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Switch seamlessly between modes with a quick press of a button�

Benefits of the Easy Cover

The Easy Cover� power pontoon cover offers unparalleled benefits you won�t find with any other pontoon cover on the market.

More time on the water

The Easy Cover� transitions from the Cover position to the Bimini position in 45 seconds. All the time you used to spend dealing with snaps, clips, and poles and wrestling with a mooring cover will be spent on the water, enjoying your pontoon.

Protects your investment

Conventional boat covers trap air under them turning your boat into a greenhouse that grows mold and mildew. When the Easy Cover� is in the Cover position, the boat canopy is positioned to cover the entire boat deck, but it doesn�t trap air beneath it, allowing the interior of your boat to breathe, while keeping out the elements as well as leaves and twigs.


The Easy Cover� cover is made from WeatherMax� marine fabric, the gold standard in boat cover material. Using high-quality WeatherMax� ensures the Easy Cover� will be protecting your boat for years to come.

Designed to fit pontoon boats from leading manufacturers

Vision Marine Products, LLC has engineered the Easy Cover� to adapt to several Pontoon makes and models by manufacturers including Crest, Manitou and Bennington. Vision plans to develop and introduce conversions for other brands in the near future. Additionally, retro-conversions may be available for other pontoons dependent upon dimensions and characteristics of the specific pontoon. Contact us at [email protected] or call (517) 404-8203 for more information.

Locally owned and operated

Vision Marine Products, LLC was cofounded by Bruce Jones, designer, inventor and patent-holder, of the Irish Hills region in Michigan, and Devils Lake Water Sports� business principal Mike Apling. Jones and Apling plan to continue to work with local partners for materials, fabrications, and assembly personnel for this innovative pontoon accessory as well as additional regional and national dealers.

Easy Cover Market Comparison

There are many different options out there when you�re trying to choose a cover for your pontoon boat. Like any big-ticket purchase, you should weigh the pros and cons of each possibility, as well as hear what others think about your potential options.

While other power pontoon covers offer DIY installation and a considerably lower cost, the Easy Cover� is installed by our professional assemblers, guaranteeing it is done right the first time.

Other power pontoon boat covers keep your boat covered while at the dock, but don�t provide the Bimini or bridge options like the Easy Cover� does.

The Easy Cover� also has a distinct advantage over other covers that are attached to the dock and go over the pontoon boat. The Easy Cover protects your boat at the dock but also provides protection from the sun and rain while you have your pontoon out on the water.


Easy Cover Remote Control FOB

Effortless automatic operation is what sets the Easy Cover� power pontoon boat cover apart from the competition. At the touch of the wireless, remote-control key fob, the top will transition from fully-covered to the Bimini position in 45 seconds. Vision Marine Products knows traditional pontoon boat covers can be cumbersome. With all those snaps, straps, and poles, the effort it takes for a quick ride can be too time consuming.

The Easy Cover� wireless, remote-control key fob has a power button and four simple action buttons that correspond with each of the Easy Cover positions; Cover, Double Bimini, Bimini, and Bridge for more shade or passing under some overhead obstructions. You simply press the button corresponding to the position of your choice and the Easy Cover� seamlessly transitions in as little as 45 seconds. In most cases, your Easy Cover� will have your pontoon ready for use by the time you can walk down your dock.

Effortless ease of use and reliable automation are the features that set Easy Cover� automatic pontoon covers apart from the competition. Most other pontoon covers marketed as solutions to the hassles of covering pontoons still require snaps, clips and straps and you�ll still have to manually deploy the Bimini Top. These aren�t going to end the hassle, frustration and physical effort related to covering and uncovering the pontoon.

The Easy Cover� provides not only protection for your pontoon while it is docked, but the fob allows you to switch seamlessly to the operating position of your choice with a quick press of a button. Your pontoon will be fully-covered while its docked, protecting your investment from rain and the damaging effects of the sun, but it also keeps you and your passengers covered while you�re out on the water. And perhaps most importantly, the time and effort you will save by using the Easy Cover� allows you to spend more time enjoying your boat and makes this the most valuable boat accessory you�ll ever buy.

Easy Cover Ordering & Installation

The Easy Cover� is the automatic pontoon cover that will save you time and effort and have you out on the water, enjoying your pontoon more than you ever imagined.

Please provide us with your boat information, along with your name, phone number, and email address so that our engineers can determine if the Easy Cover� will fit your boat.

Please call (937) 686-5555 or email: [email protected]
(Boat Model, Boat Year, First & Last Name, Phone Number- is required)


Someone just made day cruising a lot easier.

Buzzing around the harbor for the day is one of the joys of owning a small powerboat. Unfortunately, for many the day ends with struggling to put the boat cover back on. Snap, snap, snap, all the way around the boat. The family is a little weary from a day in the sun, so it's a chore to recruit helping hands.

Sunstream Boat Lifts, manufacturer of boat lifts and hoists, has introduced a solution: the SwiftShield Universal Automatic Boat Cover (ABC-U) and the SwiftShield Piling Automatic Boat Cover (ABC-P).

File this new product under "cool." Just drive the boat onto the dockside boat hoist, disembark everyone along with your gear, then press a button to watch mechanical arms pull the boat cover over your boat, like a mother tucking a child in for bed. And it comes off just as easy.

SwiftShield By Sunstream

A patented design, the keychain-remote-operated ABC-U and ABC-P systems, designed for the SunLift or Piling Lifts, actuate an arm with hydraulics and a spring-loaded roller, and automatically deploys a tight-fitting three-dimensional cover over a boat. The custom-fitted cover is stored on a roller when the boat is being used, consolidating space on board or on the dock, and eliminating the need to handle a dirty cover. When deployed, the cover is automatically unrolled and pulled over the boat.

The custom cover, sold separately, can be measured by anyone with a small, handheld laser at 75 different points around the boat. Once this data is provided to Sunstream, the points are entered into CAD software, fit is customized, stress is analyzed, panels are designed, material use is optimized, and fabric digitally cut. This method creates a better fitting cover that is ready in as little as two weeks for about the same cost as a fully custom cover from a canvas maker, according to Sunstream.

Available from authorized Sunstream SwiftShield dealers, the system is designed for boats up to 42 feet in length with prices starting at $6,999. Custom covers start at $2,000.


Rich Armstrong

Senior Editor, BoatUS Magazine

A journalist by training, BoatUS Magazine Senior Editor Rich Armstrong has worked in TV news, and at several newspapers, then spent 18 years as a top editor at other boating publications. He’s built a stellar reputation in the marine industry as one of the most thorough reporters in our business. At BoatUS Magazine, Rich handles everything from boat and product innovation and late-breaking news, to compelling feature stories, boat reviews, and features on people and places. The New Jersey shore and lakes of lower New York defined Rich's childhood. But when he bought a 21-foot Four Winns deck boat and introduced his young family to the Connecticut River, his love for the world of boats flourished from there.

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Pontoon boats are the gold standard for relaxing on the water with family and friends. Their large deck space provides plenty of room for furniture and accessories so you can enjoy your boating adventures to the fullest. But the unique design of pontoon boats also makes them more prone to damage from UV rays and moisture. Pests can also be a problem when the boat is in storage. In this guide, we’ll offer tips for choosing a pontoon cover that will thoroughly protect your boat from these threats, and we’ll share how to select a Bimini Top that will provide welcome shade on sunny days.

Pontoon Boat Cover

Snap vs. Full Pontoon Boat Covers

A high-quality, breathable cover made of UV-resistant material will defend your boat against damage while it’s docked or in storage. You can choose from two basic types of pontoon boat covers: snap covers or full covers.  

Snap pontoon covers, as they sound, are secured by snaps. Snaps are screwed into the top rails of the boat, and the cover snaps down onto the rails. This type of cover is also called a “playpen cover,” and it’s most often the type that boat manufacturers include with the purchase of the boat. This style typically only covers the top part of the boat, leaving the sides exposed. They’re not recommended for mooring for this reason.

Full covers feature tie-down loops. To install the cover, you simply run a bungee or rope through the loops to attach to your boat. These covers come down all the way down to the boat’s deck, fully covering the sides, offering the greatest protection for your pontoon boat.

How to Choose the Right Material for Your Pontoon Cover

Pontoon covers are available in a variety of materials, including marine-grade vinyl, treated polyester, or treated cotton. The material you choose will depend on how and where you’re storing the boat. If your pontoon will stay in a climate-controlled garage, you can get away with a lighter-duty cover. If the boat will be docked or exposed to the elements, you’ll need a more durable cover that’s mold and mildew resistant and that features UV protection.

Some of the most popular materials are Sun-DURA, Poly-Guard, and Sunbrella. Sun-DURA fabric is the ultimate in durability. It’s also water repellent and UV resistant, and it breathes well. Poly-Guard is also very durable and offers the highest level of breathability and water repellency but is slightly less protective against UV rays than Sun-DURA. Sunbrella offers everything in one — it’s durable and provides high UV resistance, breathability, and water repellency.

7 oz. Sun-DURA Bimini Top Fabric
Pontoon with Blue Bimini Top on the Water

Why Bimini Tops Are Popular for Pontoons

There are few things more pleasurable than being out on the water, with the sun on your face and wind in your hair. But if the day gets too hot and the UV rays too intense, you may find yourself wanting to head back to the marina. A Pontoon Bimini Top provides essential shade so you can stay out on the water all day long. It shields you from surprise rain showers as well. Your boat will also benefit from a Bimini, since the covered portion will be protected from sun and rain.

PWR-ARM Automatic Bimini Top Tilted Back Blocking Sun

Standard Biminis vs. Automatic Biminis

You have options when it comes to your pontoon’s Bimini Top as well. Standard Biminis are manual operation — you’ll need to physically raise the Bimini to put it up. (Most Biminis are quick and easy to deploy, so standard Biminis remain popular.) Automatic Biminis are controlled with a touch of a button — they’re fully automated. Technology-lovers often enjoy the automatic Biminis, and this type offers the maximum in ease.

Enjoy Your Pontoon Boat for Years to Come

A high-quality cover will protect your pontoon investment, giving you many years of pleasure from your boat. And a Bimini Top will help you enjoy your time out on the water no matter what Mother Nature brings your way. Both of these pontoon boat essentials are available in a wide selection of colors to suit your taste, so you can achieve a perfect match.

Pontoon that Needs a Bimini Top Replacement Cavas

Why CoverQuest?

Custom Quality
Custom and Semi-Custom products for all styles and sizes manufactured with quality fabrics and superior workmanship.

At CoverQuest™, we are readily available to ensure you find the right fit and fabric for your cover.

Sunstream SwiftShield Automatic Boat Cover

Retractable Pontoon Boat cover


Pull the handle down. Roll the cover to the back. Store it behind the boat.


30 seconds on!!! 30 seconds off!!! Cover and uncover your entire boat and your motor in 30 seconds!!!


The Boat Guard is a manual system. Just pull the handle down and you're ready to go in no time! There are no motors to break down so it's much more reliable! Because of the Boat Guard, our customers tell us they use their boats much more often. Let's face it, sometimes you'll want to go out on the boat on a beautiful day and you won't because you don't want to SNAP that cover back on. With The Boat Guard, that's all gone. You'll go on that boat ride every time. 

Our customers also tell us they no longer worry about the weather. Even on a cloudy day, they'll go out because they know they can cover themselves. Some have said they camp out on the boat too. 

The Boat Guard is total protection and covers your boat better than any other cover. It covers not only the inside of your boat, but the outside as well as fully encompassing everything from the floor up; including the outside fencing and graphics, your Bimini top, and motor too. The Boat Guard is superior protection.  


Pontoon covers automatic

With a remote-controlled pontoon boat cover, you’ll never have to waste time and effort covering and uncovering your pontoon again…

Imagine 45 seconds. In just 45 short seconds, your Easy Cover™ automatic pontoon cover will effortlessly have you out on the water, enjoying your pontoon. Your pontoon can be uncovered by the time you walk to the end of your dock. Gone are the days of snaps and poles and wrestling with bulky mooring covers. With the Easy Cover™, it’s just you and your friends and family out on the water at the press of a button.


Four Convenient Boat Canopy Positions

Easy Cover Remote Controlled Key Fob

Our wireless remote-controlled key fob signals the Easy Cover™ to effortlessly transition to and from four different positions:

  • Cover position to protect  your boat when it is docked and tucked away;
  • Bimini position which shades the back half of the boat and leaves the front of the boat open for basking in the sun;
  • Double Bimini position which covers the entire playpen and provides additional shade protection for you and your passengers or shields you from those quick summer pop-up rain showers; and,
  • Bridge position which lowers the Easy Cover™ providing even more shade and allowing you to pass under many channel bridges.

The key fob is a small, user-friendly remote control with a power button and four pre-programmed position buttons that allow you to select and move the Easy Cover™ to the desired position at will.


Buying an Easy Cover™ for our Crest pontoon was money well spent! While other people at the lake are covering their boats because of weather, we are still on the lake enjoying our time with friends and family. It literally takes only seconds to put in the down position and after the rain, while the neighboring boats are waiting for their covers to dry, we just hit the button and we are back on the lake. Also, as a bonus, when we dock our boat, we can drop the top and get a better view of the lake. Thanks again, Mike A!

Terry and Robin

Toledo, OH

February 06, 2017

Protect Your Investment – Easy Cover™ Provides Protection From The Elements Helping to Maintain Resale Value

Easy Cover

You know better than anyone, a pontoon boat is a significant investment. The Easy Cover™ will protect your investment for years to come, which means longer life and a much higher resale value. By making it so easy to cover your pontoon, there’s never a reason to leave your boat uncovered when you’re not using it. You’ll protect your interior from rain and the upholstery baking effects of the sun. The Easy Cover™ protects your pontoon, while affording you effortless and hassle-free convenience that will get you out on the water in seconds.

I would never own another pontoon without it. The convenience is simply amazing. The Easy Cover™ protects the boat which translates into better resale value.

Jim Schenk

Toledo, OH

February 06, 2017

Touchless Cover of Southeast Michigan! @The 2019 Novi Boat Show!

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I'd like a dollar for every time I have been putting up my full camper canvas and seen someone nearby doing the same thing, and either they or I would say "too bad we can't just push a button and have the canvas go up by itself.". Won't work on my bowrider, but maybe there is hope .
If you didn't have something to keep you slim-and-Trim Dave, you'd have to get a bigger boat to carry all O that extra weight!..



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