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Sarah’s Hand Embroidery Tutorials is an Embroidery Library where you have free access to traditional and modern embroideries, stitches, projects, patterns, and a bit of the needlework history. Learn hand-stitching through our step-by-step photo illustrations, samplers, and videos.

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The Chain Stitch can be spruced up in many ways. Try this Overlayed Threaded way- it won’t disappoint you!
What is Embroidery? Embroidery is an art form using the needle and thread—and has evolved throughout human history. You can do needlecraft from anywhere as it is easy, inexpensive, and the least demanding among the crafts. Hand embroidery relieves stress and has a therapeutic effect on the mind. It keeps your brain agile while enhancing your creative skills, and gives you something unique and personal.

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Hand embroidery is my favorite thing to do right now.  I love having something to keep my hands busy when I am relaxing in the evening or sitting at soccer practice.  I’ve written up several posts on how to embroider for beginners, so I decided to compile them all into one list.  Consider this your embroidery for 101 course.  Work your way through all of these lessons, and you will be all set to embroider.  They are in the order that I think will be best for learning how to embroider, so start at the top of the list.

How to Embroider for Beginners

How to Embroider for Beginners

Lesson 1:5 Essential Hand Embroidery Supplies – Gather your supplies.  Naturally, you’ll need to gather some supplies before you can start to embroider.  Luckily, you don’t need very much to get started, just some fabric, thread, needles, a hoop and tracing supplies.  I’ve gathered everything that you’ll need to successfully start doing embroidery for beginners, and put it into this lesson.  I also added in some extras, in case you’d like to make it more fun.

Lesson 2:Best Embroidery Fabric – I already talked about this in the supplies part, but just in case you missed it, you’ll want to choose some fabric for your project.  Basically, if you can stick a needle through it, you can embroider on it.  There are, however, some fabrics that I find easier to work with than others.  This lesson is all about the different kinds of embroidery fabric and why you might want to choose some over others.

How to Embroider for Beginners

Lesson 3:Beginner Embroidery Tips – When you learn how to embroider, there are some basic tips that you’ll need to be successful.  How to thread a needle, how to separate embroidery floss, and how to start and stop your thread are just some of the topics I’ll cover.  Work your way through these tips, and you’ll be well on your way.

Lesson 4:Beginner Embroidery Patterns – I always say that the best way to learn is by doing, so you’ll want to choose a pattern.  This lesson will tell you what to look for in a beginner pattern and give you some nice options to choose from.  If you’d rather go simple, I suggest my Free Embroidery Sampler Pattern.  If you have previous experience, or are feeling adventurous, I have loads of other Free Embroidery Patterns to choose from.

Lesson 5:How to Transfer an Embroidery Pattern – Once you find a pattern you like, you’ll need to transfer the pattern to your fabric.  There are so many different methods to choose from!  In this lesson, I’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each method and what kind of fabric each one is best for.

How to Embroider for Beginners

Lesson 6:Embroidery Stitches – Every embroidery pattern is made up of different stitches.  On this page, you’ll find a simple video tutorial for each stitch.  Using these basic embroidery stitches, will teach you how to embroider flowers, letters, and anything you can imagine.

How to Embroider for Beginners

How to Embroider Stitch

Extras: Once you’ve mastered the basics of how to embroider, you might have some additional questions.  Here are links to a few other embroidery tutorials to help you along the way:

How to Embroider Letters by Hand

How to Appliqué by Hand

How to Back an Embroidery Hoop with Felt

How to Tie Knots in the End of Embroidery Floss with a Quilter’s Knot

Start Embroidery without Knots

Best Backing for Embroidery

How to Embroider Tea Towels

If you’ve never learned how to embroider by hand, I suggest you jump right in and give it a try.  Your stitches don’t have to be perfect.  The imperfection is what gives your piece character.  Otherwise you would get something that looks machine-made.  Don’t worry about making mistakes.  The beauty of hand embroidery is that you can always take the stitches out and redo them.  Have fun and enjoy your relaxing and productive new hobby!

Sours: https://cutesycrafts.com/how-to-embroider-for-beginners
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Video Tutorials

These videos illustrate a wide variety of tips, tricks, techniques, and sew much more! Let this page be a resource for you as you work on embroidery, quilting, in-the-hoop, & sewing projects!


Finishing Your Quilt


Towel Scarf


Standard Embroidery


Tea Towel


Table Runner




Snack Bag


Printed Fabric Quilt Block


Napkin Ring


Monogrammed Napkin Corner

4 minutes

Standard Embroidery

Sours: https://www.anitagoodesign.com/video-tutorials/
EMBROIDERY 101 // How to embroider for beginners - What you need to start - step by step tutorial

The fly stitch is a pretty embroidery stitch that you can add to your floral stitching adventures or embellish seams on clothes. Let them stand alone or create seamless lines of stitches for a lovely decoration. Learn how to do the fly stitch with this tutorial.

This tutorial is part of the new lexicon of embroidery stitches. If you want to learn more about stitching flowers, I highly recommend visiting the flower embroidery series, too.

The fly stitch embroidery tutorial


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The movement of the needle is sometimes hard to get across with a sketch or photograph. Video is a great way for learning embroidery stitches. On my Youtube channel, you can find many more embroidery tutorials. Every Sunday, I publish a brand new embroidery stitch tutorial. To get notified when a new video goes live, subscribe to my Youtube channel and click on the bell right beside the button.

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fly stitch embroidery tutorial
fly stitch embroidery tutorial

More embroidery stitches…

If you want to see more embroidery stitch tutorials, you might like the embroidery stitch lexicon. You’ll find all 206 photo tutorials there. In addition, it also includes the stitch glossary where you can look for a specific stitch name with their translations and all of the brand new video tutorial posts!

If you are new to embroidery, I highly recommend the 7 days of stitches articles. It is a blog series where you can learn step by step and with a lot of explanations of how to do the most basic embroidery stitches.

Also, the beginner’s guide to embroidery helps you with all the other stuff like:

  • which materials and tools you need
  • how to attach the thread to the fabric before and after stitching
  • what to do after stitching

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Basic Embroidery Techniques - Beginners' Embroidery Tutorial

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