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Offhand Designs Knitting Totes, Bags and Accessory storage pouches feature tapestry, embroidered velvet fake fur and shag with leather trims, wooden handles and eye-popping colors—knitting fashion never felt so fun!

Knitting Totes by Offhand Designs Incredibly hand-crafted bags and Knitting Needle cases by Offhand Designs of San Francisco can accomodate whatever you've got in mind. There is the soft, lovely Daisy, with its fabulous pockets all round and drawstring top; the Watson, hand-tooled and exquisitely detailed. If you love textured fabrics, checkout out The Kazul, a frame and fabric bag that is the perfect take-everywhere textile lovers bag. And the Mary Poppins-Worthy Kazul that FITS EVERYTHING! These bag make great gifts, for yourself or others, and don't forget to add one of Offhands' handmade needle cases for circulars or interchangeables! All are exceedingly groovy and stylish ways to help you keep all your knitting gear to hand!

Tomorrow a box is leaving California with more bags from Offhand Designs. If all goes well they could be in the store the end of next week.

You might not be familiar with Offhand Designs so here is a bit about the company

Based in Oakland, California, Offhand Designs prides itself on original designs, high-quality local craftsmanship, and exclusive detailing. In a market flooded with mass-produced imports, Offhand Designs is dedicated to producing handbags that stand apart from the mainstream in every way. Offhand Designs brought its first line of handbags to life in the fall of 2001 and presently produces multiple collections of handbags, totes, clutches, baby bags, knitting bags and needle clutches in exquisite velvets, brocades and chenille.

 From the creation of the pattern to the final stitches, each bag is handmade in the San Francisco Bay Area.

 All bags are made with the finest quality textiles inside and out - no cardboard or glue!
 Each bag undergoes rigorous testing in the field to ensure that it's highly durable, to solve any minor inconveniences in its design, and to make sure that it turns heads!
 All lavish embellishments are hand-placed on each individual bag to best complement its design elements. We feel that variations in the design are desirable and add character. This also means that each bag is truly one-of-a-kind.
 All linings feature inset pockets and are carefully chosen to create an element of surprise and charm.
 Offhand Designs products are offered in limited editions.

Marcella-a new bag for 2012

This classic design, detailed with feminine gathers, makes the Marcella
the perfect go-anywhere bag you’ve been looking for.

There are some Scotties coming as well.
Luxurious fabrics highlight the old-world charm of a roomy framed satchel
with a plethora of pockets and pouches that offer plenty of organization and while a removable shoulder strap lends carrying versatility. 



I am happy to announce that there is only four rows to go on the Linen Stitch Scarf. It's time to start watching the many, many shows that are taping tonight (Survivor, X Factor, Food Truck Race, Criminal Minds, CSI and that doesn't include the two baseball games) so it should be done when I get to work tomorrow.

There are many possibilities for the next one. I walked by the tosh pashmina worsted today and think that I might use it for the next one. I will go up one size needle, add 50 stitches and use 4 skeins-but I am only going to use one colour-alternating every two rows. It will be really long and wide and soft and cuddly. Wicked will be the colour. Now I'm really excited to get knitting!
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Deluxe Clutch Features:

  • Long enough for straight needles, Tunisian crochet hooks or long handled paint brushes
  • Slots accomodate wide knitting needles, crochet hooks, paint brushes, and markers
  • Enough pockets to keep track of all your notions
  • Easily fits inside Zelda Grand, Weekender, Eve, Zhivago Weekender and Tonya knitting and crochet handbags
  • Sleek, secure closure - nothing falls out
  • Available in many plush, beautiful, limited edition velvets, chenilles, brocades, and wools

Deluxe Clutch Details:

  • 5.5� H x 15� W x 1�D closed
  • Opens to 15�H x 20�W
  • 2 magnetic snap closures
  • 1 zipper pocket with custom gold zipper & pull
  • 6 circular needle pockets
  • 24 slots for knitting needles, paint brushes or tools
  • 4 slots for crochet hooks or pencils
  • Protective flap
  • Luscious velvets & brocades
  • Corded trim
  • Faille lining
  • Handmade in the San Francisco Bay Area
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