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Looking to land a job at Netflix but don’t know what the process looks like?


Well, you’ve come to the right place. Detailed in this post is a look at the timeline of the interview process, preparation guidelines, and what's different or unique about Netflix's interview process as opposed to other tech companies.


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Remember when you’d receive Netflix DVDs in the mail? Seems like a long time ago. Netflix has come a long way since then and have completely disrupted the film and television industries. 


How they got there you may ask? By hiring the best talent. So, if you’re looking to land a job at Netflix, then you’ve come to the right place. 


Netflix has a fairly unique interviewing process that is unlike most major tech companies. They have a rigorous “core values” document (you’ll also be sent a slide version of it from a recruiter) which you’ll need to carefully sift through. Netflix places a heavy emphasis on culture, so don’t take this lightly. 


They also stray away from hiring fresh grads or interns, not to say that it’s unheard of, but typically their hiring starts at around three years of experience.


Let’s get into the details of what their interview process looks like and what’s different.



update your RESUME

The first thing you should do is update your LinkedIn and resume to be metrics / deliverables driven. Be succinct, show how what you’ve done relates to the position, and tailor it to the job description as it will better demonstrate how you’re a fit for the role. It’s also a good idea to show how the work you’ve done can translate into their core values.



Here is our guide on how to prepare for the coding interview with a 12-week plan.



Netflix, like most of the other tech giants, doesn’t require that you know any one particular language, but you do need to be proficient in at least one. Acceptable languages include: C/C++, Python, Java, JavaScript and a few other mainstream languages. It’s best to pick the language you’re most comfortable with and stick to it.


Prescreen with recruiter 

From resume submission to first contact, you can expect it to take about a week for the recruiter to reach out to you. 


If a recruiter takes a liking to your resume or LinkedIn profile, then they’ll reach out to you to schedule a time to chat. Before the phone call, the recruiter will send you over their core values presentation slide (can be found on their website too). This is a must-read as it’s known that Netflix interviews will focus heavily on culture fit.Your initial phone screen will be around 30 minutes, where the recruiter will dig into your resume and gauge your enthusiasm for Netflix and the position. 


It may be that you’ll have one more pre-screen with a hiring manager, but this will be mostly cultural fit questions and past projects you’ve worked on, and maybe a few questions testing your knowledge of an area you claim to be an expert in (i.e. Java).


Cultural questions you can expect:

How did you handle a task where you had a deadline that you couldn’t meet?

What do you not like about the Netflix culture? 

Explain a past project that you worked on (expect probing questions).


Technical phone interview

Once you’ve completed your phone screen, it will take a few days to a week to schedule your technical phone interview. 

If all goes well in the pre-screen interview(s), the recruiter will schedule another 45-60 minute phone call with a hiring or engineering manager. This is where you can expect some more open-ended technical questions, technology-specific questions, as well as a shared editor exercise where you’ll have to solve a coding challenge. The first 15 minutes or so will be questions related to your resume as well as behavioral questions related to their culture. 


Note: You may have the choice of a take home assignment or a technical phone interview. For the take home assignment you’ll have 6-8 hours to complete it, whereas your phone interview will be around 45 minutes to an hour. In any case, pick the one you are most comfortable with. 


Again, make sure you’ve read Netflix’s values page and be prepared for cultural fit questions.


Example take home project

Build a working microservice to calculate and edit the pricing of subscriptions based on rules they give you. Also provide a complete system design document.


Example culture question

Give me an example of a situation where you had to deal with conflict.


Example open-ended technical question

Tell me about a time you made a design choice that didn’t go well.


Example coding exercise question

Given two sets A & B, get unique elements from each set in an optimal way.


ON-site interview

Your on-site will come about a week or two after your phone interview.


Netflix splits their on-site interview process into two parts: The first half will be more technical with a mix of cultural questions where you’ll meet with peers and members of the team. The second half will be less technical where you’ll speak with HR, directors, and upper management.


The first half

In the first half, you’ll have around four interviews at about 45 minutes each (totaling 4 hours). These interviews will be a mix of 1:1 and 2:1. Your first three interviews will be with the engineering team. Here they’ll ask you three types of questions:

Technical questions

Questions specific to the job and technologies you are familiar with


Whiteboarding exercises

Don’t expect LeetCode type questions (either design or coding based)

Cultural fit questions

Questions specific to their culture doc


Make sure you’ve studied up on system design; be ready to go deep into the technical details of recent projects including all technologies you use (how, why, pain points, deployments etc.)


Here are some great resources for system design interviews

Top 10 system design interview questions for software engineers

Anatomy of a system design interview

How NOT to design Netflix in your 45-minute System Design Interview?


For your fourth interview you’ll meet with HR. This round is purely behavioral/cultural questions. Note: If you don’t perform well in the first half you will not move onto the second half.



The second half

In the second half, you’ll have around three interviews at about 45 minutes each. You’ll most likely have one round with HR, one with the hiring manager (who makes the decision), and one with the engineering manager.


For the HR and hiring manager rounds, expect more behavioral questions. The engineering manager round will be more technical, mostly open-ended questions about things on your resume, and questions specific to Netflix and its workings.

In both rounds, the interviews focus more on your technical competency where coding is more of a secondary skill. Make sure you know the stuff on your resume and all aspects of the job.

Here is a list of the top 15 coding questions asked in a Netflix interview

THE OFFER / NO offer

From on-site to offer will take about another week or two. This is so management can either evaluate other candidates or to draft up your offer letter along with other logistics.


In the event that you don’t receive an offer, you’ll most likely have to wait six months to a year to re-apply. Don’t expect any feedback after your interview, but you can conclude that you either didn’t have enough experience or that it just wasn’t a fit culturally. 


If you do receive a job offer, the hiring manager will call you to discuss salary, start date, etc.



Hiring for teams

Netflix hires for teams, and as such, each interview process will be different. They will test you on aspects particular to the job/team and in areas where you claim to be an expert in.


Years of experience

Before applying to Netflix, it should be noted that they generally don’t hire new grads or interns. They tend to hire those who have 3+ years of experience. This isn’t to say that they don’t hire new grads, but it isn’t the norm.


Culture fit

This is without a doubt the most important aspect of your interview. They have an entire document dedicated to their culture and values. If you really want a job at Netflix, then you must read this document carefully. As an exercise, it’s suggested that you think carefully about each value and how it relates to your personal and professional experience.


On-site interview

The on-site is split into two sections. You can expect 50% to be technical and 50% to be behavioral. If you don’t perform well in the first half, then you will be sent home. 


Most major tech companies like Google and Facebook test rigorously on algorithms and data structures with a heavy emphasis on whiteboard coding exercises. Netflix will have a few of these problems, but they will generally ask open-ended technical questions that are specific to the job that test your overall knowledge of a technology. As mentioned throughout, don’t take behavioral questions lightly. You may have the technical acumen to hang with the best, but if you don’t do your homework here then you’ll be sent home.



It doesn’t hurt to study up on LeetCode problems (you may have a few algorithm and data structure questions), but for the most part they won’t help you in a Netflix interview. What Netflix really wants to see is your understanding of the role (challenges, technologies, how you fit), your technical acumen (coding, design, and overall knowledge of a language), and last but not least, your cultural fit. Take this information and prepare accordingly. Good luck!



We've helped several engineers get the job at Netflix

Interview Cake is a strategy for engineers to ace programming interviews from companies like Netflix. Lots of people go into Netflix's software engineer interviews with just some practice from the standard code interview questions, but that's not actually enough. We help you ace the technical interview by giving you a framework to approach any technical interview, no matter how difficult.

Netflix's engineering team has a culture of openness. They are prolific with contributions to open source, and that helps them draw in top talent. However, their engineering screening process is tough. Their team is responsible for delivering media-rich content to all types of devices to delight their users, and they want engineers who can help them improve with their mission.

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Practice Questions for the Netflix Interview

Netflix's coding interviews are hard, but not impossible. Like anything else, it just takes practice. We'll walk you through it, step by step.

The Nth Fibonacci Number »

This one's a classic, but there's more than meets the eye. Our first thought might be a naive recursive solution, but it has a massive time cost... keep reading »

MillionGazillion™: A New Search Engine »

I wrote a web crawler that's running on my old desktop computer in my parents' basement (where I totally don't live anymore), and it keeps running out of memory... keep reading »

Implement a Queue With Two Stacks »

This one's a classic toy problem that will really help you understand the importance of the different properties of queues and stacks. There's a naive solution, but then there's a much more efficient... keep reading »

Check the Fairness of our Cafe Kitchen »

My cake shop is so popular, I'm adding some tables and hiring wait staff so folks can have a cute sit-down cake-eating experience. Recently, some customers have been complaining that people who placed orders after them are getting their food... keep reading »

Find The Rotation Point In An Array »

I have an array of words that are mostly alphabetical, except they start somewhere in the middle of the alphabet, reach the end, and then start from the beginning of the alphabet. In other words, this is an alphabetically ordered array that has been "rotated"... keep reading »

Product of Other Numbers »

You have an array of integers, and for each index you want to find the product of every integer except the integer at that index. Write a function that takes an array... keep reading »

Does This Linked List Have A Cycle? »

Write a function contains_cycle() that takes the first node in a singly-linked list and returns a boolean indicating whether the list contains a cycle. Careful—a cycle can occur in the middle of a list, or it can simply... keep reading »

Girl Scout Cookie Conspiracy »

A friend and I are trying to win the prize for most Girl Scout Cookies sold. Write a function to merge our sorted arrays of orders into one sorted array of orders. Think about edge cases! What happens when we've finished merging one... keep reading »

Binary Search Tree Checker »

Write a function to check that a binary tree is a valid binary search tree. Careful: checking a node against its parent isn't sufficient to prove... keep reading »

Permutation Palindrome »

Write an efficient function that checks whether any permutation of an input string is a palindrome. We can do this in time and... keep reading »

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What people are saying about Netflix's interview

Here are some positive snippets from interview reviews from Glassdoor:

  • "Two interviews, one with a recruiter and final one with a supervisor. They are more attentive to your personalty and problem solving skills than anything. They really love someone who has a personality full of energy and willing to always improve. Positive positioning customers is number one for them. Just be yourself."
  • "One of the best interviews in bay area. It is very diverse company even you start seeing the company becoming like Indian shop. The culture and values are great. You interview with smart people not just engineers but product managers not other cross-functional."
  • "Overall it's very good, interviewers are very nice and knowledgeable. All three senior developers have different focus: one general about your background and depth of interested areas; one review the take home test; another mainly for a coding test. And hiring manager mainly asked some concepts/knowledge and some design issues. HR person focused on personality, culture, etc."
And here are some negative snippets from interview reviews from Glassdoor:
  • "After the final interview there was silence, a long silence. After several emails and calls still silence. Finally I had to learn via the recruitment agency that the silence meant they would not move further with the position. Up to today still no feedback from the Netflix team about why they did not want to move on, the position is still open. To my view you should always tell candidates about the decision positive or negative, either via a short email, or even better in a short phone call."
  • "Spoke to recruiter after applying on their website, he gave me a cringeworthy corporate spiel about “netflix values” and asked me to read 125 page slide deck about it . Dev manager sent me an coding exercise and asked me to share it via github. Which I did. He called me next week and said he is rejecting me because...I used java 7 instead of java 8 which shows them that I don’t keep up with new tech. When I responded that I actually use java 8 at work and all my open source code is written in java 8 for him to look and his exercise didn’t explicitly mention which version of java to use, he accused me of not taking feedback gracefully which is against netflix values."


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How To Get A Job at Netflix

3. On-Site Interview Panel

Netflix's on-site interview is broken into two parts. The first part will consist of four technical interviews where you’ll meet with members of the team. The second half is less technical. You will meet with members of human resources and other directors.

First Half

Applicants undergo four interviews lasting approximately 45 minutes. These interviews will vary from 1:1 and 2:1.

Be prepared to take on whiteboard challenges and questions that hone in on your talents and technologies. Expect to answer questions about algorithms, cultural fit, and data structures.

Even if the role you interview for isn’t technical, don’t be surprised if you’re asked brain teasers. While there is no right answer to these questions, hiring managers are curious about the way you think and problem solve.

Note: It’s important to keep in mind that if you don’t perform well in the first half, you won’t move on to the second half.

Second Half

The second half of the interview process consists of three 45- minute sessions. You will speak to human resources, the hiring manager, and the engineering manager. You can expect more behavior and culture focused questions from HR and the hiring manager, and technical questions from the engineering manager.

Expect to hear culture-focused questions such as:

  • “You have an idea for improving a product, but you’re nervous about stepping on a coworker’s toes. What do you do?”
  • “How would you work with a team on a hypothetical project?”
  • “Explain how you would interact with a very opinionated coworker.”
  • “Tell us about a time when you had to deal with difficult feedback and how you moved forward.”

Expect to be asked technical questions along the lines of the following:

  • “If Netflix is trying to expand its reach in Europe, what steps should be taken to evaluate the size of the European market and what should Netflix do to capture this market?”‘
  • “Who do you think is Netflix’s biggest competitor? Why?”
  • “What would you do to improve Netlfix’s streaming service?”
Netflix Interview Question - Top 3 Salaries - MySql

Netflix Interview: The Ultimate Guide

Netflix, the streaming giant that revolutionized the entertainment business, has a reputation for its high-pressure workplace. Employees are told to see themselves as part of a “pro sports team” -- not a family. The company’s controversial “keeper test” means any staff member offering “sustained B-level performance” will be shown the door (and Netflix’s generous severance package).

That said, the hiring process at Netflix is surprisingly unremarkable compared to other FAANGs, and employees report that even the technical interview questions aren’t that difficult.

More important than technical proficiency is culture fit -- how well you identify with Netflix’s famous culture deck. The culture memo includes principles like "farming for dissent” (asking your coworkers to point out what’s wrong with your idea) and “sunshining” (airing a mistake you’ve made in front of tens or even hundreds of your coworkers). 

Take time to understand Netflix’s culture ahead of time so you’ll know what to expect in your interview and prepare the right stories to tell. From there, you can make an educated decision as to whether a job at Netflix is a mutual fit. 

What to Know Before You Interview

Hiring decisions at Netflix are subjective, compared to other tech companies

Employees say that 40-50 percent of the Netflix interview is based on culture fit questions. Superior technical proficiency is less likely to net you the job than the right personality. The company famously eschews “brilliant jerks” -- high performers with poor interpersonal skills. Finally, unanimity is required to make a hiring decision: if one of your interviewers dislikes you, your chances of being hired fall dramatically. 

All hiring decisions are made by a hiring manager

Focus on wowing the hiring manager. Unlike at Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, the hiring process at Netflix is managed entirely by the hiring manager. They hire for the company first, then match new hires to specific teams using various criteria, such as their background and skill set.

The hiring manager oversees all aspects of recruiting, including

  • Coming up with evaluation criteria based on staffing needs
  • Partnering with recruiters to source
  • Screening and evaluating candidates
  • Onboarding new hires.

Recruiters collaborate with the hiring manager to understand technical domains and team needs, but the final hiring decision rests with the hiring manager. Candidates usually speak with the hiring manager during their phone screen and again during the onsite interview.

Show that you have an entrepreneurial mindset

Netflix’s hands-off management style and emphasis on employee autonomy means staff members typically receive very little direction from their superiors. Beyond setting big-picture goals for your role, your supervisor may not assign you specific tasks. Rather, you are responsible for coming up with problems to solve and ways you can contribute. This is why Netflix has a policy of sharing internal documents with all employees so that staffers gain insight into the business and its challenges. 

Show that you thrive in a laissez-faire environment by preparing examples where you took the initiative for a project, made a pivotal decision in the face of ambiguity, or started an entrepreneurial venture on your own or within a company.

The “keeper test” is intimidating, but it’s not as bad as you think

While several high-profile executive firings took employees by surprise, most Netflixers report they weren’t dismissed without warning. Instead, you’ll receive “increasingly acute feedback” over the course of several months, as one Quora user put it. Retention stats even suggest the keeper test might be slightly overplayed; the average tenure at Netflix is 3.1 years, beating out Amazon (1 year), Uber (1.8 years), Dropbox (2.1 years), and Facebook (2.5 years).

👉 Want to learn more about the unique cultureat Netflix?Check out this link.

The Interview Process at Netflix

Pre-screen with a recruiter (30 minutes)

Before the phone call, the recruiter will send you a link to the Netflix core values page, a remastered version of the 2009 culture deck by CEO Reed Hastings. Familiarize yourself with Netflix’s unique brand of radical candor, including the following:

  • All internal documents are shared broadly and systematically for any employee to view and comment on. Quarterly business reviews are made available to all employees right after each quarterly earnings announcement.
  • Netflix managers don’t offer formal evaluations, opting for informal feedback sessions instead. This may involve multiple employees praising and/or critiquing an employee. 
  • Flexible work hours, unlimited vacation, and lax spending controls requires you to exercise your best judgment.

The recruiter will ask questions about Netflix’s culture, your past projects, and basic technical knowledge to test your domain expertise. Be prepared for blunt behavioral questions, such as:

What don’t you like about Netflix’s culture?

Phone screen with a hiring manager (45-60 minutes)

The second phone screen involves open-ended technical questions and questions specific to the technologies and/or programming languages you’re familiar with. If you’re interviewing for the engineering team, you’ll be asked to complete a coding challenge using a shared editor.

Alternatively, you’ll receive a take-home project, which takes 6-8 hours to complete. An example is being asked to build a working microservice to calculate and edit the pricing of subscriptions based on rules they give you. You’ll also be required to provide a complete system design document.

Onsite interviews (7 rounds)

In March, Netflix closed its LA offices after an employee allegedly contracted COVID-19. It’s unclear whether Netflix has reopened its office since and if the company is conducting onsite interviews.

Netflix’s typical onsite interview consists of two parts. The first part comprises four technical interviews (some 1:1, others 2:1), followed by a human resources interview. Technical candidates can expect to do whiteboard challenges and Leetcode problems, and answer questions about data structures and algorithms. 

Even if you aren’t interviewing for a technical role, expect brain teasers. For instance, one marketing manager candidate was asked:

How many cans of paint would you need to paint one wing of a 747?

Remember, there are no right answers; hiring managers are simply interested in your thought process. 

The second half of the onsite interview is less technical. You’ll speak with two directors. Be prepared to discuss culture fit at every stage of the interview process. The interview experience is intense and Netflix does not waste any time: if you perform poorly at any stage, the interview usually ends early.

Job Offer

After your onsite, you’ll receive a decision within 1-2 weeks. If you don’t receive an offer, you must wait 6-12 months to reapply. Netflix offers top-of-market compensation, based on a “good faith estimate of the highest compensation each employee could make at peer firms.” Each employee can choose how much of their compensation they want in salary versus stock options, with the option to change it each year. These 10-year stock options are fully vested and you can keep them even if you leave Netflix.

👉 Got the job offer? Read about the benefits at Netflix next.

Sample Interview Questions

Sample culture-focused questions at Netflix

  1. You have a great idea for how to improve our product, but you’re worried about stepping on someone else’s toes. What do you do?
  2. It’s your first day on the job and you have a few hours to kill before orientation. What would you do with that time?
  3. Tell me about a disagreement you’ve had with a coworker from another functional area. What was the nature of the disagreement, and how did the two of you work together to resolve it?
  4. We’ve all received feedback about where we can improve. What types of feedback have you heard consistently throughout your career?
  5. Tell me about one of your most trusted mentors. What have you learned from them that’s informed the way you work with others?
  6. How did you handle a task where you had a deadline that you couldn’t meet?
  7. Tell me about a time when you did not agree with your manager
  8. What is an example of something you worked on that you were really proud of.
  9. How do you stay organized? How do you handle competing tasks or projects?
  10. What has been your biggest challenge while you work?
  11. Describe a time when you received extremely difficult feedback and how you handled it.
  12. How would you work with a team on a hypothetical project?
  13. Tell me about a time you screwed up at your previous job.
  14. How would you deal with extreme deadline pressure and a frantic workplace?
  15. Describe how you would deal with a very opinionated coworker

👉 Want more interview questions you won't find on Glassdoor? Check them out here.

Sample technical interview questions at Netflix

  1. How would you test the latest iPhone's new antenna system? — Senior QA engineer candidate
  2. How would you determine if the price of a Netflix subscription is truly the deciding factor for a consumer? — Market research analyst candidate
  3. Explain how the process works from the time you enter into your browser and the data is rendered on screen. — Software engineering manager candidate
  4. If Netflix is looking to expand its presence in Asia, what are some factors that you can use to evaluate the size of the Asia market, and what can Netflix do to capture this market? — Senior financial analyst candidate
  5. Name five devices you can watch Netflix on — Systems engineer candidate
  6. What would you do if you were the CEO? — Partner product group candidate
  7. Who do you think is Netflix’s competitor and why? — Creative coordinator candidate
  8. What would you tell someone that is calling to talk about how Blockbuster is better than Netflix? — Customer service representative candidate
  9. How do you test the performance of your services? - Software engineer candidate
  10. How would you improve Netflix’s service? - Financial analyst candidate

👉 Want more interview questions you won't find on Glassdoor? Check them out here.

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Interview experience netflix

Netflix Interview Process Guide

Preparing for interviews at FAANG companies can be intimidating. Research has shown that getting an offer at a FAANG company is harder than getting into Stanford or Harvard. Netflix, in particular, is known for having extremely rigorous interviews. You would have to crack many different interview rounds before landing that offer. 

At Interview Kickstart, we have helped more than 6,200 engineers prepare for interviews at FAANG companies and have learned valuable lessons from their successes. Our instructors are hiring managers and tech leads from FAANG companies, and they know exactly what it takes to nail the most challenging tech interviews. 

So if you’re preparing for a tech interview at Netflix, read on to get all the information you need. We’ll cover:

  • Netflix Interview Process
  • Netflix Candidates’ Interview Experience
  • What Qualities Netflix Looks for in Candidates
  • Qualifications Required for Different Tech Roles at Netflix
  • Netflix Technical Interview Topics You Must Prepare (With Sample Questions)
  • Netflix Interview Questions
  • Resume Building Tips to Land an Interview Call From Netflix
  • Netflix Interview Tips
  • More About Netflix — Software Engineer Salaries, Reviews, Culture

In this interview guide, you will learn about Netflix's Interview Process from candidates who have been interviewed at the company. You will also learn about specific qualities that Netflix hiring managers look for with actual quotes from Netflix employees and executives. 

We will also show you actual interview questions and topics to prepare for Netflix interviews (both technical and behavioral), so you will be prepared to answer any question during your interview. We have crucial tips that you can use in your interview and resume. This guide also features job-specific information for various roles such as software engineer, front-end developer, engineering manager, and more. Lastly, we will go over an overview of Netflix’s company culture so that you will know what to expect for your Netflix interview.

Netflix Interview Process

A typical software engineer goes through the following rounds of interview at Netflix:

  • Phone Screen: The Netflix hiring manager will contact you to schedule the initial phone screen. Here, you will be evaluated only based on cultural fit.
  • Technical Phone Screen: Next, a phone interview will take place to check your technical knowledge, wherein you can expect some problems on data structure and algorithm or an assignment related to some Netflix use case. You can expect some behavioral questions as well. An engineer will conduct the interview.  
  • On-site: There can be two separate on-site interviews. One will have 4 technical interviews and a final HR interview. If the feedback from these interviews is good, then the second on-site interview will be with two engineering directors; these interviews will take 45 minutes each.

For more information, read Netflix Software Engineer Interview Process

Interview duration: According to, 54% of interviewees’ interviews took about a day or two to a week. 46% of interviewees’ interviews took two weeks or longer. A majority of the candidates had an excellent experience during the interviews. However, more than half of the interviewees found that their interviews at Netflix were more difficult than easy.


Netflix Candidates’ Interview Experience 

Here’s what a Netflix Software Engineering candidates said about their interview process in terms of the interview process length:

2 Week Duration:

During Stage 1, I had my initial phone screening interview with the HR representative of Netflix. In Stage 2, I had an interview with the hiring manager. Finally, in Stage 3, there was an on-site interview composed of two parts. The first part was with four data scientists/engineers. The second was with three higher-level executives. The questions were a mix of product, business, analytical, and statistics questions. Statistics questions mostly revolve around A/B testing (hypothesis testing, etc.). There can be some easy-medium-level SQL questions. Analytical questions include a hypothetical problem to analyze, metrics to evaluate product performance, etc. Higher-level executives mostly focus mostly on the background and experience.” 

3 Week Duration:

“During the first stage, I had my initial phone screen with an HR representative. The second stage, I had another phone interview, but with an engineer. In my final stage, I had an on-site composed of two parts. The first part consisted of 4 technical interviews and 1 HR representative interview. After completing those interviews, I had a meeting with two directors from Google.”

8 Week Duration:

“The first stage consisted of a phone screen from an HR representative. The second stage consists of a phone interview with the hiring manager or designers from the team. Lastly, I had an on-site interview which included a panel portfolio review followed by a product brainstorming session. Then, there was a whiteboard exercise that took place, and another 30 minutes was spent putting together polished mockups. The team members that interviewed me ranged from project managers, engineers, developers, designers, design directors, and managers.”

Interview Experience of Former Director of Engineering at Netflix

“When I was interviewing with Netflix, it was long-winded and irritating. I was on the verge of walking away from the process twice. Since I've joined, as a manager, I've found it's actually well organized, swift, and successful.

I was contacted on LinkedIn by a recruiter. He e-mailed me the job spec (this was for Automation Manager) and asked me if I was interested. I told him I wasn't since the job was probably a bit too junior for me. He came back to me with a revised job spec for Senior Automation Manager with additional responsibilities. Now I was interested, so he arranged a phone interview with a different recruiter.”

Stage 1: First Phone Screen

“The first phone screen was a breeze. Asking me about my experience, what I was looking for in my career etc. Nothing difficult.

That leads to a second phone interview, this time with the hiring manager. That was a more in-depth look at my experience to date, discussions of similar projects I'd been involved with (they were primarily looking to hire me to install a bunch of machines to automate the processing of DVDs that are returned from customers). We talked about his prior career and experience as well. It was a good call, and I liked him from the start. He was someone I could work with.”

Stage 2: Face-to-Face with Recruiter and Hiring Manager

“Next, they arranged a face-to-face with the second recruiter and the hiring manager back to back.

The interview with the recruiter did not go well. I disliked him immediately, and I've subsequently found that the length of the overall process I faced was as a result of him not liking me either. We talked about my experiences as a manager and the Netflix culture deck. He was very pleased with the culture deck, but clearly had no understanding of what applying it actually meant. He seemed to think it was impressive because other people outside of Netflix say it sounds great. He was very hung up on "Netflix only tolerates fully formed adults,” yet as a relatively inexperienced person in his mid-20's, he had no idea about the complexities of adult life and the challenges that can bring. I'm pleased to say he's no longer on Netflix.”

Stage 3: Interview with Hiring Manager

“I then met with the hiring manager, and it was great. We got on immediately (well, after he'd stopped laughing at me for wearing a suit. I'd asked for a look at the production facilities and the equipment I'd be working on, so they arranged that, where I again briefly met the hiring manager and had an interview with an HR Manager. The HR Manager was great. I discussed my misgivings based on my discussion with the recruiter, and he put my mind at ease.

Stage 4: Interview with VP of HR

“I was now expecting an offer.

Instead,  I was asked to go in for an interview with Allison Hopkins, who was VP of HR. That was a great interview. We again discussed my experience, ideas about management, and my goals in life. She was great, again, making me want to work at Netflix. I like her a lot, and it's a cause of sadness that she is no longer with Netflix.”

Stage 5: Interview with Head of the DVD Division

“I was now expecting an offer.

Instead, I was asked to go in for an interview with the head of the DVD division. Another fun interview, we talked about the hiring manager a lot, who then came and joined us, and Andy and John (the hiring manager) somehow ended up debating which swearwords are and are not appropriate at an interview. I didn't offer much to that part of the interview. It was entertaining.”

Stage 6: Dinner with Hiring Manager

“I was now expecting an offer and getting irritated that it seemed like they were wasting my time.

Instead, I got invited to have dinner with the hiring manager. I was in two minds about saying no, because the process had taken so long, and I was beginning to question their seriousness. The dinner was awkward. John is a fairly reserved man (now a valued friend; however, I met him for a beer in the same place we had the dinner last week, and we had a laugh about it), and it felt like an uncomfortable first date. There was little to discuss - he knew what I had done, could do, etc.”

Stage 7: Offer Given

“I now decided that if an offer didn't come within the week, I'd pull out of consideration. Fortunately, one did, and I've now been at Netflix approaching four years.

When I talked to the hiring manager about that dinner, he told me that the reason the whole process ended up taking too long was because of the recruiter who didn't like me. Normally, we have a process whereby anyone can ‘veto’ a candidate, but the disparity between John's opinion of me after the first face to face and the recruiters was so great, that John wasn't willing to stop talking to me. However, it did lead to everyone wanting to meet me to make sure it was John who was right.”


What Qualities Netflix Looks for in Candidates

Based on public documents and experiences from current and former employees at Netflix, here are the essential qualities that hiring managers look for when hiring employees:

Quality 1: You Understand How Netflix Works

A desirable candidate for Netflix is one who does research on the company. 

Patty McCord, a talent manager at Netflix, commented that:

“Candidates should prepare themselves with an understanding of Netflix’s values and any relevant news about the company.”

Christophe Jouin, a device engineer, said that:

“Each candidate should be a Netflix subscriber and be familiar with the product from the user perspective. Mr. Jouin says that everyone at Netflix is passionate about their product, and they own it from day 1 of their jobs.”

Quality 2: You’re Honest and Selfless

To work at Netflix, you have to be honest. Netflix looks for team players who can be confident in having each others’ backs. Netflix wants employees who are willing to share honest information openly that will benefit the team and help others grow with them.

Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, said:

“Responsible people thrive on freedom and are worthy of freedom.”

Quality 3: You Have Great Judgement

As a Netflix employee, it is essential that each employee is able to think critically. Specifically, Netflix employees must use data to make strategic, practical decisions that will provide long-term benefits to the company. 

Quality 4: You’re Always Looking to Learn New Things

Innovation and creativity are essential at Netflix. To be a valuable employee, you have to be a continuous learner. You have to be able to embrace change and constantly challenge the status quo to continually make educated decisions.

Quality 5: You’re an Effective Communicator

Not only does Netflix require employees that are creative and are continuous learners, but they also want effective communicators. You must communicate effectively across cross-functional teams and manage multiple stakeholders. You need to be able to express your thoughts and ideas verbally and through written communication. Lastly, being a good communicator means being a good listener and maintaining clarity in your thoughts and ideas.

Quality 6: You’re Passionate About Your Role

As a Netflix employee, you are part of an organization with 1.2 million monthly subscribers worldwide. Therefore, to be a valuable employee at Netflix, you have to be passionate about serving that colossal subscriber base. 

You have to have high energy and demonstrate a strong work ethic for your role. More importantly, you must always strive for the best interests of Netflix subscribers, even if it means questioning your team members to ensure that each decision is adequate.

Quality 7: You Have the Courage to Do the Right Thing

Another important quality that a Netflix employee should have is that they always question everything that is inconsistent with the company’s values. A Netflix employee should be bold enough to make decisions that will be in the company’s best interest and be able to stand by that decision.

Quality 8: You Create Impact by Getting Things Done

Lastly, to thrive as a Netflix employee, you have to produce the best work and set a high standard for yourself and others in your team.

Qualifications Required for Different Tech Roles at Netflix

Here are the qualifications to apply for the Senior Software Engineer position at Netflix:

  • Senior-level full-stack engineer with 5+ years of experience
  • Strong in Java, Javascript, CSS, HTML, React, Node.js, or other Javascript frameworks
  • Experience integrating with internal and third-party services
  • Strong knowledge of building restful APIs for internal and external products 
  • You have knowledge of cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services
  • Ability to work closely with internal stakeholders and vendors to understand their systems, build custom solutions, integrate with these systems, and deploy the solution
  • Strong data structures, algorithms, and design patterns knowledge
  • Demonstrable ability to work across multiple teams to deliver an end product
  • Enjoy building internal solutions and have lead the development of enterprise-level applications

Here are the qualifications to apply for the Front-end Developer position at Netflix:

  • Front-end developer who can design and deploy rich, performant, analytical applications from the ground up (prototyping experience a plus!)
  • Comfortable making a variety of static and interactive visualizations for a variety of audiences
  • Familiarity with design concepts related to charting metaphors, the use of color and typography, and can design clear, intuitive visualizations
  • Experience designing, building, and iterating on interactive user interfaces, with a strong sense of the holistic user experience, not just the individual pieces.
  • Knows how to develop thoughtful user experiences, considering the layout, color, and other design elements to develop user-friendly web applications
  • Comfortable accessing, manipulating, and visualizing data using JavaScript frameworks such as Node, React, and D3 (or similar) and are familiar with testing, debugging, and deployment techniques. You have experience building responsive Web Applications using RESTful web services and processing JSON data. Experience with Tableau is a plus but not required
  • Proficient at writing SQL to access and transform data
  • Knowledge of scripting languages for server-side data manipulation such as Python (pandas/numpy), R, bash is not required but welcome

Here are the qualifications to apply for the Engineering Manager position at Netflix:

  • Experience in solving large-scale distributed systems challenges. Must demonstrate success as an engineer/architect of complex distributed systems before transitioning into a manager. 
  • Experienced using technologies in several of the following areas: microservices, various IPC models, Java, Spring or Guice, cloud-based deployments (AWS preferred).
  • Equally passionate about working with engineering and non-engineering stakeholders. A strong partner who can collaborate effectively and selflessly.
  • Strong communicator with the ability to share technical ideas and direction across the organization and a proven ability to influence decision-making at all levels within the organization and in various contexts.
  • Experience in building and leading a team of senior engineers and are comfortable delivering and accepting candid feedback.
  • Great at strategizing vision, evolving roadmaps based on changing business needs, and motivating teams to execute them.


Netflix Technical Interview Topics You Must Prepare (With Sample Questions)

To prepare for the coding interview at Netflix, you must be well-versed with the following technical topics. For each topic, we’ve also included some sample questions and answers for your reference. 

1. Arrays

Q1. 3 sum problem
Problem statement: Given an integer array arr of size n, find all magic triplets in it. A magic triplet is a group of three numbers whose sum is zero. (Solution)

Q2. Set columns and rows as zeros
Problem statement: Given a two-dimensional array, if any element within is zero, make its whole row and column zero.

2. Linked Lists

Q1. Add two integers
Problem statement:Given the head pointers of two linked lists where each linked list represents an integer number (each node is a digit), add them and return the resulting linked list. (Solution)

Q2. The intersection point of two linked lists
Problem statement: Given the head nodes of two linked lists that may or may not intersect, find out if they intersect and return the point of intersection. Return null otherwise. (Solution)

3. Trees

Q1. Binary search tree
Problem statement: Given a binary tree, figure out whether it's a BST. (Solution)

Q2. Convert binary tree to a double linked list
Problem statement: Given a binary tree, populate an array to represent its zigzag level order traversal. You should populate the values of all nodes of the first level from left to right, then right to left for the next level, and keep alternating in the same manner for the following levels.

4. Strings

Q1. Reverse words in a sentence
Problem statement: Given a sentence (an array of characters), reverse the order of words. (Solution)

Q2. Segment string into dictionary words
Problem statement: Given a dictionary of words and a large input string find whether the input string can be completely segmented into the words of a given dictionary.

5. Dynamic Programming

Q1. Make the change with coins and a total amount
Problem statement: Given coins denominations and total amount, find out the number of ways to make the change.

6. Math and Stats

Q1. Given a set of integers, find all subsets
Problem statement: Given a set of integers, find all the possible subsets of this set of integers.

7. Backtracking

Q1. Print balanced parentheses for a given number “n”
Problem statement: Print all braces combinations for a given value n so that they are balanced.

8. Graphs

Q1. Minimum spanning tree
Problem statement: Find the minimum spanning tree of a connected, undirected graph with weighted edges. (Solution)

9. Design

Q1. Serialize/Deserialize a binary tree
Problem statement: Serialize a binary tree to a file and then deserialize it back to a tree so that the original and the deserialized trees are identical.

10. Sorting and Searching

Q1. Search for a given number in a rotated array
Problem statement: Search for a given number in a sorted array that has been rotated by some arbitrary number. Return -1 if the number does not exist. Assume that the array does not contain duplicates.

Q2. Closest meeting point
Problem statement: Given N people on an MxM grid, find the point that requires the least total distance covered by all people to meet at that point.

Recommended Reading: Everything About Sorting Algorithms

Netflix Interview Questions

It is important to note that Netflix, like all other top-tier tech companies, has many interview questions in rotation. Problems are also frequently removed from the rotation, and new ones are added regularly. The most effective and efficient way to prepare for technical and behavioral interviews is to look for conceptual themes and patterns rather than mugging up solutions to common interview questions.

If you want to ace interviews at the most competitive companies, place an emphasis on pattern recognition and building your problem-solving skill. This is the only way to solve problems you have never seen before and thoroughly explain your solutions. 

That said, here are some of the most common interview questions that you can use to start your practice.

Technical Interview Questions

The following are some technical questions interview questions that Netflix candidates/employees have faced:

  1. Write a recursive function that solves the equation X[n] = X[n-1] + X[n-2], where X is an array that contains at least two integer values, and the function should solve the question for the 3rd value in the arr2. 
  2. Each server application combination can have different attributes and can have different values. Write a method with the following signature: GetServerApps(string attributename, string attributevalue). Improve the performance.
  1. Given a binary search tree, find the kth smallest element.
  2. Given two sets A & B, get unique elements from each set in an optimal way. Merge Sort Multithreading - How to run threads A, B, and C in a sequence.
  3. What port does ping work on?
  4. Write a business_days_from_now() method, which takes as an input a number of business days, and returns a Date object which is that many business days from now. For this, a business day is only a weekday and not a weekend.
  5. Write a function that would take the filename and percentage as the parameters and print out the percentage of contents from the file printFromFile (String fileName, Integer percentage).
  1. Write a function fib() that takes an integer n and returns the nth Fibonacci number.
  2. Implement a queue with 2 stacks. Your queue should have an enqueue and a dequeue method, and it should be "first in first out" (FIFO).
  3. Write an efficient function that checks whether any permutation of an input string is a palindrome.

‍Behavioral Interview Questions

These are actual behavioral questions asked to Netflix employees:

  1. Tell me about a time when you did not agree with your manager.
  2. What is an example of something you worked on that you were proud of?
  3. How do you stay organized? How do you handle competing tasks or projects?
  4. What has been your biggest challenge while you work?
  5. Describe a time when you received extremely difficult feedback and how you handled it.
  6. Tell me about your work experience and how you would make Netflix even better than it is? (Why Netflix)
  7. What do you think of our culture memo?
  8. Pick a topic you’re passionate about and teach me about it.
  9. How would you work with a team on a hypothetical project?
  10. What feedback would your peers give you if you asked them for some criticism?

Resume Building Tips to Land an Interview Call From Netflix

By now, you should have a good idea of what to expect at the Netflix interview. However, getting a call from the recruiter can be a challenging task in itself. The best way to get that call is to make sure your resume is up to date and tailored to the role you are applying for.

Here are some tips to make your resume stand out:

  1. Try to keep it short and to the point and capture all relevant information on one page. Recruiters are already swamped with dozens, if not thousands, of applicants to go through for each job opening. 
  2. Reduce document length by writing no more than five bullet points of work experience for each position. 
  3. When writing out your experience, be sure to use action-oriented words like designed, developed, created, etc. Your recruiter then will easily understand your skills and experience. 
  4. For your experience, you must list the results and impact of your work. 
  5. Demonstrate your deep understanding of a given programming language and skill by referencing it multiple times throughout your resume. List any programming languages you are well-versed in at the top. 
  6. Since you are interviewing for a specific position, avoid adding your entire work portfolio to your resume. Just focus on conveying your core skills relevant for the job.
  7. Research the company and optimize your resume accordingly to the needs of the position you are applying for.
  8. Look over the job descriptions for the roles that you are applying to. Identify the keywords and areas of experience that you can highlight, then customize from there. 
  9. If you are a student or recent grad, it is recommended that you list your education first, followed by experience. If you are an experienced industry professional, you should list your experience first, and education can be lower on the page.
  10. Bold your subheadings in your resume to guide the recruiter’s eyes. Subheadings include names of your projects and schools/bootcamps you attended.
  11. Your resume does not need to have attention-grabbing colors or creative fonts throughout. Keep it simple and plain. Remember that it is all about readability.
  12. Have someone else review your resume after reviewing it yourself for edits. They may catch something that can change your resume for the better.

Netflix Interview Tips 

Once you land an interview, here are some tips to sharpen your prep and nail the interview. These tips are from Christophe Jouin, Director of Device Engineering, at Netflix:

  • Tip 1: “Read, and then re-read, the Netflix culture deck and spend some time thinking about it. It's for real, and the deck describes exactly how we work at Netflix.”
  • Tip 2: “Try the Netflix service.”
  • Tip 3: “If you haven’t received the job description before scheduling your on-site interview, take a look at it. Carefully read the specifications on the Netflix Careers page and use that information to your advantage.”
  • Tip 4: “Once you get the list of people who will be on your panel of interviewers, take this information as an opportunity to get to know the group before you meet them in person.”
  • Tip 5: “If you are being considered for a leadership position, reflect on what you believe makes a great leader in general, but also more specifically at Netflix. Read about the history of Netflix and about Reed Hastings, our founder, and CEO. Ask yourself this question: "which parts of my leadership experience would I leverage the most at Netflix?"
  • Tip 6: “During the interview, make sure you avoid giving answers that sound rehearsed. Take your time, and don't be afraid to tell the interviewer you need a minute to figure it out.”


More About Netflix — Software Engineer Salaries, Reviews, Culture

Researching about the company you are interviewing for is always a good idea. In this section, we’ve covered some key information such as salaries of Netflix employees in different roles, company reviews, and Netflix culture. 

Netflix Salaries for Engineers in Different Roles and Levels

According to, the average salary for a senior software engineer at Netflix is $400,000, with a minimum salary of $320,000 and the highest salary of $600,000 in the San Jose, CA area. These salaries are based on the base salary and additional compensation awarded.


According to, the average base pay for a senior engineering manager at Netflix is $273,845, with an average total pay of $305,000. The average additional salary is $37,654.


According to, the average salary for a Netflix front-end developer is $206,103 per year.


Netflix Glassdoor Reviews

On Glassdoor, the average rating across all reviewers is 4 stars out of 5. 73% of reviewers would recommend working at Netflix to their friends. 92% of reviewers approved of the current CEO, Reed Hastings.

Netflix Company Culture

According to, across the 18 core culture metrics, Netflix is rated an outstanding A+ in overall culture, CEO rating, and diversity, with an A- in compensation. The ratings were by 93 Netflix employees that have left culture ratings. Males score Netflix's company culture slightly higher than females, with males rating the overall culture 85/100.

Ready to Nail the Netflix Tech Interview?

We’ve covered all the key information you need to know to nail your next Netflix interview. Are you still confused about how to practically apply this? Don’t worry; we are here to help!

Interview Kickstart offers interview preparation courses taught by FAANG tech leads and seasoned hiring managers. We have trained over 6,200 software engineers to crack the toughest interviews at Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and other top tech companies.

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Netflix- Hiring Process Skit

Check out our article to learn everything you need to know about the Netflix interview process as well as how to stand out in your applications and how to make more money in your salary negotiation. Fellows in the Pathrise program work with their mentors to increase their application response rate by 3x, interview scores by 2x, and their offered compensation by 10-20% through negotiation alone. We have helped 1,000+ people land great jobs at companies like Netflix, Apple, Google, Stripe, and more.

When applying for a job at Netflix, knowledge is power. Understanding the company’s mission, values, culture, products, and interview structure gives applicants a major advantage, even over people with stronger resumes or skills. Even more powerful? Applicants with a referral from a current Netflix employee have almost 15 times the odds of getting an offer. But what if you don’t have a generous buddy with a Netflix badge and interview experience?

Luckily, we’ve collected data on the Netflix interview process and are happy to share. At Pathrise, we’ve helped 1,000+ students and professionals land great tech jobs, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We have data-backed tips for each step of the Netflix job search that’s proven to help candidates succeed. While no two tech companies are exactly alike, top tech company interview processes often have a lot in common. Use this post to prepare for an interview at Netflix or a similar company.

Netflix application process

Big tech companies like Netflix are almost always hiring, meaning job seekers don’t have to wait to find their 2,100+ open positions on LinkedIn and other job boards. While we encourage all job seekers to create a LinkedIn profile, Netflix roles get thousands of instant submissions. How can you make your application stand out in a sea of impressive resumes?

Applicants can increase their odds with “reverse recruiting”, or contacting recruiters directly. First, search LinkedIn for Netflix technical recruiters and high level team members. Next, narrow down the results to the people you have a connection with, like a shared hobby or college. For more information on how to reach out to recruiters and a list of contacts, including for Netflix recruiters, check out our full guide. 

Finally, it’s time to write a LinkedIn message that highlights your connection to the recruiter. Fellows in our program have found that sending a personalized cold email along with their application triples their response rate on average. Use our cold email template to craft the most effective introduction possible. 

Photo of Netflix interview process

Netflix interview process

Netflix has a reputation for mainly hiring more experienced talent with a very limited internship program. Since employees tend to be more senior and experienced, engineers are extremely well compensated. Netflix also has a reputation for a high involuntary attrition rate with a culture of honesty and transparency. Many interview questions will be based on their culture deck, which is publicly available to prep before the interview. However, the Netflix interview process depends on the chosen role.

Software engineering Netflix interview process

The software engineering interview process usually only takes 3 weeks.

  • Stage 1: Initial phone screen with HR.
  • Step 2: Phone interview with an engineer.
  • Stage 3: 2-part onsite interview. The first part consists of 4 technical interviews and 1 HR interview. If feedback is positive, the candidate moves to a meeting with 2 directors. 
  • Common questions: How would you optimize network traffic for screen resolution, brainstorm features to re-engage users, thoroughly design a staged launch plan including pre-launch A/B testings, given a binary search tree find the kth smallest element

Data science Netflix interview process

The data science interview process takes 2-4 weeks on average.

  • Stage 1: Initial phone screen with HR.
  • Step 2: A phone interview with the hiring manager.
  • Stage 3: Onsite interview split into 2 parts: the first is with 4 data scientists/engineers and the second is with 3 higher level executives. Questions cover product, business, analytical, and stats topics. Statistics questions usually focus on A/B testing such as hypothesis testing. Candidates can expect some easy to medium difficulty SQL questions. Analytical questions include a hypothetical problem to analyze, metrics to evaluate product performance. Higher level executive interviewers tend to focus mostly on the candidate’s background and past experience rather than technical questions.
  • Common questions: How would you design an experiment for a new feature, how do you know if one algorithm is better than the other, how do you prevent overfitting and complexity of a model, how do you measure and compare models, Given a month’s worth of login data from Netflix such as account_id, device_id, and metadata concerning payments, how would you detect fraud? (identity theft, payment fraud, etc.)

UX/UI design Netflix interview process

Although data about the UX/UI design interview process is limited, the interview process takes 2-8 weeks on average.

  • Stage 1: Initial phone screen with HR.
  • Step 2: A phone interview with either the hiring manager or designers from the team.
  • Stage 3: Onsite interview which includes a panel portfolio review followed by a product brainstorm session. Candidates have a whiteboard exercise, plus another 30 minutes to put together polished mockups. Interviews are conducted by team members including PMs, engineers/devs, designers, design directors, and managers.
  • Common questions: Come up with a solution for emphasizing recommendations within the Browse DVDs section of the site

Product management Netflix interview process

The product management interview process usually lasts 2-4 weeks.

  • Stage 1: Initial phone screen with HR.
  • Step 2: A phone interview with the hiring manager.
  • Stage 3: An onsite interview.

How to prepare for Netflix interviews

Netflix interviews typically begin with a phone screen. While this initial screen is more casual, candidates should still prepare with company research. Even if you stream enough movies to see the Netflix layout in your dreams, so many questions come from Netflix’s culture page that candidates will still benefit from studying the company’s mission, values, products, and design by heart. Candidates who use language from Netflix’s culture page prove they took the initiative to study independently, which happens to be one of Netflix’s values. Using specific language from the company values page also appeals to recruiters who may be seeking these highly specific skills in the interview, possibly even checking them off a list. Check out some of the top phone interview questions and answers to further prep for your phone screen.

To prepare for technical interviews, candidates should time themselves solving popular interview questions. Practicing with a partner may be especially helpful for pair-programming questions. Since candidates will be asked to explain their thinking, aspiring Netflix employees should practice thinking aloud and working through questions step-by-step. Use our list of Netflix interview questions to further prepare for software engineering, data science, UX/UI design, and product management technical interviews.

Applicants should expect even more behavioral interviews onsite. Aligning with Netflix’s company values and mission will be especially important in this stage. Study popular behavioral interview questions from top tech companies and write down your answers, considering how they fit with Netflix’s company vision and values. Once you know how you’ll respond to each question, practice aloud until you can answer confidently.

Netflix offer process

The process doesn’t end with an offer letter–successful candidates should be ready to negotiate. Even among top companies like Facebook or Amazon, Netflix has a reputation for high salaries, especially for engineering roles. However, you can still try to negotiate equity, signing bonuses, and other benefits.

When applying and interviewing, try not to mention specific salary ranges or benefits. If the recruiter asks, tell them you’d like to do more research on market rates or simply say salary is “Negotiable, within reason.” This will make negotiating the offer letter much easier. Check out our negotiation guide for more information on how to negotiate successfully, which includes an email template you can adapt to the hiring manager’s responses.

Photo of Netflix salaries

Applying to jobs at other companies? For more tips on how to get a job at top tech companies like Netflix, check out our company guides. Each includes key information on the interview processes, common interview questions, company values, and everything else you need to get an offer. 

Pathrise is a career accelerator that optimizes the job search through 1-on-1 mentoring. With our tips and guidance, fellows in our program see their application response rate and double their interview scores. 

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