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Wireless Backup Camera System With 5" Single Screen MonitorPark Assist CameraRear View Safety#RVS-155W

Rear View Safety

Perfection takes time, especially with something as complicated as wireless transmission. Our newest system, part of our new SimpleSight Series, was born from years of testing and multiple prototypes. This one camera setup boasts a 100' digital wireless range which is guaranteed to work even at highway speeds. The RVS-155W has two viewing options. The camera view can be triggered when the vehicle is put into reverse, or remain on continuously. Installation takes less than an hour and the system comes with instant pair which allows the driver to pair camera to monitor without leaving the cab. System comes with adapter for Furrion pre-wire kit. Cleanly and easily mount this camera right to the Furrion bracket.

  • 5 LED Digital Monitor with Suction Cup Mount
  • Furrion Adapter - mounts to Furrion pre-wire kit
  • Guaranteed transmission of 100ft even at highway speeds!
  • Instant Pair - pair system without leaving your cab
  • Waterproof Backup Camera with Infra-Red Night Vision

Universal Fitment

This product may be universal or not specifically made for your vehicle. Modifications may or may not be needed to use this product.


trackerSours: https://e-customauto.ca/product-detail/RVS-155W/wireless-backup-camera-system-with-5-single-screen-monitor

Wireless Backup Camera System with LCD Monitor and Suction Cup Mount

  • Wireless Backup Camera System RVS-155W H1

    Wireless that Works

    Perfection takes time, especially with something as complicated as wireless transmission. This new system went through years of testing and multiple prototypes until we got it just right.

  • Wireless Backup Camera System RVS-155W H2

    100' Transmission

    We guarantee this system to work up to 100ft. It's digital wireless transmission was perfected to work even at long distances with no interference.

  • Wireless Backup Camera System RVS-155W H3

    Highway Speeds

    Our transmission guarantee applies even at highway speeds! This means that even while traveling at 60-70mph, the system will hold the signal.

  • Wireless Backup Camera System RVS-155W H4

    Waterproof + Night Vision

    With an IP69K rating (highest IP rating there is), the camera works in all weather conditions. 18 infra-red lights ensure a perfect view even on the darkest night.

  • Wireless Backup Camera System RVS-155W H5

    Dual Power Option

    System comes with two powering options - a cigarette lighter plug and a hard wire option. Either wire it to the vehicle's fuse box or plug it right into the 12V outlet!

  • Wireless Backup Camera System RVS-155W H6

    Easy Install + Instant Pair

    System installs in under an hour and comes with instant pair which allows you pair the camera and monitor together without leaving the cab.

  • Wireless Backup Camera System RVS-155W H7

    Commercial Grade

    Our heavy duty camera is designed for all applications including commercial and industrial use. Mount this camera on your tractor or crane with confidence - it can take a beating.

  • Wireless Backup Camera System RVS-155W H8

    Vibration + Shock Resistant

    Vibration and shock resistant, this camera will hold up to almost any abuse. Bump it and knock it and still find it running perfectly.

  • Wireless Backup Camera System RVS-155W H9

    Heavy Duty Metal

    Just pick up and hold the camera and you'll feel how well its constructed. We designed this camera with top grade, heavy duty materials to make sure it's fit for any environment.

  • Sours: https://www.americanvan.com/rvs-wireless-camera-system.html
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    SimpleSight™ Wireless Backup Camera System | 5” Single Screen Monitor

    Do you provide instruction manuals? 
    We do! Click here to view all of our product manuals.

    Do the backup camera systems work at night? 
    Yes - most of our backup cameras come with infra-red lights and all come with excellent night vision. 

    Do the camera systems come with everything needed to install?
    Yes, all components necessary for installation are included in our camera system packages.

    Will I be able to install a camera system myself?
    Many people do have the handiness to install our systems without having to hire assistance. Otherwise we recommend professional installation as they can guarantee that the system is installed correctly. Click here to search for a recommended installer in your area.

    How do the systems receive power?
    Most systems need just 12V power and they receive this either from the cigarette lighter or straight from the vehicle's fuse box. 

    Do the systems function properly in rain and bad weather?
    All of our backup cameras are completely waterproof and will function perfectly in all weather conditions. 

    Can the camera systems remain on to view continuously while you drive?
    Yes, they can. You can wire the systems to stay on as long as the vehicle is on or to come on only in reverse.

    With a quad view system, do you need to connect all trigger wires to see all camera views?
    No, trigger wires do not need to be powered to see camera views. Simply navigate to the preset quad view option from the monitor menu.

    Can I customize a system?
    Yes, most of our systems are customizable and all components in our wired systrems are interchangeable. Custom orders can be placed at (800) 764-1028.

    What is the lead time on orders?
    Most orders will ship on the same day. Our shipping cut-off time is 2:00pm EST Mon-Thurs and 1:30pm on Friday.

    Does Rear View Safety offer pricing for dealers and fleets?
    We most definitely do! You can apply for the dealer program here and fleet program here.

    Does Rear View Safety only sell backup cameras?
    No, we carry a multitude of vehicle safety solutions including Dash Cameras, Backup Sensors, Mobile DVR's and many other safety accessories.

    Does Rear View Safety ship internationally?
    Yes, we ship to any and every place in the world! (where shipping is available)

    What methods of payment do you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal.

    Does Rear View Safety offer a warranty?
    Yes, all of our products come with a one year warranty. An extended two year warranty is also available for purchase.


    Sours: https://www.rearviewsafety.com/safety-solutions/simplesighttm-wireless-backup-camera-system-5-single-screen-monitor.html
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