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10 Things Fans Don't Know About Scourge The Hedgehog

In 1992, Archie Comics created what we now know as the infamous “gotta go fast” hedgehog by the name of Sonic. Since the birth of this character, there has been a slew of other creatures added into the world of Moebius-Prime, including one of Sonic’s most vindictive opponents, Scourge.

Scourge has green fur and is typically seen wearing a flame embroidered leather vest and red sunglasses. While he possesses all the same abilities as the real Sonic (such as super speed and strength), he has never been able to reign superior over the speedy blue hedgehog.

Scourge’s tale is as long and complicated and Sonic’s, with some little known facts about this character, frequently slipping through the cracks.

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10 He First Appeared in 1994

Archie Comics teamed up with Sega in 1992 to create a comic book series out of the popular Sonic video game. The series lasted until 2017 and now holds a Guinness World Record for longest published comic based off a video game.

Scourge first appeared in the series in 1994 as Sonic’s direct counterpart. Scourge came from Anti-Moebius, one of the hundreds of parallel universes in the Sonic comic series. He was written into the series as a cliche, Sonic’s “evil twin,” who served as a confusing rival to the comic’s cardinal character.

9 His Original Name Was 'Evil Sonic’

Scourge was originally named Anti-Sonic or Evil Sonic when he first landed on the pages. He came from an alternate universe from the planet Anti-Moebius. This realm presented the exact opposite of Sonic’s planet Moebius-Prime, complete with the evil Anti Freedom Fighters (later known as the Suppression Squad).

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On this planet, the evil Dr. Robotnik has a mirror opposite: a kindly veterinarian by the name of Dr. Kintobor. Evil Sonic was the ringleader for the Anti Freedom Fighters until the group ousted him due to his terrible leadership.

8 He Used To Look Exactly Like Sonic

While he was dubbed as the Anti-Sonic, Scourge looked just like the titular hedgehog. He was drawn in with blue fur and green eyes and virtually indistinguishable abilities. The only features that set the two look-a-likes apart were Evil Sonic’s accessories. He was fashioned with a leather jacket, boots, and vintage-style sunglasses. This initially made it easy for Sonic’s evil counterpart to take the protagonist's place and terrorize Moebius-Prime.

However, creators later decided to reimagine the character in order to further his story. In attempts to steal the Master Emerald from Locke the Guardian, Evil Sonic received his now notable scratch marks across his belly. In the same misadventure, Evil Sonic had a bad reaction to the Master Emerald, which resulted in his fur turning green and his eyes blue. These discernible marks helped create what we now know as Scourge the Hedgehog.

7 He May Have Killed His Father

Scourge’s father is Anti-Jules, who used to rule the plant Anti-Moebius. He was a massive contributor to the Great Peace, a time where the planet saw stagnant peace and prosperity. This era of peace, however, seemed to contribute to the planet’s eventual decline. Ten years later, Scourge plans to overtake the planet in cahoots with the Suppression Squad. It is during this takeover that his father is killed. Because Scourge was the leader of the Suppression Squad, it is believed that Anti-Jules died at the hands of his son.

6 He Stole the Chaos Emeralds

The Chaos Emerald grants the user brief super abilities of their natural selves. For the hedgehogs, this means the Chaos Emerald would make them faster and stronger than they already are. Per his employer’s instructions (the evil Dr. Robotnik), Scourge found his way to Moebius-Prime where he finds the Chaos Emerald on Floating Island. Anti-Knuckles acts as his aid before his guilt gets to him. Anti-Knuckles ultimately informs the Freedom Fighters of Scourge’s attempts and they are able to thwart the theft of the coveted emerald.

5 Scourge Dated Sonic’s Ex

Scourge is known for his ill-fitted comments towards the female characters in the Sonic series. However, his arrogant behavior seemed to propel the interests of Fiona Fox. Fiona is actually an ex-girlfriend of Sonic on Moebius-Prime. After a life of petty crime, she tried to turn over a new leaf by joining the Freedom Fighters. It was here that she initially started a relationship with Sonic before converting back to her old ways. Fiona fell in love with Scourge as he was the exact opposite of Sonic. She eventually ruled as Queen of Anti-Moebius alongside Scourge after helping him take over the planet. After the Suppression Squad turned their backs on Scourge and Fiona, the two were forced to go their separate ways.

4 He Briefly Took Over Knothole

While on a rescue mission with the Freedom Fighters, Sonic’s absence was taken advantage of by Scourge. Before his green transformation, Scourge’s identical appearance to Sonic enabled him and his Anti-Freedom Fighter league to pose as the heroes of Moebius-Prime.

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While they were able to fool the locals at first, Scourge and his friends were eventually found out, and Sonic and his friends were able to banish their evil counterparts back to their own reality.

3 He Had A Stalker

Despite his frequent desire to spur the interest of the females, Scourge unwillingly became a spectacle for Rosy the Rascal. Rosy is the polar opposite of Amy Rose, the erratic fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. While Amy Rose fights for the affection of Sonic, Rosy the Rascal is after Scourge in anger because he is constantly ignoring her. Rosy haunts the green hedgehog and finally confronts him, much to the fear of Scourge. He is able to get away and only has to face her again once he becomes Super Scourge. At this point, he is able to easily defeat his pesky, crazy stalker.

2 Metal Scourge

Metal Scourge was made alongside Metal Sonic at the hands of Dr. Eggman. The two metal-based replicas of the hedgehogs have the same capabilities, including supersonic speed and strength. Because of this unprecedented match, Sonic and Scourge are forced to work together to defeat Dr. Eggman’s creations.

1 Super Scourge Wasn't Always Purple

Scourge is able to obtain temporary invulnerability and excessive power through the Anarchy Beryl, turning him into Super Scourge. Anarchy Beryl is the counterpart to Moebius-Prime’s Chaos Emerald which hosts infinite power.

Super Scourge has black scleras and red irises. His fur and boots turn purple, his glasses and jacket flames are blue, and his scars become more defined. Super Scourge underwent four different concepts before the final look was decided upon.

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Who is super scourge the hedgehog?

Who is super scourge the hedgehog?

Super Scourge is the Super State that Scourge the Hedgehog enters when he absorbs the power of an unknown amount of Anarchy Beryls. The transformation causes his quills to upturn, and most of his colors (clothes included) to invert. Due to brand recognition, Super Scourge has the traditional yellow Super State aura.

What is scourge the hedgehog weakness?

He is easily provoked and highly violent, especially when his ability is called into question. After of his imprisonment however, Scourge had become a shadow of his former self. As his control collar had rendered him weak and almost defenseless, he became scared and paranoid.

Why is Super scourge purple?

Super Scourge’s purple coloration is likely due to the fact that purple is the color inverse of green, also, his eyes are black and his irises are red showing that most of his colors are inverses, just as yellow is the color inverse of blue in Sonic’s case. Super Scourge’s red eyes are similar to Metal Sonic’s.

What’s the difference between Super Sonic and Super Scourge?

When transformed, Scourge’s quills turn upward and his irises have become red, much like Super Sonic ‘s. Unlike Super Sonic however, Super Scourge’s fur has turned purple instead of gold and his sclera has become black. Also, Super Scourge’s sneakers have become purple, the flames on his jacket blue, his glasses blue, and his scars are darker.

Who is Scourge in Sonic the Hedgehog comics?

Old news. The new hotness is a real Scourge. Scourge the Hedgehog, formerly known as Anti-Sonic or Evil-Sonic, is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. Scourge is the Moebius counterpart of Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as the ruler of Moebius.

What kind of fur does Super Scourge have?

Trivia 1 161, there was a data file about Scourge and it said that his fur color changed to golden when in his super form, but head-writer Ian 2 Super Scourge was the first transformation in the comic series’ continuity to have the character’s clothes change color when transformed. 3 Super Scourge’s red eyes are similar to Metal Sonic ‘s.

What is the super transformation of Scourge the Hedgehog?

All hail the king, baby. Super Scourge is the super transformation of Scourge the Hedgehog.

Old news. The new hotness is a real Scourge. Scourge the Hedgehog, formerly known as Anti-Sonic or Evil-Sonic, is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. Scourge is the Moebius counterpart of Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as the ruler of Moebius.

How is Super Scourge similar to Metal Sonic?

Super Scourge was the first transformation in the comic series’ continuity to have the character’s clothes change color when transformed. Super Scourge’s red eyes are similar to Metal Sonic ‘s. ↑ Shades of Super Scourge.

Why did Zonic want Sonic to arrest Scourge?

Scourge escaped and decided to finish the job, but Zonic caught sight of him and ordered the Zone Cops to arrest him. During the brawl, Zonic met up with Sonic and revealed that the Zone Cops had been busy fighting a war against a villain called Dr. Nega who was wreaking havoc in the No Zone and across the Multiverse.

Who is the evil Hedgehog in Sonic the Hedgehog?

Scourge the Hedgehog, formerly known as Anti-Sonic or Evil-Sonic, is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. Scourge is the Moebius counterpart of Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as the ruler of Moebius. In his earlier years…

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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
Blog Scourge.jpg
Scourge the Hedgehog
Biographical information

17 (Born on day 174, 3220)

  • Evil Sonic
  • Anti Sonic
  • King Scourge
  • Snot
  • Scourgey
  • King of Moebius (formerly)
Physical description
  • Black leather jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Black boots
  • White gloves
  • Crown (formerly)
  • Orange prison uniform (formerly)
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Super speed
  • Super strength
  • Enhanced reflexes
  • Chaos-based powers
Notable Super Forms

Scourge the Hedgehog (formerly known as Anti Sonic or Evil Sonic) was an evil version of Sonic the Hedgehog from Moebius. Unlike Sonic, Scourge mistreated others, was selfish and greedy, and had a great desire for power. Originally, Scourge, like all other alternate versions of Sonic Prime, looked identical to him, differing only in personality and attire. All this changed when Scourge, in a failed attempt to steal the Master Emerald with Rouge the Bat, sampled the Emerald's power and was permanently changed. Shortly thereafter, Scourge's methods changed as well: from small time hoodlum and mercenary to a villain determined to carve out his own path and completely distinguish himself from Sonic. For most of his criminal career, he led the Suppression Squad-previously known as the Anti Freedom Fighters-before becoming the leader of the Destructix.


Childhood & Takeover

When Anti Sonic was only seven years old, his father, Anti Jules, contributed greatly to the Great Peace. Anti Jules made little time for his son, as Anti Sonic would later remark he was a man of "empty words". The Great Peace also diverted much of his father's attention, as during a ceremony, young Anti Sonic was largely ignored. (StH: #192, CSE)

Ten years after the start of the Great Peace, Anti Mobius fell into a state of decline and stagnation. When it reached "rock bottom" and Anti Sonic was ready to seize power, he apparently killed his own father. Following this, Evil Sonic along with Alicia threw Anti King Max into the their version of the Zone of Silence, taking control of their version of Mobotropolis and ruling it with an iron fist. Their only opposition was the kindly veterinarian Julian Kintobor whose units of SweepBots would clean up the litter left behind by their Anti Freedom Fighters. (StH: #192, SSS: #10)

Crimes in Alternate Zones

Anti Sonic first encountered Sonic the Hedgehog from the prime universe while the latter took a detour through the Cosmic Interstate. After getting lost along the way, Sonic wound up in the Anti Mobius universe. The two briefly fought one another until Anti Robotnik helped Sonic apprehend his evil self through an assault by the veterinarian's patients. Sonic then continued his trip along the Cosmic Interstate back to Mobius. Later on, Evil Sonic was summoned by Robo-Robotnik with the task of stopping all of his counterparts from recovering the hand of Giant Borg from the Neutral Zone. Evil Sonic gladly accepted the mission, and accomplished it with the aid of an army of Shadowbots as Robo-Robotnik teleported the hand to his base, while Evil Sonic distracted the other Sonics but was then let go. (StH: #11, #19)

Later still, Evil Sonic traveled to Mobius Prime, this time accompanied by Alicia, Miles, Boomer, and Patch, all dressed like their Mobius-Prime selves. While Sonic, Tails and Antoine were absent in the Negative Zone trying to get to the Zone of Silence to rescue King Max, and Sally was occupied training the Substitute Freedom Fighters, the gang's evil counterparts began terrorizing the locals. Sonic and the others eventually showed up and confronted their evil selves. The fight was evenly matched at first, but once the Freedom Fighters switched their opponents Evil Sonic's gang was caught off-guard and defeated with Evil Sonic himself being taken out by Tails, and sent back to Anti Mobius. Evil Sonic would afterwards return acting as Dr. Robotnik's ally, fooling Anti-Knuckles into helping him steal the Chaos Emeralds from the Floating Island on Mobius Prime. Though the plan seemed feasible at first, Anti-Knuckles' overall good nature and the aid of the Freedom Fighters enabled Knuckles to trounce Evil Sonic, leaving him in his counterpart's care. (StH: #24, #44)

After Robotnik Prime's demise, a different Robo-Robotnik recruited Evil Sonic to help him locate the fragments of the Giant Borg battlesuit in order to rebuild it. Evil Sonic proved much more competent at this task, successfully amassing all but one of the Giant Borg components. Unfortunately, he mistook yet another alternate Robotnik for his current employer, and was thus trapped in the Mobius of Sonic Underground. Freed from prison by Sonia the Hedgehog and Manic the Hedgehog, siblings to the Sonic from that dimension, Evil Sonic was caught yet again, this time by Zonic the Zone Cop, who imprisoned Evil in the No Zone and then revealed to him that his old gang had replaced him with Evil St. John. (SSS: #10)

Evil Sonic briefly escaped and also appeared in the dimension of Litigopolis, a city ruled by a computerized version of Dr. Robotnik known as J.U.D.G.E.. As usual, Evil Sonic amused himself with random acts of vandalism, and J.U.D.G.E mistook him for Sonic Prime and thus took that Sonic prisoner to punish him for the crime. (SSS: #14)

After escaping again and attacking Zonic, Evil Sonic made his way to Mobius Prime once again, only to be struck down by Antoine D'Coolette, who mistook him for a disguised Sonic trying to help him impress his father. He was then taken back to the No Zone again, only to escape and return to Anti-Mobius. (StH: #112)


Back on Anti-Mobius, Evil Sonic was confronted by Patch, the Anti-Freedom Fighter version of Antoine and his long-time rival. Handily defeating his nemesis, Evil Sonic hatched a scheme for revenge, knocking out Antoine Prime and bringing him back to Anti-Mobius while leaving Patch in his place to torment them both. Patch's quick adaptation and moves to seize power inspired Evil Sonic, who performed a similar switch with his own counterpart. While impersonating Sonic, Evil made advances on Bunnie Rabbot—who at the time was trying to inspire jealousy in Patch, not realizing that he was not the Antoine whom she loved—Amy Rose, and a number of other girls in Knothole. However, he soon focused his designs on the most attractive looking—in his superficial opinion—girl he had yet met on Mobius Prime: Rouge the Bat. (StH: #150)

Not as easily taken in as some of Evil Sonic's other targets, Rouge wanted his help in stealing the Master Emerald from Angel Island. Ready to do anything to satisfy his own desires, Evil Sonic agreed, sneaking in while Rouge distracted Locke, the current Guardian at the time. However, Sonic proved more resourceful than Evil Sonic had anticipated, and returned to Mobius Prime to engage his counterpart in battle. The two struggled briefly before Locke, realizing Rouge's deception, appeared and used the Master Emerald to teleport Evil Sonic away. Found by Rouge, the Hedgehog managed to appease her disappointment with a smaller gemstone, and their partnership continued. (StH: #151)

Becoming Scourge

Evil Sonic and Rouge's next plan to lay hands on the Master Emerald appeared as though it would be similarly disastrous. Both thieves, their interest in each other obviously surpassed by their greed, planned to have the other get caught by Locke, and in the end were both found by him on the Emerald Shrine. They ended up fighting him, with Rouge taking most of the heat from the angry Guardian. Instead of assisting her, however, Evil Sonic made for the emerald itself and attempted to undergo a Super transformation using its energy, declaring it a birthday gift for himself. Locke intervened, striking the hedgehog with a Chaos-infused punch. However, the hedgehog soon recovered and revealed himself as having indeed undergone a transformation of sorts; bearing twin marks from Locke's attack, his fur was now green and his strength was enhanced. (StH: #160)

Declaring himself a "real scourge" and claiming that the "evil-twin shtick" was over, he brutally beat Locke into submission. Rouge prevented him from doing more, saying that by her rules they wouldn't kill, so Scourge decided he should use his newfound power to get revenge on someone else: Sonic. Working by intuition, he invoked Chaos Control with the Master Emerald and transported both himself and Rouge to Knothole. Fueled with arrogance, he attacked both Sonic and later Shadow—after briefly helping them against the villainous Croctobot—but as the two teamed up on him be began to tire out, and he became overwhelmed when the other Freedom Fighters joined in. Taking Rouge by the arm, he fled the village with Shadow in hot pursuit. Rouge told him to teleport them back, but he replied that he couldn't without an emerald. They escaped Shadow's wrath when an unknown Warp Ring portal appeared and the two jumped through it. The Warp Ring had been sent by and led to Dr. Finitevus, who explained that he needed assistance in his coming plans. (StH: #161)

Working for Finitevus

Not long after Scourge had escaped Shadow's wrath along with Rouge, a warp ring supplied by Doctor Finitevus led the duo to an unknown location where Finitevus stood asking if they were interested in joining him in his goals. Scourge was quick to oblige so long as it involved harming Sonic in any way, shape or form. Scourge served as Finitevus' right hand man, teaming up with the Destructix on various occasions. His most scathing blow to Sonic and the others came when he revealed that he had become romantically involved with Fiona Fox, who then left with him after they briefly did battle with Sonic, Tails, and Amy Rose. Fiona had been one of those who believed Scourge to be the real Sonic, but after learning the truth found Scourge's evil attitude and ambition more appealing. (StH: #165, #172, CSE)

Scourge would remain on Finitevus' side despite Fiona's misgivings and his own doubts about Finitevus' plans. Fearing that Finitevus' plan might fail, he charged up his Warp Ring with energy from the Master Emerald, and was witness to Finitevus' tirade on how "corrupt" the world had become and his plan to "cleanse" (exterminate) all life in a wave of Emerald fire. (StH: #180, #183)

Scourge's fears reached their breaking point during the fight between Super Sonic and Enerjak. Scourge recognized that with Enerjak on the loose, nowhere on Mobius would be safe, so he convinced Fiona to leave Mobius altogether. Scourge admitted that ever since his battle with Sonic, he had been deeply considering Sonic's comments that he and Scourge weren't so different. Knowing he had changed since his transformation, Scourge resolved to find answers to who he was now, and left with Fiona through the enhanced Warp Ring, to the places he could find them. Scourge promised Fiona, however, that it would be fun. (StH: #183, #184)

The Suppression Squad

Scourge returned to Anti-Mobius, intent on distinguishing and separating everything from their Prime Mobius counterparts. Within a matter of days, Scourge took control of the entire planet, crowning himself King and making Fiona his Queen, and took back control of the Anti-Freedom Fighters, renaming and reshaping them into the Suppression Squad. Upon stealing a pair of Globe Posts, Scourge plotted, with Fiona's aid, to launch an assault and invade Freedom HQ. When the Posts were repaired and reactivated, Scourge sent the Squad ahead, who found the base's defenders surprised and unprepared. A pitched battle ensued, until Sonic returned from his duties with the Chaotix in New Megaopolis to turn the tide, only for Scourge to make his grand entrance and appear before them. Scourge then proceeded to battle Sonic, and in the midst of the battle, it was hinted he holds some unknown incentive that keeps the Squad loyal to him. Eventually the pitched battle between the two groups led the base dangerously close to collapse, forcing the Freedom Fighters to retreat, leaving Scourge victorious, though his taunting towards Sonic enraged him to the point he vowed to return for revenge. (StH: #188, #189, #190)

Invasion & Betrayal

A couple of days later, Metal Sonic, under the direct control of Dr. Eggman, arrived and told Miles he was here to see Sonic. Miles, instead, summoned Scourge to inform him Metal Sonic had arrived on the scene. Instead of leaving, Eggman had Metal Sonic attack Scourge, saying "Why pass up one uppity hedgehog for another?" As they battled, Sonic himself arrived, intent on battling Scourge and re-taking Freedom HQ on his own, as the Republic of Acorn opted to focus their attacks on New Megaopolis and they doubted Scourge would make his gains on Mobius as easily as on "Moebius". Scourge was manipulated by Miles into ordering the Suppression Squad to allow himself to battle Metal Sonic, but soon found himself out-matched. Sonic saved him at the last second, and offered another temporary truce. Scourge told Sonic to save his sympathy, as he was happy to bust two Sonic heads. Metal Sonic felt the same way, and Sonic found himself battling both. During the fight, Scourge offered Sonic the chance to conquer Mobius himself, and then, together, take over the Multiverse. Sonic barely stuttered in response. Soon, Eggman dispatched reinforcements to deal with both hedgehogs in the form of Metal Scourge. (StH: #191)

The battle started up again, with the robotic duplicates quickly holding their own. Sonic asked Scourge to reconsider a truce, but instead Scourge pointed out Sonic hadn't answered his question about conquering Mobius and then the Multiverse. Sonic didn't refuse, as such, instead insisting he was too preoccupied with the present right now. Grinning evilly, Scourge took that as a "yes". As the battle amplified, Scourge's temper began to flare, refusing to give the robotic duplicates any ground when the battle began damaging Freedom HQ. Scourge also insisted to Fiona that he could handle them, when she asked if she and the Squad should step in. In the end, however, he broke down and asked the Squad for help, leading to Metal Sonic and Metal Scourge's destruction. Later that night, Scourge entered Sonic's home intent on doing him harm, only to be halted by Jules Hedgehog. After a bitter exchange of words between the two, Scourge left without causing any trouble. (StH: #192)

Not long after, Scourge sent Miles to bomb New Mobotropolis. But when Miles returned, apparently being chased by the Freedom Fighters, he and the rest of the squad, except Fiona, revealed their planned betrayal. Angry at Scourge for constantly abusing them, they attacked him alongside the Freedom Fighters. At first, Scourge and Fiona were getting the upper hand against both teams, but Sonic returned from his trip to Moebius and attacked Scourge. However, Boomer then blasted both hedgehogs and Miles threw them into the portal leading back to Moebius before it was closed. Scourge, now trapped on Moebius with Sonic and Amy, promised to get revenge on his team, but then looked in fear at his old stalker, Rosy the Rascal, who told Scourge how she had an "extra-special smash" for him. (StH: #193, #194)

Rise, Defeat, Imprisonment

The fight was interrupted when Shadow arrived by using Chaos Control. Though he was actually looking for the Special Zone, Sonic asked if he wanted to help him beat up Scourge, to which Shadow replied "sure". Metal Sonic arrived later, followed by Silver the Hedgehog and Rob as well as Amy and Rosy. A confused Silver was unable to determine which one was Sonic, and attempted to ask the others as they fought. Because they ignored him, he got angry and impatient and captured them all with his psychic powers. Silver stated that he had come from the future to destroy Sonic, and then attacked Sonic. Rob O' threatened Silver for a explanation, and Silver stated that during this point in time one of the legendary Freedom Fighters betrays and destroys them, dooming the future. He then stated that only Sonic was remembered to have had that kind of power. However, Scourge jumped in and attacked both of them, claiming that Silver should use his powers to give himself "a less-stupid haircut". Shortly afterwards, Sonic made a proposal to everyone to stop attacking each other and strictly finish off Scourge. But Scourge didn't give up. He rushed to the throne room, followed by Sonic and Shadow. Scourge turned the tables on everyone, claiming he placed Anarchy Beryl in his throne. This managed to turn Scourge into a stronger form: Super Scourge. (StH: #195)

Despite their efforts, the numerous hedgehogs were no match for Super Scourge, who defeated all of them. Super Scourge then proceeded to defeat the combined might of the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Suppression Squad (minus Rotor and Fiona), who had returned to Moebius expecting Scourge to be defeated. While he seemed to be unbeatable, Sonic eventually realized the Anarchy Beryl would have a different (and negative) effect on Scourge to contrast the positive effect the Chaos Emeralds had on him once the transformation ended. Luring Super Scourge away from the others, Sonic managed to stall for time until Super Scourge reverted to his normal form. As Sonic speculated, the Anarchy Beryl drained him of what energy he had left in his normal form, leaving him vulnerable. Sonic subsequently defeated Scourge and captured him. (StH: #196)

While Sonic was taking Scourge to the Zone Cops via the Cosmic Highway, Scourge broke loose and tried to escape, but he and Sonic were then arrested by Zone Cops Zector and Zespio for going through zones during a zone lock-down. The cops then took Sonic and Scourge to see Zonic via a Warp Ring. They arrive in a ruined No Zone and Scourge managed to escape by kicking the others out of the way and attempted to fully destroy the No Zone before moving on to Sonic's world. Sonic and the Zone Cops then met up with Zonic and battled Scourge. They quickly captured him thanks to Sonic's skills and Zonic's special Control Collar. Because of Scourge's mutation, he became a wild card in the "cosmic scheme of things" which was why he had not been arrested for his prolonged zone violations earlier. Scourge then said that he was "Sonic the Hedgehog at his full potential." before being taken to jail. (StH: #197)

"Snot" the Inmate

Within Zone Jail, Scourge found himself subjected to Warden Zobotnik's special brand of "aggressive rehabilitation." He became the cellmate of the brutish Smalls the Cat and was soon nicknamed "Snot." His spines were cut short and he was forced to wear the Control Collar which suppressed his super speed and abilities. Helpless, he soon found himself the target of frequent beatings and other abuse from both guards and inmates alike. However, King Maxx made Scourge a deal; so long as the hedgehog didn't attempt to challenge his power within the prison, Maxx's gang wouldn't kill him. All this left Scourge a shadow of his former self; broken and scared, his only acquaintances were Verti-Cal and Horizont-Al, something which further embittered him. Thus, when Fiona got herself and the Destructix arrested with the intention of freeing Scourge, he feared it would invite retribution from King Maxx, and furiously tried to keep away from them, angering the rest of the Destructix who had gotten themselves arrested for his sake. Maxx did attempt to follow through on his threats with his thugs overwhelming Scourge, but he was rescued by Fiona, who told the former king that Scourge belonged to her gang now. She later spoke in private with Scourge, surprised at how far he had fallen; however, she eventually managed to help him get back his confidence and inspired him to turn the Destructix back to his side so that they could escape. (SU: #29)

Eventually, Scourge was taken to Warden Zobotnik's office to talk about his association with the Destructix and got to watch a recording of their arrest. After seeing their strength first hand, Scourge lied to the Warden that he would not go near them, and went straight to Sergeant Simian and Predator Hawk. After hearing their life stories, he learned the former wanted to work with the strongest and the latter desired challenges for his skills, terms Scourge agreed to as a way of gaining their cooperation. (SU: #30)

Having regained much of his confidence thanks to Fiona and her plan to bust out of jail, Scourge went to get payback from Jeffrey St. Croix while the latter was bullying Verti-Cal and Horizont-Al. Fiona intervened and pinned Scourge to the ground as part of a "show" to remove suspicion from them for the time being, but angered him somewhat for her enthusiastic act. Scourge then set off to recruit Lightning Lynx from a therapy session with Zouge the Bat, and bolstered the spited ninja's anger with the promise of revenge, causing the session to lose control and was returned to his cell. While in there, he had a very disturbing encounter with Flying Frog, but easily convinced the psycho to be on his side, though he was left feeling that Rosy was better company. That night, Fiona started the escape by unlocking the cell doors and disabling their gang's Control Collars, upon which Scourge immediately spin-dashed Smalls into the ceiling, eager for payback. (SU: #31)

Once Scourge hunted down many of the people who mistreated him before. he had Predator bring Cal and Al to him. As thanks for them being nice to him in jail, Scourge had Simian break their Control Collars and let them loose on a rampage in their robotic, demigod forms. When Fiona told him that their gear was stolen, he gave the Destructix the order to search the Processing Area and that he would back them up (though this was just a cover for him to continue seeking revenge). After Scourge fought his way through numerous prisoners and guards, the warden authorized use of F.O.E. Inhibitors to take down Al and Cal, and told Scourge to surrender. Al and Cal begged Scourge for help, only to be mockingly dismissed as he fled the scene and escaped with the Destructix through a Warp Ring to Moebius. Once in the Grand Forest, Fiona told Scourge Dr. Finitevus had a job for them there, but he dismissed it while changing his clothes, and claimed the Destructix was his gang and that he had big plans for both his world & Sonic's. (SU: #32)

Later, after several defeats at Eggman's hands and the loss of Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine, Sonic recalled Scourge's taunt that that all it would take for Sonic to become evil was "one bad day", which, combined with Tails and Amy's chastisement, helped him regain his fighting spirit. (StH: #236)

Scourge's plans were never revealed nor got the chance to unfold before the Super Genesis Wave irreversibly rewrote the entire multiverse. (StH: #251)


Scourge, when simply known as Evil Sonic, was essentially a doppelganger and so was identical to Sonic save for his attire, which consisted of a black leather jacket, boots and dark sunglasses. He occasionally passed himself off as Sonic by stealing and wearing the heroic hedgehog's shoes.

The character, however, was heavily reinvented so as to become more distinct; artist Patrick Spaziante provided the visual design. While Sonic is blue with green eyes, Scourge is the opposite. His ears also appear to be more angular than Sonic's. His leather jacket gained flame designs on the arms and his shoes are green, silver and black. He now sports red sunglasses and two large scars on his abdomen that Locke scarred him with. He also gained an exaggerated pointy-toothed grin. His fur varies somewhat between colorists, going from a bright green to a darker pine shade. The character has sometimes been depicted with fingerless gloves, but the standard white gloves are more common.

For a time, Scourge wore a crown of sorts; a three-spiked, grooved dark piece that rested on his forehead. While a Data-File initially mentioned a potential "golden" Super form, artist Tracy Yardley and writer Ian Flynn came up with multiple alternate design concepts; the final included an unusual Super form with purple fur, red eyes on black, and partially inverted colors on his clothing (purple shoes, blue sunglasses and blue flames on the jacket).

Following his imprisonment he retains his usual green sneakers, but has been forced to wear an orange jumpsuit, and his spikes have been cut short; further distancing him from Sonic's appearance, who still possesses long spikes.


Scourge is at his core similar to Sonic, but often these shared traits are twisted and amplified. Scourge shares his counterpart's ego, but lacks any sense of humility or modesty, making him extremely arrogant and conceited. He is also void of compassion and conscience. He's relatively easy-going but also petty and cruel, often taking satisfaction and amusement at the expense of others, and can also be immature and lazy. Where the fun-loving Sonic has a sense of duty, Scourge cares only for his own amusement. Often loud and obnoxious, he's shallow in terms of relationships, often playing with the affections of any number of girls, and his companions only stick together out of self-benefit or fear. After his transformation, his arrogance only increased.

Misinterpreting Sonic's words, he eventually became fixated on becoming more than just an "Evil Sonic," becoming aware of his own incredible potential but deciding to apply it in negative, self-serving ways. He believes greatly in his own power and often brags or takes any opportunity to prove himself better than others, which in his mind means "stronger." Because he is also rash and impatient, he occasionally gets in over his head, his ego leading him to poor decisions. He hates the idea of having to rely on others and prefers to control and dominate through fear and intimidation. He is easily provoked and highly violent, especially when his ability is called into question.

After of his imprisonment however, Scourge had become a shadow of his former self. As his control collar had rendered him weak and almost defenseless, he became scared and paranoid. He allowed himself to be constantly physically abused in prison because he could not defend himself. He became enraged and panicked due to the fact the Destructix made it appear he was forming a gang and the only time he fought was when King Maxx told his goons to kill him. Despite all of this, Fiona was able to pull Scourge out of his funk and helped him to begin to plot his escape. He quickly regained his old arrogance, and a determination to follow his own path and prove himself the most powerful being in the multiverse.


Scourge is a version of Sonic from an alternate universe and so his abilities are essentially the same as Sonic's. The hedgehogs can achieve the same speed and both can perform feats such as spin dashes.

Following his transformation, Scourge seems to have acquired even greater strength and stamina than he had previously, as seen in #161, where he single-handedly defeats Sonic and Shadow at the same time. Scourge can also teleport using Chaos Control, though he requires an emerald to do so. Scourge is also capable of transforming into a Super form like Sonic's, but Scourge's changes in appearance are, predictably, the Anti-equivalent of Super Sonic's: his fur becomes a dark purple, the whites of his eyes become black, and his irises become red. His clothes take on a similar color reversal, with his sunglasses becoming clear with blue frames, his shoes becoming purple and black, and the flames on his jacket becoming blue and white. (StH: #196)


Where Sonic is polite and respectful towards women (most of the time), Evil Sonic/Scourge is the complete opposite. He is the very definition of a womanizer, much in the opposite of Sonic's gentlemanly disposition. Unfortunately for him, Anti-Mobius was too harsh a world for such behavior; Anti-Sally broke up with him after he suffered multiple defeats, while Anti-Bunnie actually joined the Anti-Freedom Fighters out of vengeance, having been dating Scourge only to discover that he was also dating several other women at the same time (among them Anti-Penelope Platypus).

Evil Sonic found things easier during his brief switch of identities with Sonic Prime. On Mobius Prime, he once again had multiple relationships at the same time, using his identical appearance with Sonic to take advantage of nearly every female character in the cast. Unfortunately, he found easy prey in the form of Sonic's crushing fangirl Amy Rose and the emotionally distraught Bunnie Rabbot, who was still upset over her apparent breakup with Antoine (engineered by Evil Sonic himself). Scourge also appears to have begun a relationship with Fiona Fox, who appears to have known all along that he was an imposter; unfortunately, she ended up falling for Scourge, and became more and more sinister as a result.

Unlearned lessons repeated themselves, and Sonic's return prompted Scourge's exposure, forcing him to flee. His actions while impersonating Sonic left something of a mix-up between his heroic counterpart and the women he flirted with, though Sonic appears to have resolved this. Forced to flee, Evil Sonic was quickly drawn by Rouge the Bat, who not only had similar designs on the Master Emerald to his own, but who was also physically appealing to him. Rouge also appears to have flirted with him, though likely only to gain his help. Whatever relationship might have been between them was reduced to strictly business after he transformed into Scourge and she broke up their partnership.

Fiona later revealed that she liked Scourge all along, rather than Sonic. It's rather unlike Scourge to actually like someone, but it seems he is interested in Fiona for more than just the purpose of messing with Sonic. He has stated that, unlike the girls from his home zone who are "dark from the get-go", Fiona chooses to be evil- and Scourge thinks that is 'hot'. Later on when the Suppression Squad riots against him, Fiona flees to gain backup. After arriving in Zone Prison, she attempts to help him escape, and renews his confidence.

Background information

  • On the cover of StH #161 the word SEGA can be seen on Scourge's sunglasses. The same occurred in the backstory of StH #192.
  • It is stated in Sonic Super Special Magazine issue #1 that Scourge's current green design, along with his crown, is based off the Ashura glitch in the video game Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • Scourge is one of four characters featured in the comics who has colors that are inverted to that of Sonic, the others being Jet the Hawk, Bean the Dynamite and Jolt the Roadrunner.
  • Scourge is one of five characters in the series to be seen cursing (in this case, exclaiming a swear word which is changed to a bunch of random symbols, due to it being a kids comic). The only other characters known to do this is Nack the Weasel, Monk, Dr. Eggman and Sonic himself.
  • It is known that Scourge may have played an important role in his father's death.
  • From the comic "Father and Son" it is shown that Scourge may have some guilt of what he's done in the past, and that he shows great jealously that he doesn't want to admit towards Sonic's relationship with his parents (more importantly his dad - Jules the Hedgehog).
  • As Scourge never spent a year in space like Sonic did, this would mean that Scourge is effectively physically older than Sonic by a year. This has never been confirmed however.
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