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Nice beach erosion leads to complaints from swimmers

Tourists in Nice have faced a pressing problem this summer. It's not rude waiters, whether to go topless or even beach towel stereotypes, but how to get out of the sea.

The pebble beaches of the Côte d'Azur resort have been eroded so steeply by the waves of the Mediterranean that swimmers are complaining that they have to crawl out of the sea on their hands and knees.

The Nice-Matin newspaper has received complaints from readers, one of whom wrote that she worried about "sprains, fractures and even drowning" as a result of the beach slippage. Another commented on Sunday: "Start training, people, next year the beach will be vertical."

Some swimmers have accused the local authorities of failing to take action to restore the pebbles to their former glory.

But the city has hit back by saying that the beach level is regularly controlled in the summer months, although it recognised that waves may be impacting the shoreline. As a result, bulldozers have been ordered on to the beach each day.

But between the moment that the bulldozers flatten the beach at 5am and the arrival of the swimmers, "there can be enough water under the pebbles to form a new wall", the paper said.

According to researchers, the erosion of the 2.8-mile (4.5km) long beach is not new in a bay whose shoreline is naturally steep. The pebbles have been repeatedly replaced over the past 30 years as part of one of the biggest such coastal "nourishment" projects in France.

A study in 2007 said human interference along the coastline, such as using bulldozers to flatten the beach, may have exacerbated the problem as the pebbles have become more liable to be swept away by autumn and winter storms and by tidal surges.

Nice-Matin readers have come up with their own solutions. One said ropes could be installed to haul swimmers from the water in a return to a tradition of the early 20th century. Another suggested the introduction of escalators.

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