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Dirt Bros. Retrospective

By Brian Tunney | Jun 5, 2009

Dirt Bros 1988 - 1994 Highlights from Dirt Brothers on Vimeo.

I'll make this somewhat short, but know that it's necessary watching. The Dirt Bros. started out in the late '80s as street and dirt riding anti-heros, the antithesis to the neon uniformed standard of the '80s, helping to define the initial era of street riding. They wore flannel shirts and camo shorts, did what they wanted, rode how they wanted and later took the anti- approach to BMX companies, turning Dirt Bros. into a BMX company. Only they didn't go out and make frames. They bought old Skyway TA frames, added Redline forks, re-stickered the package as 'Dirt Bros.' and sold them as their own. Later on, they eventually did start making frames, sponsoring a then-unknown Gary Young and fading away just after the turn of the century. But something tells me Dirt Bros. is on its way back in some shape or form to shake up the establishment. Currently, Vic Murphyis in Scotland, but that's about all I know. Okay, I've rattled on enough. Check the vid.

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About Dirt Brothers

Men of all ages have been playing American Football for over 100 years. We wear our team jerseys with pride and compete as warriors. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, but at the end of the day, we are all on the field playing the best game in the world.

We join the game from different backgrounds and cultures; learning lessons from our coaches, teammates, and our heroes that played the game before us. We learn life lessons that challenge us to be our best on the field and most importantly, off the field. The game teaches character, intensity, focus, hard work and it turns boys into men. We find ourselves sharing our stories from the game that helped make us who we are and by sharing the stories we stay connected….like brothers.

Dirt Brothers is about the brotherhood that stretches beyond our jerseys, teams, and towns. This is one of the largest groups of men in the world and it’s time we connected. If you played the game of football, you’re a Dirt Brother…

Welcome to the team..

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Ben Crocket, BMX Plus! november 2003:If I had to describe the Dirt Bros., I would have to call them the gang of our older brother's generation that we are proud to say became a recognized part of ours. Stickered-up old frames, mag wheels, flannel shirts and the most basic of BMX tricks stretched beyond belief have become what will always be recognized as Dirt Brothers style. Even with a new batch of riders to mingle with the old, Vic Murphy maintains the Dirt Bros. and what they are all about.

Vic Murphy, BMX Plus! november 2003:I moved to San Diego when I was 17 from Alaska and started riding with the locals James Arrington and Brad Blanchard. We eventually wound up riding with Ronnie Farmer, Kaarlo Wik( who was from Alaska too) and Pete Augustin. I was the one who got a business license and started selling stuff, though; that was in '90. I was 20 when DBI became a business, if you want to call it that.

Vic Murphy, BMX Plus! november 2003:The Dirt Bros are a bunch of dirty bikers who love to ride bikes! We are the same yesterday today and forever!" The "OG" list of Dirt Bros is: Vic Murphy, Brad Blanchard, James Arrington, Ronnie Farmer, Kaarlo Wik, Lee Sultimier, Gonz, Eddie Roman and Pete Augustin. That's the "OG" with many additions to follow. Currently: Vic Murphy, Gary Young, Chris Myers, Ryan Fudger, Mike Grosse, Steve Woodward, Shawn Fedei, Jim Sibley, Rama Fire, Jon Bristol, etc ...

Vic Murphy, BMX Plus! november 2003:"Ride 'em 'till ya' can't ride 'em no mo', then get another! If it rolls and has DBI stickers on it, it will work."
Sours: http://www.23mag.com/gens/teams/dirtbros.htm
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