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Hydraulic Filters Primary

Hydraulic Filters (Primary) | Buy TA00000859A Online TA00000859A

Fits the following models:

2810, 3510, 3520, 4020, 4320, 4520, 3510-1, F3550, F4350, Century 2028, Century C35 / 2635, Century 3035, Century 3040, Century 3045, Century 3045, Century 2535, Century 2035, Century 2045

Fits the following engines:

3T84L-ATC, 3T90L-ATC, 3T90LT-ATC, 4TNE88-ERKB, A1700N2, S4L2-Y161KT

Price: $20.04
Hydraulic Filters (Primary) | Get Price for TA00025525A TA00025525A


Fits the following models:

2515H, 2515R, 3015H, 3015R, 3120R, 3120R_2014, 3515C, 3515H, 3515H, 3515R, 3520CX, 3520R, 3520R_2014, 3725C, 3725CH, 3725H, 3725R, 4015C, 4015CH, 4015H, 4015R, 4020R, 4020R_2014, 4225C, 4225CH, 4225H, 4225R, 4520C, 4520C_2014, 4520R, 4520R_2014, 4815C, 4815CH, 4815H, 4815R, 5220C, 5220C_2014, 5220R, 5220R_2014, 7845C, 7845R

Fits the following engines:

A1500N2-R, A1700N2, A1700N2-R, A1700N2-UTR_4, A1700N4-UTR_4, A1700N5_UTR_4, A1700N5-UTR_4, A1700N5-UTR_4, A1700T1, A1700T1-UTR_4, A1700T2-UTR_4, A2000N2-UTC_4, A2000N2-UTR_4, A2000N3-UTC_4, A2000N3-UTR_4, A2300N2-ATC, A2300N2-R, A2300N2-UTC_4, A2300N2-UTR_4, A2300T3-ATC, A2300T3-R, A2300T3-UTC_4, A2300T3-UTR_4, D3400T10-UTR_3

Price: $24.13
Hydraulic Filters (Primary) | FE91050000A For Sale Near Me FE91050000A

Fits the following models:

2100, 2400, 2510, 2800, 2400_2014, 2400H, 2510H, 2610H, 2800H, 2800H_2014

Fits the following engines:

A1000N2, A1100N2, A1100N2 TIER 4, A1100N3, A1100T1, A1100T2

Price: $26.24
Hydraulic Filters (Primary) | Buy NTB8030000B3 Online NTB8030000B3

Fits the following models:

2910, 3820, 4220, 4720, 2910I, 3110I, 3510H, 3510I, 3520H_2014, 3820I, 4220I, 4720CH, 4720H, 4720H_2014, 4720I, 5220CH, 5220H, Century C29 / 2629, Century C38 / 3638, Century C42 / 3642, Century C47 / 3647

Fits the following engines:

A1400N3, A1500N2, A1700N2, A1700N2-HST, A1700N2-UTR_4, A2000N2, A2000N3, A2300N2, A2300N2-UTR_4, A2300T3-UTR_4

Price: $26.36

Air Filters, Oil Filters & Fuel Filters for Your Tractor

 Air Fuel & Oil Filters


As with any other working vehicle part, an engine air filter needs changing over time to keep the engine running at peak performance. For working tractors this is particularity important as your driving environment is engulfed in debris and particles.  If you own a show tractor you will still need to check the filter at regular intervals as over time air filters can become brittle.

Air filters are designed to prevent debris from entering the engine's cylinders, where it would cause mechanical wear to your tractor and oil contamination. Without an air filter in place, the engine may also be sucking dirt and debris in at the same time. This can cause damage to internal engine parts, such as valves, pistons and cylinder walls. An engine combines air and fuel in the combustion chamber to create power. The air filter must allow enough air to reach the engine so it can perform effectively. Air filters are usually made of fibrous or porous material. Over time, the air filter can become dirty and clogged, and the lack of air can affect the engines power where it is having to work harder to draw in air. 

How do I know when my air filter needs changing?:

  1. Reduced fuel economy
  2. Misfiring engine.
  3. Unusual engine sounds.
  4. Check Engine Light comes on
  5. Air filter appears dirty.
  6. Reduced horsepower.
  7. Black sooty smoke or flames exiting the exhaust. 
  8. Smell of fuel when starting the tractor.


Clogged fuel filters can often present the same issues. The fuel filter removes dirt and other abrasive particles that can clog your fuel injectors and cause damage to the surfaces of your engine. An overall lack or engine power  can be due to a lack of fuel getting to the injectors; if the fuel filter is clogged, the flow of fuel will be reduced or even stopped. The filter should be cleaned or replaced. A clogged fuel filter will cause your tractor to struggle while starting. A severely dirty or clogged fuel filter can cause the tractor to experience misfires, a decrease in power and acceleration, and even stalling - particularly on an incline. 


A hydraulic filter helps to remove these particles and clean the oil on a continuous basis. The performance for every hydraulic filter is measured by its contamination removal efficiency, i.e. high dirt-holding capacities. Almost every hydraulic system contains more than one hydraulic filter. Oil filters play such an important role in ensuring that all oil that is being transferred through the engine is of good quality. If any abrasive particles get into the oil, the engine's parts can become excessively worn. It is recommended to change your oil filter every time you change your oil, this will help keep your engine performing at it's best.

At Anglo Agriparts we stock a range of filters for your make and model of tractor

  • Air Filters, Oil Filters &  Fuel Filters for Your Tractor
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Gasket Diameters

Product Description

WIX Spin-On Hydraulic Filter

Application Summary

Hydraulic and Transmission on Ford & Massey Ferguson Tractors

WIX HD Hydraulic Filters feature a wide variety of medias to meet the specifications of your application: wirebacked synthetic, cellulose/poly/glass and wire mesh medias with contaminant holding capacity that out performs many of our top competitors with contaminant removal as small as 4 micron. High strength, corrosion resistant cans, center tubes, and end caps with superior sealing components insure a leak resistant, long lasting, high performing hydraulic filter.

Product Attributes

Duty Type--- - HD
MediaType--- - Paper
Micron--- - '25.00' Micron
Height--- - '5.214' in
Outer Diameter Top--- - '3.663' in
Inner Diameter Top--- - Closed
ThreadSize--- - 1 1/8-16
AntiDrainBackValve--- - 'No'
ByPassValveSetting--- - '13'
BetaRatio--- - 2/20=15/32
BurstPressure--- - '325' PSI
FlowRate--- - 18-20 GPM GPM
Class--- - HTA
Style--- - Spin-On Hydraulic Filter
Capacity(grams)--- - '0.00' g

Additional Information

Country of Origin (Primary)US
Harmonized Tariff Code (HTS)8421230000
Remanufactured PartN

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