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Savioke robot to provide room service in Canadian hotel

Savioke’s robot, Relay (pictured above), is being used to provide room service at a top hotel in Canada.

The Hôtel Monville Montréal says the implementation of the robot is part of its ongoing initiative to make everything connected and contactless.

Jean-Cédric Callies, director of sales and marketing at Hôtel Monville Montréal, says: “The Monville is 100 per cent connected.

“We already had the contact-free aspect of the experience in place as Canada’s first hotel with web-enabled check-in 24 hours prior to arrival and check-in kiosks.

“We started discussions with Savioke in 2016, two years prior to opening, to be the first Canadian hotel with robot-operated room service. Our robot is now a beloved staff member.”

“There is no contact for the guest with the robot. The robot stays outside of the room, the container opens when the door opens.

“The guest grabs the food and beverage (pre-packaged for sanitary/safety reasons and placed there by staff wearing gloves and masks). Also, the robot is cleaned before and after each delivery by the Front Desk staff.”

The hotel has given the Savioke Relay robot a name, after holding a competition for its most loyal guests.

Its received “a ton” of ideas and eventually chose “H2M2”, a reference to Star Wars’ R2D2 robot and “HM” for Hôtel Monville.

Callies says: “I love robots and technology, and so does social media. People will call me to ask, ‘Is this the hotel with a robot?’

“We love seeing our guests post photos and videos about H2M2.”

Savioke says Relay has so far made 10,000 room service deliveries – mostly of food – at the hotel, which is an average of 400 a month.

The company adds that Relay is being leased at a price that calculates to “$3 to $5 per hour, compared to staff costs”.

Callies says: “The response (to the Savioke Relay robot) has been tremendous. Safe, secure, contact-free room service volume has doubled in one year.”

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By Steve Cousins, Founder & CEO, Savioke

Improve Efficiency, Improve Quality And Reduce
Waste, 24/7, With A Proven Robotic Platform

According to the Robotic Industries Association in 2017, there are more than 250,000 robots in the United States. Some assemble cars. A select few perform micro-surgeries. Others weld, paint, and do similar repetitive tasks.

Relay® Is An Innovative, Cost-Effective Innovation.
But now, thanks to Relay® autonomous delivery robots from Savioke®, robots are delivering far more than blood samples in hospitals, room service with a flair in resorts, just-in-time packages in high-rise buildings, and logistics in manufacturing locations.

In fact, Relay is not just a robot; it’s a complete robotic platform –– a proprietary hardware and software system that provides safe, fast, and accurate deliveries, for less.

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Mr Festo, left, and Mr Songtham, centre, demonstrate the Relay Robot, a delivery service robot for indoor use.

True Group is joining California-based robotics startup Savioke to introduce Relay Robot, the first autonomous delivery robot of its kind in Thailand.

"The partnership will offer new opportunities for service robots in Thailand and strengthen the revenue model for True's Internet of Things [IoT] business unit," said Songtham Phiapattanawit, managing director of IoT for True Corporation Plc.

Savioke is an autonomous delivery robot producer established in 2013 that has received Series B funding.

The new Relay Robot can serve four sectors: hotel hospitality for in-room delivery and reception, security in high-rise and premium condominiums, delivery services and logistics delivery for manufacturing plants, and hospitals.

Mr Songtham said True plans to offer Relay Robots for rent, with a monthly charge between 30,000-100,000 baht, depending on configurations. The sales price will be around 1 million baht per unit.

The robot can replace the work of three persons over the course of 24 hours, such as in-room waiters, he said.

Teerapon Tanomsakyut, chief of innovation and sustainability of True, said the company is open to Thai software developers coming up with new user interfaces and applications to serve Thai customers.

Mr Teerapon said the company has invested in robotics R&D over the past three years and aims to build an in-house brand for robots in 2019.

Savioke has new robotics in the pipeline, including a prototype of the "Cofe" robot that can take coffee orders and serve them at True Shops.

Service robots are a small market in Thailand but are expected to gain momentum in the next three years as Thailand has huge opportunities in the service business, particularly for robots that can take care of senior citizens.

Matthew Festo, senior director at Savioke, said over 100 Relay Robots have been used globally, with over 350,000 deliveries made.

True is the sole distributor of Savioke, which has a local office in Singapore. The robots are already used in Singapore hotels.

In the US, the robots deliver high-value electronics for repair at FedEx and deliver Starbucks coffee for next-door hotel guests.

"Robotics is a billion-dollar global market, and Thailand has high potential because of its positioning as a medical hub and leading hospitality sector," said Mr Festo.

He acknowledges competition from China and Japan, saying Savioke has artificial intelligence that can optimise routes, sonar navigation and a 3D-vision camera. It is also working with elevator makers to develop elevators commanded by robots, with WiFi connectivity and SIM-based mobile networks.

Mr Songtham said True is also interested in investing in Savioke as a shareholder in the future. True aims to sell 50 robotic units within three years.

"Robots will become a new revenue source for IoT businesses," he said. True's IoT business is expected to tally 1 billion baht in revenue this year from 10 IoT corporate solutions such as smart security, smart homes and smart transport.

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The people behind Savioke - Makers of the Relay Robot

Relay is an autonomous delivery robot that works in hotels, hospitals, and other public spaces. It can navigate crowds and operate elevators to bring you room service, or the toothbrush you forgot to pack.

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Elvis, Priscilla, Winnie, Wally, Hazel, Cleo, Leo, and Y2D2 are some of the nicknames given to Relay robots.

Relay robots have made over 400,000 successful deliveries.

Relay robots can be found in the United States, Japan, Singapore, Europe, Thailand, and the Middle East.

In hotels that "employ" Relay, the robot is often the most mentioned member of the staff.

Relay robots working at FedEx's Memphis logistics facility continuously deliver tools and parts to technicians.

Safe, dynamic navigation. Autonomous elevator operation. Lockable payload. Easy to setup and deploy.
92 cm | 36 in
N/A cm | N/A in
51 cm | 20 in
40.8 kg | 90 lb
2.5 km/h | 1.6 mph
Cameras, lidar, sonar, accelerometer, gyroscope, safety bumper
Custom 18-V DC gear motors
24-V lithium-iron-magnesium-phosphate battery, 4 hours of operation, 2 hours to recharge
2.4 GHz Intel Core i7 Skylake
Linux and ROS (Robot Operating System)
Stainless steel, aluminum, thermoplastic panels
$26,000 plus software subscription

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