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Walrus Audio has expanded its overdrive pedal lineup with the 'Ages' - one of the most versatile dirt pedals we've ever seen! Featuring a 5-position rotary knob that allows you to access different combinations of internal gain and clipping style, the Walrus Audio Ages pedal covers practically all of the overdrive bases!

5 Overdrive Flavours

The pedal market is oversaturated with drive stompboxes, so it's rare to find something that really stands out from the crowd. The Walrus Audio Ages overdrive is one such pedal, not just because of its amazing mythical three-trunked warrior elephant artwork, but because of its incredible flexibility.

Equipped with a 'Mode' switch, you can alter the character and tonal response of the pedal - essentially giving you 5 overdrive pedals in one! Affecting the internal gain level and switching between silicon and LED clipping styles, the 5-position rotary knob offers the following gain states:

  • I. Low-gain mode with symmetric silicon soft clipping. Compressed and smooth.
  • II. Low-gain mode with symmetric LED soft clipping. Pushed, open, and sparkly.
  • III. High-gain mode with symmetric silicon soft clipping. Increased saturation and tight.
  • IV. High-gain mode with symmetric LED soft clipping. Saturated, punchy and big.
  • V. High-gain mode with symmetric silicon hard clipping. Heavy compression, thick and chewy.

Since the 'Mode' switch is changing the internal gain and clipping style, the other controls will behave slightly differently as well. You will need to use the volume knob to adjust the overall output.

Flexible EQ Controls

To enhance the Ages' already versatile design, Walrus Audio equipped the unit with 'Bass' and 'Treb' knobs. Letting you shape your overdrive tones to perfection, the bass control cuts or boosts low frequencies before they hit the overdrive while the treble knob tames the highs. With these, you can make the Walrus Audio Ages work with almost any guitar or pickup configuration!

In addition to the EQ controls, there is also a 'Dry' dial that allows you to blend in your dry guitar signal with the unit's overdrive sound. Bringing in your dry signal can add clarity and punch, which is a great feature for live players looking for more cut in a band mix.

Key Features

  • Versatile overdrive capable of light-gain transparent drive to saturated, chewy overdrive.
  • 5 selectable gain-states with different combinations of internal gain (low gain/high gain) and clipping-style (Silicon/LED).
  • Blend in dry signal for added clarity and amp-like punch.
  • Boost/cut bass control for dialling in tone with different pickups.
  • Stacks extremely well with other drives.


  • Controls: Vol, Dry, Gain, Bass, Treble, Mode (5-Position Switch)
  • Colour: Olive Green Enclosure with White, Cream and Black Ink
  • Power: 9-Volt DC, Center Negative
  • Current Draw: 100mA minimum
  • Dimensions: 12.1 x 6.6 x 3.5 cm
  • Made in the USA

Walrus Audio Ages Five-State Overdrive Pedal Video Reviews

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Overall Rating


Pinchy  / Jul 27th 2021

A plethora of tones in this pedal which stacks very well everything on my board.

Mr Tait Robertson  / Mar 8th 2021

I’ve found other pedals with my victory amp and Strat a bit dark. This one has 5 options. All sound good to my ears. A bit lighter and transparent maybe? I really like this one and dry mix is a good feature. You can get a nice early break up sound that’s clear yet overdriven. Good for 70’s rock vibes.

Mr. Craig Newman  / Jul 2nd 2020

Awesome pedal... Awesome service

Delivery Information

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Sours: https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/guitar-pedals/overdrive-pedals/walrus-audio-ages-five-state-overdrive-pedal

Walrus Audio Ages Five-State Overdrive Pedal

For Ages, overdrive has been the one effect vital for so many. It’s used to charge through front lines of the mix and deliver a clear message that won’t soon be forgotten to its loyal listeners. Ages is a massively versatile overdrive machine standing at the ready for any amp and pickup combination that is thrown at it. An overdrive with innovative features that can stand on its own and stack well with other drives, Ages is ready to stand its ground and convey an unforgettable sound.

The five-position rotary knob offers the following gain states:

I.    Low-gain mode with symmetric silicon soft clipping. Compressed and smooth.
II.   Low-gain mode with symmetric LED soft clipping. Pushed, open, and sparkly. 
III.  High-gain mode with symmetric silicon soft clipping. Increased saturation and tight.
IV.  High-gain mode with symmetric LED soft clipping. Saturated, punchy and big.
V.   High-gain mode with symmetric silicon hard clipping. Heavy compression, thick and chewy.

Think of each position as a different “flavor” of the pedal. Fine-tune each of these gain states with the dry knob for a near infinite supply of gain options. 

Sours: https://www.stompbox.in/Walrus-Audio-Ages
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Walrus Audio 385 Overdrive

For decades now, guitarists in search of pure tone have been taking the tube-powered audio sections of vintage film projectors and using it as a guitar amp. Heads up – it sounds amazing. After endless hours of research on vintage Bell and Howell 385 Filmosound projector, Walrus has created a fantastic new overdrive modeled after the projector’s tone. The Bell and Howell 385 gracefully lends itself to create an amazing guitar amp. Its simple, but effective controls, plus dual 6V6 output section make for a simple and extremely responsive amp that has an amazing compressed overdrive when cranked. THIS was the sound and feel Walrus needed to shoot for in an amp-like pedal. The 385 was developed to have the same simple but effective tone control as it’s grandfather. The amp has this as well but bass and treble are stacked behind the single tone knob. With our design breaking them up, we allow for a much wider array of tones to be achieved. The user is able to boost and cut bass and treble, allowing them to be creative with mid-frequency scoops and bumps. The pedal is internally running at 18v, which helps us nail the same dynamic feel of the amp in a stomp box. This means it is extremely sensitive to how hard you dig in – just like the amp. 

Sours: https://www.simsmusic.com/walrus-audio-walrus-audio-385-overdrive.html
Walrus Audio 385 Overdrive
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Walrus jhs overdrive

It’s not uncommon to see multiple overdrive pedals on a ’board, each with its own characteristics to suit a range of scenarios. But another option is a single drive pedal that can provide a choice of overdrive flavours. 

The Ages overdrive does just that with five distinct variations on its basic overdrive voice. It follows standard drive pedal protocol with volume, gain, bass and treble knobs but is equipped with a rotary switch offering five different clipping modes. Furthermore, there’s a knob to mix your dry sound with the drive for myriad variations.

The drive is provided by symmetric silicon diode or LED soft clipping with low-gain and high-gain modes for each plus an extra high-gain silicon hard clipping mode. 

Choose the low-gain drives of modes I and II if you wish to use the pedal as a clean boost; keeping the gain at minimum you’ll find unity gain with the volume knob at around one o’clock. As you turn up the gain, both modes provide a transparent spectrum of just-breaking-up and mild crunch tones.

Hard clipping mode V takes things into cranked stack territory with more compression and saturated sustain-y textures

The differences are subtle, but mode II (LED) is a little less compressed with a more open top-end. The Bass and Treble EQ is sympathetically ranged to enhance the core tone with bass adjustment pre-drive, so you can cut or boost to best suit your pickups while the treble tailors the output.

High-gain modes III and IV get straight into the crunch, moving through a range of tasty driven amp tones. The differences are more pronounced here with the LED offering louder and looser to the silicon’s more tightly controlled dynamics. Hard clipping mode V takes things into cranked stack territory with more compression and saturated sustain-y textures. 

Overall, there’s drive here to suit many needs, especially considering the nuances available by integrating the Dry knob for clean sound bolstered with a little drive or drive with added string clarity.


Capable of low-level transparent boost through to hard-hitting saturation, the Ages offers a versatility that enables it to work with a wide range of different guitars and amps, not to mention stacking with other drive pedals. Definitely one that will stay on your ’board.


  • PRICE: $199 / £179
  • TYPE: Drive pedal
  • FEATURES: True bypass, 5x drive modes
  • CONTROLS: Volume, Dry, Gain, Bass, Treble, Mode switch, Bypass footswitch
  • CONNECTIONS: Standard input, standard output
  • POWER: 9V DC adaptor, 100mA
  • DIMENSIONS: 67 (w) x 125 (d) x 57mm (h)
  • CONTACT: Walrus Audio

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