and bacteria at the DNA level.

All clinical and non clinical surfaces will be thoroughly disinfected with hospital-grade cleaning solution in between each patient, and alcohol-based hand sanitizer and antibacterial hand soaps/sinks will be available throughout the office

Our doctor and staff will be wearing all of the recommended personal protective equipment (PPE). All staff on site will also be required to undertake daily screenings.

Thank you for being part of our family dental practice. We value your trust and loyalty and look forward to welcoming back our patients, neighbors, and friends.

Brunswick Dental Team


Meet Our Bermuda Dentists

Meet Our Dentists

Dr. Jewel Landy counts it as a privilege to share a little bit of who she is with her patients. Her intent is to develop an interactive dialogue with each person she treats at ReNew Dental Care.

“It is a humbling experience to have you sit in my chair and confide in me your heartfelt emotions. Sometimes it is your fears and anxieties, other times it is your joys and successes. Knowing how much you trust me with your emotions has led me to develop a complete, individualized approach to your dental care in which I listen and provide personalised treatment based on your specific financial budget, emotional desires, time frame, health conditions and esthetic concerns.” Dr. Jewel Landy

Jewel Landy, DDS

ReNew Dental Care is the second dental business Dr. Landy has established and operated. She operated her first practice, Smiles by Landy, for 20 years before selling it in 2010. She spent the six years following the sale working on herself: learning what was important to her, what she needed to let go of or bring back into her life to maintain balance and peace. She ventured on a personal mission of love and self discovery to understand who she really was.

Professional Education and Experience

Dr. Landy graduated in 1990 from Howard University as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. She opened her private dental practice in 1993 and soon realized she would benefit from a better understanding of business. In 1999, she earned her Master of Arts Degrees in Human Resource Development and Management.

Dr. Landy completed two extensive courses in Dental Implants. The first, in 2006, was a Masters Certificate Program from Pacific Institute of Implant Dentistry, held at University of Vancouver in British Columbia (270 hours over 2 years). The second was the American Academy of Implant Dentistry Maxicourse held at New York University (300 hours over one year). She has since passed the Associate Fellow Membership Examination for Implant Dentistry and the AAID Board of Trustees has elected her as a Fellow of the Academy.

An Implant Fellowship was bestowed to her in July 2005 from the International Congress of Oral Implantology. She has placed and restored over 1000 implants, completed over 30 sinus lift surgeries and has developed first hand experience on correcting a variety of implant problems.

Dr. Landy's continuing education in dentistry is extensive. She has completed five extensive courses with the Las Vegas Institute for cosmetic dentistry, and seven courses in Occlusion from Dr. Peter Dawson in Florida. Additionally, she has training in soft tissue gum grafting from Dr. Pat Allen in Texas, and Dr. Mike Pikos in Florida. In 2008, she became certified in Invisalign. In 2014, she earned a certificate in dental sleep medicine and sleep apnea. Based on this varied knowledge, Dr. Landy truly has a comprehensive approach to treatment plans which she tailors to each patient.  Dr. Landy provides treatment to patients 13 years and older.

Continuing Education Outside Of Dentistry

Being a creative, well rounded and balanced soul, Dr. Landy fulfilled other dreams by becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), a Dream Life Coach (Mary Morrissey), a Perfect Health Instructor/Coach (Deepak Chopra) and a Certified Nursing Assistant. She uses what she’s learned from all aspects of these alternative health modalities to provide each patient with a personalized, compassionate approach to complete dental care.

“My dental service is as much about creating beautiful smiles as it is about creating beautiful lives. You continuously show me how restoring your smile transforms and ReNews your life. It is this appreciation and my relationship based approach that distinguishes my dental care and sets me apart.” Dr. Jewel Landy

Dr. Yvonne Chirimuta

Dr. Yvonne Chirimuta, a graduate of the University of the Western Cape, South Africa, is no stranger to the island. She has served the Bermudian community for over 16 years as a public health dentist with the Department of Health and in general private practice.

Her enjoyment of oral health education, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases flows into all areas of her treatment which includes fillings, cosmetics, root canal therapy, orthodontics (including Invisalign), crown and bridge, dentures and surgical extraction of wisdom teeth.

Dr. Chirimuta provides dental services to all ages.  However she has gained extensive experience and has a soft spot in her heart for working with special needs patients and children.  Hospital privileges with the Bermuda Hospitals Board allows her to provide a variety of stress-free dental treatments under General Anesthetic.

Dental mission work is one of her passions and she has traveled to Haiti on several occasions offering voluntary dental services.  Understanding the dental need in our immediate community, on many occasions, Dr. Chirimuta has also provided voluntary services in Bermuda.

Dr. Chirimuta has specialized infection control training and is  certified with OSHA. She has implemented their standard of infection control at ReNew Dental Care

Rosalie Rewan - Dental Assistant


Akilah Smith -  Dental Assistant


Pia  Wohlmuth  - Dental Hygienist 


Karen Stovell (Nicky) - Front Office Coordinator


Come Visit Us Today

Are you ready to experience gentle, compassionate dentistry from a doctor who prioritizes your whole body wellness? Call today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Landy at ReNew Dental Care.

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to the website of Positive Image Dental!

Drs. Ian Campbell, Christopher Allington, and Lara Loescher of Bermuda, are excited to work with patients and families interested in a unique dental office experience. At Positive Image Dental, we would love to have you as part of our dental family, and we are here to give you a winning smile you have always wanted. With a wide range of services, we can assist all patients with a conservative, affordable approach to restoring and repairing their smiles. We also provide preventive and general dentistry services, including routine evaluations and cleanings to keep smiles healthy for life.

Why choose Positive Image Dental?

There are many reasons why patients choose Positive Image Dental for their oral care needs. Our team is friendly and responsive, allowing patients to bring to our attention the goals they have for their smile. We work alongside patients to develop a plan to achieve and maintain oral health and wellness over the years. With our extensive range of services under one roof, patients will not need to be continuously referred out to providers they don’t know for the care they need. Many treatments can be performed right at Positive Image Dental to preserve the smile, improve its appearance, or address common dental concerns such as periodontal disease or tooth decay.

What services are available at Positive Image Dental?

  • Preventive dentistry
  • Implant dentistry
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Endodontic care
  • Restorative solutions
  • Periodontic dentistry
  • Oral surgeries
  • Orthodontic solutions

With a wide range of treatments in one office, patients can have all their dental needs managed by our friendly, caring team of professionals.

Ready for a positive experience with an experienced dental team?

At Positive Image Dental, we encourage new patients and families to give our team a call if they are ready for a change. Call (441) 292-2312 to book an appointment at our facility, located in Devonshire, Bermuda, at ZBM Annex Fort Hill Road. Drs. Ian Campbell, Christopher Allington, and Lara Loescher are excited to meet you and help you achieve your oral health goals.

Read More About Us

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Over 8 Million Smiles were Transformed with Invisaling Treatment

Video Transcript

Over 8 million smiles were transformed with Invisalign treatment and a doctor was with them every step of the way

If you know us you know that we LOVE Piksters!

Video Transcript

Piksters are Australia’s number one selling dental brush and Moist dentist recommend them over flossing. So how do they work? Unlike floss – Piksters lateral bristles access the contours of the small crevices in-between the teeth. This creates a more effective clean by capturing plaque and debris – where floss is insufficient. We offer the largest variety of sizes and combinations of any intra dental brush. The combination of teeth of all shapes and sizes. The brushes have stronger stiffer wire and higher quality bristles so they last longer and provide better value for customers. For first time users we offer sample pack sizes to find the right fit. Piksters can also be combined with any connect system handle providing a tooth brush style grip. Another option is our power Pickster which provides sonic vibration for easier insertion between teeth.

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Seeing the Dentist and Hygienist at The Dental Surgery

Dental health

In Bermuda, the government runs dental health services at Hamilton Health Centre, St. George’s Health Centre, and Somerset Health Centre. As of August 2015, these services are not taking new clients while in the process of hiring new staff. New clients may be placed on a wait list for when client spots are again available.  

The waiting period for dental procedures at Government of Bermuda health centres is six to eight months. Priority will be being given to eligible patients who, upon triage, require urgent or emergency care. Others will be referred to private practices. The Bermuda Yellow Pages provides a list of private-practice dentists in Bermuda.  

Dental care for children  

In addition to providing dental education in every classroom in Bermuda, the Department of Health’s Oral Health Section provides free, confidential dental screenings for all school children in P2, P3, and M2. Parents are given a report of their children’s dental needs. Children in these school years can also have their teeth sealed, free-of-charge, at their school.  

For additional dental protection, the Government of Bermuda provides fluoride to school-aged children in the country. Fluoride supplements are free of charge; you only need to fill out a consent form, available from all schools or dental health clinics, to receive the supplements.  

Children should be given the following dosage of fluoride as a daily supplement:  

  • 0-6 months old: no supplement 

  • 6-18 months old: one drop of liquid fluoride 

  • 18-24 months old: two drops of liquid fluoride 

  • 2-3 years old: one tablet or two drops  

  • 3-5 years old: one 0.5 milligram tablet 

  • 6-16 years old: one 1.0 milligram tablet 


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