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Covid, alcohol and more at Baja Beach Fest

The reggaeton and Latin trap music festival, which returns to Rosarito Beach Aug. 13-15 and Aug. 20-22 after a one-year postponement, drew 30,000 fans a day to its 2019 edition

After having to postpone the 2020 Baja Beach Fest for a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the producers of the three-year-old reggaeton and Latin trap music festival in Rosarito are taking health protocols very seriously for the delayed 2021 edition.

The open-air festival, which will be held Aug. 13-15 and Aug. 20-22 in the Baja beach town, will require all attendees to mask up and to provide proof of vaccinations or of negative COVID-19 test results conducted within 72 hours of either weekend.

The event’s sold-out 2019 edition drew 30,000 fans a day and a second three-day weekend was added for last year’s edition before its postponement. This year’s Aug. 13-15 opening weekend is sold out, while the festival’s website indicates that 85 percent of the tickets for the second weekend have also been sold.

Production personnel and performers at the 2021 Baja Beach Fest — which this year stars Ozuna, J Balvin, and Karol G — must abide by the same health protocol as guests.

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To ensure compliance so that attendees can activate their festival wristbands, proof of vaccination has to be uploaded through the festival’s portal. Those taking verified tests must do so through one of 100-plus Covid Clinic sites in the United States, 60 of which are located in California and seven in San Diego County.

“We’ve been working with every state and city department to make sure that Baja Beach Fest is as safe as possible,” said the event’s co-founders, Aaron Ampudia and Chris Den Uijl, in a joint statement.

“We’re excited to show the world that live music can come back in a way people can feel comfortable with. We’re taking these necessary precautions so we can all enjoy live music while keeping the fans, the artists, and the people from Baja safe.”

Ampudia and Den Uijl, who met in Encinitas, staged the first Baja Beach Fest in 2018 in Rosarito. In their joint statement, they indicated that 90 percent of the 2021 ticket-buyers who thus far have registered their wristbands to show their health protocols compliance have been fully vaccinated against the virus.

In addition to the 100-plus U.S. locations, COVID-19 testing centers for Baja Beach Fest will be operating in Rosarito and Tijuana for last-minute tests in the days prior to the start of the festival.

Ticketholders who test positive will not be allowed to attend this year’s edition. However, those providing proof of a positive test can obtain a refund or use their tickets for Baja Beach Fest 2022.

The announcement of Baja Beach Fest’s health protocols comes as the COVID-19 Delta variant is surging across the nation. Its impact has been so pronounced that, on Tuesday, country-music superstar Garth Brooks announced he is contemplating putting his ongoing U.S stadium tour on hold after his next two shows take place.

The 2021 edition of the six-day Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, which draws 125,000 people per day and is the world’s most popular and profitable annual music event, was canceled and later rescheduled until next April. However, last weekend saw the return of two major multiday festivals, Lollapalooza in Chicago (which drew a reported 100,000 fans per day) and Hard Summer in San Bernardino (which drew a reported 80,000 fans per day and included a free on-site COVID-19 vaccine tent).

On Tuesday, Live Nation — the world’s largest concert and live events producers — announced that for the period of April 1 to July 1, 2021, its revenues had jumped by 677.2 percent, a 98.2 percent improvement over its first-quarter earnings this year. The first scheduled concert of the year at the Live Nation-owned North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre in Chula Vista is scheduled to take place Aug. 14 with Southern California reggae band Rebelution headlining.

Three-day passes for the Aug. 20-22 Baja Beach Fest weekend range in price from $239 to $449 and are available through the event’s website at

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Last night Playas de Rosarito is the municipality that will detonate COVID-19 infections in the next 14 days as thousands of attendees enjoy, drink and enjoy the Baja Beach Fest in Rosarito, an event that the Secretary of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico, assured would be safe.

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Baja California Post

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The Mexico Daily Post


Baja California reconsidering massive reggaeton beach festival due to COVID-19 concerns

TIJUANA (Border Report) — The second round of the “Baja Beach Fest” scheduled for this coming weekend in Rosarito has health officials worried to the point they are considering withholding the necessary permits to allow the event to take place.

The first part of the festival drew close to 20,000 people, mostly from north of the border, last weekend.

Many reportedly refused to wear facemasks and did not adhere to other COVID-19 protocols, something that caught the attention of Baja’s Health Secretary Alonso Pérez Rico.

“We will meet with the governor, Jaime Bonilla, he has the final say if the permits will be issued for the second round of this massive event on the beach,” said Pérez Rico.

The state’s top doctor said there were some people who followed precautions but not what was expected.

“We had ordered the use of facemasks and we insisted they’d be used at all times,” he said.

Numbers indicate there were 17,500 tickets sold, which was capacity for the event, but there were said to be others who snuck in and there were an additional 3,000 workers on the site and on the beach.

“We have a good system in place to verify that concertgoers were vaccinated, something that had not been done before,” said Pérez Rico. “We believe 90 percent of attendees who bought tickets were vaccinated.”

According to Pérez Rico, those who were asked to use facemasks and refused were escorted out of the venue.

“Some 1,350 people were forced out for not following instructions during the three-day festival.”

Gov. Jaime Bonilla is expected to make a decision soon on whether to let the second half of the event take place this weekend as planned.

Some of the Baja Beach Fest headliners for Aug. 20-22 include Ozuna, Anuel AA, J. Balvin, Farruko and Karol G.

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Amid Delta Variant Spike, Mexico Goes Ahead With Baja Beach Fest

Unvaccinated attendees must do a COVID test at Covid Clinic, which has over 100 testing locations in the U.S., most of them in California. Ticket holders have to provide their Baja Beach order numbers (which gives them a 50% discount on the COVID test price). If the test comes up negative, the result is linked to Baja Beach’s system, which activates the wrist band.

Those who are not in the U.S. can get tested in testing centers approved by the Mexican government in Rosarito and Tijuana. The festival will also provide special Baja Beach masks for those who need them.

“It was a really big financial commitment,” says Den Uijil , who declined to give exact numbers. “It wasn’t just the tech but the research and development, creating the process and the strategic partnerships.”

More than 25 Latin artists are scheduled to perform at Baja Beach Fest, including Becky G and Rauw Alejandro. The first weekend is sold out, and the second weekend is 85% sold out, according to the festival's website. Three-day festival passes are $329, with VIP passes running $449 (they include afterparty access.)

Amid a surge in COVID-19 infections, massive concert events are not an anomaly in the Latin music world. Maluma still plans to launch a U.S. arena tour in early September. In Miami, bachata group Aventura is playing a show tomorrow (Aug. 14) at the Hard Rock Stadium and promoters say 40,000 tickets have been sold. In accordance with Florida laws, masks are recommended but not enforced for Aventura attendees. Negative virus tests and vaccination cards are also not required for ticket buyers, but are required for crew members, promoters say.

Outside of Florida, masks and temperature checks were required for ticket holders to enter the Staples Center in Los Angeles for the string of shows by Grupo Firme in July. But neither tests nor proof of vaccination were required.

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95% of attendees at Baja Beach Fest in Rosarito are from the U.S.: Secretariat of Health (SSa)

After changing to the yellow traffic light and before the next massive event to be held in Rosarito, Baja Beach Fest, Baja California's Secretary of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico, was asked about the safety and health protocols to be followed, taking into account that the majority of the assistants tend to be Americans; a population of which many people do not want to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

Pérez Rico confirmed that derived from the fact that the attendees bought their ticket online, it is known that 95% of them are from the United States, of which 92% have proof of vaccination.

"This verification that they have been vaccinated is linked to a digital platform directly with the U.S. health service, where when you buy online it verifies whether or not you are vaccinated," said the secretary, who added that in addition, the bracelets of the attendees will have a "chip" that proves their immunization.

In case a person is not vaccinated, the health protocol for this event is that people must then show a negative test performed within the last 48 hours.

Pérez Rico also mentioned that in order to verify that the authorized protocol is being followed, not only will more than 40 verifiers from the Secretariat of Health (SSa) be present, but also the Secretariat of Sustainable Economy and Tourism (SEST).

Among the things that will be observed is that visitors who are not eating or drinking must wear masks, otherwise they will be asked to leave the event, which is specified when purchasing their tickets, stated the head of the SSa.

Baja Beach Fest starts this Friday, August 13th and will feature reggaeton and Latin music artists of international stature, during two weekends.

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Rosarito baja beach

Baja Beach Fest

Yearly music festival held in Mexico

The Baja Beach Fest is a reggaeton & latin music festival. The festival was inaugurated in 2018 and is held annually at the Rosarito Beach in Baja California, Mexico.[1][2]


Baja Beach Fest was founded in 2018 by Rosarito-based Aaron Ampudia and Los Angeles-based Chris Den Uijl, who met in Encinitas and are the current co-owners and promoters of the festival.[3] It is an annual beachside festival held in the month of August every year.[4][5]

The 2018 festival was one-day event which hosted 15 thousand people and featured performances by Bad Bunny, Yandel, Farruko and more artists. The 2019 festival was a two-day event which hosted 30 thousand people with performance by Ozuna, J Balvin, Becky G, Bad Bunny, and Nicky Jam along with other artists including Alex Rose, Brytiago, Cazzu, DJ Luian, Lyanno, and Amenazzy.[6][7][8] In 2019, the festival was recognized as the #1 Emerging Festival of North America by USA Today.[9]

The 2020 festival was to be a three-day event with headline artists including Ozuna, Anuel AA, Karol G & J Balvin, however, it got delayed for reasons related to the COVID-19 pandemic.[10][11]

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