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Step 2: Flowering a Tall Floral Arrangement

Hydrangea is the most useful first flower to start with when creating this type of design, and it truly lends to that big classic design impact. Once placed, it will immediately give you a sense of how full your arrangement will be.

In terms of placement, we place four on the bottom level and four towards the top, so they zigzag around the design, rather than sit atop each other. While the tendency is to put the upper ones further out, you can risk making a more trapezoidal rather than round design when you do it—so watch your placement!

It’s a matter of personal preference, but we find it useful for the flowers to be added in the following order:

  • Hydrangea

  • Stock

  • Spray roses

  • Roses

  • Lisianthus

Strip any greenery from the roses and spray roses, but lisianthus greens can be useful filler.

For the hydrangea, the stems must sink deep into the floral foam. If any of it feels less secure, you can use Flora Lock to “lock” the stem into place. Simply stick the nozzle into any gap in the hole and spray. For the other flowers, sinking them in 1” – 1½” is usually adequate, as you have to be careful not to “Swiss cheese” the foam.

Step 3: Filling in Your Tall Centerpiece Design

As a final step, look at any holes or visible mechanics you might have remaining in your tall floral arrangement, and use any remaining salal to complete the piece.

Final Thoughts

The better you visualize your design, the better you’ll be at making this style of arrangement—whether you adapt this style to be tighter without greens, looser with additional greenery, or larger or smaller. You can create this large centerpiece design with so many different combinations of flowers! No matter what you choose, you’ll be left with an impressive statement piece that any client will be happy to receive.

Postscript: Making a Big Floral Arrangement Without Foam

It is possible to make a big arrangement without floral foam, and there are many ways of going about this.

It’s best if you are using a wide-mouthed or trumpet-styled vase, as the wider opening will give you more maneuverability. The easiest method to a foam-free design is to utilize hydrangea as the base of the design and thread the remaining flowers through it. Chicken wire can also be helpful for stability.

The main drawback to this approach is if you have a client who doesn’t want to see flower stems. If you plan on using this technique, be sure you communicate well with your client.

Sours: https://education.teamflower.org/learn/design/ssl/how-to-make-large-tall-floral-arrangements

22" Tall Silver Crystal Pendants Flower Stand

Bring the glimmer and shimmer of a chandelier to a buffet or guest dining tables by topping your party tables with our spectacular sparkle chandelier table tops that are adorned with leaded cut crystals in lovely diamond and bead shapes. Our stunning crystal chandelier table top is not only dripping with twinkling crystal clear string beads but is also equipped with a silver plate at top to hold your favorite pillar candle, a silk/foam/Pomander flower ball, or a color changing LED light ring.

The square base enhances the elegance and charm of this table chandelier display stand. For adding more dramatic and exotic feel to the place, add a white or color changing LED light saucer on top, and see how the jazzy light shining down on to the beads instantly transforms your party ambiance into an empyrean realm of divine glow!

Additional Information:
  • QTY: 1 Flower Stand / Order
  • Material: Metal with Acrylic Crystals
  • Overall Height: 22"
  • Top Diameter: 7"
  • Base Size: 5.5" x 5.5"
  • Total Hanging Crystals: 19
  • Hanging Crystal Sizes: 7.5" | 9.5" | 12.5"
  • All sizes are approximate measurements
  • Used As
    • Dining Room Chandeliers
    • Outdoor chandelier
    • Party Chandelier Decoration
    • Tabletop Decoration
    • Wedding Centerpieces
    • Bedroom Chandeliers
    • Events Chandeliers
    • Chandelier Centerpieces
    • Floral Chandelier
    • Bridal Chandelier
Sours: https://www.efavormart.com/products/22-tall-silver-crystal-pendants-flower-stand
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"Yasmin White" Floral Riser Stand - 6' 10"


6' 10" Tall White Floor Riser, Elegant Floral Stand with Elevated Tray for Flowers

The sophisticated design of our "Yasmin White" Floral Riser is so elegant and it's the perfect accent piece for upscale events and special occasions! This statuesque riser stands 82" tall and sits on a round base that measures 2' in diameter. Two of the graceful curved arcs support the top plate which is an open framework with 2 crossbars and measures 18" in diameter. Four of the curved arcs have a 3/8" opening on the ends if you choose to add flowering branches, greenery sprays or decorative picks.

For the grand size of this riser, it's actually pretty compact and very sturdy, designed to create stunning focal points. Use this riser to hold a large plant, floral arrangement or a potted manzanita tree. Optionally, lay a plate on top of the tray to display vases, candles and candle trees. The open framework makes it easy to hang flower garlands, crystal garland strands or pendant ornaments. You can also attach giant silk roses and leafy draping greenery.

We also carry this identical riser in gold and a Yasmin White that stands 40" tall. Pairing the 2 sizes together is a very classy look and both look splendid as floor accent pieces or use the tall one as floor decor and the shorter as centerpieces. Very nice!

Read More
Sours: https://www.shopwildthings.com/floor-riser-stand-for-flowers-7ft-white
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Mayesh Design Star: Metal Stand Centerpiece

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