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Can Foraminal Stenosis be Caused by an Injury?

Foraminal stenosis, or the tightening or narrowing of the spaces between your spine bones, can be caused by an injury. Whether this injury was from a slip, trip or fall or a car accident, foraminal stenosis can be debilitating.  

If you or someone you love are suffering from this painful condition because of someone else’s negligence, you can seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. The experienced and reputable attorneys at Ellis Injury Law have a long history of successfully representing foraminal stenosis victims across Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We will work tirelessly to help you receive the maximum possible compensation for your injuries.  

What is foraminal stenosis? 

The spine is built with small openings between the spinal bones, called the foramen. Spinal nerves pass through these foramen to extend throughout your body, to your legs, feet, arms, hands, and beyond.  

Foramen stenosis is when the foramen tighten or narrow. As the foramen narrows, they can squeeze and pinch the nerves that pass through them. This pinching often results in an array of symptoms like numbness, weakness, and pain in the affected limbs.  

What causes foraminal stenosis?  

Foraminal stenosis is most commonly associated with age, as arthritis and the normal wear and tear of daily life can narrow the foramen.  

However, foraminal stenosis can also be caused by a traumatic injury such as a car accident, slip, trip, or fall.  

Take a fall, for example. If you slip and fall onto your back, you can bulge or herniate one of your spinal disks. This bulging can press on the foramen, causing them to press together and pinch the nerve root. Another example is a car accident. If you injure your spinal bones in a car accident you may form an extra bone growth, called a bone spur. This spur can press on your foramen and lead to foraminal stenosis.  

Foraminal stenosis symptoms  

The symptoms of foraminal stenosis depend on which part of the spine is injured.  

  • Cervical Stenosis – This form of foraminal stenosis is found in the neck and is most commonly associated with burning or sharp pain that radiates down the shoulder and into the arm, as well as numbness or weakness in the arm and hand.  
  • Thoracic stenosis – Thoracic stenosis is when the upper part of the back is injured. It can lead to numbness and pain in the back and front of the body.  
  • Lumbar Stenosis – The most common kind of foraminal stenosis, lumbar stenosis is an injury to the lower back that can cause weakness, pain, numbness, and tingling in the buttocks, leg, and foot.  

There are different diagnostic grades of foraminal stenosis that can help doctors properly treat the condition. The grades are: 

  • Grade 0 – no foraminal stenosis  
  • Grade 1 – Mild with no changes to the nerve  
  • Grade 2- Moderate with no changes to the nerve  
  • Grade 3 – Severe with physical nerve changes 

Treating foraminal stenosis  

 Luckily, in most cases, foraminal stenosis can be treated by activity modification, stretching, and mild pain medication.  

Some cases do require physical therapy to improve range of motion, stabilize the spine, and re-open the foramen to relieve the pinched nerves. Other cases may require the use of an orthotic such as a cervical collar or neck brace to allow the back muscles to rest and heal.  

If more conservative treatments don’t alleviate the condition, surgery may be required. The exact kind of surgery depends on the stenosis location and the cause. For example, if the stenosis was caused by a herniated disc from a fall, the surgery would be to remove the injured disk. A foraminotomy is another surgical option. This procedure enlarges the foramen by removing obstructions, like bone spurs that may have developed from an injury.  

You don’t have to suffer in silence 

The treatments for foraminal stenosis can be painful, long, and expensive. If your foraminal stenosis was caused by an accident that was because of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, treatment costs, lost work, and general pain and suffering.  

The Los Angeles personal injury lawyers at Ellis Injury Law have the experience and tenacity to represent you in your foraminal stenosis case. Reach out to us today for a free consultation.  


What is the Average Settlement for Spinal Stenosis?

doctor reviewing spinal x-ray

Personal injury cases involving spinal stenosis do not come with pre-determined settlement amounts. There is no average settlement value for these types of cases, either. 

Settlements for spinal stenosis can provide compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other costs, depending on the injury’s severity. Changes to your career and relationships can result in more damages, and factors like age and dependents can influence how much you receive.   

Factors That Could Contribute to Your Settlement’s Value 

You might think that when you file your claim, the insurer will enter your information into a computer, hit enter, and get a generated number that reflects your damages. Instead, they will take into account various details of your case, such as: 

The Cost of Your Healthcare Expenses

A large component of your settlement will be reimbursement for your past and future medical bills. Whatever you paid to alleviate your symptoms can be eligible for compensation, such as:

  • Doctors’ visits
  • X-rays and other imaging scans 
  • Prescription medications 
  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Steroid injections
  • Decompression procedures
  • Surgery

Even alternative treatments, like acupuncture and massages, can be included if they bring relief from your symptoms. We can push back against stubborn insurance companies that want to dictate the care you receive.

The Impact of Spinal Stenosis on Everyday Life

A condition like spinal stenosis can have far-reaching ramifications beyond just medical bills. By extension, your settlement amount will also be influenced by how your life has been changed by the injury, such as: 

  • Your ability to work
  • The length of time you can work
  • Your relationship with your spouse and children 
  • Your independence
  • Your quality of life
  • Your mental health

Other factors may apply to your circumstances than those listed here. We will interview your family members, review your treatment records, and consult with experts to learn more about your condition’s details. 

Your Pain Levels and Mobility 

According to the Cleveland Clinic, spinal stenosis can affect the lower back (lumbar canal stenosis) or the neck (cervical spinal stenosis), putting pressure on the nerves in those locations. 

If you suffer in the lumbar area, you could experience pain and numbness that extends from your lower back down to your legs. This could interfere with a job that requires standing. 

Spinal stenosis that affects your neck could cause issues with your hands, arms, feet, or legs. The Mayo Clinic highlights that it can even impact bowel or bladder function when the injury is severe. These symptoms may not only interfere with work but also your ability to get around your home and handle everyday life.

Any of these consequences can yield more compensation in your settlement. Not only will you need funds to navigate the challenges that come with spinal stenosis, but you also deserve to be compensated for the upheaval this injury caused.  

Miscellaneous Factors That Could increase Your Settlement’s Value 

Other factors specific to your situation could determine the value of your damages. These factors include: 

  • Age
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Career
  • Hobbies 
  • Dependents
  • Injury length

For example, if you are a young person with no dependents, you could receive less than someone who is the breadwinner of their family. 

If your spinal stenosis aggravates a pre-existing condition, creates a permanent and/or severe injury, or triggers a bout of depression, we can negotiate for a settlement that reflects those unique challenges. 

Time Plays a Role in Your Ability to Pursue Damages 

Your accident may not result in spinal stenosis immediately. It may take some time for you to feel the effects of irritated or pinched nerves. For this reason, it’s important to seek medical attention after any accident to search for injuries you may not feel yet. This includes trauma to the vertebrae that can cause spinal stenosis.

Your ability to pursue damages does not begin from the date you began treatment. Instead, it starts from the date of your accident (or the date you discovered your condition). 

Personal injury lawsuits must be filed within two years, per OCGA §9-3-33. Failure to file your lawsuit could bar you from seeking compensation in civil court. Our firm can determine how this deadline impacts your case and take legal action accordingly. You could be granted more than two years to act, depending on your situation. 

Call Us with Any Questions About Spinal Stenosis Settlements

A condition involving the nerves can have wide-ranging consequences for each person–not only in terms of physical symptoms but also in how the injury impacts their daily life. 

As a result, there is no average settlement for spinal stenosis because, at Kaine Law, we treat your case as anything but average. To demonstrate that commitment, we offer a free case review to hear your story and start evaluating your damages. Call us now – our Atlanta personal injury lawyer help you. 

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Our accident injury lawyers handle many cases involving back pain every year.  Many of our clients are diagnosed with “stenosis” or “foraminal stenosis.”  Here is what that means: Nerves run from all parts of the body to the spinal canal. The nerve roots pass through gaps in the vertebrae, called foramen and continue up the spinal cord to the brain. The nervous system responds to information from the senses and triggers reactions. For example, when a person feels pain, the nerves send information that makes the muscles move away from the source of pain, while at the same time informing the brain that there is pain. Each nerve or neuron has a cell body and several extensions, called dendrites and an axon. The dendrites receive signals, which travel along the axon, which can be up to a meter long. All the signals reach the brain via the network of spinal neurons.

Neural foraminal stenosis occurs when the foramen of the neck (cervical stenosis), the upper part of the back (thoracic stenosis), or the lower back (lumbar stenosis), compress or narrow, trapping the nerve root.

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Not everyone with neural foraminal stenosis will develop symptoms. If a nerve gets trapped, however, the symptoms tend only to affect one side of the body and can include:

  • pain in the back or neck
  • muscle weakness
  • tingling
  • numbness or weakness in the arm, hand, or leg
  • burning sensations
  • problems walking
  • issues with balance

If the nerve root becomes compressed on both sides, both sides of the body will likely be affected. This is called bilateral foraminal stenosis.

What causes foraminal stenosis back pain?

The most common cause of neural foraminal stenosis is a degenerative spine. This expands into the foraminal canal, narrowing the spaces and openings where nerves leave between the vertebrae. Similarly, a degenerative disk is where a vertebral disc degenerates and slips out of place putting pressure on the exiting nerve. It is most common in the lumbar spine, but can also happen in the thoracic or the cervical spine.

Other causes of foraminal stenosis back pain include a herniated disk, spondylolisthesis, arthritis, or a bone spur (Osteophyte).

Our accident injury lawyers get involved when the back pain or foraminal stenosis is caused by trauma from a Minnesota car accident or other accident injury.


A doctor will make the diagnosis based on a physical assessment and the results of an MRI scan. In some cases, a CT scan will be used to confirm the problem.

How is it treated?

Treatment varies depending on the severity of the condition.

Exercise for back pain

One medical association recently suggested that cycling is often less painful than walking for people with spinal stenosis and suggest riding a static bike, starting with 2 to 3 minutes twice a day and building up from there. It also suggests a person walks until they reach their pain threshold, resting, then walking a little further.

Injections for spine pain or injury

If exercise does not improve the symptoms, a doctor may recommend an epidural, which is an injection into the spinal canal. Epidurals tend to be more successful in easing leg pain than back, pain. Studies show that about 60 percent of people respond well to injections for back pain stenosis.

Back Surgery because of accident injury – MN lawyers

If a person still experiences unbearable pain, a doctor may consider surgery. The doctor will have to take certain factors into account: These factors include:

  • the person’s general state of health, and whether they have any other conditions or health problems
  • their general fitness
  • whether the problem is in one or multiple areas of the spine

The surgical options include:

  • Interspinous distraction device: This procedure involves implanting a device in the space between the vertebrae to widen the gap and relieve pressure on the nerves.
  • Foraminotomy: A surgeon removes the bone that is causing the compression to give the nerves more room.


If you are injured in an accident in MN and are experiencing serious back pain, please call us and speak with an attorney for a free consultation.  Pam Rochlin and David Rochlin are lawyers with over 25 years’ experience successfully representing hundreds of people with back injury and other injuries from a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, and many other situations. The primary focus of our spine injury attorneys is to get you fair and complete compensation from the insurance company after your accident.  We never charge anything unless you receive compensation for your injuries. We have office where you can meet an injury lawyer in Edina, Minneapolis, Woodbury, and St. Louis Park.  An accident injury lawyer will also meet you at your home in St. Paul, Roseville, Anoka, Albert Lea, and other cities throughout Minnesota.


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