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Kitchen Installation Problems Lowe’s Cabinets

I had the honor of putting in a set of kitchen cabinets that were purchased from a major home service center in Florida. It’s almost comical at times how messed up things get when you try to deal with these building supply companies for your cabinetry needs. After installing for a couple of days more things became evident that were wrong as each kitchen cabinet from Lowe’s was unboxed.

When the contractor stopped by to check on the kitchen installation he asked: “are you missing any parts.” My helper and I responded with a list of things that were wrong with the order. He patiently listened as we explained all of the problems we were having. The contractor laughed as he said: “do they ever get it right the first time at Lowe’s? I honestly can’t remember anytime when they have.”

This was a kitchen that had less than twenty cabinets that got installed in the newly renovated area.

Problems to Expect When Ordering Cabinets From Lowe&#;s

All of the things that we encountered while installing really cost a lot of time and money. The kitchen could have been completely installed and finished in two days had there not been everything that went wrong. I always expect that there will be problems when ordering kitchen cabinets from Lowe&#;s. Here’s a list of the things that delayed the completion of the kitchen installation, wasted a lot of time and costs additional money in labor expenses.

Frustrations of Ordering Cabinets From Lowe&#;s

  1. There was not toe base stock supplied when the cabinets were delivered.
  2. The refrigerator panel had a 2”x 2” chunk broken off of the corner.
  3. One of the base cabinets was cracked on a finished end. It was so damaged that it could not be used. The imperfection was about 12” in length.
  4. The adjustable shelf holes on the glass mullion door cabinet did not line up correctly with the horizontal slats on the doors. It was necessary to drill new holes.
  5. One drawer slide was not attached properly.
  6. The pull-out trash cans slide mechanism was mounted so far out of adjustment that it had to be repositioned and secured in a different location.
  7. The wrong crown molding was delivered.

All of these problems created major delays in finalizing the kitchen cabinet installation. The design representative at Lowe’s was wonderful to work with and ordered the parts that were missing and ordered the kitchen cabinet replacement parts for the items that were damaged. The replacement parts would not be delivered for another week and a half.

Everything that went wrong created a ripple affect with all of the other subcontractors that were supposed to be installing home improvement items after the kitchen was completed. Many schedules had to be changed which in turn wasted time and money. Every problem could have been eliminated had people done their jobs efficiently.

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Sours: https://fixmycabinet.com//06/05/kitchen-installation-problems-lowe%E2%80%99s-cabinets/

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    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement, profile picture
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement is on Facebook. To connect with Lowe&#;s Home Improvement, join Facebook today.
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement, profile picture
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement is on Facebook. To connect with Lowe&#;s Home Improvement, join Facebook today.
    Antoinette Fitts-Thompson, profile picture
    Antoinette Fitts-Thompson
    Wow, I’m disappointed in the horrible Lowe’s home improvement reviews I wanted Lowe’s to put I a new tile/ wood floor I don’t know now
    Adam Beard, profile picture
    This place is the biggest joke I bought 6k worth of Samsung appliances in March of last year have of them are broke a month after the year was up bought the extended warranty and they have still been broke for over a month and a half and nobody at service advantage Wants to help and the ppl they send to fix the problem either don’t show up and block your number or when they come they make the problem worse and leave then you have to start all the way over again been dealing with this for over a month and nobody seems to wanna resolve the situation please use caution when buying from here this has been a nightmare for my family as far as kitchen appliances go
    Holly Almeida Ferris, profile picture
    DID you know unopened kitchen faucets without a receipt are non returnable? Did you know apparently 10% of items are this way in Lowes, so make sure when gifts are given to you that you rudely ask for the receipt in case you may need store credit.
    Oh and if anybody needs a brand new box has never been opened and is still banded Delta Savile VB pulldown kitchen faucet let me know I have one for sale 😊
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement, profile picture
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement
    Holly, Lowe&#;s now requires receipts with any returns. I&#;m very sorry for your inconvenience. I&#;ll be happy to attempt to get a copy of your receipt for you if you could provide the following information via Messenger. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/lowes/ and click Message in the upper right corner.
    Please provide the exact date of purchase, the store location, the item/model number of the faucet, the method of payment, the name on the card if a debit/credit card was used, your e-mail address and phone number.
    Brett Swenson, profile picture
    Hank Williams, profile picture
    I was just told that Lowe’s no longer gives a military discount on sale items, much like Home Depot. Is this true? Who made that decision? Why do you shun vets but still give a 5% discount to those with a Lowe’s credit card? Did you hire the Home Depot CEO?
    Melanie Sean White, profile picture
    I was in the store and my military discount didnt work
    showed Thank you for your service but no discount
    Was told it was because item was on sale
    Is this now the policy that military do not get discounts on sale items
    If so really cant say military gets 10 percent every day
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement, profile picture
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement
    Melanie, Thank you for your inquiry. The military discount is available for use on regular priced items. As a veteran myself, I understand your frustration regarding the changes made to the discount. However, changes were necessary, as Lowe&#;s supports multiple veteran and military programs, and has partnered this year with the USO, AMVETS, and Operation Finally Home. I am sorry for any inconvenience. If I can be of further assistance, please contact me back.
    Annie Petersen, profile picture
    &#;Lowes ~ at some point I’m hoping to have my kitchen finished.

    It’s been over three months now

    Your kitchen cabinet department in Espanola NM ordered wrong cabinets has forgotten the trim

    Delaying our granite

    I’m doing dishes in a bathtub again

    We’ve paid you over $10k now
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement, profile picture
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement
    Thank you for reaching out to us, Annie. I am very sorry to hear about the issues regarding your kitchen remodel. I will be happy to help. May I please have the name and phone number associated with this purchase as well as the order/invoice number via Private Message? Please click on the link below to continue this conversation as a Private Message. https://www.facebook.com/messages/t/lowes
    Neil McGarry, profile picture
    This looks great, but I advise you all to let someone, anyone, other than Lowe&#;s install it. I had a very bad experience with Lowe&#;s in this regard, and the company showed not the slightest interest in making good its mistakes unless I was willing to sign a document releasing Lowe&#;s from all liability--even that caused by its own negligence.

    Seriously, find a mom-and-pop contractor to do the work instead. You&#;ll get more sleep that way.
    Wakanda Jenkins, profile picture
    Dear Seattle store please hire better people
    Real Duteau, profile picture
    Before you buy any appliance from Lowe&#;s make sure to read the reviews, especially for refrigerators. My Samsung product does not work and I was just informed by Samsung that there is no available repair service where I live. Imagine Lowe&#;s selling products that cannot ever be repaired. Beware!!
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement, profile picture
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement
    Real, thank you for reaching out to us. I&#;m very sorry to hear about your trouble with your refrigerator. Please feel free to contact our Service Advantage Team at to see if we can find a service provider for this product in your area. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
    Courtney Breit, profile picture
    Horrible company! I have had several issues with getting appliances for my house these past few months. Today I had yet another issue!! My washer got delivered along with my dryer and shock my washer does not work!! Lowe’s refuses to give me a loaner or any sort of discount!! HORRIBLE now I have to wait a few weeks for my washer! Last time they delayed my fridge for 3 months and I had to go without. I am so upset
    Joseph S Spinelli, profile picture
    Contessa Caldera, profile picture
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement, profile picture
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement
    I am glad to hear that. Thank you for the positive feedback Contessa.
    Debra Little, profile picture
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement, profile picture
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement
    Debra, Thank you for your interest in this kitchen layout. If you would like more information on the colors or materials, please let me know. I will be happy to assist you.
    Ralph Hound, profile picture
    Total kitchen and bath gut by Lowe&#;s was a nightmare for us.Reminded everyday walking on new floor with gaps popping up all over, unmatched woodwork finish. I haven&#;t a clue as to what circuit breaker covers what in my new electric panel they put in
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement, profile picture
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement
    Ralph, Thank you for reaching out to Lowe&#;s. I am very sorry to hear about the troubles with your bathroom remodel. This is definitely not the level of service that we expect for our customers. I would like to have this matter addressed by the installation department senior management. Please provide the order details, store location, and your contact information via PM by clicking the link below.
    Chris Jones, profile picture
    Kathy Bailey, profile picture
    Navy/teal is color of cabinets? Love it!
    Rhonda Perkins, profile picture
    Inspiring. I have to weatherize before I do anything like this.
    Robin Hennen, profile picture
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement, profile picture
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement
    Robin, I appreciate your feedback. I appreciate that you took the time to check out this kitchen promo. If you are interested, the cabinets do come in a variety of colors. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more.
    Silver Shop, profile picture
    Check out pics of my whole house flooring installation by Lowe&#;s
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement, profile picture
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement
    I appreciate that you are reaching out to Lowe&#;s. Please allow me to look into this flooring installation. My I have the order details, store location, and your contact information via PM by clicking the link below.
    Trish Harrison, profile picture
    Love the shiny backsplash and pit filler!
    Tracy Woulfe, profile picture
    Beautiful but a nightmare to keep clean. Those dark cabinets would show eveything. Dust, fingerprints, splatters. No way. Fine if you dont use the kit chen.
    Tamara Jordan Kane, profile picture
    Love the handles and the stove is brilliant! Great choices for the liking.
    Rick Ferguson, profile picture
    Why pay a third party. Lowes uses local contractors to do their work. ?
    Carolyn Harris, profile picture
    Very attractive room, nice simple lines for the cabinets. And I like the idea of cabinet colors choices. I have a number of friends who are very pleased with their kitchen cabinets from Lowe’s.
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement, profile picture
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement
    Carolyn, Thank you so much for the shout out. I am happy that you like the kitchen layout tin this promo. If you happen to be interested in learning more about the materials, please contact me back. I will be happy to help.
    Josi Dautel, profile picture
    Rick Keeney, profile picture
    Our new kitchen from Lowe&#;s has been an ongoing nightmare . Their contractors do amateur work . We are without countertops and water in our kitchen since December 5th .
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement, profile picture
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement
    Rick, I am truly sorry for all the issues you have encountered with your kitchen remodel. Please provide the requested information so I can look into this matter for you. I will be happy to help.
    Midge Omara, profile picture
    Paid for a professional job and got a handyman special. 👎
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement, profile picture
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement
    I apologize for any issues Midge. Is there anything I can assist you with?
    Pam Homan, profile picture
    I love it cabinets, flooring, tile backsplash!
    Amy Rinehardt Rosenhauer, profile picture
    Not a fan of this at all. Who wants to cook in a dark kitchen?
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement, profile picture
    Lowe&#;s Home Improvement
    Amy, Thank you for noticing this kitchen display. The colors used are only for this advertisement. The cabinets in this display do come in a variety of colors to allow you to customize your perfect kitchen. If you are interested in learning more about this layout, please let me know.
    Sours: https://m.facebook.com/lowes/photos/a//?type=3&source=57&_ft_=mf_story_key%3Atop_level_post_id%3Atl_objid%3Acontent_owner_id_new%3Athrowback_story_fbid%3Apage_id%3Aphoto_id%3Astory_location.4%3Astory_attachment_style.photo%3Apage_insights.%7B%%22%3A%7B%22page_id%22%3A%2C%22actor_id%22%3A%2C%22dm%22%3A%7B%22isShare%22%3A0%2C%22originalPostOwnerID%22%3A0%7D%2C%22psn%22%3A%22EntStatusCreationStory%22%2C%22post_context%22%3A%7B%22object_fbtype%22%3A%2C%22publish_time%22%3A%2C%22story_name%22%3A%22EntStatusCreationStory%22%2C%22story_fbid%22%3A%5B%5D%7D%2C%22role%22%3A1%2C%22sl%22%3A4%2C%22targets%22%3A%5B%7B%22actor_id%22%3A%2C%22page_id%22%3A%2C%22post_id%22%3A%2C%22role%22%3A1%2C%22share_id%22%3A0%7D%5D%7D%7D&__tn__=EH-R
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