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Want to use the different finite weapons but Calameme is doing you an unepic ? Then this mod is for you!

Quick definition:
- Finite Weapon: a weapon that can only be used X amount of times during a boss fight (i.e. the magnum)
- Finite Ammo: a type of ammo that cannot be obtained "infinitely" (i.e. magnum rounds)

What this mod does:
- You can now buy all types of finite ammo from the Arms Dealer after deafting their respectives bosses (see below)!
- You can also use all finite weapons unlimited times during boss battles
- All stack sizes for finite ammo changed to 999

Defeating King Slime/Eye of Cthulhu
- You can buy Magnum Rounds from the Arms Dealer

Defeating Skeletron/Entering hard mode
- You can buy Grenade Rounds from the Arms Dealer

Defeating any mechanical boss
- You can buy Explosive Shotgun Shells from the Arms Dealer
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tModLoader Calamity Mod

Phlorax said:

Why even bother playing if you just want to dupe an OP item then beat the final boss ridiculously fast

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Again, the quantity of available ammo isn't really the point. It's the game value of the ammo. Terraria doesn't normally assign money value to damage so directly (except with the coin gun, but I'll get to that), but just so we have some numbers to work with, let's pretend they did.

If Bullets Were Bills
Let's say that if each musket ball does 7 damage and the Arms Dealer sells them for 7 copper, then each point of damage is conveniently worth 1 copper. So now let's look at this gun that does a percentage of the enemy's health, rather than a discreet amount of damage. Again, for easy rounding, let's say the bullets do 5% of the enemy's health.

Against the Desert Scourge, which has roughly 4,000 health, the gun does 200 damage. In this theoretical example, then, each bullet, which we'll call OPA (Overpowered Ammo) from here on, is worth approximately 2 silver.

But then let's look at Yharon, who has 4 million health. Still doing 5% damage, the OPA will deal 200,000 HP worth of damage. In this case, our ammo is worth a theoretical 20 gold each.

So we already see a massive discrepancy in values between fighting an early boss versus fighting a late boss. If the ammo is priced to be viable against an early boss, then it's far, far too cost-effective against later bosses. If it's priced to be viable against late game bosses, then it's worthless against anything before that boss due to cost inefficiency.

The Coin Gun Case
Now of course there is a weapon in that sets a precedent for money equaling damage. The coin gun, which is one of the highest DPS weapons in the game in the vanilla game, decided long ago that one platinum is worth 200 damage! So even within the niche of money-powered weapons, there's a competitor that was already balanced for vanilla and it does a discreet amount of damage. No matter what you're shooting at, whether a slime or the Moonlord, the Coin Gun does 200 damage per platinum.

So supposing we could obtain the Coin Gun at the same time as we can obtain OPA, it's very easy to examine the competitive values of the guns. Let's look at the Magnum OPA, which we'll round to 5% damage again for easier math.

Again, it does 200 damage to the Desert Scourge, but each bullet costs 6 platinum. Compared to the Coin Gun which does the same damage for 1 platinum, the OPA is 1/6 as efficient at the job and is therefore totally unsuitable.

Against Yharon, the OPA is doing 200,000 damage per shot, or approximately 33,333 damage per platinum. Compared to the Coin Gun, OPA is 167 times more cost effective in spite of being a pre-hardmode weapon. So where does OPA break even and fall in line with vanilla balance?

Well, it never quite does fall into parity with the Coin Gun, but the closest point is when fighting Cryogen, at which point OPA is doing 1,680 damage (or 280 damage per platinum) against Cryogen's 42,000 total HP. After this it begins to tear away from the Coin Gun, becoming more cost effective as the game goes on.

The Coin Gun can be acquired at the start of hard mode, so the only thing saving it from immediate obsolesce is its DPS now. Its damage per platinum is inefficient against OPA from the second you an acquire the Coin Gun. So again, because I like round numbers, if you compare the Magnum to the Coin Gun, the Coin Gun fires three times faster. So at what point does the DPS of OPA exceed the Coin Gun?

Well, it varies a lot because bosses start appearing in pieces or aren't "organic" after Cryogen, but by Duke Fishron OPA is both substantially more cost-effective than the Coin Gun and it's also doing more DPS. Granted there are upgrades to the magnum for some reason, so in reality an upgraded OPA likely overcomes the Coin Gun a little sooner, or at the least simply flattens Duke Fishron all the better.

So, Balance?
If all the above should illustrate anything, it's not how to price the bullets, nor is it about how to restrict access to the bullets. It's that percent damage will reach a competitive point at some specific section of the game, and then gradually grow more powerful from there on. You can't really balance that, because OPA will only be balanced at the specific break-even point where it's competitive with other weapons of the local tier. So if you wanted the gun to be balanced at around that discreet tier, why would you use percent damage at all? Why not just give the weapon damage that's competitive for the tier?

I personally suspect the only reason we're seeing percent damage emerging in the mod is because Fabsol is bored, is having a difficult time arranging new bosses, and is trying to shake things up with new weapons. But he can't merely add normal weapons, because then they'd only be competing with all the weapons that alreadyexist at those tiers, so instead he's thrown in this odd, floating weapon that kills 5% of a boss per shot.

royalguardian11 said:

Okay so after the update, mod randomly working now. It is actually kinda sad how happy I am right now.

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It's not exactly random! The Planetoids update broke the game by expanding the size of the world gen, which caused out of memory exceptions for slower memory cards or for people running multiple mods. The latest update rolled that back, so until or unless things get more bloated you'll be able to play Calamity. I stronglyrecommend keeping a backup of this mod version (or whatever version you like the most) in case a future update causes problems again.


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Marked magnum calamity

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Marked Magnum Official Calamity Mod Wiki

9 hours agoMarked Magnum. Not to be confused with Magnum, a finite-use classless weapon. The Marked Magnum is a Pre-Hardmode classless weapon which shoots pink bullet-like projectiles, which get their damage multiplied by damage bonuses from all classes. The projectile inflicts the Marked debuff to enemies, which reduces enemy damage reduction by 50%.

Critical chance: 0%

Type: Weapon

Knockback: 3.0 (Very Weak)

Use time: 15 Very Fast

Category: Use words in a sentence

Marked, Magnum, Multiplied

Magnum Official Calamity Mod Wiki

2 hours ago Not to be confused with Marked Magnum, a debuff-based classless weapon. The Magnum is a craftable Pre-Hardmode classless weapon that deals massive damage, and deals increased damage against organic creatures. It uses Magnum Rounds as ammo which drop from boss kills. Once a boss is spawned, the Magnum is only fireable three times until the boss is defeated. The Magnum cannot be …

Critical chance: 46%

Knockback: 8 (Very Strong)

Damage: 80

Type: Weapon-Crafting material

Category: Use words in a sentence

Marked, Magnum, Massive

Marked Official Calamity Mod Wiki

2 hours agoMarked is a debuff inflicted by the Anti-materiel Rifle, Auralis, Caustic Staff, Deep Wounder, Lunic Eye, Marked Magnum, Skullmasher, and Tyranny's End. It halves the target's Damage Reduction. If the target is an enemy that has no Damage Reduction, it instead reduces the enemy's defense by 5. When inflicted with the debuff, the target is tinted a bright purple. The debuff is a reference to a

Category: Use words in a sentence

Marked, Materiel, Magnum

Magnum Rounds Official Calamity Mod Wiki

9 hours agoMagnum Rounds are Pre-Hardmode ammunition that are used by the Magnum, Lightning Hawk, and Elephant Killer. They are dropped by all bosses when the player kills them for the first time. Crits scored when using Magnum Rounds will deal x2.5 damage instead of x2. As well as this, the knockback is increased by 50% as opposed to the normal 40%. As Magnum Rounds are hard to come by before …

Damage: 80

Type: Ammunition

Knockback: 8 (Very Strong)

Velocity: 12

Category: Use words in a sentence


Terraria Supreme Buffed Slag Magnum vs Calamity Mod …

3 hours ago more great supreme buffed boss battles in playlist below: todays video we use a Sup

Author: OVA Let's Play

Views: 924

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Calamity Mod/무기 나무위키

3 hours agoCalamity Mod의 전투에 사용되는 아이템인 무기에 대해 정리한 문서. Calamity Mod는 테라리아의 모드이기 때문에 바닐라 테라리아의 시스템을 그대로 따라간다. (Marked Magnum) 3. 14 (매우 빠름) 3 (매우 약함) 4%-x. 2.

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Magnus the Mage DEATH MODE Calamity! Terraria …

3 hours ago Terraria Calamity Let's Play - Death Mode Mage class Terraria Playthrough with the Calamity Mod. I am doing a Terraria Calamity Death Mode mage class playthr

Author: Ritto Gaming

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Are the magnum weapons worth it? : CalamityMod

5 hours ago level 1. Busky648. · 2y. Since they do some percentage-based damage, using them with rage or adrenaline can take a chunk off. Personally I don't use them typically, as I don't play much ranger anyways, but they CAN be worthwhile. 2. level 2. Cactonio. · 2y.

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Are there Summoner weapons that don't summon? : …

7 hours ago 2. level 1. Azaro161317. · 11m. you get the marked magnum, golden gun, lunic eye, relic of deliverance / other relics as classless weapons if thats what you're looking for. marked magnum is prehardmode, and all classless weapons dont trigger summoner damage debuff when held (neither do tools or potions) and are basically designed for summoners

Category: Use there in a sentence

Marked, Magnum

The undertaker terraria calamity

2 hours ago Jungle Dragon Yharon is a powerful post-Moon Lord boss fought in the Jungle. It is currently considered the second to last boss of the Calamity Mod. The player should be well equipped and prepared as Yharon is incredibly challenging. Not to be confused with …

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If I play gunslinger, should I use classless weapons

7 hours ago The official Subreddit for discussing the Calamity Mod for Terraria. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Search all of Reddit If I play gunslinger, should I use classless weapons? (Marked magnum, aestheticus, golden gun, Lunic eye, magnum?) 173 votes. 126. 72.8%. Yes. 47. 27.2%. Nah

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Question about Summoner mechanics : CalamityMod

7 hours ago Debuff weps don't nerf your summon damage, everything else is right. 1. level 1. eatYourHashs. 1 year ago. Classless weapons (including marked magnum) that just do "x damage" will not activate the +10% but will deactivate the -25%. 1. View Entire Discussion (2 Comments)

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Marked, Magnum

Change log Calamity Mod Japan Wiki Fandom

6 hours ago 8 - Whenever any boss is alive you will be put under the Zen Potion effect without the buff icon appearing to prevent taking up buff slots. This was done because having random enemies spawn during a boss fight is supremely annoying. 9 - Whenever your player is not near at least 3 town npcs you cannot hit Target or Super Dummies. 10 - While the boss rush is active all wire-activated mechanisms

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How to get magnum terraria Template Finder

3 hours agoMagnum Ammo Velocities Use Guide Outdoors Ballistics Charts to find the specifics on your ammo. As you can see, I have made a thread for you guys to post your scariest moments in Terraria. Sprite updated. The Magma Stone is an accessory that drops from Lava Bats (2% chance) and Hellbats (0.67% chance) in The Underworld. History Of Terraria . Do not use FULLY CAPITALIZED WORDS). 2. The

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Magnum, Made, Moments, Magma

Is summoner + another class still viable even with the

2 hours ago I haven't done a summoner run before, but I just wanted to mention that there are a few weapons that don't have a class associated with them. Using those weapons won't reduce the damage that minions do. Examples are the Marked Magnum, Golden Gun, and Lunic Eye.

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The Best Calamity Mage Class Loadouts! (Guide For

3 hours ago This video was inspired by a Terraria YouTuber known as Tea. They made a similar loadout guide video but for all classes in vanilla Terraria. Be sure to chec

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Strain Report Deimos, Calamity Jane, Quasar, Magnum By

Just NowMAGNUM. It is the queen among queens of autoflowering production: Magnum is an object of veneration, a cannabis legend you are going to have to have in your garden. Buddha Seeds marked a milestone in the history of autoflowering with Deimos, which is famous by its huge size and high productivity. CALAMITY JANE. This American tough girl

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Best Summoner Armor Terraria Calamity

4 hours ago Best Summoner Armor Terraria Calamity. Fire summons an armor and. But whats the best modifier is an official class weapons that of all endgame melee class? Any way to pirate staff come back them is not everyone played terraria classes aestheticus marked magnum and. Get neglected somewhat unique features in! Heart unless you have had nearly

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How to Apply for Calamity Loan with SSS or PAGIBIG

3 hours ago The good news is the government is willing to help through SSS or PAG-IBIG Calamity Loan. This loan facility is available to Filipinos who were affected by a calamity as declared by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) and suffered loss and damages as a result of the calamity.

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PreMech Weapon Loadouts on Terraria Calamity Progression

7 hours ago Previous classless weapons like the marked magnum and aestheticus may still be useful for their defense reducing abilities. However, to save space and time, they will not be included beyond pre-hardmode lists. Board Terraria Calamity Progression. Pre-Mech Weapon Loadouts.

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Glowing Mushroom The Official Terraria Wiki

9 hours ago Glowing Mushrooms are crafting materials that can be found growing on Mushroom grass in the Glowing Mushroom biome. Harvesting these mushrooms has a chance of dropping a Glowing Mushroom and may also yield Mushroom Grass Seeds. They emit their own light, making them quite easy to find. If the conditions are right, Giant Glowing Mushrooms will spawn amongst the small ones. These can be

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Sizing a Circuit Breaker EC&M Home EC&M

1 hours ago Circuit breakers are designed to carry 100% of their rated current while the NEC dictates an 80% application. Why the difference?

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The Flame in the Darkness/The Remire Calamity Fire

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Magnum P.I. (TV Series 2018– ) Full Cast & Crew IMDb

8 hours agoMagnum P.I. (TV Series 2018– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

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Terraria calamity summoner accessories

1 hours ago All Classes Marked Magnum Mar 04, 2021 · As player’s complete quests in Terraria and gain more experience, they also unlock a bunch of cool features. There are four main classes in Terraria. com is the number one paste tool since 2002. terraria calamity summoner accessories.

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Marked, Magnum, Mar, More, Main

GSIS, SSS assure emergency loans for Tisoy victims

1 hours ago “Makiki-coordinate kami saNDRRMC for the declaration ng state of calamity kasi usually sinisigurado namin ’yungarea ay talagang nakalamidadso …

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Shop products in CCI today CCI Ammunition

3 hours ago Refine by Product Family: Mini-Mag Segmented HP Noise Blanks. Refine by Product Family: Noise Blanks Pistol Match. Refine by Product Family: Pistol Match Quiet-22. Refine by Product Family: Quiet-22 Quiet-22 Segmented HP. Refine by Product Family: Quiet-22 Segmented HP

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How to Favorite Items in Terraria – Guide Fall

9 hours ago People have been wondering how to favorite items in Terraria, because by marking an item as a favorite, it will prevent you from accidentally removing it from your inventory. Further, favorite items cannot be quick stacked, quick trashed, thrown, or deposited until the favorite status has been removed.

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Terraria calamity mod summoner

8 hours ago Found insideFrom Blizzard Entertainment, the makers of critically acclaimed games such as Warcraft®, StarCraft®, and Diablo® comes this exciting companion edition to Diablo III: Book of Cain, giving fans an in-depth look into the mind of Tyrael, a Welcome to Nowhere, Arizona, the least livable town in the United States. My question is if you are playing a summoner (like I am) are they

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Steamværksted::Fortnite Calamity (All level skin stages

8 hours ago First two pictures were made by RustledJimmys [] all bodygroups, clothing colors and 3 props - hat, scarf and bandana if you want to create your own colors, change and replace the white color of the T_F_MED_CowGirl_Body_E.vtf and T_F_MED_CowGirl_Suit_E.vtf textures to …

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4 hours ago Hi,po my problema din aq tungkol s sss ko,sa asawa ko po kc un namtay npo cxa nung august 22 2015.nag 1yr po nung august 22,2016.ang problema ko po tungkol sa pension ko,1700 lang po tatlo n kme Dalawa ung anak ko nag aaral ung panganay ko,subrang liit po di po tlaga magkasya s amin dhil wala po akung work maliit pa po ung bunso ko mag 2yrs old

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About Magnum Ice Cream

8 hours ago To celebrate our 10 year anniversary in the United States, all Magnum ice cream packaging has been updated to provide a refreshed look and feel. Check out all of our new packaging designs and rediscover your favorite flavor on our product page. Despite their new …

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6 hours ago How Do You Do It? If you are: An employed member can submit an accomplished SSS Form ISL-101 Member Loan Application Revised March 2004 which you can d ownload by clicking this link and present the digitised SSS ID cards or E-6 acknowledgement stub with 2 (2) IDs listed below one of which with recent photo and date of birth.. A self-employed, voluntary member, overseas worker, …

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1 hours agoMagnum IDs and Stand: There are many types of phone stand in the market but why should we buy if we can make one that is simple, portable, unique and free. Well, opt out the last one if you have motto "time is money" because this project does take time. Patient…

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Sss calamity loan online march 2020

6 hours ago The calamity loan online application it allows members to borrow up to ₱20,000. Default amount is the maximum amount that you can loan, but you can choose a lower bracket. How much is the SSS Calamity Loan amount? 205-s.2020 dated 25 March 2020 as amended by SSC Resolution Nos.

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Terraria Calamity Summoning Weapons

8 hours ago Posted: (2 days ago) The Calamity Mod adds recipes for certain vanilla items, weapons, Terraria crafting recipes mod.This is the complete list of item crafting recipes as of version 1 2 2 that can appear in the clicker class mod.According to terraria crafting is defined as combining one or more materials in the game to a completely different

Category: Use words in a sentence

Mod, More, Materials


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of weapon is the marked Magnum?

The Marked Magnum is a Pre-Hardmode classless weapon which shoots pink bullet-like projectiles, which get their damage multiplied by damage bonuses from all classes. The projectile inflicts the Marked debuff to enemies, which reduces enemy damage reduction by 50%. This weapon does not consume any ammo or mana.

When do you Drop magnum rounds in Calamity?

Magnum Rounds are Pre-Hardmode ammunition that are used by the Magnum, Lightning Hawk, and Elephant Killer. They are dropped by all bosses when the player kills them for the first time.

What does a marked Magnum do on hardmode?

The Marked Magnum is a Pre-Hardmode classless weapon which shoots pink bullet-like projectiles, which get their damage multiplied by damage bonuses from all classes. The projectile inflicts the Marked debuff to enemies, which reduces enemy damage reduction by 50%.

What kind of damage does a Magnum do?

The Magnum's high base damage (and by extension the Lightning Hawk's and Elephant Killer's), paired with a well-timed activation of both Adrenaline and Rage, can easily allow the Magnum and its successors to deal massive damage, giving the player an opportunity to erase large chunks of boss health.

murasama is perfectly balanced.

Strain Report – Deimos, Calamity Jane, Quasar, Magnum – By Buddha Seeds

The crop is the most desired moment of all cannabis growers and, what’s more, if it comes with massive resinous buds, then that moment tastes of glory! Crop – that divine treasure! For those who look for productivity in their crops, here you have the most productive varieties of Buddha Seeds you are going to adore from the first crop. Promise!

It is the queen among queens of autoflowering production: Magnum is an object of veneration, a cannabis legend you are going to have to have in your garden. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a massive beast that can give us up to 250 grams of delicious buds outdoor with Mother Earth allowing it to reach its highest peak (this amount can be between 550-600 gr/m2 indoor).Due to its big size we don’t recommend indoor farming in big pots. On the other hand, we recommend to use little containers with more than 11 litres capacity, thus helping to control its height.

Buddha Seeds marked a milestone in the history of autoflowering with Deimos, which is famous by its huge size and high productivity. For this reason, Deimos was used by other Seed banks to make their own autoflowering crossing. No one had reached such high levels of production before! Since then, Deimos has a privilege position in the autoflowering world as one of the most productive varieties in the catalogue of Buddha Seeds.

This American tough girl stands outs by its wild production, between 500-600 grams/m2 indoor and 100-250 grams outdoor. Calamity Jane surprises us with resinous buds and high power thanks to its high concentration of THC of up to 21% in some plants. What else you can ask for from an autoflowering plant.

In the field of non autoflowering with high productivity we fi nd Quasar, able to get massive crops up to 2000 grams/m2 indoor and 600 grams outdoor. Besides this, Quasar’s vigorous growth reduces growing time indoor and its strong.

Written and Published By Buddhaseedbank In Weed World Magazine Issue 142


Calamity magnum

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Night Runner - Magnum Bullets (feat. Dan Avidan) [Official video]

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