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8 Of The Best Retro Gaming YouTube Channels [MUO Gaming]

The power of nostalgia cannot be underestimated. Experiencing something again that gave you pleasure in the past is a truly awesome feeling, whether it's hearing a song that was playing during a romantic encounter, watching a movie that shaped your teenage years, or playing a video game that you once spent far too many hours tackling.

Classic games lose much of their appeal over the years. They look shockingly bad in hindsight, quite frankly, but then those of the current generation will also look shockingly bad when viewed in years to come. None of which matters. There are simple pleasures to be had in retro gaming, especially if the titles being played are ones you spent your formative years enjoying.

If you like retro games then you're certainly not alone, and there are hundreds of YouTube channels dedicated to seeking out, playing, reviewing, and reliving old games that were the Mass Effects and Red Dead Redemptions of their day. Below are eight of the best currently residing on YouTube, all accompanied by a video chosen to show what they're all about.

Drisk Retro Games Channel

The Drisk Retro Games Channel is an uber-geeky trawl through the archives, with the channel owner and host literally taking us through the history of the video games industry from its humble beginnings to the present day. There are also reviews of retro games thrown in for good measure, and all of the videos are presented in a dull English accent which, to me at least, adds something extra to the whole thing.

For... geeks who want to learn how games got to where they are today.

Michael's Retro Game Reviews

Michael's Retro Game Reviews is a strange mix of retro game reviews (as the name clearly suggests), hardware showdowns, and other geeky goodness. This guy knows his stuff, also recording a podcast in which he discusses different aspects of retro gaming. The host is another Brit, which says a lot about how those of us from this little island spend our days. In between drinking tea and eating cucumber sandwiches, of course.

For... retro game fans who want to see their favorite old titles reviewed once more.

Video Games Revisited

Video Games Revisited looks at games all at least 10 years old, which, at the time of writing, means anything released before 2002. With 30 years of games to choose from the titles featured cover all the various platforms including the Sega Master System, the Commodore 64, and the Atari 2600. This channel hasn't been updated in some time, but the videos that are already on it are well worth watching.

For... those with short attention spans and long memories.

UK Retro Game Addict

UK Retro Game Addict offers a mixture of retro game reviews, retro console reviews, and details of recent finds at car boots and flea markets. This guy is passionate about retro gaming, and it's a passion that shines through in every single video. These clips will make you want to start your own collection of retro games and games consoles, and thankfully they'll also help you determine how to actually do so.

For... budding collectors who can sort the wheat from the chaff.

Retro Games & General Nonsense

Retro Games & General Nonsense is a very fitting name for this channel, as it offers nothing but retro gaming and, er, general nonsense. Like the previous channel, this one offers a mix of content for the collectors of retro games and consoles, with recent pickups, tours through multiple titles for particular platforms, and roundups of the best games for certain systems.

For... those whose idea of Heaven is being surrounded by walls full of old games.

Old Classic Retro Gaming

Old Classic Retro Gaming is about the most succinct title this channel could have been given. Thankfully it lives up to its billing with pure games footage from the very earliest days of the industry. The titles featured so far are ancient as far as video games go, being old enough to be classified as museum pieces. I'm hoping this channel carries on in the same vein, with the games featured slowly catching up to the current generation.

For... retro gaming purists who want to see new footage of some really old games.

Dig That Box RETRO [No Longer Available]

Dig That Box RETRO is very different than any of the other channels on this list, as it showcases the best old television commercials for retro games from around the world. Whether it's the U.S. television spot for Atari or the French television spot for Colin McRae Rally, they're all here. My favorite is perhaps the one embedded above; it's for Crash Bandicoot, it's from Japan, and it's completely nonsensical.

For... lovers of both retro games and television commercials.


We end with Continue? but perhaps we shouldn't as the whole point of this channel is to determine whether each retro title is worth continuing to play or not. We get to see a group of friends playing old games while making funny, normally-bitchy comments. Each video ends with them debating the merits of the games and declaring whether they would Continue or happily see the Game Over screen.

For... retro game geeks who don't take their love for old titles too seriously.


Compiling this list of the best retro gaming channels on YouTube has rekindled my appreciation for classic games once more. And it was already fairly strong before I even began. Thankfully through a combination of eBay, emulators, and re-releases on PSN and Xbox Live, we can all relive these gems once more. And I intend to start by seeking out the six cult Japanese games I recently wrote about.

Are you a fan of retro gaming? Is it pure nostalgia that drives your love or do you genuinely think gaming was better in days gone past? Do you subscribe to any other retro YouTube gaming channels or other sites not featured here? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Top 6 Retro-Gaming YouTube Channels 

Let’s Go Toobin’!



I long for the days of chatting about video games on the playground during recess. We didn’t need websites or magazines to tell us which titles were worth renting or purchasing, because we just went off our friend’s judgment’s and experiences. We didn’t need a whole essay explaining the technical aspects of the latest & hottest game to hit stores because some kid named Larry, who was in the grade above us, mind you,  just told everyone that the game “sucks ass”.  That was enough for the whole school to overlook many titles throughout our adolescent years, even though I always had a suspicion that Larry didn’t even play video games.  Other than suspicious game reviews, playground talk often revolved around hidden secrets, cheats, and plenty of nudity codes that never seemed to work. Sadly, at least for most of us, that amazing playground banter has been replaced with water cooler chat of company cutbacks and TPS reports.

But fear not, my nostalgic friends! Other gamers who also miss talking about the classics have found a way keep the discussions going through the magic of YouTube! Thankfully, these YouTubers have invited us into their own homes to fill our nostalgic needs in a way that no other medium, not even cable television, is able to accomplish. I want to take just a bit of your time and share what I believe are the best 6 retro gaming YouTube channels that offer the best content. Yep, I couldn’t pick just 5 so give me a break!

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  3. Dingdong dantes parents
  4. Norco 2021 bikes


CinemassacreNew Jersey, USA
On Cinemassacre Productions, James Rolfe and Mike Matei bring you various retro gaming related web series including: Angry Video Game Nerd, James & Mike Mondays, Live Streams and more! Follow
2 videos / week ⋅ Apr 2006 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Pat the NES Punk

Pat the NES PunkSan Diego, California
Pat is a lovable guy who often ends up quarreling with his ROB the Robot accessory & Donkey Kong plush while reviewing retro video games. Pat's channel has now evolved into a full on retro history lesson with 'The Video Game Years' featuring many YouTubers in the retro community. Find comedic reviews of the retro games like Nintendo Entertainment System's games, the Completely Unnecessary Podcast every other week, Flea Market Madness, Ask Frank, and more! Follow
1 video / day ⋅ Jun 2008 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact


MetalJesusRocksSeattle, Washington
The Metal Jesus is a long-haired rocker dude who runs a popular YouTube channel dedicated to Retro Gaming with a Heavy Metal soundtrack. With the help of the Seattle gaming community he covers Hidden Gems, Buying Guides as well as the popular I HATE U series, Gamer Eats and much more. Follow
5 videos / month ⋅ Apr 2006 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact


Continue?Philadelphia, PA
We play retro games & decide do we stop playing or continue? New episodes every Wednesday. Starring Paul Ritchey, Nick Murphy, & Josh Henderson. Follow
1 video / week ⋅ Apr 2011 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Game Sack

Game SackDenver, Colorado, US
We're Joe and Dave. Game Sack is a show where we babble endlessly about videogames. Mostly retro/old school videogames are featured, but sometimes we touch on the new stuff. Follow
1 video / day ⋅ Apr 2011 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact


Retro gaming fun! I'm your host Johnny Millenium and I review forgotten games that not many people know about but should! I look back at the Golden age of retro gaming! Also I will review some big time releases for fun. Follow
2 videos / week ⋅ Apr 2008 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Kim Justice

Kim JusticeUK
Hey there! I'm Kim Justice. I make documentaries about old computer and video games, mostly with a European slant - it's all about the ZX Spectrum, the Commodore Amiga, the C64, plenty of great companies like Ocean Software, rises and falls, tales of technological and bureaucratic disaster...all sorts! I also do lots of game reviews for most any system under the sun also you can hear about what's old and retro. Follow
2 videos / month ⋅ Jan 2012 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact


Welcome to the Retro Man Cave where I'll explore retro Gaming, Systems, Peripherals and....whatever stuff takes my fancy. We'll be unboxing, blowing into carts, firing up old systems and gaming on original hardware as well as emulators to catch up on all the good gaming we missed out on first time around. Follow
1 video / week ⋅ Jan 2012 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

The Retro Future

The Retro FutureJersey
I like retro handheld related stuff... Perhaps too much! Follow
1 video / week ⋅ Aug 2016 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact


nenriki86 This channel is mainly focalized in (NES) games principally. (NES) is a Famicom, Famicom Disk System, Nintendo Entertainment System, Hyundai Comboy, Family Game, Dendy, etc.. Follow
2 videos / week ⋅ Dec 2010 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Gaming Historian

Gaming HistorianKansas City, Missouri, US
The Gaming Historian is a documentary series all about the history of video games. I also like to review books and certain games that I find interesting. The show is researched, written, edited, and created by Norman Caruso. Follow
1 video / week ⋅ Oct 2009 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Summoning Salt

Summoning SaltUS
Summoning Salt plays retro games. Follow this channel to watch latest retro gaming videos. Follow
1 video / quarter ⋅ Jan 2016 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact


darbianVirginia, USA
Hey, I'm darbian, a speedrunner from the USA. I play retro games, and I play them fast. I frequently compete for world records, and currently have the world record for fastest completion of Super Mario Bros. for the NES. All of my gameplay is done on actual hardware - no emulators here! Follow
4 videos / month ⋅ Sep 2013 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Old Classic Retro Gaming

Old Classic Retro GamingUS
This channel will cover the various systems like arcades, PC(Windows, DOS) and many various consoles. Follow
3 videos / week ⋅ Apr 2010 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Retro Core

Retro CoreJapan
The Retro Core Channel is home to the original Retro Core game series that started way before the days of You Tube. These days it's also home to the awesome Battle Of the Ports. Each week a new show takes a look at a classic arcade game and it's ports across multiple platforms. Follow
2 videos / week ⋅ Aug 2006 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact


Hi, guys. Thanks for checking out my channel. I'm Pete, and as you've probably guessed, I'm on a retro tip! This channel is devoted to collecting and playing video games, with a particular love for Sega. I collect for many systems, and recently completed my PAL Dreamcast collection. I grew up with an Amiga 500, a Mega Drive, and a Game Boy. The 16-Bit era is certainly the age in gaming of which I'm most fond. I'm just a huge fan of retro gaming on any system. Follow
11 videos / quarter View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact


MamePlayer plays retro classic arcade games. All games have been emulated with MameUI, I have never used cheats, TAS or Tool Assisted either before or during the game, use only the SaveState. Follow
15 videos / quarter ⋅ Sep 2009 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Matt Barton

Matt BartonSaint Cloud, Minnesota
Matt is one of the best-known and respected academics studying videogames today. This channel is for game designers, videogame scholars, retrogamers, and anyone else who appreciates great games. Each week, Matt looks at another masterpiece, its inspirations, and its legacy. Follow
1 video / month ⋅ Feb 2009 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Retro Gamer Girl

Retro Gamer GirlAustralia
Hi and welcome fellow gamers! I am retro.gamer.girl. I'm a dedicated retro and current gen gaming enthusiast that will be sharing my love for video game hunting in Japan and Australia, reviewing obscure titles, my favourite games, unboxings & much more! I've been collecting since the mid 80's and most of my consoles and games are the original ones. Follow
3 videos / week ⋅ Oct 2017 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact


Hi there, my name is chaozz. Retro Game Couch is a channel where I review retro consoles, games and other cool hardware. I fix, modify and hack retro hardware. Follow
4 videos / quarter ⋅ Oct 2015 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Let's Play Retro Games!

Let's Play Retro Games!Telford, UK
Let's Play Retro Games shows you the very best of Retro Gaming! From Hidden Gems, to Collections, Top 10's and more! Nintendo, Sega, Turbo Grafx, PC Engine, Saturn, Dreamcast, SNES, N64 and everything else will be covered here! Follow
1 video / week ⋅ Nov 2007 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Retro Game Players

Retro Game PlayersUS
Welcome to my channel Retro Game Players. It is the next level of Gaming! Keep It Retro!! Follow
1 video / day ⋅ Jan 2015 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Retro Gamer Boy

Retro Gamer BoyUK
Are you a retro gaming fan? Then this channel is for you. Hi, I'm Retro Gamer Boy and I'm a games developer and I've worked for companies like PlayStation, Xbox and Ubisoft. Crafting some big hit titles, some of which are now considered retro games. But at my core I'm a retro gaming fan like you. Every week you can watch unique videos about my special retro gaming collection. It has some amazing pieces in it that I've picked up from working with LEGENDS of the games industry. We will also take a look at some of the best retro games and retro gaming consoles ever made. Follow
2 videos / week ⋅ Mar 2016 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

La Mazmorra Abandon

La Mazmorra Abandon I'm a fan of classic PC games since I was a child and I have still got a considerable number of them with their boxes and manuals. In fact, hundreds of video games populate the racks of my home due to my passion for this genre of entertainment. Follow
2 videos / week ⋅ Jul 2011 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

The Retro Hour (Retro Gaming Podcast)

The Retro Hour (Retro Gaming Podcast)Nottingham, England, UK
Your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news, views and interviews. With Dan Wood and Ravi Abbott. Follow
1 video / week ⋅ Jan 2016 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Retro Games Fan

Retro Games FanUS
We love retro video games and all things retro gaming! Retrogaming videos for all classic systems including ColecoVision, Atari 2600, Nintendo NES & Famicom, Sega Genesis, Vectrex, Super Nintendo, Intellivision, Arcade Games, and MORE! We post gameplay videos, reviews, let's play videos, and more! Follow
2 videos / month ⋅ Feb 2017 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Amigos Retro Gaming

Amigos Retro GamingHurricane, West Virginia
Amigos Retro Gaming covers all retro games from all systems, but is especially fond of the Amiga. Amigos is a weekly podcast, blog, and magazine that focuses on Amiga gaming, past and present. Follow
1 video / day ⋅ Jul 2015 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Alex Korotkov

Alex Korotkov The channel is devoted to the walkthroughs of retro games, as well as games in retro style or the continuations of old games. Follow
1 video / week ⋅ Aug 2017 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Chronik Spartan Gaming

Chronik Spartan GamingUK
A half greek, man bun wearing, hip hop loving husbad and father perspective of the world of gaming past, current and future!! Game news, reviews, game collecting, trailers and behind the scenes making of videos for Chronik Spartan Games. Follow
2 videos / week ⋅ Mar 2017 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Chidreams Emulation GamePlay

Chidreams Emulation GamePlayUS
Covers videos mainly about testing out the various gaming emulators such as RPCS3 (PS3), Ryujinx & Yuzu (Nintendo Switch), Xenia (Xbox 360), Citra (Nintendo 3DS), Cemu (Nintendo Wii U), Spine (Playstation 4) and providing videos on how these games run on these emulators. In addition, this channel may feature gameplay and cutscenes of PC games! Follow
3 videos / day View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Jelly J

Jelly JCanada
Jelly J is a Young, independent artist from Toronto who grew up as a baby listening to music in the morning, during the day, and at night. Dropping new retro video every Monday. Subscribe to get the latest retro gaming videos. Follow
1 video / week ⋅ Jul 2016 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Lord Karnage

Lord KarnagePittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Classic Game Room is rad to the max and posts daily reviews of games & hardware for all systems from all eras: Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, Saturn, Master System, 32X, Sega CD, NES, SNES, Playstation, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, DS, PSP, Neo-Geo CD, Neo-Geo Pocket, Game Boy, Xbox, Gamecube, iPad, mobile gaming, OnLive, Skylanders, Action Figures, Video Game Hardware, etc FollowView Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Retro Game Mechanics Explained

Retro Game Mechanics Explained Retro Game Mechanics Explained offers the mechanics involved in the retro games. Follow this channel to get latest videos on retro gaming mechanics. Follow
7 videos / year ⋅ Oct 2016 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Gaming History Source

Gaming History SourceUS
Welcome to My channel ! My primary video series is known as the ' Let's Compare series'. I Choose to use Emulation because it makes it possible to attain as much footage as possible across as many platforms as possible. Follow
6 videos / year ⋅ Jul 2010 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact


ROBLOXMuff My name is ROBLOXMuff and welcome to my channel! On this channel you will see a lot of funny skits, trolling videos, social experiments, how to videos and more. Follow
17 videos / year ⋅ Jan 2016 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Classic Gaming Quarterly

Classic Gaming QuarterlyDavis, California
The goal of Classic Gaming Quarterly is to provide top quality reviews, in-depth analysis, and technical information related to classic video games for retro gamers everywhere. I attempt to make higher-effort, higher-quality, family-friendly content, and hopefully by watching my show you'll learn something new about your favorite video games. Follow
2 videos / year ⋅ Jul 2013 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Retro Games Party

Retro Games PartyLancashire, UK
A channel dedicated to all arenas of retro gaming including videos of our own awesome parties and classic arcade machines, pinballs and consoles in our collection. Off the cuff relaxed interviews with industry personalities. Gaming gadget reviews and even field trips to our friends. FollowView Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Retro Gaming

Retro Gaming Retro Gaming channel is Packed with retro games of the past. Relive your youth as we take you back in time to the games you will never forget across all console formats. Follow
11 videos / year ⋅ Jan 2018 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact


Hi Everyone! I've recently gotten into retro gaming again, and found a cheap way to build up my collection is buying 'Damaged' items online and trying to fix them. Follow
12 videos / year ⋅ Oct 2010 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact


Retroware TV is the Source for Classic Gaming Videos & Knowledge. It is the Home of the best retro video game content online. Follow
2 videos / year ⋅ Apr 2007 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Michael's Retro Game Reviews

Michael's Retro Game ReviewsUK
Welcome to Michael's Retro Game Reviews. I'm Michael and i review the best and sometimes the worst of video games. FollowView Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact


RetroGamingLos Santos, US
Here you guys will get a variety of different videos. You will mostly see GTA 5 Glitching, Tips & Tricks, Features, and Mods on this channel. My Goal is to become noticed in the Glitching Community / Modding Community, and to Post content frequently. Follow
2 videos / year ⋅ May 2015 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact


On this channel you can find a bunch of videos about Mario speedruns. Many of the video clips come from my Twitch livestream, but I occasionally upload informational videos or tutorials. Follow
20 videos / year ⋅ Jul 2014 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Retro Game Hunters

Retro Game HuntersUS
Retro Game Hunters channel looks for all types of old school game systems, controllers, accessories, and games. Everything and anything for old school game lovers. Follow
4 videos / year ⋅ Jul 2017 View Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact


implantgamesWisconsin, US
I am a Retro gamer, podcaster, nerd. IMPLANTgames is dedicated to detailed and insightful reviews of Retro video game, podcasts, videos, classic and modern games. My goal is to be as objective as possible, using facts and analysis to come up with conclusions. FollowView Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

Lack Of Health Care

Lack Of Health CareCalifornia, US
We just wanna take the time to thank all for your kind support. we are a team of passionate, and dedicated individuals, who came together with one goal in mind. To spread awareness about how we lack in caring for the most important thing in our day to day lives, our Health. FollowView Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact


RetroGameTechGlasgow, Scotland, UK
Hello! My name is Martin and this is my channel. I'm a Scottish and i like Retro Tech, Geeky Stuff and fixer of things. This is where I upload videos about my interests and hobbies. Quirky pickups, let's repairs, retro and clone consoles, custom mods, handy tips, bargain ebay finds and the occasional vlog. FollowView Latest Videos⋅Get Email Contact

DUCK HUNT (NES) (Teens React: Retro Gaming)

Retro gaming is all the rage these days. Everyone’s selling a mini-console with classic games from years gone by, it seems. The offerings from Sega and Nintendo’s SNES and NES mini consoles are particularly good as a gateway into gaming’s amazing history of quality titles. 

However, retro computer games from systems like the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum are also starting to get the attention they deserve. With mini consoles featuring their games also seeing the light of day. It’s certainly a cheaper and easier path to playing these games compared to buying the original hardware and software.

That being said, there’s a fun and even simpler way to learn about retro gaming from people who know more than anyone about the subject. All you need to do is check out these excellent YouTube channels packed with the best retro computer game content on the web.

Just remember, we’re looking at channels that have content related to retro computer games. Sadly channels that focus exclusively on retro console gaming will have to wait for another article.

Metal Jesus Rocks

This channel has been around since 2006 and has become one of the best-known names in retro computer games on YouTube. His real name is Jason Lindsey, and along with a variety crew of friends you’ll find a variety of creative retro computer game topics to explore.

Although Metal Jesus has plenty of video game console content, he’s a big collector of PC games, especially the classic big-box variety. Even better, Jason is a former Sierra On-Line employee, effectively making him classic PC gaming royalty. The show itself has that schlocky 90s vibe, from the cheesy awkwardness to the garage band metal intro, it’s all just so perfect.

Jason himself is a down to earth dude who seems like that friendly nerd friend we all wish we had growing up. Is he the Mister Rogers of retro gaming? We’re not saying he’s not.

For the best of Metal Jesus’ retro computer game content, we recommend heading straight to the Classic PC Gaming playlist.

Cinemassacre (The Angry Video Game Nerd)

It might seem a little strange to have Cinemassacre, home of the Angry Video Game Nerd, on a list of retro computer game channels. While it is true that they deal primarily with console gaming, there’s a healthy number of videos that apply the writing, production and humour standards to takedowns of classic computer games the Angry Video Game Nerd is famous for. 

Apart from the AVGN episodes, which are the main draw, the folks over at Cinemassacre have come up with some really creative angles when it comes to classic video games. The AVGN: Bad Video Game Art is a notable example, and you’ll find hilarious takedowns of box art for games on the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, along with all the usual console suspects. 

If you’re in a cynical, sarcastic and somewhat darker mood there’s nothing better than a dose of AVGN to really twist the knife. We recommend the AVGN playlist to get you started.

DF Retro

OK, this entry is cheating just a little bit since DF Retro is actually a series that exists as part of the larger Digital Foundry channel. Digital Foundry is a YouTube channel that we’ve featured before as an essential technology destination on the site.

DF Retro applies the same technical detail to the games of yore. There’s plenty of console-centric episodes here, but one of the best parts of their work is cross-platform comparison. Which means that if a game was released on both computer and console, you’ll get to see a fascinating breakdown of the differences.

There are also a good number of episodes dealing with classic PC gaming and the technologies of the various eras. The series is the brainchild of DF staffer John Linneman, who has made some standout footage for the pleasure of retro computer game enthusiasts.

We recommend everyone start with the Mortal Kombat feature. Which is quite possibly DF Retro’s finest work yet.

Gaming Historian

The Gaming Historian offers a radical change of pace to other retro computer game channels. Episodes are released at much longer intervals, usually months apart. However, this is very much a question of quality over quantity, as each video is a full-blown documentary filled with deep research, excellent editing and great narration by creator Norman Caruso.

As you would expect, many of the episodes center around retro console gaming, but since these are historical documentaries, even those videos touch on contemporary computer games of the time as a form of context. There are also episodes focusing on retro computer game series such as Wolfenstein and pivotal figures such as Steve Jobs and their role in the history of gaming. 

If you aren’t also interested in console gaming, many of the documentaries won’t be all that interesting to you, but that still leaves a substantial number of episodes that make the trip over to Norman’s neighbourhood more than worth it. We suggest starting with the History of Wolfenstein three-parter. It’s an essential part of computer gaming history.

The 8-Bit Guy

Yes, this is the second time the 8-Bit guy has featured on one of our YouTube lists, but for very good reason. This channel features chill, laid-back presentation with simple explanations of how the technology of yesteryear works. It belongs on this list because a significant amount of content is dedicated to classic computer hardware and the games that ran on that hardware. 

From a series outlining the history of Commodore computers to fascinating restorations of busted classic computers, if you love retro computer games you’ll find something to love here.

We suggest you get started with the “How Old School Computers and Games Work” playlist. It will unravel the mysteries of CGA graphics and what’s really happening behind the scenes of classic Apple computer graphics. It’s just a good time all around!

Classic Game Room

This is a bit of a weird one if you don’t know about it already. At the time of writing, Classic Game Room has been done with creating YouTube video content for about four years. It is how a publishing company, which still makes books that deal with classic video gaming as a significant part of their portfolio. 

Before that, CHR as the distinction of being one of (if not THE) first online video game review shows. Which means that plenty of their reviews may be considered retro now, but were contemporary when they were made.

The main link in the title above will take you to CGRundertow, which has hundreds of videos from their active years, but you can also head over to 80s Comics which is their active brand and also hosts many of the CGR videos. We suggest you start with the PC/Mac Review playlist.


RetroManCave takes it all back to basics. If you just want to see the original hardware and games in action this is the place to be. There’s also a good measure of emulation when warranted, but there are few channels that showcase retro computer game hardware as well as RetroManCave. 

We can’t just stick with recommending one particular list or clip. There’s content on the BBC Micro, building a new Amiga and the Amstrad Mega PC. That’s really just the tip of the iceberg and any retro computer game fan will find just about every video on this channel worth watching. The production quality is beautiful and the presentation is wonderfully chilled out. This is definitely one to support!

Lazy Game Reviews

This author has a big soft spot for Lazy Game Reviews and not just because the host and creator does a mean Duke Nukem impersonation. This channel is almost entirely dedicated to classic PC gaming. Mainly on DOS and early Windows machines. 

It’s one of the largest channels on YouTube with well over a million subscribers, but the videos have never changed their home-made tone or lost any of their charm. 

Honestly, it’s hard to pick just one place to start off with all the content on offer. The hardware, restoration and DOS game playlists will most likely give you the best idea of what this channel is about. If you’re a fan of retro computer games from the IBM PC era onwards, there’s hardly a better channel for you to support than this one. 

Guru Larry – Larry Bundy Jr

Hello you! Yes, Guru Larry has his own catchphrase and the rest of the channel is similarly packed with personality. Not everyone is going to get along with this channel’s particular sense of humor and style, but there’s not arguing that Larry Bundy Jr is a true original on YouTube and puts out some corking content. 

We absolutely recommend you get started with the Fact Hunt which contains some of the most interesting facts and trivia from video game history, plenty of which pertain to retro computer games. 

Nostalgia Nerd

We end this roundup on a particularly high note with Nostalgia Nerd. The channel as a whole takes a look at retro hardware, software, toys and even magazines. Scattered amongst the general retro-ness are some truly interesting pieces on retro computer games. For example, there’s this archive of Demoscene content for Amiga Computers. Who else would have thought to collect that?

Then there’s the superlative collection of videos reviewing various systems. These videos don’t only look at the computers and consoles themselves. You also get a proper historical recounting and all the context you’ll need to understand what all the fuss was about. Nostalgia Nerd is a proper treasure trove and…you’re watching it right now. OK, fair enough.

It’s Like, Only Your Opinion Man!

Are these the best retro computer game channels on YouTube? This author thinks so, but there are plenty of other worthy YouTubers making top-notch retro computer game content. 

So here’s your chance to highlight who you think everyone else should give a shot. Sound off in the comments and share the hidden gem channels with the world. Whether established or up-and-coming, we’d love to know about them!


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I first went to the left, and found a room of forty squares, in the corner of which there was still a door leading to the toilet and shower. Then he went straight, finding there three smaller rooms, a toilet and a room with a sink. And finally, he went to the right. There was a large hall, sixty squares, and then another room, similar to a warehouse, a little smaller.

- What is this place.

Anbernic RG351MP Final Review -- Worth the Upgrade?

Georgy moaned softly, and his friend sucked his dick, and stirred in his ass a pork sorrel with the original name. "heels". Igor really liked the taste of the prickly one. George sentenced. Suck my slut, lick my slut.

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And then the bell rang and I finally headed home, when I came home, I opened the door and went into the house. At home it was quiet, I thought that there was no one. Having had a snack, I went into my room and turned on my computer and suddenly from Katya's room I heard some kind.

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