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Chris said:

Perhaps just going with a remanufactured OEM gearbox?

It seems to have good reviews too.

I would like to hear from @mrblaine. It seems we're getting questions often on what are good replacement steering boxes for the TJ, and I'd be interested to see what Blaine recommends, since he will have a lot of experience on the matter.

A good replacement option would be nice to have, that way I can recommend it to people!

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I wish I could find a good option. We have tried several with no good success on any of them. There are two problems. The first is that there is very limited support for the early gear box in the TJ and the second is the ZF box in the 03-06 wasn't that great to begin with. It works well in stock form and after that, they aren't very consistent in how they respond to bigger tires. They also tend to be subject to shearing off the sector shaft with a frightening regularity on 35's.

I do lots of steering work and my option is new from PSC and it's horridly expensive so it's out of reach of most folks as a replacement.

We tried a Redhead after reports of good about them but like our other options, it was good for less than a year on 35's.

Good luck, we haven't found much that works.



2008 Jeep Wrangler - Steering Gear Box

New Or Remanufactured:  Remanufactured

Manual Or Power:  Power

Input Shaft Diameter (in):  0.710 Inch

Input Shaft Diameter (mm):  18.03mm

Output Shaft Diameter (in):  1.260 Inch

Output Shaft Diameter (mm):  32.04mm

Return Port Thread Size:  M16-1.50

Pressure Port Thread Size:  M18-1.50

Turns Lock To Lock:  3-7/16

Number Of Mounting Holes:  4

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Jeep Postal Jeep - Right Hand- etc Power Steering Gear Box

The Jeep Postal Jeep - Right Hand- etc Power Steering Gear Box encompasses the gear mechanism that is responsible for converting the rotational motion of the steering wheel to the linear motion that steers the wheels in the desired direction. The gearbox is usually made of cast-iron and has four inlets: two power steering fluid inlets, one from the fluid reservoir and one from the power steering pump. A thin metal rod called the torsion bar is connected to the steering wheel and to the worm or pinion gear at the top and bottom ends, respectively. The torsion bar works in conjunction with the rotary valve, which is responsible for delivering the hydraulic power to the right inlet in the casing. The torsion bar twists according to the torque exerted on the steering wheel. The rotary valve senses this torque and regulates the flow of the power steering fluid into the rack. The hydraulic pressure exerted by the fluid acts on a piston that is attached to the steering gears. The movement of the piston, therefore, causes the requisite steering action. One of the severe symptoms of a steering gear box is the “death wobble” - which can be detrimental to your suspension system, if not checked at the earliest.

If you are looking for a high-quality Jeep Postal Jeep - Right Hand- etc Power Steering Gear Box, you have come to the right place. Buy Auto Parts sells a wide range of OEM replacements and premium aftermarket parts at unbeatable prices. All the parts for your Jeep Postal Jeep - Right Hand- etc come with a warranty. Each of our steering parts has been tested to meet or exceed industry standards. All auto part orders over $99 will receive free shipping.

To locate the parts you need, just select the right year, make and model of your car from our online catalog. If you have difficulties in finding the Jeep Postal Jeep - Right Hand- etc Power Steering Gear Box, call us and we will find it for you. As we have warehouses all across the country, you can be assured of receiving the ordered steering parts from the warehouse closest to your location, on time.

Making sure our customers get the right part at the best price is our top priority. For any assistance, you can call our toll-free support line at 1-888-875-0023 or email us at [email protected]. Our US-based sales and support teams are here to answer all your questions about our steering parts.

2015 Jeep JK Transmission Fluid Change - NSG370 tranny

Steering Gear Box 07-11 Jeep Wrangler JK 3.8L AGR Steering

This is our JK Steering Gear Box SB1 tuned to perform to a lighter than stock feel for quick response in off road use. As you can see from the pictures this is NOT your factory style gear box. This is our fabricated gear box which is much stronger and more reliable than your factory box. This design has addressed the weak factory casting and weak sector shaft material. Our design will not flex or bind. Our Heavy Duty JK box starts life as the Saginaw box found in 3/4 ton GM trucks that have been proven for years. We then machine the box to accept our 1/4 wall DOM tubing to allow the longer sector shaft and our roller bearing kit. The mount plate is 3/8 thick with laser cut gussets for additional strength. All boxes come with factory stops to keep the steering angle sensor in its operating parameters. Double your warranty from 1 year to 2 years by purchasing 4 quarts of AGR Extreme Performance Power Steering Fluid 940100 on the same invoice

  • Double flat input shaft
  • Metric 18MM O-ring Pressure fittings
  • Metric 16MM O-ring Return fittings
  • Direct bolt in replacement
  • 3/8 Inch Steel Mount Plate w/Laser Cut Gussets
  • Cast Iron Box
  • Clearcoat Finish
  • Billet trim
  • Sold As Each

Fits Vehicles:

  • 2007-2011 All Jeep JK 3.8L w/Less Than 40 Inch Tire Size
  • 2012-2015 All Jeep JK 3.6L w/Less Than 40 Inch Tire Size

Gear box jeep

RedHead Steering Gear Box - 2007-2012 Jeep Wrangler JK JKU

Part #2554 Fits Jeep Wranglers 2007-2012

Red-Head offers a porting option for those that are either already running a hydraulic assist steering, or plan to in the future. If you choose to make this upgrade to the box (from the drop down menu), your gear box will come with two pre-drilled and tapped ports with plugs. For clarification, hydraulic assist is NOT something your vehicle would have come from the factory with, rather it is an upgrade that adds a hydraulic ram to the steering linkage to aid in steering. Most vehicles do NOT have this option, thus if you are unsure if you have it, you probably do not.

You have the option for us to include a pre-paid return label. with the shipment for ease of returning your core. With this option, you will merely need to drop the re-packaged core with accompanying shipping label off at a UPS drop-off. Otherwise, it will be your responsibility to supply your own means of returning the core. Pre-paid return label option is only applicable to the lower 48 contiguous United States. Please contact us if you have any questions.


OPTION 1: You can accept it, which means you will be charged for the
part AND the core at time of purchase. You still have the option to
send it back, and if you do, the core will be refunded back on the card
used, presuming the core meets core criteria and the core is returned
within 21 business days from originally receiving your order. If you
have outstanding circumstances that would not allow the return to occur
within 21 days, please contact us.

OPTION 2: You can defer the core charge. If you defer it, you will
not be charged a core at time of purchase. You will have 21 business
days from the day you receive it to send it back. As long as the core is
received within the 21 business days, you will not be charged. If 21
business days goes by and you do not send it back, the card on file will
be charged the core amount. You still may send it back, and once
received, we will issue the core amount as in store credit, pending any
limitations as set forth by the manufacturer. Core deferral is limited to payment by credit card only.

If you need a slightly beefier box, Part# 2555 that fits on a 2013-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK JKU will also fit on an 07-12 Jeep.  It is a slightly larger box and is a bolt on replacement.

Jeep TJ Wrangler Steering Box Reinforcement/Rust Repair Kit Installation

Done In A Day: Jeep Steering Box Swap

Better steering control for your Jeep can be as easy as PSC

You might be at that point in the development of your Jeep build at which a steering upgrade has become the obvious next step. The suspension system that led to the bigger wheels and tires has also led to much more effort needed to get those big meats pointed in the right direction when the trails you’re exploring begin to get into the “black diamond” category. There are a number of options ranging from completely gutting and replacing the steering system with a full hydraulic setup to bracing the factory box so it can handle the twisting and tweaking a bit better.

Of the broad range of options, we’re going to shoot for something in the middle and explore the simple yet effective method of upgrading the steering system on a Jeep Wrangler JK¬–swapping out the factory steering box with a beefed up aftermarket version. It’s a quick and easy job that you can have done in a day in your garage, but the lasting result will be a much better driving experience on- or off-road.

The Big Bore XD (P/N SG688) from Performance Steering Components (PSC) has applications for ’07 to ’18 Jeep JK Wranglers, and that’s what we’re going to focus on here. However, the company also makes a Big Bore XD unit for the TJ/LJ, XJ, and CJ back to ’80. Claimed to be the most powerful (producing 35 percent more turning force than the factory part) and strongest replacement Jeep JK steering box on the market, it is highly recommended for any JK running large tires or a front locker.

Much of the Big Bore XD’s claim to fame is due to the larger piston (80mm as opposed to the factory 70mm); the same as found in late-model Ram 2500/3500 diesel trucks. The gearbox’s sector shaft is also fatter (45mm compared to the factory 35mm). The case (15 pounds heavier than factory) is much sturdier than stock, and all the mounting areas have been beefed up too.

A couple of notes before we go any further: The larger size of the Big Bore XD can create a fitment problem with some aftermarket track bars. It may also have clearance issues that need to be addressed with certain V-8 swaps. Check with PSC about your specific application.

The Big Bore XD steering box is made to operate at pressures as high as 1,800 psi, and PSC recommends the use of its high flow/pressure pump kit (that runs at 1,800 psi and produces 50 percent more volume per revolution than the factory pump) with the Big Bore XD box. However, it is not absolutely necessary, as the factory pump puts out 1,500 psi and will operate the Big Bore XD just fine, just not at the gearbox’s full potential.

The 2012 Jeep Wrangler JKU Rubicon used for this steering gearbox swap rides on 37-inch tires and was built to be a multi-purpose trail runner and off-road camping vehicle, not a hardcore rock crawler, so we determined the Big Bore XD gearbox alone was enough to make a noticeable difference in the performance of this trail runner/daily driver. We now have more than 5,000 miles on the unit and it has solved the “steering moan blues” and instantly brought the steering feel back to factory levels. On the road, the steering is light and responsive, unimpeded by the larger tires. On the trail, the steering remains light to the touch and it takes less fighting with your steering wheel when going over the rough stuff. We have been rewarded with greatly improved steering feel and muscle with the installation of this PSC Big Bore XD steering gearbox.



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