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Our legendary Mercedes‑Benz LO 1114 is now 50 years old

The LO 1114 was manufactured with 3 different wheelbases: 4200 mm, 4830 mm and 5170 mm (common name, /42, /48 and /51). It was equipped with a 145 HP OM 352 engine and a five-speed synchronised gearbox, enabling the vehicle to successfully negotiate urban traffic.

Its powertrain was comprised of a simple, robust and reliable set of mechanical components. The OM 352 direct-injection diesel engine with a cylinder capacity of 5675 cm3, 145 HP SAE at 2800 rpm and a torque of approximately 370 Nm at 2800 rpm, was followed by a single-disc clutch with a diameter of 280 mm and mechanical drive.

With regard to the gearbox, there were two versions throughout the production cycle. Both had 5 gears + 1 reverse gear. Initially, the G3/36 gearbox was fitted with a prime ratio of 8.98:1, followed by the G3/40 gearbox with a prime ratio of 7.5:1, which was more robust than its predecessor (400 Nm acceptance torque vs. 360 Nm in the previous version).

  • ->06/86
  • up to engine no. 915577/933107
  • 07/86->
  • from engine no. 915578/933108
  • ->06/86
  • Prefilter
  • use for OE no. A 000 090 08 07
  • for vehicles with hand feed pump

Air dryer for pneumatic brake system

Air dryer for pneumatic brake system

  • 01/85->
  • with coalescing filter for enhanced system protection

Air dryer for pneumatic brake system

  • 01/85->
  • Gradual drying+optim. oil separation for best protection


Vehicle : MERCEDES-BENZ LN2 / LK (673.001-679.259) 84-98 1114


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Mercedes 1114

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1114 turbo cargado

Mercedes-Benz short-bonnet trucks

Motor vehicle

The Mercedes-Benz "Kurzhauber" (short-bonnet) truck is a conventional layout, cab-after-engine truck manufactured from 1959 to present day (2021). In Germany it is most commonly referred to as the Kurzhauber (for "short bonnet").[1] The engine intruded into the cabin underneath the windshield, all in the name of making a shorter truck to meet the strict period German regulations on overall length. The short-bonnet truck was built in many countries and remains in service throughout many of the regions to which it was exported.

Brazilian-built Mercedes-Benz L1318 (Uruguay)


The first short-bonnet truck model, the Mercedes-Benz L 337, was first produced in Germany in 1959. Its technically successors were in production for export until 1995, long after domestic German sales had ended.[1] The short-bonnet truck was a big export success for Mercedes-Benz and became very popular in the Middle-East, South America and Africa.

Originally, medium-weight trucks (L 323 and L 327, with 110 PS or 81 kW inline-six diesels) intended for shorter delivery and construction work were built in Daimler-Benz' Mannheim plant. The heavier trucks, for long-distance and heavy construction work, were built in the Gaggenau plant.[2] These were designated L 337 and L 332 B (L 334 B from 1960), with 12 t (26,500 lb) or 19 t (41,900 lb) total weights and 172–180 PS (127–132 kW) diesel six-cylinders. In 1962 the more powerful 19 tonne L 334 C was added, mainly intended for export. The model designations were a warren of letter combinations reflecting the vehicle's intended use, until a new system (still in use today) including overall weight and engine power was introduced in the summer of 1963.[2]

The 5.7 L (5,675 cc) OM 352 was Mercedes-Benz' first direct-injection diesel engine. After having debuted in 1964, a 130 PS (96 kW) was installed in the Kurzhauber in the 1967 L/LP 1113 B series ("11" for the tonnage, "13" reflecting tens of horsepower). The engine (and other versions thereof) gradually spread through the range, replacing the earlier indirect-injection units.[3]

Just as the Dodge Power Wagon became synonymous with oil exploration throughout Arabia in the 1950s, the short-bonnet trucks, together with the Kenworth 953 became the two trucks which were synonymous with the oil exploration boom in Arabia throughout the 1960s. Many roads throughout Arabia were not surfaced until the early eighties and there were no weight or length limitations on road haulage. This meant that the trucks carried heavier loads than for which they were designed, in some instances three times the maximum designed loaded weight, and in carrying these loads, the short-bonnet trucks gained a reputation for toughness and reliability. Nearly all short-bonnet trucks shipped to Arabia were orange in color, while all short-bonnet trucks shipped to North Africa were green in color.

Kurzhauber of Brazilian origins were also assembled and sold in North America through 1991, when they were replaced by new Class 6 and 7 trucks from Freightliner (FL60/FL70).[4][5] This was the last Mercedes-Benz truck to be sold in North America until 2001 (when the Sprinter went on sale there), although the Mercedes-Benz badge lived on to indicate engine origin on Freightliners thus equipped.[6]


After 1995 production in South Africa ceased but was continued at Mercedes-Benz factories in South America, where it had already been built for decades. The trucks built in Brazil received a facelift in 1982, with a squared off grille in black plastic featuring rectangular headlights for a more modern (albeit somewhat incongruous) look.[3] Brazilian-built Mercedes-Benz short-bonnet trucks were assembled CKD by Freightliner until the end of 1990, the result of Daimler-Benz' 1981 purchase of the Oregon-based manufacturer.[7] The Brazilian Kurzhaubers were sold as Class 6/7 trucks in the United States until 1991, when a Freightliner-badged replacement took over. Mercedes-Benz never made any substantial inroads into the US market, with a 1.5 percent market penetration in the segment in 1989 (2,037 trucks sold).[7]

In Argentina, the short-bonnet trucks were made until 1997, when ceased in favour of the Sprinter and bus chassis only. The models made in the Virrey del Pino plant are: L 311, L 312, L/LS 1112, LA 1112, L 914, LA/LAS 1114, L/LK/LS 1114, L/LK 1215, L/LK 1218, L/LK 1514, L/LS/LK 1517, L/LS 1521, LA 1419, L/LS/LK 1518, L/LS 1526, L/LK 1615, L 1619, L 1620, L/LS 1622, L/LS 1633. In this country, the most popular versions of this line were the Mercedes 1114, which were known by the expression "once-catorce" ("eleven-fourteen" in English). Currently in Argentina, only the Atron 1735 are the only short bonnet made since 2016.

In Iran it is known as Benz Meiller and it is still produced by Iran Khodro Diesel Company as the Khawar (lit. East).[8] The Khawar is offered in two models, the 2624 and the 1924. The former 2628 model has been taken out of production.




  • Gaier, Achim (2021). Mercedes-Benz LKW: Die unvergessenen Kurzhauber [Mercedes-Benz Trucks: The unforgettable short-bonnet vehicles] (in German). Stuttgart: Motorbuch Verlag. ISBN .

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