Beige mortar repair

Beige mortar repair DEFAULT

No mixing needed.

Replacement and repeated repairs re-crack, not to mention they're costly and time-consuming. That's why you need Mor-Flexx. It's textured, so while it may look like mortar and stucco, it stretches like rubber, staying elastic year after year.

Textured matte finish 

A better match with realistic mortar finish for all EIFS, mortar, stucco, concrete, & stone install & repair needs. The textured caulk that makes chimney tuckpointing a breeze

Easily applies & tools

Professional water-based formula for easy application, easy water clean-up & no stinky, stringy mess. Even works on damp surfaces.

Superior adhesion & elasticity 

Remains flexible like rubber allowing for a permanent, tight seal. No callbacks or reword necessary. Stretches up to 3 inches wide with no slumping.

Paintable without the paint gloss

Compatible with latex paint and most oil-based paints, sealers, and stains and won’t cause paint gloss, making it easy to use on any color.

Blends like a dream

The textured formula of Mor-Flexx is so easy to apply, smooth out, and clean up, even a novice can execute a seamlessly blended, beautiful repair on crumbly mortar, or cracked stucco.

A permanent solution

It’s the best elastic repair for cracked and brittle mortar, stucco, and grout. No need to mix up patching materials. Save time with a quick simple solution that looks good, and lasts, too.

Mor-Flexx Colors

Great for interior and exterior use

Mor-Flexx comes in Gray, Beige, Charcoal, Ironstone, and White, and is available in 10.5oz plastic cartridges.  A 10.5oz cartridge will yield approximately 26 lineal feet with a 1/4 inch (6mm) bead.

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It’s now more than two years since filling the large cracks and this stuff is holding up great – still looks just like concrete, adhering extremely well without a single area where edges have pulled loose, and clearly very tough. No cracking or any other signs of distress. This stuff is great. Highly recommended.

I had a company quote me $1500 to fix all the cracks in my mortar from my house settling over the years. I found out about this product on-line and found it in a local hardware store for $8. It was a perfect match for my mortar and was easy to apply. My friends can’t even tell where the cracks were. Awesome product. I would highly recommend it.

biggunn, review

This is one of those top 0.1% products for me. It has literally saved me from having to replace (i.e. add a second tile layer) my old fashion type Spanish roof (a roughly 90-year-old home). I can only imagine how much money this will save me. The 3 year old application still looks totally solid in spite of being constantly exposed to intense California sunshine. It is just an amazing product and I am their customer for life.

B. Cunningham, review

Find out What Mor-Flexx® Can Do

Technical Info and Safety Data Sheets

Mor-Flexx will handle most any movement your substrate can experience all without crumbling. It’s perfect for many interior and exterior applications, including:

  • Brick, block, and mortar repair
  • Chimney tuckpointing
  • Stucco repair
  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Faux stone installation

Adheres to a variety of building materials and other surfaces, including:

Chimney tuckpointing

Where not to use

You shouldn’t use Mor-Flexx®:

In areas of constant water submersion or frequent, prolonged puddling. (Think ship hulls and swamps.)

In areas with high foot or vehicle traffic* such as driveways, sidewalks, or decks.

On concrete that’s less than 6 months old. It’s so immature, it’ll just make wise cracks.

Where hydrostatic resistance is wanted, like the Hoover Dam.

*Does not include hoverboards or flying vehicle traffic

Find Mor-Flexx® near you

Looking to learn more?

Choose the right product: Mor-Flexx vs Slab

Caulk it

Adhesive failure, caulking tearing away.

Splits and Tears in Your Caulk? Oh My! Learn about Adhesive Failure

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Sashco 15010 Grout Caulking, Mortar and Stucco Repair Sealant 10.5 Ounce Tube, Beige

Color:Buff From the Manufacturer Caulk grout to seal seams and cover minor surface damage. The NextStone system does not require caulking, but there are those times and areas where a little caulk might be useful. Solid colors of Buff, Gray and Sedona Red available to complement the Ledger Trim and NextStone siding panels. NextStone siding panels can easily be installed at home with no training within a few minutes. Our innovative panels have been designed to totally rid you of the need to hire professional siding installers, or skilled labor. Each of our easily managed, lightweight panels weighs only about one pound per square foot, removing the need to pay for that additional equipment and labor. It only takes one or two people using basic hand or power tools to install NextStone products with ease. Requiring only screws and adhesive with panels that can be easily cut using everyday woodworking tools, installing NextStone is a snap and can give you big savings when it comes to achieving the classic stone look you desire. NextStone is a cost effective alternative to real or cast stone. Installing NextStone exterior siding can save construction-workers and everyday homeowners a substantial amount of money when it comes to improving residential and commercial buildings. Especially when compared to installing much more expensive natural rock, brick or stone veneers. The installation time and cost for our products are significantly less than that of installing traditional masonry, increasing the amount of money you save when you decide to remodel your home or business. NextStone panels weigh about one pound per square foot can be handled easily by a single installer. NextStone is durable and resistant to weathering. The toughness of NextStone replicated stone siding means that you don’t have to worry no matter what climate you live in. Product dimensions:

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Mortar Repair

Mortar Repair

Mortar repairs range from minor to major and from a quick temporary fill-in to a more time consuming aesthetic or structural application. No matter the repair type, you will find it to be an easy process making these repairs.

For minor repairs to cracks in mortar and other minor mortar imperfections, try SAKRETE mortar repair products available in convenient tubes.

Concrete & Mortar Repair – Siliconized acrylic latex used for caulking cracks in concrete or masonry and also used for replacing deteriorated mortar in brick or block walls.

Mortar Repair – Siliconized acrylic latex for repairing deteriorated mortar joints and cracks in concrete and masonry walls. Provides a sand textured look.

For tuck pointing, extensive mortar repairs or for full joint clean-out and replacement projects, we have the bagged material that will provide you with a lasting repair.

Mortar Mix Type N – For laying brick, block and stone in load bearing walls. Build walls, planters, and chimneys. Use for tuck pointing or repairing existing mortar joints. For use above grade projects only.

Mortar/Stucco Mix Type S – For laying brick, block and stone in load bearing walls and below grade applications. Use for tuck pointing or repairing existing mortar joints. Can also be used for scratch, brown and finish coat stucco of walls.

Tips for using mortar repair products:
Preparation is key to any project

  • Avoid a soupy mix when mixing. Material with proper mix consistency will stand on the trowel.
  • Protect repair area from excessive moisture and rain for 24-72 hrs. following the repair.
  • Colder temperatures or higher humidity conditions will retard set times.
  • Read and follow the material instructions for preparation, use and placement.
HOW TO MIX LIME MORTAR [Bricklaying for beginners e.p 6]

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Repair beige mortar

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Mortar repair of brick in 5 minutes - simple, easy trick

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