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Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot

The two volumes of 'Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom' have inspired a whole generation of students of the Tarot. Described by many as ‘the Bible of Tarot readers’, the books brought awareness of myth and modern psychology to the Tarot’s ancient esoteric symbolism. Now, for the first time, the texts for 'The Major Arcana' and 'The Minor Arcana' appear in one volume. To mark The two volumes of 'Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom' have inspired a whole generation of students of the Tarot. Described by many as ‘the Bible of Tarot readers’, the books brought awareness of myth and modern psychology to the Tarot’s ancient esoteric symbolism. Now, for the first time, the texts for 'The Major Arcana' and 'The Minor Arcana' appear in one volume. To mark this special occasion, Rachel Pollack has revised and updated the book in the light of her thirty years’ teaching, reading, and writing about Tarot cards. She has also written a new preface describing her own journey through the Tarot’s world of symbols.

The Tarot is an eternally fascinating set of strange and beautiful pictures. But beyond this lies a world of potent symbols granting access to a path of self knowledge, personal growth and freedom. These symbols connect us to the great stories of world mythology and the eternal truths of the soul. 'Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom'shows you how to use Tarot as an effective and accessible means of self-enlightenment. The book includes a complete section on how to give Tarot readings, as well as an analysis of the origins, meaning and psychological aspects of Tarot divination....more

Paperback, 356 pages

Published November 17th 1997 by HarperCollins Publishers (first published 1980)

Sours: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/344574.Seventy_Eight_Degrees_of_Wisdom

The Witches' Wisdom Tarot

Deluxe tarot radiant with mystical energy by renowned American Wiccan Priestess Phyllis Curott, illustrated by UK Hedgewitch Danielle Barlow.

A beautiful new interpretation of the Tarot which blends the divine magic of nature with modern witchcraft, revealing spiritual insight and life-changing wisdom to awaken the witch within.

Radiant with numinous energy and magical imagery, this deck is a doorway for everyone who wishes to encounter the Sacred - in realms of Spirit, embodied by Nature and residing within our hearts. Presented in a deluxe, large-size box, the cards are wrapped in an eco-friendly hessian bag alongside a comprehensive guidebook.

Bestselling Wiccan author Phyllis Curott and Hedgewitch Danielle Barlow journeyed for each of the images, spreads and spells, diving deep beneath traditional archetypes and the ceremonial symbolism of the ubiquitous Rider-Waite-Smith deck. The Minor Arcana reveal the primal sources of swords, wands, cups and pentacles, drawing on the spiritual teachings of the elements. Each card will immerse you in the beauty, wisdom and embodied divinity of Nature and offers a mirror for you to recognize that you too are part of Nature.

Sours: https://www.hayhouse.co.uk/the-witches-wisdom-tarot-card-deck
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Tarot Wisdom: A Complete Guide

By Keziah Gibbons

Start Day 1

What you’ll learn

The tarot is a powerful way to tap into archetypal energies, gain perspective, and collaborate with the universe in designing your own life. It is also an excellent tool for your intuition. In this structured, grounded, and practical course, you'll learn traditional and personal interpretations of the cards, how to read for yourself and friends, and how to use the cards as allies and resources in your own healing, personal development and life journey. This course serves as a complete beginners' course for those who have not worked with the tarot before, or who have little experience, but may also be enjoyed by those who already have a tarot practice which they might like to continue to develop.

From a deep understanding of integrated body-mind circuitry underpinned by specialist training in energy medicine, neurolinguistic communication, and mindfulness, and animated by her soulful intent and gentle wisdom, Keziah helps people to reconnect with their purpose and mission in life from the inside out. Keziah has brought Tarot, Mindfulness and Psychologically Informed Environments to individuals and organizations, and is highly valued for the richness and profundity of her teaching knowledge and experience. She is a Reiki Master, Reiki Drum Master Practitioner, and Master Practitioner of NLP. Keziah is an avid supporter of Insight Timer's mission and enthusiastically recommends the app to friends, students, and clients. With thousands of followers, over 70,000 plays, and offerings which include the Trust Your Gut and Master Intuition course and regular contributions to the Daily Insight, she is proud and grateful to be a contributing member of the community....more

Lesson 1

The Fool Sets Out: An Introduction To The Tarot

As we set off on our journey through the tarot, we learn about the history and uses of the tarot, the specific approaches being used in this course - namely that this is all about creating your own personal relationship with the cards - explore deeply why you are drawn to the tarot, and use intention to create outcomes for your tarot journey.

Lesson 2

Nine Vessels At The Ready: Preparation Of The Self

Whether for healing, learning, or personal development, the process is as sacred or as mundane as you make it. Being in the right state for tarot work helps to create focus and intention. Today you will learn how you can do that, for clearer, better results from your work with the tarot. In this lesson, we prepare for the entire course, with an exercise that you can return to whenever you like in preparation for a reading or other tarot work.

Lesson 3

The High Priestess At The Gate: A Closer Look At Intuition

Intuition is a resource we'll be both drawing on and developing through our use of the tarot. But what is intuition anyway? Today we'll explore how your mind receives and processes information – sometimes without even knowing it.

Lesson 4

Eight Wands In The Air: The Myriad Applications Of Tarot

You have options, and tarot has a million uses. Perhaps the most well-known and stereotypical is fortune-telling, but actually in this course that's not going to be our focus. Today, learn about how tarot can be used as a practical intuitive tool, in coaching and self- coaching, facilitating conversations, organisations and teams, for creative inspiration and to speak directly to the unconscious mind.

Lesson 5

Three Wands Planted Strong: Manifesting What You Want

Today we'll use the cards and the work we've already done to invite your desired outcomes into your life. This might be in the context of the course, or might be for the longer-term future, and uses a blend of the specific power of well-designed goals with the deeper wisdom of the tarot.

Lesson 6

The Hermit Searches Within: Introducing The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana are the twenty-two cards which are outside the suits, and generally represent inner states, life quests, allies, phases, and soul work. Today we'll explore the significance of the Major Arcana and the types of deep life experiences that they represent.

Lesson 7

The Wheel Of Fortune: Turning Through The Major Arcana

Each of the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana tap into specific energies and archetypes. Today we'll explore the meaning of each card, from The Fool to The World, and some of the ways in which they might manifest in a person's life.

Lesson 8

The Star's Serenity: The Tarot & Meditation

It's possible both to meditation with the tarot, and desirable to practice tarot from a state of mindfulness. Today we explore some practical ways that you could integrate the tarot into your meditation practice.

Lesson 9

The Magician's Four Resources: Introducing The Four Suits

Much like a deck of playing cards, the tarot's Minor Arcana is divided into four suits. Today we meet the energy and understand the symbolic significance of the Swords, Wands, Cups and Pentacles.

Lesson 10

Temperance Centred: Experiencing The Suits

We know something about the meanings of the suits, and today it's time to invite the energies in. During this exercise you will locate yourself at the centre of the four suits, and rebalance yourself if you have been leaning too much towards one or another or missing out on any of them.

Lesson 11

The Queen Sits Alone: The Suit Of Swords

Today we think carefully about the airy, active energy of the swords, and understand some of the possible meanings from the numbered cards.

Lesson 12

Four Reasons To Celebrate: The Suit Of Wands

The wands are fiery and creative, and today we adventure into the card meanings and celebrate the powerful resource which the wands lend us.

Lesson 13

Three Down, Two To Treasure: The Suit Of Cups

Today we explore the emotional realm of the cups, experiencing life lessons and how we respond to them through this watery suit.

Lesson 14

Seven Gifts To Harvest: The Suit Of Pentacles

The pentacles are about the material – not only money and security, but also health. Today we reach deeply into the suit of earth, getting a grounded feel for the cards' meanings.

Lesson 15

Aces Up Your Sleeve: The Power Of The Aces

The Aces have a special energy all of their own. They are the perfect resources for beginnings, seeding, planning and creating. Today we explore some ways to work with one or more aces and the power of your own intention to focus your own energy in the world.

Lesson 16

Four Kings Enthroned: Exploring The Court Cards

The court cards are really fun to work with because they often represent people, or aspects of people. Tremendous insight can be gained by understanding the many sides of yourself, and the roles of the influential people in your life, through the eyes of the court cards.

Lesson 17

Nine Pentacles For Independence: Working With Individual Cards

The tarot is a structured system and functional ecosystem, but each card can also stand in its own right. Today we look at how you can choose and work with one card to support and make sense of what is happening in your life.

Lesson 18

The Queen Of Pentacles Drums: Healing Your Life In Tarot

Today we look at a powerful healing exercise to understand the patterns that are and have been present in your life. By using the cards as a means of expression, we can bypass the conscious stories that we all tell ourselves, and understand the energies, which shape our experience and the way our actions shape the world around us.

Lesson 19

Seven Swords To Choose From: Applying Your Knowledge As A Reading

You now have plenty of knowledge available to you as well as a developing intuitive understanding of how the cards work. Today we'll go through the process of choosing an appropriate question and meet one- and three-card spreads, so that by the end of the lesson you will have given yourself your first reading.

Lesson 20

The Hierophant Connection: How To Clear, Prepare And Care For Your Cards

By now you should have a good idea of just how sacred you want your tarot practice to be. Today we'll explore different methods for caring for your cards, and some general beliefs about what you should and shouldn't do.

Lesson 21

The Hanged Man Stops Everything: Reversed Cards

So we're pretty comfortable at this point with card meanings and your own interpretation of the cards, but what if it comes out upside-down? Does it matter? Does it change the meaning, and if so, how?

Lesson 22

The Chariot Calls For Balance: The Holistic Wellbeing Spread

Because tarot work is energy work, we can not only use it to work with circumstances and conscious and unconscious processes, but it is also an ideal way to tap into and work with your own energy field. Today you'll work with the holistic wellbeing spread, to understand and influence what is happening in your energy system, with an example reading from a real client.

Lesson 23

The Lovers Drink Two Cups: How The Cards Relate To Each Other

Now that we're working with spreads of multiple cards, we need to be able not only to understand each card in itself and in where it appears in the spread, but also how certain combinations of cards can be pointing us in a particular direction. Today we'll notice which cards are suggestive of each other, and get a feel for what this might mean.

Lesson 24

Six Wands Leading Forward: The Six-Month Spread

The tarot as taught in this course is very much about working with yourself, and not predicting the future, but as humans we're natural planners. The six-month spread is a very simple way of understanding which of today's energies you are carrying into your future and how they might be held, released or transformed.

Lesson 25

Seven Cups In A Vision: The Initial Reflection

In the next three lessons, you'll be given an example spread as interpreted by three different readers with three different styles. As well as continuing with your unconscious uptake of the cards' significance, you'll get inspiration from real-life examples by professional tarot readers. Today we look at how a reading can situate and guide you on your path.

Lesson 26

The Magician Masters Ceremonies: The Reading As Self-Mastery

Today tarot reader Janice Russell interprets the reading that we came into contact with yesterday, adding some depth to the reading and highlighting the theme that one piece of impactful knowledge and the myriad tiny insights can be used by the querent to grow.

Lesson 27

The High Priestess Reads: The Mythological Journey

Tarot reader and astrologist Shelagh Carter interprets the cards we've been working with in the last days. Shelagh's mythological take brings new information to the reading, and together the three interpretations give a complete picture.

Lesson 28

The Page Of Wands Steps Out: Creating Your Own Spread

Today, you use your own creativity and understanding of your own purposes in combination with everything you have learnt in this course to create your own spread for your own readings. If you plan to read for family and friends, you can also adopt the principles in this lesson to create personalised readings for others.

Lesson 29

The Knight Of Wands Quests Forwards: Personal Goals Spread

This spread is slightly different because before creating any reading, you will be working with focus and intention to design a representation of what you want, not only from the reading, but in life. You will then find resources and insight from the cards that you draw which allow you to progress towards your goals with ease.

Lesson 30

The World And Completion: Course Consolidation

Phew! That was a heady journey through the cards, and you may return from it feeling differently than you did before, and with a lifelong passion for tarot. Today we reflect on both the learning and the process of personal transformation which have arisen from this course, celebrate your achievement, and prepare you for the rest of your life with tarot.

Recent Reviews

Just incredible, I'll for sure study it all again, cause it's so fantastic, Keziah is amazing! Thank you all for this opportunity!

Thank you for such a full and rich course. I am so much more connected to my cards than before I took your course!!💜

Fantastic, nicely paced introductory course. Keziah’s calm clear explanations and examples helped me learn so much. Thanks Keziah.

Fantastic course. Comprehensive yet rich. Full of theory but presented in a fluid and intuitional manner allowing me to be me whilst at it all. Great knowledge on many ways of using the tarot. It created space for learning the cards and myself when interacting with the tarot. Very intuitive and interesting outcomes, from individual cards to creating own spread. Sincere gratitude to you, Keziah for creating and publishing this wonderful course. Namaste 🙏🏻 🌻...more

Thanks so much for developing your course. Yes. It challenged me! Packed with information. I’ve spent almost three months learning. I’ve been through the whole course three times. I’ve re-done many of the exercises on the second and third time and finished one complete notebook/ journal. The course is masterfully structured. The advice given very helpful. I came to tarot wary- as 40 years ago I gave it up after getting “ bad “ cards that just didn’t make sense to me. I love my cards now. I used the goddess deck the first two times. Then the light seer’s deck. I do find the cards have a sense of humor. Sometimes when one of those “bad” cards show up it’s “ oh you again!” Thank you so much Keziah!...more

Absolutely loved the course. I am new to Tarot and have developed a method to learn the cards and card combinations based on the teachings. I took my time through the lessons and hesitated a long time to take lesson 30 because I didn't want it to end. But like others, I think I will revisit the lessons in the very near future. Keziah, much gratitude!

Learning other set of interpretations of the cards broadened my insight into them. I appreciated Keziah also helping me with a specific question. I would love to take another tarot course in the future.

What a wonderful course that was ! Whether you know about tarot already or are exploring it for the first time (or whether like me you are somewhere in between), this course brings such rich and fascinating perspectives to the cards and the connection between them, yourself, others and the world around you. I loved if and learnt so much. But it’s only the beginning of a journey as I will explore more. The course provides an excellent foundation to do just so. Thank you Keziah ! 🙏...more

This course has been informative, encouraging, fun, and has given me a deeper understanding of and appreciation for Tarot. Keziah is a thoughtful, thorough, and completely supportive Teacher--and I not only recommend this course whole-heartedly, but know for sure that I will revisit it again and again. I feel empowered and ready to grow in my own practice. 💙🧙🏻‍♀️🌀

Keziah is a gifted and skilled teacher in so many ways. I am beyond grateful for this class which gave me so much more than I expected. It put my intuition front and center in my tarot practice, where previously I had relied on memorization and others interpretations, instead of developing my own relationship with my cards. Love and gratitude to you, Keziah. 🙏❤️✨

Excellent!! As a newbie, I took more than 30 days by choice, repeating, reflecting, and attempting to absorb as much as possible of the wisdom Keziah offers. I love her approach. I love how she offers opportunities for introspection and growth. I love her wording. I love how she views and verbalizes not just the Tarot, but the cards and the guidance they offer. And I’m sure I’ll come back and do it again -and maybe again. ...more

Hi Keziah, This course has been so much fun! Thank you so much for sharing your Tarot wisdom with us all. I have gotten exactly what I needed from it. It really has strengthened my intuition and provided clarity with many aspects of my life. So many cool and enlightening things have come up for me. Sending much love and gratitude to you!

I definitely recommend this course for familiarizing yourself with the Tarot. Keziah’s energy is really lovely and she gently guides you to connect with your deck. This course is not about memorizing the meaning of each card, but really about using your own intuition to read cards for yourself or for others. If 30 days seems like a big commitment, know that sessions aren’t long, averaging about 10 minutes each. Having come to the end, I realize that through Keziah’s guidance, I am deeply connected with my deck and much more confident about my intuition. ...more

The tarot card is so helpful to psychoanalyze myself and to find magic in the everyday! Thank you for bringing this together, Keziah. I learned so much about myself based on which cards are being drawn on any given day!

What a lovely course. It has been a joy to learn to deepen my understanding and intuition with Keziah over the last 30 days. She is so knowledgeable and her voice is so soothing to listen to that it was a joy to come back day after day to have my lessons. I leave more confident in my intuitive readings of the cards and am excited that I will never need to do a reading for myself or others with a guide book again. Thank you Keziah and Insight Timer! ...more

This is such a complete and deep course. Thank you Keziah for the wisdom, guidance and truths you have shared. I feel miles ahead of where I was before starting this course in regard to understanding and use of the tarot. Many thanks! 🌺🙏🏻🌺

This was such a beautiful course. I was a total newbie but I feel that I understand the cards more and have starting points to intuitively look for messages, which was my primarily goal. I cannot wait to consolidate and increase my confidence using the cards for myself and loved ones to get more insights in our daily lives. Thank you so much Keziah for creating this course, insight timer team for making this possible, Keziah’s clients for generously agree to share their readings so we could have practical examples, and to Jan and Sheila for their unique perspectives on readings. This has been such a rich and meaningful experience to me and I am so very grateful ❤️❤️❤️...more

This course was really enjoyable, creative and well-structured. I would recommend it for anybody wishing to learn more about the Tarot.

Thank you so much Keziah I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I feel sad it’s over! I have loved receiving your insight and wisdom each day as part of my morning ritual. I got a lot from the course and definitely feel more confident with the tarot. Thank you for being so generous with your answers in the classroom too, I know it must take a lot of time to answer everyone so comprehensively. I am a reiki practitioner and will check out your reiki precepts course next. Huge gratitude to you 🙏🏼💕...more

Thank you so much for this.💖

Keziah's Collection

Sours: https://insighttimer.com/meditation-courses/course_tarot-wisdom-a-complete-guide

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Rich with symbolism, with new features not found in other tarot decks, this is the latest angel tarot deck from international bestselling author Radleigh Valentine.

This new angel tarot deck from internationally bestselling author Radleigh Valentine will appeal to traditionalists, newcomers to tarot and card readers looking for something unique. Radleigh draws from the long history of tarot to ensure each card is full of rich symbolism, while also removing the fear-based imagery and words that scare off new readers.

Unique features of the cards, not seen in any other deck, bring even further dimensions to each card reading:

- each card is connected with the energy of a particular archangel,
- every Minor Arcana is associated with the energy of a card in the Major Arcana, and
- guidewords on the card faces make it easy and fast to learn the meaning of the cards.

The lush, detailed illustrations are by renowned fantasy artist Dan Craig.
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Product details

  • Cards | 248 pages
  • 100 x 138 x 60mm | 525g
  • 06 Oct 2020
  • Hay House Inc
  • Carlsbad, United States
  • English
  • 140195670X
  • 9781401956707
  • 4,281

About Radleigh Valentine

An internationally known spiritual teacher and author, Radleigh Valentine has spoken at more than 70 events in 10 countries since 2012, including over a dozen Hay House I Can Do It! events. Radleigh is also a regular participant of the annual Hay House World Summit and a frequent speaker at the Angel World Summit in London and Engelkongress in Germany and Austria. His very popular video show, Ask Rad!, streams on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously each week. www.radleighvalentine.com
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8 ratings

4.38 out of 5 stars

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1 12% (1)

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Sours: https://www.bookdepository.com/Angel-Wisdom-Tarot-Radleigh-Valentine/9781401956707

Tarot wisdom

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