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Where is the "Beats" button located or what icon am I trying to find on my laptop keyboard?



Product Name: HP Pavilion 17-inch Displays

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

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You may actually be using a PIN number as "password".  PIN numbers are typically used to "shortcut" the login process.  As indicated by the name, PIN numbers are numeric only (unless you are working in an Enterprise environment).


Why a PIN is better than a password



How to login to Windows 10 with a PIN or picture password (create and sign in)


There is a LOT of information on the Internet that explains using PIN number login and other methods.


One Example

How to Change Sign-in Options on Windows 10



"" button is only available on select models and on those models where one might see the "Beats" emblem, only a few of those are actually "buttons" (that is, active / used to shutting off the computer).


In most cases, should the computer have such a button, it will be somewhat obvious:  Red key / button with a "b" and red circle.  Use your favorite search engine to look for images of "HP Beats button".


Unknown, too, which document you are using to Troubleshoot shutting down the computer.


One such document that mentions "Beats button":

HP Notebook PCs - How to Power Reset your Laptop​




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How to Reset an HP Laptop by Holding Down the Power Button With the Battery Out

If your HP laptop is not turning on, that doesn't necessarily mean there's anything wrong with the computer itself. Often there are just conflicts between some of the software on your computer, or the devices you've got attached to your computer, and they're relatively easy to resolve with what's called a power reset or "hard restart."

Conflict Is Inevitable

Your computer isn't really a single device. It takes hundreds of pieces of software and hardware to add up to one working, functional computer, and all of those pieces have to play nicely together. If you've ever heard the first day of rehearsal for an orchestra, or took part in the first day of practice for a team sport, you'll know that doesn't happen easily. With computers, it usually means that two devices or two pieces of software are trying to use the same resource at the same time. This might mean your computer freezes and won't respond to the keyboard, or it might mean your laptop won't boot. To complicate things just a little more, most modern computers try to keep a "snapshot" of what you're working on, so you won't lose your work if you lose power. When you reboot, it might bring you right back to the same problem. The answer is to completely clear the computer's memory.

If You Have a Removable Battery

To clear the computer's memory, you have to take away the sources of electricity that let it keep things in RAM. First, turn off your computer if you can. If it's completely frozen, don't worry about it. Unplug the power adapter from your computer, then close the lid. If you have a dock, a printer, a monitor or anything else attached to the computer, unplug them. Turn your computer over, and look for the battery's latches. On some models they'll be in the form of latches that slide to the side, and on others they'll be simple clips that you pinch to release. Remove the battery, then flip the computer right-side up and open the lid so you have access to the Power button. Press and hold the button for about 15 seconds. This drains the capacitors on the computer's main board that act as a kind of backup to your battery. Once they're drained, anything in your memory is flushed away and your system will be able to do a clean boot.

If You Don't Have a Removable Battery

Some HP laptops don't have a battery you can remove. If your laptop falls into that category, don't worry: You can still do the reset. Start the same way, by shutting down your computer if you can and then removing any external devices you've got attached to it. Then hold down the Power button for 15 seconds, and release it.

Starting Back Up

Your next step is to turn the computer back on, but don't re-attach any of your accessories just yet. If your laptop won't start because of a conflict with one of your external devices, re-attaching it just means you're going to have the same problem. Instead, turn on the laptop without any extra pieces attached. Your computer may start up normally, or it might give you a startup menu and ask if you want to boot in Safe Mode. Choose Start Windows Normally, and press the Enter key. Your computer should finish booting normally. Once it's up and running, you can start attaching your devices one at a time. If one of them crashes your computer again, you've probably found your culprit. You might need to change its configuration, or update its driver, to make everything run properly again. If you've had a problem severe enough to need a hard restart, it's usually a good idea to run Windows Update and HP Support Assistant just to make sure all of your drivers are up to date. Fixing this kind of hardware conflict is one of the main reasons drivers are updated in the first place.

One Further Point

Sometimes it may seem that your laptop won't start, but if you look closely at the machine you'll see that its lights have come on but the screen remains dark. That might mean you're having a display issue, rather than a show-stopping hardware or software problem. One way to check is by plugging in an external monitor using your laptop's VGA, HDMI or DisplayPort connection. You may have to hold down the Fn key on your keyboard and press a function key, usually F4, to turn on the external monitor. If the computer works with an external monitor, but not with the built in screen, you might need to get it serviced.




  • If you see your HP laptop’s front status lights blinking but the monitor is blank, plug an external monitor’s VGA cable’s connector end into the “VGA” port on the back or side of your HP laptop and turn on the monitor to see if your laptop’s display is faulty. Press the function key containing an icon of a monitor to activate the external monitor. If the external monitor’s display is showing the HP or Windows splash screen or you see the Windows Desktop, your laptop’s monitor needs servicing. If the external monitor’s display is also blank, either your laptop’s monitor or the components sending data to the monitor is faulty and the computer needs servicing. Contact an authorized HP service center for repair.

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HP laptops have been known to suffer from failures involving cracked hinges, broken outer laptop shells, motherboard issues, frequent laptop shutdowns and a laptop that refuses to start up. Some of them can be attributed to end user negligence but the majority of them can be attributed to poor QC implementation on HP’s part. This tutorial will show you how to get yourself out of a situation where your HP laptop will not start up.

1. Verify that your AC power adapter is in working order by plugging it into the AC power input jack and while your laptop is powered down (with the lid closed) that the laptop battery is charging.This will be indicated with the LED next to the AC power input. You should additionally have an LED to indicate that the power brick is receiving power from the wall socket.

2. Inspect the pins of both the AC adapter input and output jacks to rule out a damaged or faulty or broken adapter and/or receptacle.Inspect the wires on the AC adapter as well for any bent/kinked or damaged insulation.

3. Allow some time to charge the battery and then without the AC power adapter, see if your laptop powers up.

4. If that doesn’t work, disconnect your laptop from any docking stations, connected USB devices and the power adapter connected to the wall socket.

5. Unhook the battery from your laptop.If your HP laptop has a battery externally mounted which goes into a slot, you can remove it after sliding a button. If the battery is sealed or mounted internally you will need to skip to step 3.

6. With the AC power and battery disconnected, press and hold the power button on your laptop for at least 15 seconds.This will rid the platform of any residual power on the laptop.
For laptops with an internally sealed/non removable battery try the following:
HP Envy 17 2D and 3D - Press and hold the Power + Beats buttons for 15 seconds.
HP Envy 15-3000 series - Press and hold the Power + Beats buttons for 15 seconds.
HP Envy 14 SPECTRE - Press and hold the Power + Mute (on the right side of the palm rest) buttons for 15 seconds.

7. With the battery removed, try powering up with the AC power adapter alone.For laptops with a sealed battery this step can be performed with or without the AC adapter provided the battery is charged (partially or full).

8. If you’ve ruled out that the power brick is at fault, replace it and see if you can power up the laptop.

9. If the laptop powers up via the replacement or existing AC adapter but not while on battery then the issue is with the battery.Replace it and you should be able to power up the laptop once it’s partially or fully charged. If your laptop is brand new and out of the box for the first time, please charge the battery for at least 1 hour.

10. If that doesn’t work, you can flip over the laptop and remove the service panel and remove the memory and HDD from your laptop.

11. Reseat them after a brief inspection of the contact points on the memory.You can take an eraser and rub it along the contact points on the memory for both sides of the stick, remove any eraser debris prior to replacing it in their respective slots. If after replacing the memory you see the CapsLock or any other diagnostic LED’s flashing, it’s an indication that the ram is at fault. Replacing the ram should bring back functionality.

12. If your laptop isn’t starting up after you upgraded the ram, always make sure you used a ram kit to perform a ram upgrade.Conforming to the laptop’s specifications, as listed in the laptop’s manual, you should find a suitable Ram kit. Make sure you're on the latest BIOS revision prior to performing the ram upgrade. The same principle will hold true if you see the same inoperability issue after dropping in an SSD for the first time.

13. If you are dealing with a hard drive, you may want to take note of any audible noises.If you can hear a click (at intervals), it’s possible that it’s a telltale sign that the drive is on its way out.

14. If you can power and make your way past the manufacturer splash screen and upto BIOS, you may want to see what the boot order sequence is.If you’re on Windows 10, the primary boot device should be Windows Boot Manager.

15. You may want to gain access to a donor system.Go online and visit HP’s support site (armed with the SKU for your laptop) and download any BIOS that may be pending.

16. Update your BIOS and see if that restores your laptops functionality.

17. Often times it can also be compounded to a corrupt OS installation.If you’ve managed to perform regular maintenance on your OS, you should have a backup of all your critical files and folders on a removable UBS storage device. Reinstall your OS after recreating the bootable installer to rule out corruption in your installer.

18. If your laptop seems to power up but you can’t see anything on your laptop’s display, it’d be a good idea to connect the laptop to an external display.

19. If you get display on the external monitor but not on your laptop then the issue is with your graphics drivers or the FLEX display cable or the display panel.Replacing the cable or display should allow you to regain functionality. If it’s a graphics driver issue, use the external display to uninstall and reinstall your graphics drivers with the latest version from HP’s support site.

Hopefully you should be able to regain control of your laptop and be able to power up your laptop and move forward.


Sours: https://forums.tomsguide.com/faq/how-to-fix-the-issue-of-hp-laptop-not-starting.188307/
Repairing An HP Beats Special Edition Laptop - Screen Isn't Working

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HP Envy Laptop won't power up - complete disassembly \u0026 repair (broken power button)

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