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mary's free-range fried chicken, signature herb & spice blend
Available Gluten Free (Yes! Gluten Free Fried Chicken!)

mary's free range slow-roasted rotisserie chicken

crispy bbq tofu



hearth-baked roll, spicy slaw, mayo, sage potato chips

kale, romaine, cucumber, mint, shredded parmesan, cherry tomatoes,
black pepper parmesan dressing

sweet buttermilk biscuit, tomato cucumber salad


Most of our menu can be prepared 100% gluten free upon request. (Gluten free fried chicken!) Just ask.


buffalo wings, blue cheese mousse

honey mustard wings, ranch

bbq wings, ranch

chicken strips, house sauce


brown sugar brussels sprouts

chicken soup, crispy matzo ball

small/large kale salad

tomato cucumber salad

bone broth

hand-cut fries, crispy sage, malted mayo

garlic thyme potato wedges, ranch

sage potato chips

spicy slaw

sweet buttermilk biscuit 


assorted beer, wine, soft drinks


our signature dessert bar with chocolate chips, shaved coconut, marshmallows
and a buttery graham cracker crust


Preview: Proposition Chicken Brings its Choice of Chicken Three Ways to Oakland

“I had the menu already figured out, and I like themes, as long as they’re tasteful, but I wished he would just keep frying chicken and shut up.”

It’s why there are strong words on the walls of Proposition Chicken, beginning with the cheeky: "This chicken goes three ways" to the statement that they are for “The Right to Choose: Choose your style, your chicken, who you marry, what you do with your body” and they are against “people against equality” among other things.

“The idea seems so silly to use your chicken restaurant as a platform to be against something,” said Feingold. “So I thought, I have a platform by owning a restaurant, and we’ll be for equality instead.”

Proposition Chicken Ballot

At his other two restaurants, 10 percent of all proceeds on Monday nights go to an area non-profit, making a difference in the local community each month; the same will be true for Proposition Chicken in Oakland. For the first two months, the recipient is Oakland’s Hip Hop for Change, an organization that “uses grassroots activism to educate people about socio-economic injustices and advocate solutions through hip hop culture.”

Fried Chicken at Proposition Chicken

Proposition Chicken offers chicken cooked either rotisserie style (they call it flipped, so it fits in with its alliterative scheme) fried or fake, which is actually tofu. You can have it either in a salad, on a sandwich, or on a plate, with a buttermilk biscuit and salad.

The menu at Proposition Chicken
Co-owner Elizabeth Wells

There are also buffalo wings and chicken tenders, and a few sides like brown sugared Brussels sprouts and buttermilk biscuits. The southern touches are a nod to the background of another co-owner, Elizabeth Wells, who hails from Alabama and is also a co-owner of the city’s Southpaw BBQ. The fact that there is matzah ball soup on the menu is a nod to the other two owners, Feingold, and Maxwell Cohen’s Jewish heritage. Feingold noted that the restaurant smells just like the home he grew up in when he’s making said soup – he uses his mom’s recipe – and that the rotisserie chicken, which is brined and then marinated in a rub of spices like paprika, cumin and parsley is like “Shabbos chicken,” meaning the traditional chicken served by his mom on Friday night for Sabbath dinners.

The restaurant uses Mary’s free-range chickens, and butchers them all in house, using raw bones and meat to make the matzah ball soup, and the roasted bones from the rotisserie chicken to make bone broth, a win-win according to Wells, since bone broth is a popular trend right now, and it offers a way to not let anything go to waste.

Making rotisserie chicken at Proposition Chicken

As for the menu, Wells explained that its simplicity is intentional as “we can focus on things we love, and make sure every bite is delicious.”

Considering how simple the menu is, though, she said, they do offer a diversity of choices, given that one can be satisfied whether they want to be decadent (fried chicken – and they also offer gluten-free fried chicken) – on a roll or healthy (rotisserie chicken on a salad).

The buffalo wings at Proposition Chicken

While we tried the buffalo wings (just the right amount of heat, not fried) and the fried, flipped and fake in sandwiches, it was hard to judge the chicken on its own merit, since there was so much else going on. We loved both the fried and flipped, but had a disagreement about the fake; whether it was some of the most flavorful tofu ever, or it was overcompensating with too much seasoning.

Wells said that they are discussing offering full birds to take home along with salad and biscuits, to make up a family meal, and may start doing that in Oakland.

They had been looking for a second location for over a year, said Wells, and when they saw the space on Lakeshore, they knew they had found it.

“Being part of a neighborhood and part of a community is really important to us,” said Wells.

As for his decision to use rolls from Amoroso’s, an Italian bakery in his hometown of Philadelphia that’s been in business for over a century, Feingold admitted he had to be careful with his words.

The rolls are a bit squishy, but most importantly, the contents aren't pushed out when you take a bite.

“I’m well-aware that we have some of the best bread in my own backyard,” he said. And while all the rest of their ingredients are hyper-local, down to the salvaged wood used in their build-out, he said that when you toast an Amoroso’s roll with oil and butter, there’s nothing quite like it. “It’s kind of magical,” he said.

“It’s nowhere nearly as refined as any of these far superior operations,” he said, “but food is as much about nostalgia and emotion.”

To him, a fried chicken sandwich belongs in an Amoroso roll, since that’s what he grew up with. “It’s not always about the best, but about what fits.”

Fried Chicken Sandwich
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Proposition Chicken

Our hearts go out to everyone who is being affected by this unprecedented public health crisis. We love the Bay Area and are committed to keeping our staff, guests and greater community safe, while providing an essential service to those who need it.

Proposition Chicken will be offering our full restaurant and catering menus for pick-up and delivery as mandated. If possible, we are recommending that guests order in advance online or by phone.

As of April 18, 2020, no guests or staff may enter our restaurants without a face mask. In addition to following the evolving guidelines provided by city, county and state officials, we are continuing to sanitize all high-touch surfaces and adhere to the most strict health and safety standards. We have reviewed these measures with each person on our team and are managing them constantly.


Fat Kid Fridays, October 18th Edition: The week's most ridiculous eats, ranked by calorie content

After a week's absence, Fat Kid Fridays are back -- in a very big way. Last week was all about the donuts, but this week seems to be about fried chicken. Whether it's between two waffles or just smack dab in the middle of a huge tray with biscuits and all the traditional fixins, buttermilk-battered poultry is so hot right now, literally and metaphorically, son! So get readin' and check out all our most scintillating offerings, from the aforementioned bird to a legit gourmet cotton candy.

6. Waffle S'more
Petworth Citizen and Reading Room, Washington, DC
Approximate Calorie Count: 592
We've affectionately dubbed this beaut "the S'maffle" -- a half waffle topped with charred marshmallows and chocolate chips. Pretty much any kid's campfire dream, this is definitely in the running for the best hybrid dessert of the year. MOVE OVER, CRONUTS/CRUFFINS/DANGLES/WAFKLAVLES!
Get this -- they've also got a FRIED SAUSAGE SANDWICH at this place...

Thrillist TV

5. Strawberry Orange Blossom
TAO Downtown, New York
Approximate Calorie Count: 661
We're willing to excuse the fact that this dessert sounds like a Powerpuff Girl, because it's got cotton candy on top. COTTON CANDY. THIS IS AT A REAL RESTAURANT IN NEW YORK. If your mind isn't sufficiently blown by that fact, consider this: the rest of the dessert is composed of strawberry chunks topped with a dollop of strawberry/orange creme custard and dusted with honey-milk POWDER. Good job, Professor.
Noodles and GIFs abound in our full story...

4. The Unholy Mole Burger
Fischman's Wagyu Wagon, Chicago
Approximate Calorie Count: 904
Forget about Homeward Bound. THIS is the animal partnership story to end all animal partnership stories: this burger's got a huge Wagyu beef patty covered in melted cotija and Chihuahua cheeses, topped with roasted poblano peppers, and -- la piece de resistance -- cuddled up against some fried pork rinds for good measure. Oh, and all that is topped by a 17-ingredient red mole sauce. Kinda makes you want to cry... just like Homeward Bound.
This mobile eatery's also slinging, of all things, a burger topped with spiced apples! See it all here...

3. Pumpkin Spice Cookie Milkshake
Custard Cakes & Creamery, Philadelphia
Approximate Calorie Count: 1035
When Fall is in the air, sometimes all you want is a hot pumpkin drink to warm you up. But with this recently unseasonably warm Fall in the air, you might opt for something slightly cooler, like this killer frosty treat that includes blended cookies in a pumpkin-spice base, as well as chunks of actual pumpkin. Take your pumpkin pie on the go! Or, you know, just sit there.
Get the lowdown on more pumpkin-filled goods right here...

2. Chicken & Waffles Grilled Cheese
The Pullman Kitchen, New York
Approximate Calorie Count: 1184
If you consider yourself some sort of comfort food explorer, searching for the next big discovery, look no further: the culinary jungles of New York have spawned something that's sure to impress -- two griddled cornbread waffles holding a huge buttermilk fried chicken slab, pepper jack cheese, and a slathering of Vermont maple syrup for good measure. Science, man!
Feast your eyes on their other crazy sandwich offerings here...

1. Fried Chicken Platter
Proposition Chicken, San Francisco
Approximate Calorie Count: 1224
There're definitely some adventurous things on this list, but when it comes down to it, you can't beat the classics. Proposition Chicken in SF is frying up some positively golden chicken dinners, like this one, sided with a buttermilk biscuit, honey butter, and spicy cole slaw. This place also does their chicken in sandwiches or salads... but c'mon -- who can argue with that view?
Choose your own fried chicken adventure...

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CHICKEN & BISCUITTOTAL CALSTOTAL FAT CALSTOTAL FAT (g)SAT (g)TRANS (g)CHOL (mg)SOD (mg)TOTAL CARBS (g)DIETARY FIBER (g)SUGAR (g)PROT (g)2Pc Chicken Dark & Biscuit72042047102.517016604038352Pc Chicken Mixed & Biscuit96054060122.523024204849582Pc Chicken White & Biscuit8004304892.517520904349493Pc Chicken Dark & Biscuit104062069142.52752350504954 3Pc Chicken Mixed & Biscuit 9505205112.523524304749613Pc Chicken White & Biscuit95023059112.522524404749594Pc Chicken Dark & Biscuit119071079152.534026905559664Pc Chicken Mixed & Biscuit12707208015334531205769814Pc Chicken White & Biscuit1340730811533503550594995JUST CHICKEN Listed by the pieceTOTAL CALSTOTAL FAT CALSTOTAL FAT (g)SAT (g)TRANS (g)CHOL (mg)SOD (mg)TOTAL CARBS (g)DIETARY FIBER (g)SUGAR (g)PROT (g)Breast39020022401251110122036Leg1508091.506035041012Thigh3202002340105690101019Wing16010011205036051010CAJUN TENDERSTOTAL CALSTOTAL FAT CALSTOTAL FAT (g)SAT (g)TRANS (g)CHOL (mg)SOD (mg)TOTAL CARBS (g)DIETARY FIBER (g)SUGAR (g)PROT (g)1Pc Cajun Tender1607081040450810164Pc Cajun Tender & Biscuit9004004572.51602410575966BUFFALO WINGS Listed by the pieceTOTAL CALSTOTAL FAT CALSTOTAL FAT (g)SAT (g)TRANS (g)CHOL (mg)SOD (mg)TOTAL CARBS (g)DIETARY FIBER (g)SUGAR (g)PROT (g)Buffalo Wings – Traditional8045510354101008Buffalo Wings – Krispy1107071.50402102108Buffalo Wings – Cajun Sweet & Sour90404.510452304049BONELESS WINGS Listed by the pieceTOTAL CALSTOTAL FAT CALSTOTAL FAT (g)SAT (g)TRANS (g)CHOL (mg)SOD (mg)TOTAL CARBS (g)DIETARY FIBER (g)SUGAR (g)PROT (g)Boneless Wings – Krispy502530.50152102005KRISPY CHICKEN SANDWICHTOTAL CALSTOTAL FAT CALSTOTAL FAT (g)SAT (g)TRANS (g)CHOL (mg)SOD (mg)TOTAL CARBS (g)DIETARY FIBER (g)SUGAR (g)PROT (g)Krispy Chicken Sandwich Only5202502760501230472421FAMILY PLATTERSTOTAL CALSTOTAL FAT CALSTOTAL FAT (g)SAT (g)TRANS (g)CHOL (mg)SOD (mg)TOTAL CARBS (g)DIETARY FIBER (g)SUGAR (g)PROT (g)Family Chicken & Tenders w/ Fries6540356039576171270154503833052355Family Tenders w/ Fries445022102454716475106203372150217Family Chicken & Tenders w/ Waffle Fries6630368040978171270160703883450355Family Tenders w/ Waffle Fries454023302584916475112303422550217Family Chicken & Tenders w/ Wedges6650368040978171230157103853052356Family Tenders w/ Wedges457023302594916495108803392150218CAJUN INFUSED WHOLEFRIEDTOTAL CALSTOTAL FAT CALSTOTAL FAT (g)SAT (g)TRANS (g)CHOL (mg)SOD (mg)TOTAL CARBS (g)DIETARY FIBER (g)SUGAR (g)PROT (g)Wholefried – Breaded135072080230.57803690131156Wholefried – Unbreaded131066079240.59403610131163CAJUN STYLE FISHTOTAL CALSTOTAL FAT CALSTOTAL FAT (g)SAT (g)TRANS (g)CHOL (mg)SOD (mg)TOTAL CARBS (g)DIETARY FIBER (g)SUGAR (g)PROT (g)1Pc Cajun Style Fish4102302550490860251019KRISPY SHRIMPTOTAL CALSTOTAL FAT CALSTOTAL FAT (g)SAT (g)TRANS (g)CHOL (mg)SOD (mg)TOTAL CARBS (g)DIETARY FIBER (g)SUGAR (g)PROT (g)1Pc Krispy Shrimp60303.50.50151804002KRISPY SIDESTOTAL CALSTOTAL FAT CALSTOTAL FAT (g)SAT (g)TRANS (g)CHOL (mg)SOD (mg)TOTAL CARBS (g)DIETARY FIBER (g)SUGAR (g)PROT (g)Fries Small3802202550058033202Fries Large4902903270075043204Fries Family102060066140.50154088409Waffle Fries Small4202703060081035303Waffle Fries Large54035039800105045404Waffle Fries Family110072080160.50216092909Wedges Small4002502860536032203Wedges Large650420469010104052305Wedges Family113072080160.520180090509Jambalaya Small26010012303583028219Jambalaya Large6802803180952200754325Mac-N-Cheese Small24090105025940274510Mac-N-Cheese Large640240271407024907351427Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Small450607300234088758Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Large1310180209006550258201525Red Beans & Rice Small1905061.50533027316Red Beans & Rice Large520110123010660866214Boudin Bite – 1Pc1307082015115100051 Honey Butter Biscuit2501301542.55062026183KRISPY BREAKFASTTOTAL CALSTOTAL FAT CALSTOTAL FAT (g)SAT (g)TRANS (g)CHOL (mg)SOD (mg)TOTAL CARBS (g)DIETARY FIBER (g)SUGAR (g)PROT (g)1 Blueberry Biscuit2401201342.503902901321 Breakfast Empanada310190226060380236161 Breakfast Tender Biscuit440180214.56401290422322Breakfast Biscuit ONLY280120133.560840341361 Sausage Patty Beef/Pork (1oz11090103.5—2025010041 Bacon Strip45303.5101013500031 Breakfast Egg (Cooked)805051.5—185601016Add Cheese10080950304701015KRISPY’S DIPPING SAUCES Listed per containerTOTAL CALSTOTAL FAT CALSTOTAL FAT (g)SAT (g)TRANS (g)CHOL (mg)SOD (mg)TOTAL CARBS (g)DIETARY FIBER (g)SUGAR (g)PROT (g)Krispy’s Original Dipping Sauce1401301421038000200Cajun Sweet & Sour Sauce5000000170110100Southern Sweet Barbeque Sauce45000002304090Honey Mustard Sauce160140162.50151304040Homestyle Ranch Sauce150140162.50103402020Sweet & Tangy Mustard Sauce20000002805040Traditional Tartar Sauce807081052405040TOTAL CALSTotal CaloriesCHOLCholesterol(g)gramsTOTAL FAT CALSTotal Calories from fatSODSodium(mg)milligramsSATSaturated FatTOTAL CARBSTotal CarbohydratesPcPiece(s)TRANSTrans FatPROTProteinTHIS LIST IS BASED ON PRODUCT INFORMATION PROVIDED BY THE FOOD MANUFACTURERS USED BY KRISPY KRUNCHY®, THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE DATABASE, AN INDEPENDENT LABORATORY COMMISSIONED BY KRISPY KRUNCHY®, AND GENESIS SQL NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS PROGRAM FROM ESHA RESEARCH IN SALEM, OREGON. THIS INFORMATION IS CURRENT AT THE TIME OF PUBLICATION. HOWEVER, OVER TIME, INGREDIENT CHANGES AND SUBSTITUTIONS MAY OCCUR DUE TO THE DIFFERENCE IN SUPPLIERS, RECIPE REVISIONS, PREPARATION TECHNIQUES,AND/OR THE SEASON OF THE YEAR. SOME MENU ITEMS MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE AT ALL LOCATIONS; TEST PRODUCTS,TEST RECIPES, LIMITED TIME OFFERS, AND/OR REGIONAL ITEMS MAY NOT BE INCLUDED.

Victor yelled in turn. We all laughed and began to hug hotly. We sat until lunchtime, my mother fed us with salads and fried pig, then we drank delicious strong tea.

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