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2015-2020 F150 Decals & Emblems

Grabbing a few decals, emblems, or banners is the perfect way to make your hyper-mean 2015-2020 F150 really pop. While a decal or emblem won't be scoring your F150 any horsepower or torque, they can help set your F150 apart from the rest of the crowd. We carry both our very own Stage 3 banners and decals, as well as officially licensed Ford decals and totally custom decals to get your truck the exact look you want. Ford F-150 Fitments: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Ford F150.Submodel Fitments: FX2, FX4, King Ranch, Limited, Platinum, Lariat, Tremor, Sport, STX, XLT, XL.Some exceptions apply, please see individual product pages for specific fitments.

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The durability of the Ford F-150 is renowned, yet proper maintenance and care is needed to keep this truck running well through the streets of Fairlawn, Akron, and Cleveland. This Ford F-150 dashboard symbols guide will discuss some of the potential lights you'll see pop up on the dashboard and what these lights mean.

If you finish this article and realize one of the dashboard lights discussed is currently on in your truck, schedule a service appointment at Montrose Ford of Fairlawn.

Brake LightBrake Lights

The brake light symbol looks like an exclamation point inside a circle, inside a parenthesis. This light pops up if there is a malfunction with your brakes, which could mean anything from the fluid being low to a lack of proper responsiveness.  At any rate, you'll want to have your Ford F-150 inspected in this instance.


Anti-Lock Braking System

Anti-Lock Braking SystemThe anti-lock braking system dashboard light is the letters "ABS" inside a circle, inside a parenthesis. These anti-lock brakes are separate from your regular brakes. If this light pops up, you should schedule an appointment with your local Ford service center.




Check Engine LightCheck Engine Light

If you see the image of an engine pop up on your dashboard, it's your check engine light. This symbol means your engine is acting a little wonky. A quick inspection from a professional should take care of this symbol.



Engine Oil LightEngine Oil

The engine oil dashboard light looks like a leaking oil can, and it means your oil is either running low, malfunctioning, or is worn down significantly.

Motor oil is the lifeblood of your car. So, you should have it changed or inspected as soon as you see this light pop up.


Tire Pressure LightLow Tire Pressure

The low tire pressure light in the Ford F-150 looks like an exclamation point inside a horseshoe. This symbol means one or more of your tires are below the recommended pressure. If you fill your tires up and the light disappears only to return a week or so later, have your wheels inspected, as there may be a leak.


Battery LightBattery Light

The car battery light looks like a battery with a small plus sign in the top right corner and small minus sign in the top left corner.

If you see this symbol flash on your dashboard, you'll want to either have your battery replaced or inspected by a professional.


Engine Coolant TemperatureEngine Coolant Temperature

The engine coolant temperature light in your F-150 looks like a floating buoy with three distinct notches pointing to the right. If you see this symbol, your engine is at risk of overheating.

In this scenario, you should pull off to the side of the road or into a parking lot and give your truck a chance to cool down.

Understanding the Dashboard Lights on Your Ford F-150

This Ford F-150 dashboard light guide can be used as a reference if you see any dashboard lights pop up while driving through Fairlawn, Akron, or Cleveland.

You can also have you truck serviced by contacting Montrose Ford of Fairlawn and scheduling an appointment!

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Luminix Ford LED Emblems

Upgrade your Ford truck with Putco’s official Ford licensed LED emblems.

This next installment in the Luminix® line of products that seamlessly replaces the OEM emblems using the original mounts.
Installation is quick and easy, all wiring is plug&play and routes directly to the fuse box.
The IP69K rated emblem is tough and durable, designed to withstand the elements and provide a unique signature look to your vehicle.
With this LED emblem you can set your Ford truck apart from rest in no time in safety and style.

• Compatible with camera and lens washing systems - (available with or without).
• Seamlessly replaces OEM Ford emblems using OEM mounts.
• Plug&play direct to fuse box.
• IP69K rated.
• Front Emblem delivers a 6,500K White High Lux.
• Rear Emblem delivers a Mega Red High Lux for a sharp light and maximum visibility.
• Chip On Board LEDs layout for crisp illumination day or night.
• Signature startup sequence.
• Ford Licensed product.
• Sold separately as front and rear.

Our Ford LED emblem fits directly into OEM post mounts and is fitted perfectly for a headache
free installation that allows full use of camera and camera washing components.

Putco’s LED emblem begins illuminating with an eye-catching startup sequence at a 6,500K
color temperature.

"IP" refers to the product’s ability to resist ingress of dust while the "69K" refers to the product’s
ability to resist ingress of high temperature (Steam) / high-pressure water.

2021 Ford F-150 Emblem Decal Overlay Installation and Review (Boca Decals)

THF Illuminated LED Emblem (15-19) Ford F-150


  View Them In Action Here
Product Features:
– Custom LED illuminated Ford grille emblem
– Signature light flourish upon activation
– Seamlessly replaces OEM Ford emblems using OEM mounts
– All wiring is plug and play direct to fuse box
– IP69K rated weather and dust resistance
– 6500K White LED output
– COB (Chip on board) LED layout for crisp illumination day or night

Upgrade your Ford F150 by replacing its’ factory Ford grille emblem with Putco’s officially licensed LED version. This addition to the Putco Luminix line replaces the factory version seamlessly by utilizing original factory mounts. Installation is quick and easy and all wiring is plug and play and routes directly to the fuse box. Able to withstand harsh weather thanks to a IP69K rating. Offers custom signature and appeal for your Ford F150 grille. Fits directly onto OEM post mounts and is fitted perfectly for a headache free installation. Putco’s LED emblem begins illumination with an eye-catching start up sequence in 6,500K color temperature. Sequence begins upon ignition. IP6 refers to the product’s ability to resist ingress of dust while the 9K refers to the product’s ability to resist ingress of high temperature, high-pressure water.

WARRANTY- 1 year

Additional information

Emblem Type

Front Emblem (White LED), Rear Emblem (Red LED)

Have a Camera in Your Emblem?

Yes, No


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