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How to use ManyCam with Cisco WebEx Meetings

Compatibility & Requirements



Make sure your WebEx Meetings app is up-to-date. You can download the latest update here.

How to connect ManyCam with WebEx Meetings

Navigate to WebEx Meetings Settings:

Select ManyCam Virtual Webcam as Camera, and ManyCam Virtual Microphone as Microphone.

ManyCam & WebEx Meetings Tutorial

This video below is a detailed ManyCam demo and tutorial on WebEx Meetings. Learn how you can use different video sources, use picture in picture, add your Powerpoint presentation, remove your background, add lower thirds, and much more.

0:00:12 – Connect ManyCam to Webex Meetings
0:00:23 – Add Video Sources
0:00:32 – Video Playlist
0:01:01 – Chroma Key
0:02:10 – Virtual Backgrounds
0:02:28 – Lower Thirds
0:03:00 – Drawing Tools
0:03:36 – Media Switcher
0:03:52 – Settings
0:04:36 – RTMP Streaming

Updated on March 10, 2021
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When it comes to live broadcast, ManyCam caters to the needs of almost every user. Be it an individual or a business, the compatibility of ManyCam wins over everyone. And when it is used as a team with Webex, the whole experience is top-notch in all aspects.

What is Webex?

Webex is an online platform that allows users to connect and virtually meet other people without ever having to leave their home or office. Webex offers its users to conduct meetings both via a computer and a separate phone line. In addition to that, Webex is also available for download on cellphone devices and runs perfectly on Android and iOS. Not only that, as a great addition, it also supports Siri. One standout feature of Webex is that it is compatible with smartwatches such as the Apple Watch. If you are using Webex, you are sure not to miss any meeting regardless of how busy your schedule is.

Can I use ManyCam With Webex?

ManyCam can be easily integrated with Webex by following a series of simple steps. So let’s jump into the solution without any further ado.

Step 1: Log-In

The first step of using ManyCam with Webex is to log-in to both ManyCam and Webex. Launch the applications, enter your login credentials and click Next.

Step 2: Setting a Preset

Once you have signed into both ManyCam and Webex, you will need to set up a Preset in ManyCam. ManyCam allows its users to share content with the participates through different options. Setting up a Preset is both simple and easy. All you have to do is to simply navigate to the Preset section and choose a Preset option of their choice. Next, select Desktop and All displays for the application to stream the content or the app running on your desktop.

Step 3: Start a Meeting

After you have logged-in to your Webex account, select Host a Meeting and then click on Schedule a Meeting. If there is an Advanced Scheduler page present, click Quick Scheduler. Next, select a Meeting Type and then enter Meeting Topic. Type in the meeting password and click Enter to confirm the password.

Now specify the Time, Date and Duration. Enter the email addresses of the participants you would like to invite. Click the Start button if you want to start with the meeting now or click Schedule Meeting if you want it to be held at a particular date.

Step 4: Audio & Video Setup (Webex)

Webex allows its users to change and test both sound and video settings at QuickStart/Product Roadmap Overview screen or by visiting the Preferences section. After making the changes, the user can test the audio and video connection to make sure everything is fine.

Step 5: Share Content

Once the meeting has started, navigate to Settings and locate the Camera section. Simply choose ManyCam Virtual Webcam. Now click Start Meeting again to invite participants to this meeting.

Select the Preset on ManyCam, which contains the content you want to share and then click Trans to share the content on Webex.

Price Comparison


For Individuals



  • $59/Year or $119 Lifetime


  • $79/Year or $149 Lifetime

For Businesses

Enterprise 3

  • $119/Year or $298 Lifetime

Enterprise 5

  • $189/Year or $475 Lifetime

Enterprise 10

  • $279/Year or $798 Lifetime







  • Contact Webex for flexible subscription plans

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Cisco Webex Events vs. ManyCam Comparison Chart

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Using ManyCam with Cisco Webex Meetings

Highly productive and engaging video conferences are more relevant than ever. The combination of ManyCam’s features with Cisco Webex Meetings can be a powerful way to take your video conference calls to another level. In this article, you’ll find a step-by-step tutorial on how to use ManyCam with Cisco Webex Meetings.


How to connect ManyCam to Cisco Webex Meetings on Windows


Before you get started, make sure your Cisco Webex Meetings app is up-to-date. You can download the latest version here. The same goes for ManyCam, please download the latest version available.

With both applications up-to-date, let’s take a closer look at how you can select ManyCam as your video source on Cisco Webex Meetings.


Step 1 – Go to Settings on Webex Meetings

Once you have ManyCam and Webex Meetings opened, the first step is to go to Settings within the Webex Meetings app. 

You can find the settings icon on the top-right corner.



Step 2 – Click on Meeting join options

One of the options available within Settings is the Meeting join options. Please, click on it to access that menu. 



Step 3 – Select ManyCam as your Microphone and Camera

When you click on the Microphone drop-down menu, ManyCam should show up as one of the available options, as well as on the Camera menu.

After selecting ManyCam, click on Apply. 

And that’s it. At your next meeting, you’ll be able to use all of ManyCam’s tools on your Cisco Webex Meetings conference, from virtual backgrounds and multiple video sources to picture-in-picture and much more. 


ManyCam & Cisco Webex Meetings Demo


Here is a detailed ManyCam demo and tutorial on Cisco Webex Meetings. Check it out to learn how to use different video sources, picture in picture and Powerpoint presentations, as well as remove your background, add lower thirds, and much more.


How to connect ManyCam to Cisco Webex Meetings on Mac


Currently, the Webex Meetings app for macOS doesn’t support virtual cameras, so ManyCam will not show up as an option on the app. Webex Meetings recommends users join their conferences using the “Join from browser” option.


Step 1 – Select ManyCam as your video source

Right before you join the meeting, click on the arrow next to “Stop Video” to see more video options. ManyCam should be among the options.



Step 2 – Connect your audio

If your microphone is built-in to your webcam or you plan to use video sources that have sound, make sure you also connect your audio via ManyCam.

Click on the “Test speaker and microphone” settings and select ManyCam as your microphone option, then click on Apply.


And you’ll be ready to join your meeting on Cisco Webex Meetings with ManyCam!


With ManyCam connected to Cisco Webex Meetings, you’ll be able to use all its tools while live. Any video source that you add to your main live window or changes that you make will be instantly visible to all participants in a seamless connection. 

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How to use Cisco Webex Meetings with ManyCam - Chroma Key, Virtual Backgrounds, Lower Thirds \u0026 More!

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