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Questions answered in this post:

  1. Do you need a screen protector for your Tesla touchscreen?
  2. What kinds of screen protectors available?
  3. Where can you get a screen protector for your Tesla touchscreen?
  4. What to look for when buying a screen protector?
  5. Who has the best screen protector for your Tesla touchscreen? 

The most important and most interacted part of your Tesla is the touchscreen. The 15" touchscreen in Tesla Model 3 and Y and the 17" touchscreen in Tesla Model S and X serve as an interface to interact with the computer for various functions. But, as stylish and vital as this touchscreen in your Tesla, it is also source of discomfort, if not concern, for many Tesla owners. 

The glossy stock touchscreen is a source of glare and a magnet for annoying fingerprints and dust. You might clean the touchscreen every time you walk into the car.

Best Tesla Model 3 Screen Protector

The answer to this question depends on many factors. You need a screen protector for you Tesla touchscreen if one of the below is true:
  • You use a screen protector on your phone 
  • You have pets or kids in the car 
  • You frequently have visitors/strangers (such as driving for Uber/Lyft or frequently transport colleagues/friends) touching your touchscreen 
  • The glare off the Tesla touchscreen bothers you while driving 
  • You have oily fingers and you see many fingerprints on the touchscreen 
  • You worry about making permanent scratches to the touchscreen 
There are two kinds of screen protectors: glossy and matte.

As the name implies, a glossy screen protector reflects the light much like the stock screen protector. It also does not do a good job of reducing fingerprints.

On the other hand, a matte screen protector diffuses the light instead of reflecting therefore no glare when sunlight falls on it. After installing the matte screen protector, you will see your screen a tad grainy. In just a couple of days, the new matte screen will grow on you and you will like it for the benefits it offers:
  • Reduced (not permanently eliminating) fingerprints 
  • Your fingers do not 'stick' when scrolling on the matte screen. You will feel your fingers move smoothly when you touch and slide fingers on the touchscreen. This is my favorite feature of the matte screen!
  • Thanks to the additional anti-glare layer, matte screen protectors are thicker than glossy screen protectors and thus offer better protection from scratching and impact 
Some other characteristics to look for in a screen protector are:
    • Hardiness: most of the screen protectors available for Tesla touchscreens are 9H rated, which means they are safe for any abrasive material that is not topaz or corundum (extremely hard aluminum oxide). Did you see Elon Accessories screen protector face tough knife scratch test below? 
  • PET vs Tempered glass: PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film is what Tesla provides on the stock touchscreen when you buy the car. You probably remember peeling it off or you might still have it on your touchscreen. Tesla uses it so during transportation the touchscreen is safe. It is a plastic film. The benefits are so negligible that it makes little sense to use it as a screen protector. On the other hand, tempered glass is multi-layered and usually starts with shock-absorbent silicon on the bottom layer, followed by PET film, and an optically clear adhesive layer followed by tempered glass and oleophobic coating.

PET films are cheap. Many Tesla owners think they are getting real protection with PET film, worse even, many sellers sell PET film as tempered glass. 

Look at this review for one of the other so-called screen protectors for Tesla on Amazon 👇

cheap PET film sold as tempered glass screen protector

Thanks to many creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs, as a Tesla owner you have multiple options. As of this writing RPM Tesla, AbstractOcean, EVANNEX, eBay, Wish, AliExpress (cheapest), and of course, ElonAccessories sell screen protectors for Tesla. 

Did you see this surprising video of how other seller's screen protectors look alike? 

While unfortunately many (if not all) sellers resell from Alibaba.com, we at ElonAccessories refuse to resell from Alibaba.com. 

Instead, we believe Tesla owners need a quality screen protectors to protect and enjoy their investment. You can read more about our story in the About us section; but in short, we custom-designed the screen protector and accessories that go with it. That is why when you buy a screen protector from other sellers they all look similar while ElonAccessories screen protector is from a different league. 

Look for quality and reviews over anything else. Any product could be made either cheaply or with quality. 

Also look for if the seller is US-based or overseas. Check if you will get all accessories for installation. Make sure to read reviews for ease of installation, clear directions, and finally the quality - fit and functionality. It is also good to check for customer service and warranty. 

It may sound like a biased opinion, but as a Tesla owner, I use accessories from other companies. As of the writing of this blog post, we at Elon Accessories have the world's best screen protector a Tesla owner can get. Because:

  • Every part of our screen protector is custom made specifically for Tesla owners- the actual screen protector, installation kit, and premium packaging 
  • We are a California (Silicon Valley to be specific) based company that is deeply rooted in the ethos of technology, design, and innovation 
  • We provide unparalleled customer service 
  • We are committed to renewable energy and actively take part in promoting Tesla in and around Silicon Valley and beyond through the Tesla community 

See what other Tesla owners have to say about us in the reviews section of any screen protector product page. 

Watch what others say about our premium quality screen protector: 

Sours: https://elonaccessories.com/pages/tesla-touchscreen-do-you-need-it-for-your-model-s-3-x-y

Model 3 / Y Tempered Glass (9H) Screen Protector

26 reviews

"I am very happy that I bought with this screen protector. The quality is great and the screen looks better. Money well spent."


Protect one of the most essential and sensitive parts of your vehicle from scratches, scuffs, and fingerprints (oh my!).

For detailed instructions, follow this easy step-by-step guide.

Thank you for submitting a review!

Your input is very much appreciated. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too!


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I bought this based on other reviews on this site for my new Model 3. I can say installation was easy as there were 6 placement holders included with my screen protector. Other reviews mention the tape coming loose while placing the screen protector so I used all 6 and had no issue. After installation you can not even tell the protector is there and I see no fingerprints on my screen. It’s a simple and beautiful touch to the touch screen.

Model 3 / Y Tempered Glass (9H) Screen Protector


A screen protector is the #1 accessory I recommend to anyone who buys a Tesla. This is by far the best one I have tried. The matte finish is great for preventing glare and there is no change in touch response. It also hides fingerprints well. Installation is very easy and the video instructions help.

Tesla Model 3/Y Tempered Glass (9H) Screen Protector


Sours: https://tesbros.com/products/screen-protector
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Accessories for Tesla Model 3

EVANNEX Aftermarket Tesla Accessories

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Tesla Model 3 Accessories

EVANNEX has the best accessories for your Tesla Model 3, from interior accessories and convenience parts, to exterior customizing parts.

Other Tesla Model aftermarket accessories include a car cover to protect the paint while you’re parked, or pneumatic hood supports for your frunk. One of the best Tesla Model 3 accessories is a cooler custom fit for your frunk – no sense showing up to the party empty handed.


When you shop with EVannex, you shop with a company that’s always on the leading edge of the Tesla industry. Whether you’re shopping for something to improve storage or functionality, we have the most desirable Tesla Model 3 accessories for any owner.

Here, you can find whatever Tesla 3 accessories you need; we have high-quality Tesla mods that will make your Model 3 one-of-a-kind, plus, unique accessories that will improve the usability of your Model 3.

What do you want out of your Tesla Model 3? Do you want it to have striking looks, incredible comfort, convenient quality-of-life features, or greater safety? Whatever you have in mind, we’ve got the best Tesla Model 3 accessories to match any objective.

Here, you can find Model 3 seat covers, lighting upgrade kits, sun shades, floor mats --we carry almost anything you could possibly want. We have a wide range of premium upgrades; there’s no shortage of Tesla Model 3 aftermarket accessories at EVannex. For an exceptional presence on the road, let us treat you to useful and distinctive Tesla 3 accessories.

Sours: https://evannex.com/collections/tesla-model-3-accessories/screen-protector
Installing the Ultra-Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Tesla Model 3 \u0026 Y

Tesla Model 3 & Y Tempered Glass (9H) Anti-Scratch Screen Protector

Ditch the fingerprints while protecting your precious Tesla Model 3 and Model Y touchscreen with this 9H hardness tempered glass, anti-scratch screen protector from our friends at Abstract Ocean.

We've seen a lot of screen protectors before on the market and found these Generation 3 tempered glass protectors to be the easiest to install because of the included installation frame. The patent-pending frame snaps on to the Tesla touchscreen and acts as a template to ensure a precision fit. No worry of misalignment, no tedious "sticker alignment method", and no worry of dust settling before installation onto the screen!

Benefits of a Screen Protector

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Oleophobic coating that minimizes fingerprints and smudges
  • Choice of 2 finishes:
    • Matte: Most popular choice because of it's anti-smudge and anti-glare properties
    • HD Clear: Brighter clarity than Matte, looks factory, but with minimal anti-glare and anti-fingerprints properties

Screen Protector Kit Includes

  • Cleaning wipe (wet)
  • Cleaning cloth (dry)
  • Dust absorbers
  • Patent-pending Installation Frame
  • Tape kit (optional for those that prefer the 'hinge method' of installation instead of the installation frame)Beware of similar products that appear to be a bargain; the hardness and quality of screen protectors on the market vary significantly. 

Package Deals

Combine your Screen Protector with our Premium Center Console Organizer (not compatible with USB hubs) or Performance Pedal Set and save big!

Installation Video

Sours: https://shop.teslarati.com/products/tesla-model-3-y-screen-protector-tempered-glass

Cover tesla screen


Q. Tell me about the silver-ion coating - how can it prevent germs/microbes?

A. Silver-ion technology has been used in wound dressings and for protecting surfaces in hospitals for years. More recently, you might have seen door handle wraps using the same technology to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. When we set out to make the best screen protector in the world for your Tesla, we were not messing around, so we commissioned an independent lab to test the antimicrobial capability. You can see the detailed lab results here; but in summary, it offered >99.9% elimination of e-coli and Staph (aka MRSA). Since the silver-ion coating is literally part of the chemical composition of the screen, it will never wear off.

Q. What makes this the hardest protector?

A. Most 9H/tempered glass screen protectors are made from soda-lime glass, which is by far the most common type of glass in the world. It is shaped and mechanically shaved to the exact dimensions needed. Aluminosilicate glass is born strong, to the exact thickness needed. Since the shaving can cause micro-fractures, this makes aluminosilicate glass much stronger, and less likely to crack or fracture. Corning Glass™️ is made from aluminosilicate glass.

Q. How does the installation frame help?

A. Unlike your phone, you can't install a screen protector for your Tesla on a nice flat surface in your kitchen. The frame encloses the center screen, and acts as a perfect alignment tool to aid the installation. The frame was introduced with our 3rd-generation screen protectors, and has received many great reviews.

Q. What else do I need to know?

A. All of our protectors have an oleophobic coating to resist fingerprints and other oils, the same as your phone. Unlike your phone, the center screen doesn't get cleaned 15 times a day each time you put your phone in your pocket, so some fingerprints will still be there, but are easily cleaned away with a soft cloth, or one of our screen cleaners.  

Sours: https://abstractocean.com/products/ultra-premium-tempered-glass-9h-screen-protectors
Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Tesla Model 3 \u0026 Model Y - Abstract Ocean

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