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Sentry – Internal Halyard Aluminum Flagpoles

(rope on inside of flagpole)

Exposed height: 30 feetFlagged windload: 122 MPH
Overall length: 33 feetUnflagged windload: 197 MPH
Base diameter: 6 inchesRecommended flag size: 6 x 10
Top diameter: 3.5 inches
Wall thickness: 0.188 inches


Benefits of Sentry internal rope system:

  • Theft proof
  • Reduced noise from halyard system (no more slapping ropes)
  • Flags spin around the pole 360 degrees continuously
  • Reduced maintenance on rope (rope on the inside, protected from the elements)


Standard Accessories :

  • Material: All new seamless 6063-T6 aluminum tubing with uniform conical taper
  • Finish: Directional sanded satin ground is standard or choose from six other powder coat paint or anodized finishes at additional charge
  • Finial: Gold anodized 14 gauge aluminum ball on a threaded mounting system
  • Truck: Revolving cast aluminum truck assembly with internal pulley and 26 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Halyard: 5/16 Inch nylon rope with two brass snap hooks. Includes 3.5 pound coated counterweight, beaded nylon retainer ring over stainless steel cable and stainless steel quick link. In order to fly multiple flags, please order additional snap hooks
  • Internal Cleat: Internal spring action cam-cleat mounted inside the pole secured behind a reinforced cast aluminum locking access door.
  • Collar: fc-11 flash collar – color to match flagpole, sized at least 1″ larger than foundation sleeve
  • Foundation sleeve: 16GA. hot dipped galvanized steel tubing welded to a square base plate. A 3/4″ diameter grounding spike is welded to the base plate. Centering wedges are welded inside the assembly to aid in flagpole alignment

The Sentry flagpole uses a standard halyard and cam cleat mounted inside the flagpole shaft. The simple to use cam cleat mechanism require no maintenance and is accessed by a locking cast aluminum door assembly. That door assembly is secured by stainless steel Allen head screws. Halyard noise is eliminated since only the flag, snap hooks, counterweight and retainer ring are exposed.

The standard shaft finish is a deep luster polished finish. Other architectural finishes are available to include, clear anodized, duranodic bronze or black, or powder coat paint finishes.

Please select a flagpole finish. The standard/stock finish is Satin Brushed Aluminum.

All other finishes will add 2-3 weeks to your order.


Flagpole Installation instructions (click here)


Weight1 lbs
Select Delivery

Picked Up, Pole with shipping to your location -Add $95-

Select Finish

Standard – Satin – Brushed Aluminum, Clear anodization for Sentry 30 x 6 x .188, Black anodization for Sentry 30 x 6 x .188, Dark bronze anodization for Sentry 30 x 6 x .188, White powdercoat for Sentry 30 x 6 x .188

Sours: https://www.aflag.com/product/30-x-6-x-188-sentry-aluminum-flagpole/

Residential In-Ground Flagpoles - Shop Aluminum and Fiberglass Flagpoles

Shopping for residential in-ground flagpoles? We carry a variety of in-ground flagpoles including aluminum flagpoles,fiberglass flagpoles,telescoping flagpoles, and more.

Wondering which type of residential outdoor flagpole might be right for you? Read on to learn more about our outdoor flagpole options for home use.

Good Residential In-Ground Flagpole: 20’ Economy Sectional

A sectional flagpole is typically light weight. Sectional poles can be removed for safe keeping or repair, stored, and reinstalled from the ground. A sectional flagpole will withstand wind up to 40/45 mph. A sectional flagpole is usually just fine for residential application, as it is easy to put up and easy to maintain. The sectional poles can either come as a telescoping flagpole, or a pole with 5 separate pieces that are attached together. The sectional poles are about 20’ high and the one piece poles are available in 5’ increments from 15’ up to 100’.

Pros and Cons of Sectional Residential Flagpoles

In terms of pros, sectional flagpoles are easy to install and budget friendly. They are simple to operate and maintain. In terms of cons, our economy sectional flagpoles are not wind rated, and they aren’t recommended for flying two flags.

Better Residential In-Ground Flagpole: 20’ Telescoping Flagpoles

The telescoping flagpole is heavier than the sectional poles, and is also easily removed for storage and / or repair. Telescoping flagpoles can withstand winds up to about 70 mph. The medium weight flagpole is typically a single piece flagpole, and usually is not removed without a lift of some sort, and can withstand wind typically up to 90 mph. The aluminum flagpole is rust free and can come in an number of finishes, including anodized, powder coat, or the standard satin finish, which is a "brushed" finish.

Pros and Cons of Telescoping Residential Flagpoles

Our telescoping flagpoles are made in the USA and feature a 5 year warranty on parts. They are easy to operate and maintain, and can easily fly two flags - though they are not wind rated.

Best Residential In-Ground Flagpole: 20’ and 25’ Single Piece “Easy Order” Flagpoles

Our Easy Order flagpoles make purchasing a residential flagpole a breeze! Simply place your order online - no special order or separate quote needed - and within a few weeks, your new in-ground flagpole will be on its way to you!

Among our most popular flagpoles are our easy order aluminum in-ground flagpoles that are 20 feet exposed height. These flagpoles feature a satin finish, and hardware is included.

Our easy order flagpoles are also available in fiberglass. These residential fiberglass flagpoles are popular because they also do not rust, and have the added benefit of not being an electrical conductor. However, if the flagpole is wet, electricity (lightning) will conduct along the wet surface.

Our easy order fiberglass flagpoles are white, but fiberglass flagpoles can be ordered in any custom color for an additional fee. This is possible because the final top layer of gel coat can be colored to any color. Some fiberglass flagpoles are "painted" and can also be custom colored - though keep in mind you will have to contact us if you’d like to customize the color of your fiberglass flagpole.

Pros and Cons of Easy Order One Piece Residential Flagpoles

Our easy order flagpoles come with a 20 year warranty. The poles are wind tested and rated, and they are available in satin aluminum or white fiberglass. They are very easy to order, and they ship via freight truck due to their length.

Shop In-Ground Residential Flagpoles Today!

Have questions about any of our residential in-ground flagpoles for sale?Contact us today to learn more about these one piece and sectional poles and find out which one will fit best with your unique needs. Want to chat with a flag expert? Give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 and we'd be happy to assist you!

Curious about flagpole delivery and installation? You can learn more about choosing the right flagpole for you, as well as find information about delivery, installation, and more, within our helpful flagpole selection, delivery and installation resources here.

Need help stringing your flagpole once it's installed? Check out our helpful video tutorial that walks you through the steps of replacing a flagpole halyard here.

Sours: https://www.gettysburgflag.com/flagpoles/in-ground-residential
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30ft. x 6in. x .156in. Aluminum Commercial External Halyard Flagpole

The flags and flagpole in front of a business are one of the first things that potential customers see. Because of this, it is critical to make a strong first impression of quality and strength when displaying your flagpole. Aluminum Commercial External Halyard Flagpoles provide such an impression. While residential external halyard flagpoles are typically 15 to 35 feet, Commercial External Halyard Flagpoles can stretch to a high and impactful 35 to 80 feet. The outside rope on the flagpole (external halyard) gives these flagpoles the traditional look people associate with classic flagstaffs. An Aluminum Commercial External Halyard Flagpole is sure to enhance the image of any office or business.

Reasons to have a Flag pole at your business location:

Get Noticed- Many cities' codes or ordinances regulate the height of monument signs, but do not impose restrictions on flagpoles. This makes it possible for a business to display a flag with its logo at a much taller height than a monument sign. 

Long Life Expectancy- Our Commercial Flagpoles last so long you will never need to buy a new one.

Choices- You have so many options and choices when it comes to picking out your Commercial Flagpole.

We Do all the Work- When we sell you a flagpole, all of the hardware is included and we will even install it for you.

External Halyard Aluminum Flagpoles 

Our standard selection of Aluminum External Halyard Flagpoles (halyard on the outside of the flagpole) are available in mounted heights from 15 ft. to 80 ft. with a ground set foundation. Residential Aluminum Flagpoles are generally 15' to 35' and Commercial Aluminum Flagpoles are 35' - 80'. Below is our catalog listing of standard Aluminum Flagpoles.

External Halyard Standard Aluminum Flagpoles, Ground Set: 

  • Material: Alloy 6063-T6 aluminum tubing with uniform conical taper 
  • Finish: Directional sanded satin ground is standard, or choose from six other powder coat paint or anodized finishes at an additional charge 
  • Finial: Gold anodized aluminum ball with flush seams
  • Truck: Stationary, single metal sheave cast aluminum revolving with stainless steel bearing 
  • Halyard: One (5/16-dia.) braided polypropylene rope, with two chrome plated bronze swivel snap hooks per halyard. Upon Request, we will add two additional NYLON  flag snaps at no charge, this enables you to fly 2 flags at once on your flagpole. 
  • Cleats: One 9-inch cast aluminum, each attached with two 5/16-inch stainless steel screws 
  • Collar: Spun aluminum flash collar finished to match pole.
  • Foundation: Ground Set foundation - sleeve fabricated from 16-gauge galvanized corrugated steel tube with a 3/16-inch thick, steel base plate and support plate, 3/4-inch diameter x 18 inch long ground spike
  • and steel centering wedges or PVC sleeve. 

Optional Custom Features:

Custom Order Options:

  • Foundations: Shoe Base foundation - Cast aluminum shoe base with four galvanized steel anchor bolts and galvanized steel hex nuts, washers and lock washers. Tilting shoe base available on aluminum flagpoles less than 30 ft. 
  • Finishes: Choose from many standard or custom powder paint colors or anodized finishes, or specify your own color. 

Remember, we are not just an online company that sells flags and flagpoles.  We are a fully stocked warehouse with special equipment, pole climbers and professional installers that install every day. If you need help with your installation, we are proud to offer some of the most experienced staff you will ever need to get the job done right.  If your installation questions are after hours, don’t worry the after hours message has an urgent number for you to use.  This person is not someone who will accept your credit card or process an order, it is an actual pro who can help you with your technical issues. 

Not sure about which pole your section 10350 or 10750 specs require?  No worries, call or email Sarah, our commercial specialist at [email protected] or 888-735-5591 X 501. Its her job to assist all general contractors or commercial projects. She is very knowledgeable about our products, very professional and happens to be a sweetheart. Please visit our testimonials page as well as our project page to see what we are capable of engineering and installing.

Need Help?

Call 1-888-735-5591 or [email protected]


Call To Schedule installations at (888)735-5591 Ext. 503 
We cannot install in Alaska or Hawaii.

Sours: https://flagpolesetc.com/flagpoles/aluminum/commercial-external-halyard-flagpoles/eca30-esr30c61-30x6x156
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