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When it comes to GT racing, there is no event more heralded than the 24 Hours of LeMans. The ultimate test of pace and endurance, winning at LeMans secures a car’s place in the pantheon of the greats. Back in 1960, three Chevrolet Corvette racers stepped up to take on the challenge for the first time. These cars were known as the Cunningham Corvettes, as they were developed alongside American racing legend Briggs Cunningham. Car #3 managed to secure a class victory for Chevy that day, forever marking the Corvette racer into the history books. Thanks to the folks at the Chip Miller Amyloidosis Foundation, you now have a chance to win this commemorative Cunningham 60th Anniversary C8 Corvette. And not just any C8 Corvette, but a 600 horsepower Corvette, upgraded by parts from Lingenfelter Performance Engineering.

Chip Miller was a legend in the Corvette World, and he came to own Car #3 before he passed away suddenly in 2004 from complications with Amyloidosis. In order to celebrate his legacy and love of Corvettes, Miller’s family started this foundation to raise money for medical research into the rare disease. There is no better way to do that than to raffle off a very special sports car. This particular C8 Corvette pays homage to Car #3’s class victory at LeMans, and packs plenty of unique touches.

The special treatment starts with the exterior of the car, which wears a white and blue livery commemorating the original LeMans racer. The car also wears a unique set of retro-inspired HRE wheels, which don’t particularly fit the C8 Corvette design language, but we get the throwback look nonetheless. Out back you’ll find a hung wing, which is more aerodynamically efficient than other wing designs for high-speed track work. Best of all however is the 600 horsepower LT2 V8 engine that has been built by Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. The engine build features LPE’s Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold, an upgraded Corsa airbox, and a full Corsa exhaust system complete with headers. Basic bolt-ons, but ones that bring the C8 Corvette up another level of performance: an additional 105 horsepower from stock.

We reached out to Lingenfelter Performance for comment, but inquiries weren’t returned at the time of this writing. LPE is otherwise a premier GM tuning company, with Chevrolet Performance even tasking the Decatur, Indiana-based shop as the sole installer of the new eCrate pilot program.

Only 60 examples of the Cunningham 60th Anniversary C8 Corvette are slated to be built, with this car representing number 33 in the run. Each of these examples will be given a place in the Cunningham Registry, which is a nice touch for serious collectors. If you are interested in trying to take this car home, raffle entries can be purchased here.

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In 1960, the Chevrolet Corvette went to Le Mans and competed in its first race on a global stage. Famous racer Briggs Cunningham actually took three 1960 'Vettes wearing white and blue to the famous endurance race, and while two of them crashed out, the third won its class.

Flash forward 60 years (technically 61) and there's another white Corvette with blue stripes grabbing attention, courtesy of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. Called the Lingenfelter Cunningham 60th Anniversary Corvette, it pays homage to that 1960 victory while adding a bit more power to the C8's punch thanks to some bolt-on performance.

Photo Credits: Cunningham Automotive

This special Corvette won't be turning laps at Le Mans, but it borrows the look of the 1960 C1 'Vettes that were there. Twin blue stripes run down the center of the white C8, with additional blue trim work scattered about the car. The large spoiler is part of an aero upgrade, and it carries the number 3 to honor the Le Mans-winning 1960 race car driven by John Fitch and Bob Grossman. The unique HRE wheels are modern-day versions of the vintage five-star racing rims, albeit much larger. Special interior trim is also part of the package.

Under the C8's engine cover are some notable upgrades. Lingenfelter adds a plethora of performance parts to the special C8, starting with a neat-looking carbon intake manifold. An upgraded 95-millimeter throttle body bolts to that intake, while Corsa headers and exhaust amplify the C8's roar. In the handling and braking department, Lingenfelter adds its front C8 lowering kit, and upgraded Alcon / RB brakes are installed at all four corners. According to Cunningham Automotive, the final result is 600 horsepower, a hefty improvement over a stock C8.

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Cunningham Automotive also says only 60 cars will be built, for reasons that should be obvious. And they won't be cheap. Prices start at $159,995.

Source: Lingenfelter Performance Engineering / YouTube via GM Authority

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Lingenfelter's 60th Anniversary Cunningham Corvette looks cool, sounds better

In the pantheon of modified Corvettes, this one is actually quite tasteful. It's got quite a bit of history behind it, too.

Limited to 60 units, the 60th Anniversary Cunningham Corvette commemorates the 1962 Cunningham C4R and C4RK Le Mans race cars and Cunningham C3 grand-touring sports cars, with a vaguely similar livery consisting of a white body with unique blue accents on the side blades, unusual fender-mounted intakes, racing stripes (although they do look black in the picture above) and swan-neck(ish) wing that wears the number 3. There are also red trim accents front and rear. The name Cunningham is in honor of Briggs Swift Cunningham, a mid-century racing legend and team owner of those aforementioned cars. 

Technically, this car springs forth from longtime Corvette tuner Lingenfelter. Officially, Cunningham is a separate company "established to develop new vehicles and automotive aftermarket parts. Specifically, advanced ceramic braking components, which (it is) currently developing as (it) transitions to become an all-electric vehicle manufacturer." So, this is both a Lingenfelter and it's a Cunningham. I was confused too, whatever.

Here's what you get. Every 60th Anniversary Cunningham Corvette is a 3LT trim package car. The C8 Corvette's 6.2-liter V8 is tuned by Lingenfelter to "600+" horsepower and includes a carbon fiber intake manifold, and Corsa Sport tuned headers and airbox. The exhaust is upgraded to a Corsa Sport unit, which you can hear in all its glory in the video below. The Z51 suspension with magnetic dampers is upgraded by Lingenfelter to "Performance Street/Track settings), while the standard 19-inch front/20-inch rear wheels are replaced with bespoke forged aluminum HRE wheels enlarged to 20/21 inches. They look a tad plasticky, but they're also modeled on the racing Halibrand Kidney Bean wheels used on the original 1960 Le Mans-winning Cunningham Corvettes. They were Michelin Pilot Sport 4S rubber with Alcon brakes lurking inside. The Z51 spoiler is replaced by Cunningham's swan-neck-look wing as part of its larger aero package by Peter Stevens Design.

The car has the Corvette's Tension Blue/Twilight Blue interior option with Competition Sport seats ... at least in the above photos. A picture of one of those seats out of the car shows one entirely upholstered in a blue that matches the exterior accents. 

Each car will be numbered (XX of 60 is even embroidered on the seat backs) and the VIN entered into the Cunningham Registry, which is good apparently. All will wear the number 3, though, so if you're a big Jeff Gordon fan and would prefer a 24, too bad.

To be one of the lucky 60, you will need to put down $5,000. The purchase price is then $159,995, which is just a wee bit more than the 3LT's base price of $72,945. But hey, Cunningham throws in a commemorative 1/18 scale model of an historic Cunningham Le Mans Corvette. 

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