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Welcome to UMKC!

As a UMKC student you have access to a host of online services using your SSO and password. Visit our SSO Information page for more about SSOs. You also have access to Microsoft Office 365 for email.

To get started with any of these services, you need to know your SSO and password.

New students must activate their SSO via Pathway and set up a password before the SSO can be used. If you haven't set up a password in the Pathway system yet, you can do so provided you have the temporary "bootstrap" password that was emailed to you when you applied to the University. If you don't have the temporary password, our password assistance page has steps to Reset/Create your password.

If you have any questions or problems contact the IS Call Center via phone at 816.235.2000 or email at [email protected].

BlackboardPathway allows access to admissions, class schedules, account information, financial aid and your "To Do Lists" for all of the above.

CanvasCanvas provides tools used for presenting course content and other materials online.

All UMKC students, faculty and staff are assigned a unique UMKC Username and Password. This ID is needed to access most UMKC technology resources.

Student UMKC Usernames

Student UMKC Usernames consist of a student's initials and three additional characters to ensure uniqueness.

If you are a student and you don't know your UMKC Username, please contact the UMKC IS Technology Support Center. Please have your Student ID number available when you call.

New students must activate their UMKC Usernames via Pathway and set up a password before the UMKC Username can be used. Most new students set up their passwords during Orientation or as part of the admission process, but if you haven't yet done so, you can set up a password with the Pathway system, provided you have the "temporary" password that was emailed to you when applying to the University.

If you don't have the temporary password, our password assistance page has steps to Reset/Create your password. You can also visit that page to find information about how to change a password.

Faculty/Staff UMKC Usernames

Information Services creates UMKC Usernames for all new employees. An email is sent to the hiring department detailing the new employee's name, UMKC Username, and their new email address. If you are a faculty or staff member and don't know your UMKC Username, please contact your departmental IT Liaison or the UMKC IS Technology Support Center. Make sure to have your employee ID number available when you call. If you don't know your employee ID number, contact your departmental HR representative or UMKC Human Resources.

Please note: Beginning Monday December 03, 2018 all newly hired employees will receive a “hash based” UMKC Username, similar to what students receive today. The hash is based on a person's initials and three additional characters to ensure uniqueness. This username will be the same during a person’s entire association with UM System, which will help alleviate confusion or the need to change a username based on a role or name change.

All employees whose accounts were created before December 03, 2018 will continue to use their current UMKC Username, nothing will change. However, we will no longer be modifying any employee usernames for name changes or preferences.

While new Faculty/Staff are required to use their UMKC Username as their login they can create a more friendly email alias. Please note that while this will give them a nice, friendly, email they will still login to Windows, myHR, etc.. with their assigned username.

  • Go to and login using your UMKC Username and password.
  • Once logged in select Personalize Account.
  • Click the Personalize Email button.
  • Select one of the listed available options to set as your email alias.
  • Click Submit.
  • Your newly selected email alias will be added to your account within 24 hours.

What Can I Do With My UMKC Username?

UMKC Usernames provide access to Blackboard, Pathway, computer labs, wireless systems, faculty and staff email and many other resources.

Students use their UMKC Usernames to set or reset their Office 365 passwords, but then use their O365 account credentials for email access. Please refer to the Office 365 Email FAQ for more information about the student email system.

Faculty and staff use their UMKC Usernames to access their employee Exchange email account. Please refer to the Exchange FAQ for more information about the Exchange email system.

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Once admitted, you will need to accept your offer of admission and pay the freshmen confirmation fee of $150. By paying this fee, you are officially accepting your offer of admission.

The confirmation fee covers New Student Orientation fees for freshmen (guests have a separate fee), new student and first-year programming (including Convocation and Welcome Week) and the UMKC OneCard.

Log in to your Application Status page to complete this process. You will need the email address used when you created your application and a credit card in order to complete your acceptance of the UMKC admission offer.

Accept Offer and Pay Fee

Students admitted to master's, Ph.D. or professional graduate programs do not pay the UMKC confirmation fee, but you may be notified directly by your specific program if they require a seat deposit.


Students may request a deferment of the confirmation fee on the Admission Acceptance Form through the Student Status page. If the confirmation fee is deferred, the fee will be added to the UMKC bill and may be paid at a later time when the bill is due.

To qualify for deferment, a student must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Received an application fee waiver
  • Is eligible for a federal Pell Grant
  • Received an ACT/SAT fee waiver
  • Participated in federal free/reduced lunch program

If you are part of a program that will pay your confirmation fee, please indicate the name of the organization on the Admission Acceptance Form through the Student Status page. We will defer the fee until received by the organization.

Third party organizations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Bloch Scholars
  • Kansas SRS Olathe
  • KC Degrees
  • KC Scholars
  • Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation Centers
  • Rehabilitation Services for the Blind KC
  • VA Medical Center

The confirmation fee is non-refundable after May 1.

Prior to May 1, a student may contact the Office of Admissions and request a refund of the confirmation fee. Students should contact the Office of Admissions at [email protected]

UMKC Pathway Schedule Planner Basics

If there is another current staff member who has the type of access needed, you can indicate on the form to "Copy {insert user's SSO} access."

Academic Advising Role

This is our most comprehensive access to student records and includes admission, academic records, and personal information on applicants, current, and former students. It includes the ability to add and remove service indicators and information on classes scheduled and class rosters. For most academic advisors and administrative assistants in academic departments, this role is sufficient, although you may choose to add the Permission Numbers role.

Permission Numbers 

If a class requires consent, one person in each department has been designated to have access to input permission for individual students to register for specific "consent required" sections.

Department Chair

This role is designed for a department chair who does not have advising responsibilities. In addition to some basic student record information, this role also has access to view the grade rosters for all classes in his/her department.

Class Search

This role is designed for the staff member who has class scheduling responsibilities, but does not need access to student records. It includes view access to the Catalog of courses and the Schedule of Classes.

Service Indicators

This role is designed to give a staff member access to add and remove service indicators (holds), but not have access to other student record information.

Basic Student Inquiry

This role is designed to allow staff members to view the catalog and class search, and individual student's names, address, phone numbers, and directory information. This role does not include class schedules or grade information on individual students.

Learning Management

This role is designed to allow student service departments on campus to tell if a student is currently enrolled and assist the student in utilizing the various student services available to them. 


Pathway umkc student

Access Pathway

Your username is the part of your UMKC email before the @ sign. Please keep in mind that you must log in with your official username (similar to “abc123”) and not an alias.

You will use your username and password for accessing Pathway, just as you use it to access your UMKC email, Canvas or to log on to computers in to the campus computer labs.

Set up your username

Your username is emailed or mailed to you when you apply for admission. New students are automatically assigned a Single Sign On (SSO) which is also known as a username.

Change, reset or recover your password

If you are still having trouble setting up your username contact the Technology Support Center.

Providing e-consent

When you first log-on to Pathway, you must provide your consent to do business with UMKC online. If you choose not to provide your consent, you will have to do all business with UMKC in person at the Administrative Center during regular business hours.

Once you have decided whether or not to grant consent, you will be re-directed to the sign-on page and you must log-on again to access your information. If you grant your consent and later wish to withdraw it, complete the E-consent Withdrawal Form and submit it to Registration and Records.

E-consent Withdrawal Form (PDF)

Where do I go next?

After logging in to Pathway and providing E-Consent, access the Student Center to get everything you need.

  1. Select Self Service
  2. Select Student Center
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Login to Additional Authorized Access

University of Missouri-Kansas City students can grant other users direct and authorized online access to their student information in Pathway, which may include:

  • Campus Finances - grants access to view current and past charges.
  • Academic Information - grants access to view class schedule, grades and transfer credit information.
  • Directory Information - grants access to view address, email and phone information.
  • Financial Aid - grants access to view financial aid information. This includes information about awards, loans, scholarships, fellowships and work study jobs that you have received or have been offered. If you have applied for financial aid, it includes information about the status of your application.

In authorizing Additional Authorized Access (AAA) members, the student acknowledges that the university is not responsible for any unauthorized disclosure of student information by your registered members.

Step-by-step AAA instructions (PDF)


To grant access to AAA, simply

  1. Log into Pathway
  2. Select Self Service.
  3. Select Additional Authorized Access OR Select Student Center, then Personal Information and Additional Authorized Access.
  4. Enter the additional user's name and email address and make the appropriate Access Granted selections. Once finished, select Save. An email will be sent to the user notifying them that they now have access to AAA and will give log in directions.

You may add up to five Additional Authorized Users to your account.

To remove the access for an Additional Authorized User – navigate to the AAA page and select Delete and Save. Please note that the user will be sent an email notifying that access has been revoked.

Important Information for Authorized Users

Your student may choose to grant you direct and authorized online access as an Additional Authorized Access member. By virtue of creating this AAA account, your student is granting the university permission to share specified records with you. Students have the right to revoke this access at any time.

The federal law called the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, also known as FERPA or the Buckley Amendment, maintains that a student's educational and financial records are private and confidential. The information contained in these records may only be released with consent from the student.

If your student has set up an AAA account, you will receive an email message with directions on how to set up your password and log into AAA.

Login to Additional Authorized Access

Frequently Asked Questions about AAA

Students control all access to set-up and maintain the Additional Authorized User. An automatically generated email will be sent to both the student and the user notifying the access has been set up.

Students have the ability to change an Additional Authorized Users access at any time. They simply need to log into Pathway and navigate to the Additional Authorized Users page and change the access granted. An automatically generated email will be sent to both the student and the user notifying of the change.

Students can delete a user at any time by logging in Pathway and navigating to the Additional Authorized Users page and delete the access granted. An automatically generated email will be sent to both the student and the user notifying of the change.

Additional Authorized Users will be able to view account inquiry information on Pathway. This includes current and past charges and credits applied to the student account.

There is a difference between the account inquiry tab and the electronic billing statement. The information on the account inquiry tab is real time and the billing statement is static. The account inquiry will reflect current, real time activity where the billing statement shows activity for a specific period of time. The billing statement will also reflect anticipated aid which can be used to reduce the amount to pay, calculates an adjusted amount due to pay the current month’s bill in full or a minimum payment, communicates a payment due date and discloses when finance charges and late fees are assessed.

The student will be required to provide additional access to this information. The University of Missouri system contracts with a third party vendor, Nelnet, to host student electronic billing statements and provide electronic payment options. Students will establish this additional access to Nelnet for their Additional Authorized User in Pathway.

  1. Select Self Service.
  2. Select Campus Finances.
  3. Select Billing Authorized Payer. 

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