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Seashell Angel Ornaments

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Make some gorgeous seashell angel ornaments for memories! It's such a fun craft and you can customize the angel anyway you want! I think some glitter all over the shells would be amazing.

You could even paint the shells different colors or add a pipe cleaner halo! Fun Christmas craft for kids or adults to make.

Watch my video tutorial below

Seashell Angel Ornaments


  • 4 Seashells 1 Large, 1 Small, and 2 Medium
  • gold silk ribbon
  • pearl
  • glue gun
  • cardboard paper
  • pencil
  • scissors


  • Draw a circle on the cardboard paper and cut it out.
  • Glue up the sea shells on the cardboard circle. The big one have to be in the bottom and the little one is at the top. The two middle size on the right and left side.
  • Make a bow with the ribbon and glue it on the angel's neck.
  • Cut a little piece of ribbon and glue it on the top.
  • Glue the pearl above the bow.

Have you been on a beach holiday and spent some time collection shells? Or maybe you&#;re lucky enough to live close to the ocean and go every chance you get! (This was me when we lived in Maui and Florida.)

If so, get ready to make some sea shell angels!

How to make a sea shell angel


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What you&#;ll need to make a Sea Shell Angel:

  • One scallop shell for the angel body
  • 2 small clam shell halves for the angel&#;s wings
  • One 3/8&#; white pearly bead for each angel.

Note: If you haven&#;t been to the beach, you can also purchase bags of mixed sea shells.

scallop shell, two halves of clam shells and one bead

You&#;ll also need:

Approx six inches of 1/8&#; ribbon to make the hanger.

A low temp hot glue gun or Aleene&#;s Tacky glue.

Please note: When I was making the angels, I used a low temp hot glue gun but if you are making them with younger children, I would suggest using Aleene&#;s Tacky glue.

I made a test angel using the tacky glue before writing this tutorial and the glue holds the shells together really firmly. It will take longer to make the sea shell angels using tacky glue because you have to allow the glue to set and dry for a few hours between each step, but it&#;s much safer. Even a low temp hot glue gun gets hot enough to burn little fingers. Grown up fingers too!

Start by applying a circle of glue to the bottom of the pearly bead.

Apply glue to bottom of the bead

Then position the bead on the top edge of the scallop shell. Hold in place until the glue sets.

Place bead on top of shell

Next run a bead of glue along the top edge of the back of the scallop shell.

Glue all top back edge of shell.

Position the clam shells to form the angel wings and hold in place until set. Make sure to get them positioned just right because once the glue is dry it will be difficult to remove and re-position them. In fact, if you&#;re using tacky glue, it might be impossible to do without breaking one of the shells.

Position clam shells to form the wings of the angel.

And here you have the completed angel.

Completed shell angel

To make the hanger for your angel, fold the ribbon in half and knot the end. Glue to the back of the angel and come Christmas time it will be ready to hand on the tree.

Sea Shell Angel hanging on the tree.

You can even add a tiny bow to some of them if you like.

Completed Sea shell Angel with bow

Dave and I made about 20 of these little angels to decorate our Christmas tree from shells we collected on the beach in Perdido Key. They are safely wrapped up in tissue paper and tucked away for us to use for years to come.

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For another really sweet angel ornament check out these Sea Glass & Seashell Angel Ornaments from Erlene at Pinterventures.




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Seashell Angel Ornament for Kids to Make

This SEASHELL ANGEL ORNAMENT is fun and easy for kids to make, and might just be the prettiest homemade ornament on your Christmas tree this year. Great craft for Sunday School too!

How to make a seashell angel ornament for Christmas

If you have a stash of seashells in your craft cupboard, you&#;re going to want to make these seashell angel ornaments. They&#;re absolutely darling, and so simple to make. They may just be the sweetest homemade ornaments you hang on your Christmas tree this year.

We&#;ve made several angel crafts in my daycare this past week,  so be sure to check out our wine cork angels, our coffee filter angel ornaments and our doily angel Christmas cards.

Today&#;s seashell angels  were inspired by one very special ornament that&#;s had a special place on my Christmas tree for the last 20 years.

My oldest son gave me the seashell angel, pictured below, for Christmas when he was 3 or 4 years old. He purchased it at our church&#;s Christmas bazar and his Sunday school teacher helped him to wrap it.

Painted seashell angel ornament on Christmas tree

My eyes still mist up when I think of how proud he was giving me a gift that he&#;d chosen and bought all by himself, and this little angel remains, to this day, my favourite Christmas ornament of all time.

I don&#;t know why it&#;s taken me so many years to replicate this ornament with my daycare kids. We have a huge stash of shells. The kids LOVE sorting them and using them for nature crafts. We&#;ve actually used them to make Christmas ornaments before. It just never occurred to me to make these angels.

We finally made them when the kids came over for a craft day today.

2 homemade seashell angel ornaments - blue and pink

They turned out beautifully, and the kids were thrilled to have such a precious ornament made from one of the seashells they&#;ve played with so often over the years.

To make your seashell ornaments, you&#;ll need:


  • seashells
  • wooden beads (or one of the alternative materials pictured further below)
  • metallic pipe cleaner  for halo
  • regular pipe cleaner to attach angel&#;s head
  • paint/paintbrush
  • glue/glitter
  • hot glue gun
  • metallic thread for hanging
  • craft gems/thin ribbon (optional embellishment)
supplies to make seashell angels


Paint your angel&#;s head and body

Begin by painting your seashell. I would advise using acrylic craft paint on your shells. It will hold up well over the years, and if you&#;re adding a coat of varnish or clear glue and glitter, like we did, it won&#;t streak or run.

kid painting sea shell blue

Paint your wooden bead as well. Our bead had a glossy finished, and I worried a little that the paint might not adhere to it, but it did. A coat of varnish or clear glue wouldn&#;t hurt, to protect it from getting scratched over the years.

Alternatives for your angel&#;s head

If you don&#;t have wooden beads for your angel&#;s head, you can use a jingle bell, pom pom, small styrofoam ball, large metallic bead or a disk cut from a wine cork.

What to use for head of angel ornament

Attaching your angel&#;s head

When your seashell and wooden bead are dry, you&#;ll need to attach your angel&#;s head to her body.

If your seashell has enough surface space at the top of it to set the head on, you can just squeeze a dollop of hot glue there and press the bead in place.

A lot of our seashells had a very thin edge at the top which I knew wouldn&#;t support the head no matter how much hot glue we used. I got creative and came up with this simple solution:

attaching angel head to sea shell
  1. Run a pipe cleaner through the hole in your bead. I chose a beige pipe cleaner so it would blend with the colour of the bead.
  2. Bend the pipe cleaner down over the back of the head and twist the two ends of the pipe cleaner together. Trim any excess, leaving about a one inch tail.
  3. Run a line of hot glue down the back of the seashell and press the tail of the pipe cleaner into it. While the glue is drying, tweak the positioning of the angel&#;s head so it&#;s right where you want it to be.
angel ornament with seashell and wooden bead

Halo and glitter

Cut a very small piece of pipe cleaner, and attach it, with hot glue, to the top of your angel&#;s head.

Now your angel is ready for any embellishments, such as glitter and jewels.

I know some of you are not fans of glitter, but when it&#;s contained in glue it&#;s virtually mess-free, and it adds such a nice touch to these ornaments.

homemade glitter glue for angel ornaments

Some of the kids brushed glitter over the entire surface of their angel&#;s dress, while others were selective about where they added it. Some chose to not add glitter at all.

Feel free to add a craft gem to the front of your angel for the finishing touch.

Hanging your ornament

To hang our angels, we slipped a length of metallic thread under our angel&#;s halo and secured it with a knot.

Aren&#;t they absolutely precious?

4 homemade sea shell angel ornaments

Without a doubt this is one of the prettiest homemade Christmas ornaments we&#;ve ever made, and a really wonderful way to put a few of the shells in your seashell collection to good use.

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