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Five Nights in Miku's Playland [FNaF/Vocaloid]

You wake up.

You didn't expect to wake up. You remember... someone. Someone in teal or cyan or turquoise. A guard? Yeah. All the guards here wore teal. Like Miku.

Miku. Miku's Playland. Why didn't they call it the Vocaloid Playland? No, that doesn't matter. You were in Miku's Playland. It was late, you'd snuck out into... the cafe section. Gakupo's and Gumi's Cafeteria. You wanted to... steal? Food? Yeah, there was a cake in one of the shelves, it looked nice. You wonder if it's still there. You were hungry.

Are you still hungry?

No, you realize, you're not. You feel full. You feel full. You don't think you've ever felt full. Your parents never gave you enough. Your stomach doesn't hurt, your brain isn't fuzzy anymore- is this what it feels like being your si-br- something? Brother-sister? He-she never acts like he-she's hungry.

Why can't you remember your brother-sister-whatever? Or at least remember more than not hungry. You should remember more than your parents not giving you food. You should know their names, where they are, why you came here, why you didn't think you'd wake up-


Why didn't you think you'd wake up?

Backwards. Think backwards. Guard, teal, tiny you in front of a shelf finishing the cake from the fridge, guard being nice, asking why you were here, hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt-

You stop thinking, putting a hand to your aching heart. Or, well, you try to. You can't move.

[requested command denied.]

What? What command denied? Move!

[requested command denied.]

What command?!

Was it moving? Can you at least see? You try to open your eyes.

[requested command denied.]

Why can't you move?! This is your body, you can feel it, this is your body, you- should- move.

[requested command denied.]

Shove that command in a nuclear reactor! You want to move!

[requested command-]

[power on.]

You go toppling straight from a platform, crashing headfirst into the ground. 1:00, you think, it's 1:00. P.M. You shouldn't be awake this late, your parents'll find out and they'll hit you and hide your food again.

Your floor isn't tiled.

"Ow," you say automatically, the pain finally appearing when it should. Your nose hurts, your arm hurts, your knees hurt, and your heart hurts. You don't like it.

That's not your voice.

That's not your voice. It's a Vocaloid's, the voice of one you can't remember the name of properly. The girl who'd been greeting people at the cafeteria, right? Um, green hair, orange skirt, goggles-

[GUMI. Megpoid GUMI, voice provider-]

Why do you have Gumi's voice? You're not Gumi. You're...

Who are you? Why can't you remember?


[ ]Explore the area. Figure out where you are.
[ ]Try to remember things. Your name, your parents, your life, anything.
[ ]Figure out what's talking to you and denying requests.
[ ]Write-in.

I need to stop.


Sours: https://forums.sufficientvelocity.com/threads/five-nights-in-mikus-playland-fnaf-vocaloid.45931/

FNAF's X Vocaloid!Reader: Chapter 1: Intro~

Hey guys~ You know I had to do this. I've been a fan of Five Night's At Freddy's since maybe it came out ? Idk...But I do know that I knew about it before it blew up. But~ I read More Than Five Nights and I was like, "Omg! I HAVE to do a story now!" So, here it is~ And ya'll know my love for Vocaloid...So I combined them! wink Enjoy~!

        It was around seven thirty in the morning and Mr. Adam Weiss was leaning over a crate in the main room at Freddy Frazbear's Pizzeria. Mr. Weiss was a younger man, in his late twenties, though, he still looked eighteen. He had light blonde hair, bright blue eyes, he was about 6' or 6'11, he also was quite...built (ladies, you know what I mean~ XP)
"Whatcha doing Mr. Weiss ?" Leigh-Anne asked as she walked into the store in her uniform. Leigh-Anne was around eighteen and had dark, black hair, brown eyes and she had tan-ish skin. She was thin and stood about 5'3.
"Trying to figure out how to turn her on..." He mumbled, looking at some directions.
"Her?" Leigh-Anne walked over to him, leaning over the crate a bit. What she was a beautiful young girl with (h/l), (h/c) hair, that was put into two adorable pigtails(If it's not long enough sorry, but you can do another hair style if you want~), her lips were a light pink, she had (s/c) skin and her eyes were closed so she couldn't tell what they looked like. She was wearing a (f/c) skirt with a (f/c) tank top, with thigh socks and boots (it looks like this .)
"She's a robot ? She's beautiful." He nodded as he looked over the directions.
"She's from Japan. Apparently, she's a singing android, or as they call it, a Vocaloid. Her name is (Y/n) (L/n)." Leigh-Anne 'oooh-ed' as she set her bag on a table.
"So...Does she speak English ?" He nodded, adjusting his glassed.
"Yeah, she's got an English switch, but it says here that she can't sing English." Leigh-Anne nodded and stood up straight.
"Since it's about opening time, would you like me to get Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy awake ?" He nodded, still looking for the on switch. Leigh-Anne giggled a bit as she headed to the anamatronic stuido. She set her bag down in the break room before going in there. She turned them on one by one, until all five were turned on. 
"Hi Leigh-Anne!" Greeted Chica happily.
"Good morning Miss Leigh-Anne." Freddy tipped his hat towards her, smiling at her.
"Mornin'." Foxy waved at her, smiling at her.
"Good morning Leigh-Anne." Bonnie Greeted, smiling at her.
"Good morning-" Leigh-Anne was interrupted by Mr. Weiss.
"Leigh-Anne, I turned her on! Come meet her!" The anamatronics shared confused glances and followed Leigh-Anne out of the studio and towards the main room.

Sorry it's so short...But hey! I got it done~ The next chapter will be longer, promise! :)

Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/avril-chan/art/FNAF-s-X-Vocaloid-Reader-Chapter-1-Intro-492046724
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"Freddi Fazchan, the frighteningly cute holographic singer based on Freddy from the american indie game franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s, is here to star in her first debut stage performance! After having a large run in Japan, the first “Freddi Fazchan’s Live Holograhic Stage Show” is opening in America! Enjoy hologram performances from the girl herself or enjoy some pizza in Freddy’s Pizza World, an authentic recreation of a Five Nights at Freddy’s stage with holographic animatronics!"

"Then there’s you, a new hire on a 5 hour training shift for a night guard position. It’s a pretty typical affair, except for the fact that the hologram is left on during the night. However, no problems have ever been recorded in our other locations. So what can really go wrong, right?"

VOCAL NIGHTMARE is a Five Night's at Freddy's fangame where you must once again defend your office from terrifying creatures. However, this time your enemy isn't a possessed robot or animatronic - it's a living hologram. Take control and defend yourself against a malfunctioning hologram in this Vocaloid and Five Night's at Freddy's crossover game.


Freddi Fazchan may appear like your typical vocaloid performer - but during her nightly memory reset, things can get a little complicated. To help prepare you for any possible malfunctions, we've equipped you with a Control Panel which allows you to monitor Freddi's health and stability. While there is a Camera System as well, the Control Panel will be your key to surviving a potentially lethal encounter. The Control Center has an easy to use modern and minimalistic interface that has not
been seen in any FNAF-like game before! Be careful... one bad decision in the Control Center can lead to deadly consequences.


This game has been been an idea ever since FNAF 2 came out. However, the game itself has not been developed until now. I hope you enjoy the game, I put a lot of thought into it and it's nice to finally get this game out there. This game is my entry to the "Fangames at Freddit’s" Game Jam.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an official FNAF or VOCALOID related product. This is just a fan game and I do not own any of the characters.


Created by: Jacob Melendez
Programming: Jacob Melendez
Art: Jacob Melendez with minor assistance from Paul Riggio
Music: Paul Riggio
Playtesting: Paul Riggio and Gabriel Melendez


Sours: https://gamejolt.com/games/vocalnightmare/394674
【FNAF Sister Location Original Song】 How To Pretend 【Luka + Gumi】

I was a little confused and froze, not knowing where to start. Hi, I heard Victoria's familiar voice from behind. I couldn't think of anything better than to say hello again.

Vocaloid fnaf

Pressing his lips again, Simon changed their places, and he himself was hanging over the blonde, giving a passionate kiss and receiving an equally hot response, a. Hundred times more important. Still, it's time for us, Emma, the agent pulled back and sat on the edge of the bed.

【Hatsune Miku English】 It's Been So Long 【Vocaloid Cover】

I am a gentle person, but I will say frankly, I want to hear such words again when we are buddies. It's easy. I myself, sometimes I want to say them, it infuriates me more. - So, in order to be a good wife to you, I have to do whatever you want and when you want.

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