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Easy Stink Bomb Recipe

Make your own homemade stink bombs using this easy stink bomb recipe. The stink bombs are as stinky as those you'd get at the store and can be made with common household ingredients.

Homemade Stink Bomb Ingredients

You only need three materials for this project. The "stink" comes from the reaction between the chemicals in the matches and the ammonia. While any container that can be sealed will work, a plastic bottle is recommended because it won't break. However, another easy option is to use a plastic zip-top baggie.

  • Book of matches (20 matches)
  • Household ammonia
  • Empty 20-ounce plastic bottle with cap

Make the Stink Bomb

  1. Use scissors or a knife to carefully cut the heads off of a book of matches. Don't cut yourself.
  2. Place the match heads inside the empty 20-oz bottle. Add about 2 tablespoons of household ammonia.
  3. Seal the bottle and swirl the contents around.
  4. Wait 3-4 days before uncapping the bottle. After this time your stink bomb will be ready to be opened.
  5. Uncap the bottle when you're ready to release the stink.

Stink Bomb Facts and Safety

This stink bomb forms ammonium sulfide,(NH4)2S, which is the same chemical used in commercial prank or trick stink bombs. The ammonium sulfide is produced as a result of a reaction between hydrogen sulfide and ammonia:

H2S + 2 NH3 → (NH4)2S

The vapor is flammable and associated with hydrogen sulfide gas (rotten egg smell that is toxic in high concentrations), so only make/use the stink bomb in a well-ventilated area, away from heat and flames. Adult supervision is recommended.

More Stink Bomb Recipes

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1 cans Liquid Fart Gag Joke Spray Can Stink Bomb Smelly Stinky Gas Crap

1 cans Liquid Fart Gag Joke Spray Can Stink Bomb Smelly Stinky Gas Crap

Forum Novelties

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Size:1 Pack

Ugh, this Super Fart Spray smells so bad you won't know what to do with yourself. You'll be looking whom to blame it on! Clear out a room with this little bad boy. This pump action bottle contains some of the worst smelling odor you've ever encountered. Use it wherever you want to leave an impression, and not a good one! The Gift that keeps giving!!

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Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question: How long does the smell last

    Answer: In the air only about 5-10 minutes depending on air flow. Do not get it on clothes or you’re going stink for a whi
  • Question: If i dumped it on neighbors grass would they snell it?

    Answer: It’s an aerosol spray so you wouldn’t be able to dump it. But I imagine if you spray it in their yard, they’d be able to smell it for a while. It’s pretty potent.
  • Question: How smelly is it?

    Answer: This smells like someone just had egg salad that was sitting out in the 100 degree sun all day. If you spray it in a small bathroom it will hover for a while. Works great.
  • Question: Is this an aerosol spray?

    Answer: No it's a pump spray.
  • Question: Can I put aerosol plastic straw at the end for a more accurate spray?

    Answer: It smelled so bad, I don't know. I don't know what I did with it after my son sprayed it.

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Fo•• ••es

September 1, 2021


Product works very well!! Dang, it lingers for quite awhile lol.

Na•• ••ia

August 27, 2021

Ja•• ••ez

July 18, 2021

Fun gag

Very funny and fun

Vi•• ••ay

July 15, 2021

It Doesn’t Work

It doesn’t have a single smell when you spray it and the spray has no use.

Em•• ••do

June 11, 2021

Que el producto llegue como esperaba

No huele a nada ,es perder tiempo regresandolo

Th•• ••n

May 26, 2021

Nasty smell...

You definitely get a product that smells terrible! Bought for my son who thought he needed fart spray. He loves it... I hate it 😂 Was delivered quickly and has a fair amount of product to last you forever!

TB•• ••L

May 9, 2021

Boiled Egg

Smells like a boiled egg.

Ja•• ••ah

February 24, 2021


So funny to prank people

As•• ••er

January 31, 2021


Great gift for kids white elephant present.

du•• ••ty

January 11, 2021


It's what I wanted

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Stink bomb

For the fictional character, see Stinkbomb (Transformers).

A prank stink bomb and its packaging

A stink bomb is a device designed to create an unpleasant smell. They range in effectiveness from simple pranks to military grade malodorants or riot controlchemical agents.

The Guinness Book of Records lists the two smelliest substances as "US Government Standard Bathroom Malodor" (a mixture of eight chemicals with a stench resembling human feces, only much stronger, designed to test the efficacy of deodorizers and air fresheners), and "Who me?", a mixture of five sulfur-containing chemicals which smells like rotting food and carcasses.[1]


At the lower end of the spectrum, relatively harmless stink bombs consist of ammonium sulfide, which smells strongly of rotten eggs. When exposed to air, the ammonium sulfide reacts with moisture, hydrolyzes, and a mixture of hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) and ammonia is released. Other popular substances on which to base stink bombs are thiols with lower molecular weight, egg., methyl mercaptan and ethyl mercaptan—the chemicals that give odor to skunks and are added in minute quantities to natural gas in order to make gas leaks detectable by smell. A variation on this idea is the scent bomb, or perfume bomb, filled with an overpowering "cheap perfume" smell.

At the upper end of the spectrum, the governments of Israel and the United States of America are developing stink bombs for use by their law enforcement agencies and militaries as riot control and area denial weapons. Using stink bombs for these purposes has advantages over traditional riot control agents: unlike pepper spray and tear gas, stink bombs are believed not to be dangerous, and they are effective at low concentrations.

Prank stink bombs and perfume bombs are usually sold as a 1- or 2-mL sealed glass ampoule, which can be broken by throwing against a hard surface or by crushing under one's shoe sole, thus releasing the malodorous liquid contained therein. Another variety of prank stink bomb comprises two bags, one smaller and inside the other. The inner one contains a liquid and the outer one a powder. When the inner one is ruptured by squeezing it, the liquid reacts with the powder, producing hydrogen sulfide, which expands and bursts the outer bag, releasing an unpleasant odor.

Chemicals used[edit]

Typically, lower molecular weight volatile organic compounds are used. Generally the higher molecular weight for a given class of compounds, the lower volatility and initial concentration but the longer persistence. Some chemicals (typically thiols) have a certain concentration threshold over which the smell is not perceived significantly stronger; therefore a lower-volatility compound is capable of providing comparable stench intensity to a higher-volatility compound, but for longer time. Another issue is the operating temperature, on which the compound's volatility strongly depends. Care should be taken as some compounds are toxic either in higher concentration or after prolonged exposure in low concentration.

Some plants may be used as improvised stink bombs; one such plant is the Parkia speciosa or 'stinky bean', which grows in India, Southeast Asia and Eastern Australia. The pods from this plant are collected when partly dried and stamped on, to release the stink.[citation needed]

Some common components are:

  • Organosulfur compounds
  • Inorganic sulfur compounds
  • Carboxylic acids
  • Aldehydes (e.g. butanal)
  • Amines
  • Heterocyclic compounds

Standard bathroom malodor[edit]

The US Government Standard Bathroom Malodor is quoted as having this composition:[2]

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