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Important: BlackBerry cannot guarantee that all third-party Bluetooth® accessories function with Bluetooth enabled BlackBerry smartphones.

This list is not intended to solely state supported Bluetooth devices, rather indicates a list of Bluetooth devices that RIM has tested and found to function correctly. RIM is in the process of expanding the list of known compatible Bluetooth headsets.

Bluetooth accessories that are not listed in this article are still likely to function with Bluetooth enabled BlackBerry smartphones, but RIM has yet to test them. If you experience difficulty using a Bluetooth accessory, contact BlackBerry for assistance. BlackBerry Technical Support Services subscribers can contact the BlackBerry Technical Support team directly. If your Bluetooth accessory is not compatible with Bluetooth enabled BlackBerry smartphones, steps will be taken to rectify this incompatibility whenever possible.


Here are some examples of Bluetooth headsets that are known to function with Bluetooth enabled BlackBerry smartphones:

  • Flamingo Bluetooth Headset *
  • Jabra BT250v
  • Jabra JX10
  • Jabra BT125
  • Logitech Mobile Pro Headset
  • Motorola Bluetooth Headset H500 **
  • Motorola Bluetooth Headset HS820
  • Motorola Bluetooth Headset HS850
  • nXZEN 5000
  • Plantronics M3000 Bluetooth Headset
  • Plantronics Discovery 640 Bluetooth Headset
  • Plantronics Explorer 320 Bluetooth Headset
  • Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset
  • scala-500 ***
  • Sony Ericsson Akono Bluetooth Headset HBH-602

* Three-way calling features on the Flamingo Bluetooth Headset are not supported.

** You can transfer audio files from the BlackBerry smartphone to the Motorola Bluetooth Headset H500, but not from the headset to the BlackBerry smartphone.

*** The audio transfer function on the scala-500 headset is not fully supported.

Previously Tested Headsets

The following is a list of Bluetooth headsets that have previously worked with Bluetooth enabled BlackBerry smartphones:

  • Logitech Mobile Freedom
  • Plantronics M2500 Bluetooth Headset

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BlackBerry Headsets Comparison.


The Best of Bluetooth.

Using a Bluetooth headset or earpiece on your BlackBerry gives you wireless freedom with crystal clear sound quality.  The Voyager Legend continues to be one of our best sellers using an extended microphone for great voice pick up.  With multiple microphones, it’s able to target your voice and decipher unwanted background noise, making it easier for your caller to hear you clearly.



Up and Coming – The Voyager 3200 UC.

Technology at a new level.  The Voyager 3200 UC headset is light weight, stylish, and extremely powerful to pair with your BlackBerry phone.  Included is a rechargeable case to provide hours of extra talk time.  This is a great option for users on the go and those who don’t want to worry about leaving cables behind.  With the base tucked away in a case or purse, you always have a safe place to store your headset while simultaneously charging it before it’s next use.


BlackBerry Bluetooth Headset Choices.

We offer a great BlackBerry headset comparison guide detailing the latest Plantronics earpiece options and microphone designs.  You will want to decide on key factors such as; what is your perfect wearing style, what models have the talk time to get you through the busiest of days,  preferred models with great standby time if you’re only an occasional user, does distance come into play if you need more than the standard 33 feet of distance with most Bluetooth models.  Check out the latest models and videos at Bluetooth Comparison Guide.

Plantronics H-Series Corded HeadsetsNeed a Commercial-Grade Wired Solution?

Plantronics has the solution you’ve been looking for!  Use any of the top-of-the-line H-Series headsets with cable (38541-02 see below) for a wired BlackBerry headset solution. Both standard microphones and noise-canceling microphones are available in a variety of wearing styles.  If you’re simply more comfortable with a cord and not wanting to worry about having another device to charge, our H-series headsets will be your perfect solution.  Simply plug the cable into your mobile phone and start talking. It’s that easy, and you’ll never worry about the battery dying.

Plantronics 38541-02 3.5mm iPhone/Blackberry Cable

BlackBerry Wired Solutions.

Using the Plantronics 38541-02 cable lets you plug any Plantronics H-series headset (with quick disconnect) into your BlackBerry’s non-standard 3.5mm headset jack.  The quick-disconnect connection has a call-control button to assist with call management, making headset usage even easier on your BlackBerry.  Convenience at its best.



Short Info Videos:

We have selected a few informative videos to help you better understand Blackberry headset options:

Plantronics Voyager 5200 Series

Marque M155 Headset
Lightweight – Low profile

BlackBerry Corded Headsets
Plantronics 38541-02 Cable

How Do I Order Headsets for My BlackBerry?

Order now on our fast and secure website, or call 1-800-914-7996 today!


Frequently Asked BlackBerry Headsets Comparison Questions

  1. How do I order headsets for my BlackBerry?
    Just give us a quick call at 1-800-914-7996, or order online.
  2. How easy is it to connect a Bluetooth headset to an BlackBerry?
    It will take you 2-3 minutes to be up and talking.  You simply put the headset into pairing mode, have your phone search for Bluetooth devices, and your headset should appear.  Choose your headset model to connect and you’re done.
  3. What is Smart Sensor Headset Technology?
    Headsets with Smart Sensors only connect to your phone when it’s on your ear.  You will never again be talking into your phone and realize your headset is the active device sitting in your pocket or purse with your caller yelling “Are you there?”.
  4. How is the quality of Bluetooth headsets on a BlackBerry?
    Technology has advanced Bluetooth audio quality to amazing levels.  With the latest AudioIQ3, Windsmart, and DSP technology built in, your caller won’t be able to tell you’re on a Bluetooth headset whether you’re in the office, the mall, or cruising down the highway.
  5. How easy is it to use the BlackBerry corded headset and cable solution?
    As simple as plug-n-play.  You plug the BlackBerry cable into the headset and your BlackBerry, and your BlackBerry does the rest.  It’s really that easy.  Just start making calls like normal, but enjoy the convenience of hands-free communication.
BlackBerry HS-300 Bluetooth unboxing and Review

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